Criticism of preferenrial treatment for Israeli Arabs over Jews

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Criticism of preferential treatment for Arabs over Jews

Introduction: Critics point out to the reversed unevenness, some have summed it up in one phrase: "If Arabs Can Live in Jewish Neighborhoods, Why Can't Jews Live in Arab Neighborhoods?" [1], In fact, many have raised the issue of Arabs not only being equal citizens as Jews in Israel, but often as first class citizens, Arabs, Muslims first class citizens in Israel whereas Israeli Jews are second class citizens [2] [3]

There was already a title printed in an American newspaper in 1968: Arabs Treated As First Class Citizens In Israel [4]

Subsidized housing: To provide affordable housing the Israeli government has sometimes leased residential land to Israeli Arabs at subsidized rates unavailable to Israeli Jews. For example, while the government charged Israeli Bedouins just $150 for a long-term lease on a quarter of an acre of residential land in the southern community of Rahat, Israeli Jews were charged $24,000 to lease similarly sized plots in neighboring areas. In response to such policies favoring Israeli Arabs, Eliezer Avitan, an Israeli Jew denied the subsidized rates, sued the government for discrimination. In Avitan v. Israel Land Administration (HC 528/88), Israel's Supreme Court ruled against Avitan and in favor of the government's "affirmative action" policy. [5]

Land issues: Jews are discriminated against fiercely by Israeli courts, Jewish-owned land is given to Arabs [6], an example: Israeli Police evict Jews from Jewish-owned Hebron home as applauding Palestinian Arabs looked on [7], The Supreme Court has forced Jewish communities across Israel to allow Arabs to buy homes wherever they want, while 'No Jews allowed!' [8], Israeli court orders Jews out of Hebron home, Israel's High Court of Justice ruled in favor of Arabs as Hebron's overwhelmingly Muslim Arab population outright rejects the Jews' rights [9], there are complaints of Jews who proclaim that they are sick and tired of being second-class citizens, while all Arabs in Judea and Samaria are treated like first-class citizens. [10], in another case An Israeli Supreme Court ruling did not deny that the land was Jewish-owned, but ordered the Jews to be moved out. [11]. In a more shocking case: Handing over the homes of Jews to the Arabs who murdered them [12], In another case, a lawyer for Y. Herskovitz, owner of property in Jerusalem, said his client will sue Jerusalem police for failing to execute court orders to evict Arab squatters from his property. [13] In October 2009 a shocking example of 'Arabs attack Jews in Jerusalem, police do nothing.' [14]

In court (broader issues), the Israelis routinely decide in favor of the Palestinians against their own government, applauded by U.S. Justice Brennan,[15], preferential treatments to Israeli Arabs, Palestinian-Arabs include steps on the expense of security, such as the 'Democracy in action' [16], Israel's Supreme Court took up the grievances of Palestinians and required the government to move the fence in the area near Jerusalem to make things easier for the Palestinians [17] Even the NYTimes acknowledges that at least [18] periodically, Israeli courts rule in favor of Palestinians (instead of security/government officials).

Voting: the Arab minority are full citizens who enjoy equal rights despite not being required to serve in Israel's army . [19] and decry: Israel is the only country in the world that endows a community of its citizens with full voting rights on both local and national levels without also requiring them to serve in the army, adding that Israeli Arabs even refuse the alternative National Service. They even refuse a national service in their own communities and exercise intimidation against members of their community that raise the subject. [20] In a major dispute over Arab parties Israeli high court decides In favor of Arab parties. [21]

Employment: Israel has enacted affirmative action policies to help its minority citizens achieve full social and economic equality. [22] [23], in an example: if an Arab candidate received the same number of points as the Jewish candidate, the Arab doctor was preferable, in keeping with the policy of affirmative action in government ministries. [24], moreover, Ariel Sharon introduced a law: state firms must have Arab directors, every state-run company must have at least one representative of Israel's Arab community on its board of directors, the law regulating the running of national corporations was amended to introduce the concept of positive discrimination in the appointment of Israeli Arab to top civil service jobs. later on, the amendment was expanded to include the law regulating the State Comptroller's Office. [25] [26]

In academia: a professor has written about Israel's "affirmative action", quotas and preferences for Arabs [27], If anything, Israel discriminates in favor of its Arab citizens and against Jews![28], Israeli universities are instituting programs that discriminate in favor of Arabs and against Jews [29] and it has been said that Israel already has a system in place whereby Jews are often treated as second-class citizens. [30]

Checkpoints: From May 2009, All Israeli citizens - including Jews - must now show their ID cards at the large Tarkumiyeh checkpoint, at the same time, life is being made easier for Arabs in the region – despite the several murders that have been perpetrated by Arabs. The IDF explained that the decision was made to “reward” the Arabs for not rioting or attacking during the recent Israeli offensive in Gaza. [31]

Media freedom: while the Arabs have unlimited freedom of broadcast [32] and the Hebrew radio stations like Kol Yisrael and Galei Tzahal (IDF Radio) systematically broadcast from an Arab point of view, yet the Arutz Sheva radio station, often called "Free Israel Radio" (because it is the only independent news network in the Middle East) [33], has seen restricting steps from the Israeli government. [34] [35]

Access to holy sites, often, Israeli police closes the Temple Mount to non-Muslims Like: Temple Mount shut to non-Muslims on election eve - was closed to Jews today in response to Muslim threats of violence [36] and on more occasions. [37]