Debate:What's the Bigger Threat: Big Pharma or Big Tech?

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Big Tech is corrupt, elitist, totalitarian, and comparable to Big Brother. Big Pharma is corrupt, elitist, killing Americans, and is likely blocking a cure for cancer. Who's the bigger threat? --BernieandTrumpFan

Big Pharma

I believe Big Pharma is a much bigger threat, because despite Big Tech's censorship, totalitarianism, and other un-American attributes, Big Pharma's actions are actually killing people. They're also the bigger threat because many mainstream and even movement conservatives will refuse to acknowledge their existence, defend them, or even attack their victims. Steven Crowder has stated that he, "do[es]n't believe in Big Pharma," and Ben Shapiro referred to Alice Marie Johnson as a "drug dealer." Even the CP article leant toward a more positive tone until I added some warranted and well-deserved criticisms with four good sources from both the left and the right to back them up. Considering Big Pharma's disgusting, malicious, manslaughtering actions, I would have to call out Big Pharma as the bigger threat. --BernieandTrumpFan