Essay:Zionists and Globalists Are Not the Same People!

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Zionists and globalists are completely different people.

With the possible exceptions of neoconservatives and Kamala Harris, globalists and the establishment are anti-Zionist.

This is despite the claims of white nationalists and Tulsi Gabbard that they are one and the same. These people, along with leftists, also claim that Zionists promote interventionism. I am not sure whether that claim is true or not (I happen to support interventionism; see Essay:A Defense of Interventionism), but the idea of "wars for Israel," that Israel is behind all American wars, or even the wars in the Middle East, is an abhorrent, purely anti-Semitic viewpoint.

In addition, why do so many anti-globalists support Israel? People like Tommy Robinson and President Donald Trump? The answer, to these extremists, is simple: they are secretly globalists as well. This is so ridiculous and conspiratorial that it would make Michael Moore laugh. Why would they secretly support globalism, while on the surface opposing it? What would be the motivation for that? After all, the globalist elites are the ones with all the wealth, fame, and power! If you oppose globalism on the outside, even while secretly supporting it, you would be shooting yourself in the foot! Secretly opposing globalism, while openly supporting it, would make much more sense; you would be preventing the establishment from taking away your job, your reputation, your livelihood. You would be protecting yourself from leftist doxxing and neoconservative censorship. You would be shielding yourself from Antifa violence. You might even use it as an attempt to propel you to fame!

If you are a Zionist, the establishment hates you. You cannot too fervently support the State of Israel. You will be demonized, as though you support a white supremacist, apartheid regime. People used to boycott supporters of South Africa. It eventually came to the point that not a country in the world supported the little segregated nation.

Black Lives Matter has accused Israel of being genocidal. Leftists have referred to it as an apartheid state, and a dictatorship. They have called Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a dictator. When he endorsed Trump, they mocked the both of them, even using the endorsement in an attempt to demonize Trump.

Nothing positive comes from Zionism, except that the common people will support you. That's why so many populists are Zionists! But the establishment hates Zionism, hates Israel, even hates Jewish people!

So how are Zionists globalists and how are globalists Zionists? It just doesn't make sense.