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On November 21, 2006, Conservapedia was launched. On February 22, 2007, the User: Conservative account was created and the editors of that account subsequently created a significant amount of content related to atheism.

Conservapedia's atheism content continues to rack up hundreds of thousands of page views. And it's flagship atheism article has easily surpassed 1,000,000 page views and may well have received millions of page views.

In 2007, an atheist/agnostic wiki claiming to be chock-full of rational content was launched in response to Conservapedia.

How successful was this atheist/agnostic wiki?


1. Conservapedia's atheism content continues to rack up hundreds of thousands of page views. And it's flagship atheism article has easily surpassed 1,000,000 page views and may well have received millions of page views. And an agnostic member of the atheist/agnostic wiki admitted that the User: Conservative account sometimes makes good points (See: Essay: British agnostic acknowledges the reasonableness of a User: Conservative editor).

The PNN News and Ministry Network produced a video entitled Viral article deals major blow to atheism. The Freedom From Atheism Foundation has featured several Conservapedia atheism articles on their Facebook page. Vox Day, author of the the book The Irrational Atheist, features a link to the Conservapedia atheism article on his main blog in its blog roll.

It is time the editors of the atheist/agnostic wiki face facts and admit their railings against Conservapedia's atheism content have been totally ineffective.

2. University of Minnesota survey data collected in 2014 shows that, compared to data collected in 2003, Americans have sharpened their negative views of atheists (see: Views on atheists). Conservapedia gets a significant amount of its traffic from Americans. According to Alexa, 59.8% of Conservapedia's web traffic comes from the United States.

"I've slowly started to understand why American atheists look so frustrated and angry all the time from a European point of view...". - YouTuber Elod Marton commenting on Conservapedia in December of 2018

3. In terms of the world as a whole, concerning distrust of atheists sociological research indicates that atheists are widely distrusted in both religious cultures and nonreligious cultures.[1][2][3][4] According to a study published in the International Journal for The Psychology of Religion: "anti-atheist prejudice is not confined either to dominantly religious countries or to religious individuals, but rather appears to be a robust judgment about atheists."[3] The study found that many atheists do not trust other atheists as well.[3]

4. Numerous atheists have declared that the "atheist movement is dead" or that it is dying (see: Decline of the atheist movement).[5]

5. In terms of global market share, atheists are declining as a percentage of the world's population and the atheist population may be losing adherents in terms of total numbers of atheists now too (see: Global atheism statistics and Desecularization).

6. On February 8, 2019, an editor of the atheist/agnostic wiki who goes by the username Ace McWicked wrote concerning the User: Conservative account: "Accuse your opponents of every moral failing from being obese, being a necrophiliac or a bestiality fiend and lose all respect by being unwilling or too incompetent to actually build and argue an actual position."

Consider: 1) Ace McWicked and the other editors of the atheist/agnostic wiki have yet to point out a single factual error in any of User: Conservative's well sourced atheism articles - some of which pointed out the moral failings of atheists, atheist populations and the atheist population as a whole. 2) The Cambridge Dictionary consider an opponent "a person you are competing against"[6]. The atheist movement has been collapsing since the 2011 Elevatorgate controversy and now it is effectively dead. The world's atheist population has been declining in terms of it global market share since 1970 (see: Global atheism). Atheists could hardly be called competitors to Christians given how far back they are in rear view mirror, the bleak future of atheist activism and Christianity's very bright future (see: Future of Christianity). 3) The User: Conservative account has provided a wealth of information related to the Atheism vs. Christianity issue.

A few of the book reviews of the book which cited Conservapedia's articles on atheism

Book reviews of Atheist Persona: Causes and Consequences by author John J. Pasquini (A book which cited articles on atheism which the User: Conservative account created at Conservapedia):

Fr. Pasquini’s book is a masterpiece. Fr. Pasquini scrutinizes atheism’s claims to enlightenment and rationality, pointing out that atheism is often a pathological response to personal tragedy, and, not uncommonly, is a cause of personal tragedy. His dissection of practical atheism is particularly salient. (Michael Egnor, MD, professor and vice-chairman of Neurosurgery, State University of New York at Stony Brook)

Atheist Persona is an outstanding treatment of the many varied factors contributing to the rise of atheism in Western society. Highly recommended. (Paul C. Vitz, PhD, professor/senior scholar, Institute for the Psychological Sciences, author of Faith of the Fatherless: The Psychology of Atheism)

Fr. Pasquini’s book is a powerful yet simple volume that leads the reader to an informed and comprehensive understanding of the threat that atheism presents. (Wayne L. Creelman, MD, McCabe Clinical Eminent Scholar and professor of psychiatry, University of Florida College of Medicine)

Exhibiting a deep and wide acquaintance with the many errors in thinking of our modern age, Fr. Pasquini offers an impassioned and well-reasoned analysis of atheism. (G. Alexander Ross, PhD, Institute of Psychological Studies (IPS), sociologist, professor emeritus)

One of the most frequent claims of atheists is that modern science shows a world without purpose. In fact, the opposite is true. . . . In Atheist Persona, Fr. Pasquini thoroughly knocks down this disingenuous argument from science and many more. (Michael J. Behe, PhD, professor of biological sciences, Lehigh University, creator of the irreducible complexity theory, author of Darwin’s Black Box: The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution)[7]

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