Essay: I don’t watch ''Secret Millionaire''

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From the trailers, Secret Millionaire seems to be another anarchist show trying to get the private sector to do the government’s job.

On the show – according to the ads I’ve seen – millionaires dress up as hobos to gloat at real poor people and then write a check to a non-government run charity, maybe owned by someone in Timbuktu.

First, welfare should not be a transfer payment, whether voluntary or from taxes. The reason is the government creates money by fiat – or should.

Second, because of all the inflation caused by bank loans and people going bankrupt, a million dollars isn’t what it was when the Beverly Hillbillies became millionaires.

Maybe in the show when the millionaire says to the real bum, “I’m a millionaire” the bum answers “So am I. I can’t afford a place to stay on without spending it.”

The show preempted Extreme Makeover Home Edition tonight. I do not intend to watch it Secret Millionaire.

If I were a millionaire, I would lobby for the dollar being worth something because of it being a dollar.

I wonder if that would that be called the dollar standard.