José Eduardo dos Santos

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José Eduardo dos Santos
Personal life
Date and place of birth August 28, 1942
Sambizanga, Angola
Parents Avelino Eduardo dos Santos
Jacinta José Paulino
Claimed religion Roman Catholic
Spouse 1
Children 6
Date & Place of Death -
Manner of Death -
Place of burial -
Dictatorial career
Country Angola
Military service n/a
Highest rank attained n/a
Political beliefs Communism
Political party Movimento Popular de Libertação de Angola
Date of dictatorship since September 21, 1979
Wars started Angolan Civil War
Number of deaths attributed n/a

José Eduardo dos Santos is the leader of Angola and his party MPLA.


In 1958 he was a member of the anti-colonial-movement "Movimento Popular de Libertacao de Angola". After the indepence of Angola there were two big parties: The communist MPLA and the democratic UNITA. In 1975 it cames to an civil war. 2002 the war stopped and the communist party won the next election. Despite of his many flaws, he is worthy of some respect for being one of the few non-Muslim national leaders who is willing to stand up to the homosexual agenda.[1]