Federalist No. 42

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James Madison

Federalist No. 42, authored by James Madison under the pen name Publius, is the forty second of 85 essays. Titled "The Powers Conferred by the Constitution Further Considered", Madison writes about the intention of the Enumerated Powers is to prevent governmental overreach.

It was published on January 22, 1788.

Proper role of government

In Federalist 41, Madison wrote of six classes of power granted to the federal government. In this paper, he focused on the second and third classes that he previously outlined. Those were:

  • Regulation of the intercourse with foreign nations;
  • Maintenance of harmony and proper intercourse among the States;

These amount to the power of making treaties and enforcing law on the seas; and the power of coining money, fixing weights and measures, and also of establishing rules for bankruptcy and uniformity in naturalization.

Most other powers should remain with the states, as local matters.

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