Essay:A peek inside the logic of liberals

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A conservative counterpoint below the logic of the liberal mind.

1. assuming something is true, merely because the Bible said so.

Liberals cannot grasp the truth, are relativists that make truth whatever they want it to be. For if they can't see God then there must be no God. Since the majority of the world believes in God, this offends liberals sensabilities.

2. assuming something is false, merely because "only" a liberal said it.

Again, if the truth is whatever you want it to be and liberals don't adhere to the actual truth, than chances are liberals are without the facts.

3. claiming that the media has a liberal bias, while talk radio has a conservative bias.

There is no doubt that the media has liberal bias. But what is media? News organizations, newspapers, magazines which is an enormously huge marketplace. We can agree that talk radio has conservative bias, this is not in dispute. You can say that because of the liberal media controlling topics, Conservative radio has blossomed.

4. accusing Barack Obama because of people he knows, guilt by association.

When you run for president and hide as much details as you possibly can, you need to look at someones history as an indicator of their beliefs. Noboby would care if the people associated with Barack were teachers, firemen and sports figures. It just happens that his associations were anti-semites, radical anti-American preachers, and former domestic terrorists.

5. conservatives promote individual liberty but at the same time restrict personal freedoms such as abortion, gay marriage, and stem cell research.

Conservatives promote authentic liberty, not evil (abortion, gay marriage, and stem cell research). Freedom does not mean deciding who gets to live and who dies. Freedom does not mean you can do whatever you want to do.

6. claiming that Christian prayer is needed in the classroom while resenting prayers and meditations from other religions.

It is a Christian dominated culture. Do we need to learn all the worlds languages because some people can't speak English? Removing prayer from the classroom has benefited society how?

7. personal experience dictates personal views, rather than rising above bad and/or unusual experiences and basing one's views on logic accusing Hitler of evolutionary racism when Hitler himself banned all of Darwin's works.

So, rising above what is known, experiment with illogical theories somehow makes liberals better. So Hitler banned most books including Darwins, Darwin was British. If Hitler believed the Germanic people are the chosen race, why would he elevate the English? It is just folly to determine that there was no connection between Darwin and Hitler. You really have to discount nearly the entire Nazi ideology to believe that.

8. saying Ronald Reagan helped to promote freedom during the 80s, when his administration installed US friendly dictatorships in Latin America.

This is clearly nonsensical. Reagan wanted democracies not dictorships. He wanted freedom and capitalism, not Socialism and Communism. His administration did not 'install' so to speak. I am positive he used Americas clout but didn't remove or install regimes in Latin America, that is a lie.

9. favoring the idea of Christian creationism while ignoring creationism from other religions.

Again, coming from a Christian dominated society are we supposed to believe what Hindus stand for?

10. denying the scientific constants of carbon dating and the Speed of light that show the universe is billions of years of old, to say the bible is right

Not all conservatives are YEC. We do understand that man is finite and does not have all the answers. Science is not the center of mankind and science does not have all the answers. To say carbon dating and the speed of light proves evolution without no known artifacts to back it up is just wishing it were.

11. accusing the Community Reinvestment Act of causing the Financial Crisis of 2008 when it only made up 6% of the toxic assets.

Are you saying that liberals have a different reason for the financial calamity of 2008? Do you wish to blame capitalism? Conservatives believe it was runaway spending, entitlement programs, little government oversight and deceit that caused the latest recession.

12. claiming Bush was a good president because we haven't been attacked since 9/11

Bush was good; at protecting America from future attacks. Do liberals have a problem with acknowledging that truth?

13. still insisting that Iraq had Weapons of mass destruction.

Conservatives don't insist there are still WMD in Iraq. Did Saddam try to acquire them? Did Saddam use them in the past? Did Saddam fund terrorism? Did Democrats vote to oust Saddam and did they believe he had WMD? Yes, yes, yes and yes

14. resenting Iran's radical Islamic government, without realizing it was created as a reaction to the 1953 Iranian coup d'état.

I believe we resent Iran for weekly protests calling for the destruction of America. An Islamic Iran was created out of Carter's inability to work with Iranian opposition groups.

15. saying Evolution and natural selection are absurd without actually understanding what they are.

Liberals have a problem with thinking they know it all. This brings them to illogical conclusions not based in fact. Evolution is a hypothesis, it is not fact. While some things mutate (evolve), there is no evidence to proclaim the position of natural selection is fact.

16. assuming atheism causes antisemitism while ignoring antisemitism caused by Christians such as Martin Luther, who's work later helped to inspire Nazi movement.

Conservatives don't assume what liberals believe. Atheism is against a God. Judaism is for God. Martin Luther did not shape the Nazi ideology. In fact, Nazism dishonestly co-opted Catholic teachings to prove the Jews were bad and used Darwinian ideas to deal with Jews. Conservatives don't ignore antisemitism, they expose it any chance we get.

17. How is it that conservative Christians can so strongly support the military when the Bible quite plainly states "thou shall not kill"

Christians believe what the bible says, confront evil, not submit to it. "Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends." -John 15:13

In conclusion, liberals are good at ranting. They are good at projecting themselves superior in thinking. They reject religion that the majority of the world believes. Liberalism is but a small minority and is truly a mental disorder.