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User: Conservative at Conservapedia (which is currently is made up of two editors) never stated they wanted to "destroy atheism" or "destroy atheism on the internet" which the editors at a certain atheist/agnostic wiki repeatedly and falsely claim (Namely, the wiki RationalWiki). In fact, User: Conservative clearly said that atheism has existed since biblical times and will likely persist until the glorious second coming of Christ since denialism/obstinance/foolishness/doubt are common human occurences. The Psalmist David said, "The fool in his heart says there is no God." (Psalm 14:1). See also: Essay: Will atheism ever disappear?

User: Conservative had the more modest goal of helping Christendom to help cause the atheist movement in the Western World to die. This more modest goal has without a doubt been achieved. Numerous atheists have declared that the atheist movement is dead or that it is dying (see: Decline of the atheist movement).[1]

David Silverman, ex-president of the American Atheists organization.

On July 24, 2020, the atheist PZ Myers wrote about atheism: "Deep rifts, ongoing fragmentation, and crumbling reputations seems to be the order of the day in atheism."[2]

At the 2018 American Atheists convention, the ex-president of the American Atheist organization David Silverman declared:

It is a hard time to be an atheist activist. This has affected us. And it has affected our community... has really affected us. We are suffering a level of defeatism that I have never seen before...

And people are reacting to each other now. And so that is causing a division. Lots and lots of division in our movement. Hard, bad division... And that has resulted in a splintering and factioning of the movement that I have never seen before and none of us have.

In other words, we're in a bad situation and it's getting worse.[1]

I know it must cause many atheists/agnostics at a certain wiki great consternation to admit that Christendom and User: Conservative helped cause the utter destruction of the atheist movement in the Western World. However, even the agnostic professor Eric Kaufmann reported that secularization rate of Protestant Europe and France was zero.[3] On August 29, 2018 Wikipedia created an article entitled "Desecularization".[4] In 2008, Wikipedia created an article entitled "postsecularism".[5] In 2006, Wikipedia created the article "Growth of religion".[6]

Even in China, which has the largest atheist population in the world and has an atheistic, communist state, Christianity is seeing an explosive increase in the number of Protestant Christians (See: Growth of Christianity in China). There are now more Christians in China than Chinese who belong to the Communist Party of China (see also: East Asia and global desecularization).[2]

Gentlemen, behold this glorious article: Growth of evangelical Christianity in irreligious regions!!!

Christendom and User: Conservative are going from victory to victory while the gentlemen at a certain atheist/agnostic wiki firmly reside in the loser atheist/agnostic loser camps. Of course, this is not surprising since Christianity has multiples lines of compelling evidence, while atheism lacks proof and evidence that it is valid (see: Evidence for Christianity and Atheist apologetics).

Onward Christian soldiers! Marching as to war, With the cross of Jesus Going on before. Christ, the royal Master, Leads against the foe; Forward into battle, See, His banners go!

Gentlemen, as much as I hate to do it, on behalf of all Christendom, I declare a gloriously complete victory over the atheist movement in the Western World!

A humble and chivalrous Christian's glorious victory over the RationalWiki editoress Anna Livia

Christian victory songs

RationalWiki's article on atheism quotes User: Conservative atop their atheism article

Rationalwiki's atheism article 2-21-2021.PNG

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