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G. A. Wells, George Albert Wells (May 22, 1926 - January 23, 2017), was a Professor of German at Birkbeck, University of London since 1949. Wells' latest book is The Jesus Myth (1999); The Jesus Legend (1996) is another relevant book (both published by Open Court, Chicago).

Wells started a debate about the origins of Jesus and the development of Christianity.

Michael Grant summarizes, after referring to Wells as an example: "modern critical methods fail to support the Christ-myth theory." These positions have been "annihilated" by the best scholars because the critics "have not succeeded in disposing of the much stronger, indeed very abundant, evidence to the contrary."... and Gary R. Habermas: Wells' ideas are wide open to criticism at a variety of junctures. Rather than attempt the more systematic approach I have employed in earlier writings, I will list problems that indicate significant flaws. At several places which he admits are integral, Wells resorts to almost any explanation, no matter how incredible, in order to disallow apparent textual meanings. If these texts are taken at face value, he realizes his thesis is in deep trouble. So Wells must disallow all time references to Jesus being a contemporary of New Testament persons... he fails to deal adequately with the historical data.[1]


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