Hermógenes Pérez de Arce

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Hermógenes Pérez de Arce in 2018.

Hermógenes Pérez de Arce is a Chilean writer, lawyer, economist, journalist, University professor and former deputy for the extinct National Party which is a strongly supporter of the Military Government of the general Augusto Pinochet Ugarte, he is strongly Anti-Communist and has written tons of books about Pinochetism defending its Government. He claims the human rights violations that happen weren't systemic, there was a war against Leftist Terrorism, and that the history is been manipulated by the Marxists to obtain benefits like state reparations.

One of his latest books is "History of the Chilean Military Revolution (1973-1990)" (Historia De La Revolucion Militar Chilena 1973-1990 in Spanish).

In November 2019, Pérez de Arce was invited to the channel "Canal 13" where he expressed his opinion that is politically incorrect. He was censored by the host of the show and this incident started a debate about freedom of speech.

Hermógenes and National Force (the party he is part of) announced a denounce against the host Tonka Tomicic and the Channel.[1]

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