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Craig Allen Biggio was born on December 14, 1965 in Smithtown, New York. He played in Major League Baseball for the Houston Astros for 20 years until he recently retired shortly after he became the 27th player to join the 3,000 hit club. He has made other milestones in his career for example, on he became the player hit by the most pitches, and he retired in 20th place for the all time doubles list.

His major league debut was on June 26, 1988 against the Atlanta Braves. Biggio started out as a catcher, then he moved to second base. Later in his career he was moved to left field, and in his last years of professional baseball, he played second base. He has 3 children; two sons and one daughter. Their ages are, Conor, 14; Cavan, 12; Quinn, 7.