Essay: Why I no longer support Breitbart

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Breitbart News has moved leftward politically and is truly dead.[1][2] Breitbart has gone from being a right-wing news source to being a cuckservative news source.

There were historical periods where there was a significant amount of bloodshed due to Muslims being in Europe (see:The true history of Europe and Islam).

In his book The Irrational Atheist, Vox Day wrote:

It’s also interesting to note that more than half of these religious wars, sixty-six in all, were waged by Islamic nations, which is rather more than might be statistically expected considering that the first war in which Islam was involved took place almost three millennia after the first war chronicled in the Encyclopedia, Akkad’s conquest of Sumer in 2325 B . C .

In light of this evidence, the fact that a specific religion is currently sparking a great deal of conflict around the globe cannot reasonably be used to indict all religious faith, especially when one considers that removing that single religion from the equation means that all of the other religious faiths combined only account for 3.35 percent of humanity’s wars.[1]

Cultures go though expansionist, contraction and stability phases. For example, the Germans were dangerous during WWII due to them being in an expansionist phase. Post Soviet-Afghanistan war, the Muslims have been in an expansionist phase. They became radicalized and this is partly due to the American intelligence community radicalizing them via propaganda designed to fire them to fight the Soviet communists (see: From U.S., the ABC's of Jihad). Also, the most radical Muslims have the most children.

Also. consider these two articles:

On top of this, you have a less Christianized West that is showing signs of being more warlike and/or prone to violence (See: Essay: Anders Breivik is the canary in the mine showing that right-wing politics could become much more violent).

Breitbart's stance on Muslim immigration is irresponsible. An objective person who is looking at current events and knows their history would easily conclude that more Muslim immigration is a recipe for greater bloodshed in the future. It is like pouring gasoline on an already bad situation.

Even if you had a more Christianized West more prone to peaceful coexistence, the current Muslim population indicates that things would still be grim and prone to their being a lot of bloodshed at some point because as the Muslim population increases in terms of the population, things get violent (see: What Islam Isn't - Dr. Peter Hammond).

I am not optimistic at this point. There is already: a big population of Muslims in Europe; an increasing Muslim population due to the Muslim population having higher fertility rates with the most radical Muslims having the most kids; an unstable Middle East; a large irreligious population in Europe with sub-replacement levels of fertility who is more prone to engaging in more Muslim immigration and a leaky European border with illegal immigration.

Breitbart is not on the side of Western civilization. They have been co-opted with leftist thinking on a matter of great importance.