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John Bolton in 2018

John Bolton is the National Security Advisor to the Trump Administration. He is also a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and is best known for his interim appointment of United States ambassador to the United Nations in 2005 and 2006, made necessary by intense liberal opposition to his confirmation by the U.S. Senate. Bolton served in a number of other political positions in the Reagan, Bush I, and Bush II administrations in the State Department, Justice Department, and USAID.

Bolton is credited for persuading President George W. Bush for rescinding and thereby completely withdrawing the United States from the International Criminal Court, after President Bill Clinton had signed the U.S. up for that globalist court. On September 10, 2018, as National Security Advisor, Bolton announced that the U.S. would prosecute and sanction any judges or prosecutors in the ICC who took action against investigated Americans soldiers.


Bolton had several diplomatic achievements throughout his career. At the United Nations in 1991, John Bolton overturned the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 3379 adopted in 1975 that condemns Zionism to be "a form of racism and racial discrimination." In the Bush Administration, he opposed the International Criminal Court and negotiated Article 98 agreements with, ultimately, over 100 countries to ensure Americans would not be prosecuted by the court. Also during the Bush Administration, Bolton played a key role in establishing the Proliferation Security Initiative. In addition to working at the AEI, Bolton served as the chairman of the Gatestone Institute and served with other organizations such as the National Rifle Association.

Bolton has clashed with both the State Department[1] and intelligence agencies,[2][3] both of which are major organs of the deep state.

President Donald Trump appointed Bolton as his national security advisor in 2018,[4] replacing globalist H.R. McMaster. He took office on April 9, 2018. As national security advisor, Bolton defended U.S. sovereignty against international organizations such as the ICC.[5] He played a role in withdrawing the U.S. from the Iran nuclear deal.[6] Bolton was able to accomplish several other America First goals.[7]

Political views

Bolton early in the Bush Administration

Bolton strongly opposes the Iran nuclear deal, signed and supported by the Obama Administration.[8] He called Russian president Vladimir Putin a liar and supports arming Ukraine to fight the Russian-backed separatist militias that seized territory in the country’s east.[9] Bolton strongly supports American sovereignty and opposes the War on Sovereignty.[10] He has criticized globalism by name and calls himself a "convinced Americanist."[11] Bolton opposes the European Union because it takes away national sovereignty and self-governance[12] and because it advances left-wing policies.[13] Bolton also supports Brexit.[14][15]

Bolton is relatively moderate-to-liberal on social issues, supporting abortion in certain instances and supporting same-sex "marriage".[16] He has criticized the International Criminal Court as a threat to U.S. sovereignty.[17]

Bolton's detractors falsely label him a "neoconservative," despite the fact that he disagrees with neocons on several issues. He is regarded as a supporter of the Kurds.[18]

Movement conservative

John Bolton has been described as a movement conservative for his enduring commitment to broadly conservative principles:[19]

Bolton is a lifelong conservative who ... played a key role in a major rules fight at the Republican National Convention in Miami, providing staff support to conservatives fighting to stave off "reforms" that would have shifted power to the likes of Nelson Rockefeller and the northeast. ... Bolton stepped forward and convinced his partners to donate the legal time and talent needed to ... [support] Buckley v. Valeo, [which] protected 1st Amendment rights and made it difficult for McCain and his friends to do even more damage to the electoral system last year. [Bolton] worked in the Reagan White House, was dispatched to help reform the Agency for International Development, served as head of the Justice Department's Civil Division under then Atty. Gen. Ed Meese ... [T]he New Republic suggested that when he speaks one hears echoes not of today's trendy "neo-conservatives" but of Jesse Helms and Barry Goldwater. Just so.


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