List of People Who Have Apologized For Political Incorrectness

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Several people who have violated the norms of political correctness have later apologized for their words/actions, often due to intense media pressure. The following is a list of incidents involving people apologizing for saying or doing things deemed politically incorrect.

Incidents Involving Islam

  • Molly Norris: In response to the Jyllands-Posten Danish cartoon controversy, regarding several supposedly derogatory cartoons published in a Danish newspaper depicting the Muslim prophet Muhammad, the libertarian South Park animators attempted to depict Muhammad in order to lampoon the controversy. When they expressed this to the public, they received death threats from an Islamic extremist. Thus, Comedy Central, the owner of South Park, felt compelled to censor Muhammad from the episode.[2][3] Frustrated at this turn of events, Molly Norris founded "Everyone Draw Muhammad Day" in order to subvert the sensitivities of the radical Islamists. She proposed May 20 as a day when people would draw an image and label it, "Muhammad." She later apologized for founding the event, which was intended to promote freedom of expression. She asserted that it was "offensive to Muslims," and that she was not associated with the Facebook page, which depicted many images of Muhammad and other religious figures.[4]
  • Salman Rushdie: The author of the extremely controversial and "Islamophobi[c]" book The Satanic Verses has apologized in the past for writing the book;[5] however, he later stated he regretted the apology.[6]

Other Incidents

  • PewDiePie: Felix Kjelberg, who had tens of millions of subscribers on YouTube at the time, accidentally used the racially charged "n-word" while playing a video game during a YouTube livestream, exclaiming, "What a f***ing n****r," regarding another player.[7] He later apologized for using the six-letter word, even though it was not at all in a racist context.[8]
  • Blaire White: After criticizing leftist transexual Riley Dennis as someone who is not transgender in actuality but is claiming to be in order to gain victim status from the establishment, conservative Blaire White walked back some of her criticism after viewing a YouTube video in which Dennis claimed that she was about to implement facial feminization surgery. In her apology video, White stated that she had been unintentionally erasing Dennis' identity by claiming that she is what has been described as a "transtrender."[9] Subsequently, however, though she stated she still, "stand[s] by" what was said in the apology video, she criticized Dennis again, this time for using "strawman" arguments against all "right-wingers."[10]