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A study by the Canadian government states that "violence was twice as common among homosexual couples compared with heterosexual couples".[1]

Vernon J. Geberth, M.S., M.P.S. who is a former commander of Bronx homicide for the New York City Police Department stated in 1995 regarding homosexual murders that homosexual murders are relatively common and these murders may involve male victims murdered by other males or may involve female victims who are in some type of lesbian relationship and they are murdered by another female.[2] In 2005, Dr. Harnam Singh, Dr. Luv Sharma, and Dr. Dhattarwal reported in the Journal of Indian Academy of Forensic Medicine that homosexual murders are quite common and that these murders may involve both sexes either as victims or as assailants.[3]

The statements above are not surprising given the studies regarding homosexual couples and domestic violence.

Homosexual Murders and brutality

According to the New York Times, Dr. William Eckert was a world-renowned authority in the field of pathology and he worked on major murder cases including the assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy and the Charles Manson murders.[4] Dr. Eckert founded the American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology.[4][5] According to Time magazine, Dr. Eckert was a pioneer who encouraged collaborative effort between law-enforcement and forensics teams.[5]

Dr. Eckert wrote regarding homosexual murders the following: "Equally high is the number of homicides, many probably related to transient attachments, which often lead to suspicion, jealousy, and murder. When murder does occur it is exceptionally brutal with an overkill appearance... Overkill, as it is seen in homosexual and lesbian murders, is certainly a form of sadistic crime. In these instances multiple stabbing and other brutal injuries...are common findings..."[6]

The eminent pathologists Bernard Knight and Pekka Saukko stated that it is a fact that some of the most violent homicides seen by pathologists are among male homosexuals.

Bernard Knight CBE, MD, BCh, MRCP, FRCPath, FHKCPath, DMJ (Path) was a Professor of Forensic Pathology in the University of Wales until he retired in 1996.[7] In 1993 he was made a Commander of the British Empire (CBE) for his services to forensic medicine.[7][8] Dr. Bernard Knight has been involved in many notorious murder cases, including Fred West and Rosemary West, Roberto Calvi (the Vatican banker), the child killer Mary Bell, and the Steven Truscott case in Canada.[7] Dr. Pekka Saukko is Professor and Head of the Department of Forensic Medicine at the University of Turku in Finland.[8] Dr. Saukko is also the editor of Forensic Science International.[9] Doctors Knight and Saukko coauthored a pathology textbook entitled Knight's Forensic Pathology in 2004 which declared:

As with heterosexual offenses, the cause of death in fatal cases is almost always some form of general trauma, such as strangulation or head injuries. Homosexual activity, however, may be a parallel event; it is a fact that some of the most violent homicides seen by pathologists are among male homosexuals.[10]

The previously cited article in the Journal of Indian Academy of Forensic Medicine states regarding homosexual murders:

These "Lovers' quarrels" between male homosexuals manifest an increased level of violence due to the fact that the parties involved in the emotional conflict are both sexual aggressors... The reason/motivation for the crime is an extremely important consideration in establishing the investigations direction i.e. if the murder was the result of a lover's quarrel or due to interpersonal violence was it due to a rape/sodomy attempt, lastly is it the work of a sexual psychopath with sadistic or impulsive implications?[3]

The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers by Michael Newton reports:

Homosexual slayers clearly have no monopoly on violence, but it is true that their crimes often display extremes of "overkill" and mutilation... On balance, it seems fair to say that while homosexuals sometimes fall prey to "gay bashing" violence by bigoted "straights," they are far more likely to be murdered by another homosexual than in a random hate crime.[11]

The previously cited pathology textbook by Knight and Saukko stated the following: "In addition, quite a number of fatal altercations arise because a heterosexual man becomes violent when importuned by a homosexual."[12]

Other Forensic Journal Articles on Homosexual Murders and Overkill

There have been a number of journal articles on the issue of homosexual homicides and overkill.[13][14][15] In 1996, the forensic journal The American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology published an article entitled Homicide in homosexual victims: a study of 67 cases from the Broward County, Florida, Medical Examiner's office (1982-1992), with special emphasis on "overkill". The abstract for the journal article states:

Forensic pathologists often state that homosexual homicides are more violent than those with heterosexual victims. Overkill or wounding far beyond that required to cause death is a frequently used descriptor of these deaths. We quantified the number and extent of injuries between homosexual and heterosexual homicide victims to determine whether one group suffered more violence than the other...Homosexual homicides are more violent than heterosexual homicides when one compares the mean number of injuries (fatal sharp, blunt, and total)/case and the extent of injuries on the body.[13]

The homosexualist roots behind the murderous Nazi ideology

The flag of Nazi Germany.

See also: Nazi Germany and homosexuality and Nazi Party

Samuel Igra, a Jewish historian, exposed the homosexualist roots behind the murderous National Socialist (Nazi) ideology in Germany's National Vice.[16]

Samuel Igra, a Jewish historian, exposed the homosexualist roots behind the murderous National Socialist (Nazi) ideology in Germany's National Vice.[17]

Homosexuals and the Holocaust

See also: Homosexuals and the Holocaust

Many founders of the Nazi party were homosexual, and homosexuality remained common and rampant in the Nazi party throughout its existence.

A homosexual more obsessed with sex and finding a sex partner rather than fulfilling their national duty in wartime could be targeted for arrest, as communists or any other person could be. Homosexuals who acted discreetly and professionally while fulfilling their appointed tasks remained active in the Nazi party and German military throughout the life of the regime.

Homosexuals were not targeted and exterminated as Jews were, although approximately 100,000 men were arrested for homosexuality, out of an estimated homosexual population of one million.[18][19] These people generally were more concerned about their own personal sex lives than fulfilling a collective responsibility to the nation while at war. Only about 5,000 to 15,000 of these were interned in concentration camps. Paragraph 175 banned homosexuality long before Hitler was even born.

According to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, "Nazi Germany did not seek to kill all homosexuals. . . [but] the Nazi state, through active persecution, attempted to terrorize German homosexuals into sexual and social conformity".[19]

In his book, "The Pink Swastika," Scott Lively claims that although the Nazis did persecute homosexuals, the homosexuals the Nazis persecuted were almost exclusively the effeminate members of the gay community in Germany, and that much of the mistreatment was administered by masculine homosexuals who despised effeminacy in all its forms.[20] As he pointed out, 85% of Nazi homosexuals were of the Butches faction while the other 15% were of the Femmes faction, and as the Butches persecuted the Femmes, today's LGBT movement is not monolithic either as they claim that drag queens offend the transgender.

The Pink Swastika

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