Examples of Bias in Wikipedia: Criminals and mentally ill editors

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This article lists examples of Bias in Wikipedia, resulting from edits by criminals and/or mentally ill editors:

  1. Adam Lanza, who conducted a mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December 2012, has been identified as editing Wikipedia particularly regarding guns and other mass murders.[1]
  2. Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik edited English Wikipedia under the username "Conservatism". He also edited the Norwegian Wikipedia.[2]
  3. The the United States Federal Government claimed, among other things, that Bruce Edwards Ivins, a suspect in the 2001 anthrax attacks who apparently committed suicide in July 2008, had edit-warred on Wikipedia under the username Jimmyflathead.[3][4]
  4. Oliver Keyes described himself on his Wikipedia user page as "I'm Autistic, have Aspergers Syndrome, i have an IQ of 145, an Eidetic memory to do with sounds and am lucky enough to suffer from Bipolar disorder."[5] He was elected a Wikipedia administrator on his seventh attempt and then became a contract employee of the WMF. His sysop status was removed by the Wikipedia arbitration committee in part because of highly inappropriate remarks that he made.[6] The decision leaves Keyes continuing to work for the WMF.
  5. Sysop Altenmann was desysopped and community-banned in April 2010 for sockpuppeting and improper closure of deletion discussions over a period of several years. He admitted mental illness and has been unbanned.[7]
  6. On September 5, 2013, a user was brought before the Simple English Wikipedia noticeboard to address his allegedly rude behavior. He responded:
    I'm not coming back. I'm 63 years old, the survivor of two heart attacks, a disabled and decorated Vietnam vet, and a former government worker. I'm mentally ill and suicidal. My doctors, psychiatrists, social workers, case workers, family, and friends have urged me to do something like Simple English. It's something I can do in my wheelchair and has kept me occupied for hours. Much as I enjoyed the site, I don't have the patience for the high schoolers. I give up. You win. I won't be back.[8]
  7. Wikipedia editor AnmaFinotera retired in 2010 because, "There are quite a few mentally ill people who edit Wikipedia. I have been stalked and harassed by more than one person here during my tenure, and while almost all of those folks were eventually indef blocked, after awhile, it gets to be too much. It is emotionally and physically draining. While some were mostly annoying time sinks who seemed to be just desperately seeking the attention they must have lacked in their real lives, others have displayed all the signs of full-blown psychosis, particularly in engaging in cyberstalking both on and off Wiki."[9]
  8. While there is nothing criminal about Autism and autistic people are better functioning than the people described above, it is important to note that as of March 15, 2014, 480 Wikipedia editors self-identify as having Asperger syndrome[10] and an additional 32 self-identify as being Autistic.[11] So, Wikipedia is truly an encyclopedia which anyone including the autistic can edit. A Wikipedia essay notes:
    In fact, it's very probable that here in Wikipedia we have a much higher percentage of autism-spectrum people than you'll find in the Real World. Wikipedia is like a honey-trap for people on the autism spectrum.[12]