Jeanine Áñez

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Jeanine Áñez, with the Holy Bible during her first day of presidency.

Jeanine Áñez (Trinidad, 13 August 1967) is the current interim President of Bolivia since the resignation of the socialist Evo Morales. She is strongly conservative and right-wing.[1] During her first day in office she took a Bible to the presidential office in a sign of God returning to the government after the previous one only venerated Indigenous gods.[2][3][4]

She openly denounces Socialists and said that they always want to perpetuate in power.[5]

She also implemented a flag in representation of the Eastern part of Bolivia, and changed the official newspaper (used in Evo's government as propaganda) name from Cambio to Bolivia.

Áñez gave more power to the military to control the situation in the country.[6][7][8] She also shifted Bolivia's domestic and foreign policies in a strongly conservative direction.[9] She also deported several Venezuelan and Cuban citizens in Bolivia.[10]