Essay:InfoWars Isn't Crazy for Thinking Everyone is Out to Get Them, They're Right

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InfoWars is the most censored publication in history.

If the establishment wants to portray InfoWars as dangerous conspiracy theorists and prove them wrong that everyone is out to get them, they're doing a terrible job of it. It seems that InfoWars is banned everywhere. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Apple, Spotify, Twitter, Android, PayPal, DLive, and CPAC.

In August 2018, Facebook, YouTube, Apple, and Spotify acted in collusion with each other to ban InfoWars from their platforms.[1] Pinterest also banned InfoWars.[2] Snapchat announced they would be closely monitoring InfoWars' largely inactive account.[3]

In May 2019, Instagram banned InfoWars.[4]

In September 2018, Twitter permanently banned InfoWars,[5] and so did PayPal.[6] In April 2020, Twitter banned the accounts of several people associated with InfoWars, including Owen Shroyer, Rob Dew, and Harrison H. Smith, for filming themselves entering public spaces in the midst of mass quarantine for COVID-19, and posting this footage on Twitter.[7]

In March 2020, Google Android banned the InfoWars app after InfoWars promoted hydroxychloroquine as a possible treatment for the disease caused by coronavirus.[8]

In April 2019, the supposedly conservative livestreaming service DLive, which had been promoted by PewDiePie, banned InfoWars without reason.[9]

In February 2020, InfoWars' Owen Shroyer was kicked out of the Conservative Political Action Conference. Shroyer was removed from CPAC 2020 after following all of their directions. He had not violated any rules or recommendations. There was no legitimate reason given for his removal.[10]

An addendum: according to their Minds page, InfoWars has been, "Banned by Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, instagram, iHeartRadio, TuneinRadio, Stitcher, Apple, SproutSocial, Audioboom, Pinterest, Vimeo, Youtube, Tumblr, Reddit, Flickr, Periscope, Linkedin, GooglePlay, iTunes, Dlive, PayPal, Patreon, Mastodon, Vero, YouNow, Cocoscope, Mailchimp, Twitch..."

InfoWars is simply a paleolibertarian outlet. They have certain uncomfortable theories that one may or may not agree with. They are not even white nationalists, and they have in fact clashed with those people in the past.[1][2]

If you don't like what InfoWars has to say, don't listen to them. If you want to convince people that they're just crazy conspiracy theorists, don't prove them right.