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Hidden from the public by the liberal media is all about the protecting of Democrats and their agenda. The Mainstream media is in fact the Democrat media, they are one in the same. Hidden from the public is common policy, omission being their top priority. Democrats pick and choose what they deem to be newsworthy. The media are given marching orders and they dutifully react. Their bias is well documented.

While omission is a big part of their methodology, outright acknowledgment of holding media without the public release of details is taking place. Damaging information that would hurt Democrats or their narrative have led to determination that the details shall not be released to the public.


  • The Sandy Hook massacre occurred in 2012. Unlike previous school shootings, the FBI took over the case. A Freedom of Information request was made and 175 documents were released, heavily redacted. Details have been few and questions remain years later thanks to a media that was never interested in anything but pushing the gun control narrative.[2]
  • A reporter and cameraman on live TV were murdered by Bryce Williams. Before he killed himself, Bryce sent a 23-page fax to ABC News.[3] While some of the details were released, the documents have been sealed from the public.
  • Details regarding the AMTRAK crash in Philadelphia by Brandon Bostian that killed 8 people have been pigeonholed by the media. Speculation is that they need to cover for the engineer lest his homosexuality would be called into question.
  • Americans are suffering as a result of illegal immigrant crime, which is skyrocketing. Rape, murder, drugs, identity theft, drunk driving, and prison population details are off limits from reporting.

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