Facing the Giants

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Facing the Giants is a Christian movie showing a high school football call on God to help him to overcome "giants of fear and failure just staring down at him waiting to crush him". YouTube clip at 5:48

  • This inspirational drama combines faith and football in the tale of high school coach Grant Taylor (Alex Kendrick), who faces a losing team, a fading marriage and the possibility of being fired, but rises above failure to create a winning spirit on the field. While dangling at the end of his rope, Taylor puts his life in God's hands and, in doing so, finds a stronger purpose in this spiritual film from sibling writers Alex and Stephen Kendrick. NetFlix review


Players are deserting their football team because they're tired of losing. The coach's car is dying, his house is falling apart, and his wife can't get pregnant.

A bunch of men want to get him replaced. He considers himself "A failing coach with a losing record who can't provide his wife with a decent home, a decent car or give her a child."

Anybody would simply give up at this point, but Grant Taylor decides to put his life in God's hands and give it one more big try. Things start turning around for him when he accepts the advice of a man who's been praying for the team. Starting with a quote from Revelations 3 about God opening doors, the man advises him to stay and bloom where God has planted him.

Grant is a man of average intelligence, but he studies his Bible late at night and comes up with a new philosophy that transcends football. Give everything you have to God, and give Him the glory whether you win or lose. The strongest and most influential player on the team, who had a defeatist attitude, comes to realize he has twice as much in him as he had thought.