Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport

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Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport is an airport located roughly midway between the Texas cities of Dallas and Fort Worth (and jointly owned by them). At its opening in 1973 it was the world's largest airport (larger than Manhattan Island) and still remains among the largest and busiest in the world.

It is the flagship hub for American Airlines, who's headquarters is south of the airport in Fort Worth.

Its layout consists of five horseshoe-shaped terminals (four traditional and one more of a square horseshoe), labeled A through E, bi-sected by a highway (A, C, and E on the east side and B and D on the west side). The layout makes for easy access from parking to check-in through security to gates (and from gates through security to baggage claim and ultimately to parking); however it also makes connecting between gates difficult (especially going between terminals), though a people-mover system (inside the secured area) has made connections easier.

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