Essay: On problems with the Conservative Bible Project

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This essay is an original work by AugustO. Please comment only on the talk page.

In August 2009, Andrew Schlafly announced the Conservapedia Bible Project (CBP):

The Conservative Bible Project is a project utilizing the "best of the public" to render God's word into modern English without archaic language and liberal translation distortions

It replaced the short-lived Bible Retranslation Project of December 2008. Many have criticized this project, and I see grievous problems, too.

Cumbersome Format

  • several chapters are presented in one article: there should be one article per chapter
  • the translation is in the main name-space: it should be in a separate names-space for the CBP - this would allow for searching the project only, and get rid of the bulky titles like Mark 1-8 (Translated)
  • if each verse was given its own template in such a separate name-space, the verses could be arranged in a way much easier to read!

Unfortunately, the lack of technical expertise of the management of this site prevents such innovations.


One of the reasons that some "translations" are quite contested is that they are based solely on "insights" of Andrew Schlafly.

  • lack of contributors
  • lack of knowledge
  • parodists and clowns

Conclusion: It is less about faithful translation, but more about the reshaping of the King James Bible to fit the ideas of Andrew Schlafly.