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John Ozimek (or Jane Samantha Fae, per his wishes) is a British LGBT activist who identifies as a "woman". He writes for The Guardian newspaper and campaigns to abolish censorship of hard-core and "extreme" pornography while imposing censorship on those who resist LGBT dogmas, particularly the claim that men can become "women".

He claims on Twitter and in the Huffington Post to be a "woman" and a feminist but these claims are not widely accepted among women or feminists who prefer to call him anti-feminist, misogynstic and a Male Rights Activist.

He is a member of the UK Liberal Democrat Party and has stood for them as a parliamentary candidate.[1]

He is listed by the group "Terf Club" as "TRA pervert #37: Jane Fae".[2]

Calls Himself a "Woman" and an "Elf Princess"

Ozimek was married with children but he decided to become "transgender" at about age 50. He chose to do this two days before his daughter Natasha, 16, was sitting her crucial A-level exams. She blames this for her failure in the exams. "As for the exams, Tash could not concentrate and flunked them." She describes the shock and how much it made her cry at the time.[3]

Since then Ozimek, who is six feet three inches tall, has attracted some ridicule by featuring himself on Twitter as "@JaneFae Elf Princess: feminist, journalist, campaigner on political and sexual liberty: Joined May 2009"

Porn Activism

Ozimek has written and self-published a book "Defending the Beast" in favor of extreme pornography, but this book is not peer-reviewed and is journalism rather than serious research or investigation. In 2009, Ozimek was a witness for the defence of Darryn Walker, a Newcastle civil servant who was prosecuted under the laws on extreme pornography. He wrote and uploaded to the Internet a sadistic story about the pop group Girls Aloud. His story Girls (Scream) Aloud, fantasized about killing the members of Girls Aloud - five real young women, Nadine Coyle, Cheryl (Cole) Fernandez-Versini, Sarah Harding, Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh - cutting them up and performing sex acts with their body parts. The prosecutor asserted that this was incitement to commit rape and murder.

Ozimek denied this and doggedly insisted that there was no harm done. He and Julian Petley were described as "expert" witnesses but without any explanation of what makes them "expert" as Ozimek has no claim to academic qualification in any related field. The prosecution was abandoned at the last moment, without reaching any conclusion. [4]

Advice on How to Avoid Police Raids on Extreme Porn

Ozimek has published an article advising people on how to evade police action over illegal "extreme" porn. This category includes sadism, torture, pedophilia, bestiality and necrophilia all of which he defends.

Ozimek denies that extreme pornography causes any harm or that there are any victims. He ignores the immense amount of evidence from women and children who have been exploited, raped and degraded to make pornographic photographs and videos and the evidence from police investigators who confirm that real victims are used to make this material. He ignores the proof that many victims actually die, and that many more suffer severe and long-term injury, or horrific exploitation. He just treats the body of evidence as non-existent, does not address it, and sweeps it aside because it is, in his view, brought by people who are either Christians or feminists and therefore should not be listened to. He writes of these people and of all victims of the pornography industry with open contempt.

Attacks on Free Speech

Ozimek has said that feminists including Germaine Greer, who do not accept cross-dressing men such as himself as "women", should not be allowed to express this view in public, and should be "no-platformed". He calls such women "terfs" and insists that he is a better feminist than they are.

Views on Health Care

Ozimek has been strenuous in demanding that the UK National Health Service (which is struggling to provide life-saving treatment for cancer victims) should spend millions of pounds providing cosmetic surgery for gender-confused cross-dressers like himself. [5]

Membership of Organizations

Ozimek is a member of the Consenting Adult Action Network, a group that practices and recommends unsafe sexual practices. He took part in a public demonstration organized by this group in Manchester in favor of extreme pornography.


  4. “Another victim of an archaic law 01 Jul 2009 BY INDEX ON CENSORSHIP Darryn Walker has suffered unemployment and vilification for writing a pornographic story. The censorious obscenity law that allows this to happen must be scrapped, say John Ozimek and Julian Petley