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John McAfee

John McAfee

Born September 18, 1945
Cinderford, Gloucestershire
Died June 23, 2021
Barcelona, Spain
John McAfee's last tweet.[1]

John David McAfee, (September 18, 1945 – June 23, 2021) was a Cybersecurity specialist born in Cinderford, England. McAfee was married to Janice Dyson, a former prostitute.[2] He died by hanging (reportedly a suicide) at the age of 75, in Barcelona, Spain on June 23, 2021.[3]

John McAfee was most known for creating the Antivirus industry, with the creation of the McAfee Antivirus software. He founded McAfee, LLC in 1987, but sold all his shares in the company in about 1996, making him a multi-millionaire. He then became the CEO of a company called Luxcore, which specializes in cryptocurrency enterprise solutions.[4]


John McAfee has repeatedly claimed that US Taxes are unconstitutional and has claimed that he was on the run from the IRS for not paying any taxes since 2010. McAfee was charged by a Tennessee court for "using cryptocurrencies in criminal acts" with his wife and four members of his presidential campaign being charged with "unspecified charges of a felonious nature". McAfee has stated that taxes are illegal and that he's "paid tens of millions already and received jack s*** in services."[5]

Presidential Campaign

In 2016, John McAfee ran as US President first for his own political party which he later disbanded and instead joined the Libertarian Party. He was seen on the first televised Libertarian Party debate hosted by John Stossel on the Fox Business Network on the show "Stossel". He lost in 2016 losing out to Gary Johnson.

He had stated that he would run for president again in 2020, operating the campaign in exile from the IRS.

Escaping Belize

In April 2012, his property in Belize was raided by the Gang Suppression Unit of the Belize Police Department for unlicensed drug manufacturing.

In November 2012, He fled Belize in order to escape questioning from the police over his neighbor's death. He fled to Guatemala to seek political asylum but was instead charged with entering the country illegally.[6]