Essay: Shockofgod, angry atheists and Patrick the singing leprechaun

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Logo for the Shockofgod YouTube channel

In February of 2011, in the voice chat room of the popular video maker Shockofgod, an atheist compared God to the mythical beings of leprechauns and demanded proof of the existence of leprechauns. As a result, a friend of Shockofgod's, using voice changing software, appeared in the room as Patrick the singing leprechaun and began singing the classic Irish-American song "When Irish eyes are smiling".[1]

As a result, some of the atheists in the room became extremely angry (see: Atheism and anger) and began to use profanity (see: Atheism and profanity). Shockofgod found this incident to be so humorous that he laughed throughout the evening, laughed in his bed before retiring and woke up laughing as well.[2]

In his video entitled Leprechaun gets cussed out by angry atheists Shockofgod relays this humorous story. [3] See: Leprechaun gets cussed out by angry atheists

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