Essay:Born Outside the U.S.A.!

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In loving tribute to our great hero, our mythical god, our savior who will lead us out of our ignorance:

Born nowhere near the U.S.A.
Don't even know how many states there are
Can't even recite my oath of office
Ain't that just so bizarre?!

Born outside the U.S.A.
Became president any-way!
Born outside the U.S.A.
Became president any-way!

I can't even pronounce "Pakistan"
And I also mispronounce the "Taliban"
But that ain't no problem, man
Because every liberal is my fan


My Cabinet picks are the most corrupt
and next the nation we shall bankrupt
The liberal newspapers they applaud
as working Americans we all defraud


I'm not really black,
But that's okay Jack.
Affirmative action's
Got my back!


If you're a queer,
Then it's time to cheer!
Jesus would surely
Shed a tear.

I've come a long way in the U.S.A.
Despite being born outside the U.S.A.
Now I'm gonna give my friends their pay
Because I became president any-way!

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