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Got Questions Ministries, whose website is, is an American ministry run by S. Michael Houdmann to answer peoples' Bible questions.

Got Questions Ministries is theologically Protestant, fundamentalist, evangelical, conservative, and non-denominational.[1] GotQuestions features over 6,300 answers as of May 2019.[2] It specifically does not agree with Pentecostal, Charismatic, or Seventh-day Adventist[3] teachings, though it considers adherents of those groups to be Christian. In addition, the website is mostly Calvinistic in its theology (it adheres to 4 point Calvinism).[4][5][6]

As of February 11, 2020, the web traffic tracking company Alexa, ranks the website as being the 10,401th most popular website in the world.[7] The website is the 5th most popular Christian website in the world if one looks at the Alexa data.[8]

According to Got Questions Ministries, within one month of their launch, was receiving over 30 questions a day. The volunteer staff grew from 5 writers, to 10, to 20, to 50, and ultimately to its current staff of over 275 writers (In 2013, Got Questions Ministries reported having over 275 writers).[9] relies on three things: 1) Search engine optimization (SEO) 2) Content marketing 3) Volunteer recruitment/management."[10] See: S. Michael Houdmann - 10-Year Anniversary Presentation and Got Questions? Interview with Got Questions founder, Shea Michael Houdmann (October 2022 interview) and Apply to serve with

Got Questions Ministries and Google referral traffic

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In December of 2020, the Christian internet ministry Got Questions Ministries saw a very large increase in its Google referral traffic according to the leading web marketing website SEMRush.

According to the article 1,000+ Winners and Losers of the December 2020 Google Core Algorithm Update the website saw the 7th biggest increase in Google referral traffic as far as the 50 domains that saw the greatest percent gain in Google visibility.[11]

Google uses over 200 factors to evaluate the quality and the relevance of a website to various topics.
Large multilingual websites with a lot of Google referral traffic from around the world such as have a large amount of relevant inbound links from around the world.

Questionable doctrines

Due to Got Questions' adherence to Calvinist doctrines, some of their articles contain interpretations of Scripture which are questionable in nature or incorrect:

  • Insistence of "once saved, always saved" – Got Questions insists upon the Calvinist doctrine that salvation cannot be lost,[12] even none of their cited "evidence" in their article proves that individuals who repent are incapable of losing salvation while still alive in the flesh

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