Essay:Immorality and America's Youth

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This is an unfinished essay by James Wilson about the moral decline in America concerning the youth from someone who truly worries about the subject. This is my first Conservapedia essay and I hope it, especially when it is finished, provides some good insight on the topic.

Historically, America has had a conservative, moral foundation for its youth since its founding on the principles of the Bible and Christianity. But today, America's youth is in moral decline. Liberals seem to be supporting abortions and "choice" when it comes to the youth of America this generation in the liberal public schools in some states as early as elementary school. They do this in the name of "tolerance" and "choice", but that seems not to be the case. Teenagers in modern America are being taught by a liberal public that the teachings in the Bible on morality are irrelevant and they may do as they please. They can "hook up", partake in underage drinking at parties and drive putting many lives at risk, disobey their parents as they please and so much more. I believe that an attitude like this will essentially put America in the same place as the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Entertainment is also no laughing matter. In the 1950's, people thought Elvis shaking his hips was dirty. Now, if you look at the lyrics in the youth's music and all the garbage on television they watch, it makes the Elvis accusations as a big joke. In this essay, I will provide commentary and solutions to this great moral issue facing America today.