Essay: God rained on the depressing "Reason Rally"

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Let's not sugarcoat things. Atheism is a depressing worldview and atheists more frequently have depression. See: Atheism, agnosticism and pessimism and Atheism and depression and Atheist worldview

The 2012 Reason Rally was billed as the largest secular event in history, but this claim was not accurate (see: Reason Rally 2012 was not the largest secular event in world history).[1]

According to the Religion News Service 8,000-10,000 people showed up for the rally. [2] The Atlantic reported 20,000 individuals were in attendance.[3]

As noted above, although the event was billed as the largest secular event in world history, strictly speaking that is not accurate. Communist countries have embraced state atheism. And Marxist-Leninism along with Maoism explicitly adhered to the atheist worldview and communist countries have engaged in militant atheism and religious persecution (see: Atheism and communism).[4] China still engages in religious persecution. Communist countries often had large/massive rallies. For example, at Tiananmen Square during the Cultural Revolution, the atheist Mao Zedong greeted 1,500 Red Guards and waved to 800,000 Red Guards and spectators below. [5]

The Almighty caused it to rain on the "Reason Rally"


God humbles the Reason Rally, a national atheist rally in America, via a rainy day as can be seen HERE and HERE.

The Almighty rained on your parade atheists. What are you going to do about it?

The atheists looked like a sad group of wet puppies. If only they had brought umbrellas!

Although the rally was billed as "the largest gathering of the secular movement in world history" and many American atheists claiming that they are an oppressed minority (See Atheist whining), atheists/agnostics were not able to generate the crowd that Glenn Beck was able to gather for his Restoring Honor Rally.[6]

Atheism, meteorological science and the Reason Rally

See also: Atheism and science and Atheism and the suppression of science and Christianity and science

According to CNN, the Reason Rally experienced rain due to thunderstorms moving through the area at the time of the event.[7] Despite the wide availability of weather forecasts provided by meteorological scientists, pictures from the event show that a large percentage of the crowd was rain soaked due to not having umbrellas for the event.

Mr. Atheist, why did so few of the atheists have umbrellas at the "Reason Rally"? Evidently, many atheists are not familiar with the scientific discipline of meteorology whose practitioners give regular weather forecasts with various probabilities of rain.

Weight management practices of the attendees of the Reason Rally

When one compares pictures the attendees of the Reason Rally with attendees of the 2014 Cfan Christ For All Nations gospel crusade held in Barundi, Africa, there was a significant higher proportion of attendees of the Reason Rally who were overweight/obese (Please see: CFAN BURUNDI, AFRICA GOSPEL CRUSADE and Atheism and obesity). According to medical science, excess weight/obesity poses serious health risks.

The traditional African diet is healthier than many Western World individuals' diets and Africa has some of the lowest obesity rates in the world.[8]

For more information, please see: Atheism and obesity

A depressed atheist thinking about the Reason Rally

God caused it to rain during the Reason Rally. And not many people showed up compared to Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally.

In addition, I can't answer Shockofgod's question nor can I answer the 15 questions of the Question evolution! campaign.

Please see: Atheism and depression and Global atheism is shrinking as a percentage of the world's population.

A quick piece of unsolicited advice!

Always look at the bright side of things. By doing this, you can often bloom where you are planted!
The darkest clouds can have a silver lining!

Looking at the bright side of things

God-fearing urban farmers in Washington, D.C. received rain for their plants when it rained on the Reason Rally.

Arrogant atheists were humbled as they were shown to be powerless at stopping the Almighty from raining on their rally!

What two words can trigger extreme anger in Richard Dawkins?

Question: What two words are able to trigger extreme anger in Richard Dawkins?

Hint: Go HERE.

Jesus Christ said to forgive your enemies. Apparently, agnosticism/atheism have no such commandment!

The answer to the question above can be found HERE.

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