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In the News. what the MSM isn't fully covering.

A Jewish Scripture commentator urges his fellow Jews not to mourn because Ben & Jerry's won't sell in Israel anymore. Instead, he says, take it as a sign of the Antisemitism that will incentivize the Jews to return to Israel. [1]

Is Biden killing people with covid misinformation? [2] Will the White House ask Facebook to shut him down? [3]

Jen Psaki admits Hunter Biden will meet 'anonymous' buyers in art sale money-laundering scheme. [4]

House Dems vote to continue covid coverup; [5] will Kamala invoke the 25th Amendment after Biden's CNN Townhall performance? [6]

Setback for vaccine police: "Eric Clapton says he won’t play venues that require proof of vaccination." [7]

Sweden trounces the Trump-hating Women's U.S. Soccer team 3-0 at the Olympics, as the liberal media downplay the humiliation. [8]

Never-Trump farce continues: Nancy Pelosi excludes top Republicans who were selected for the 2021 Capitol protests investigation panel, so GOP plans to boycott it. [9]

Fauci confronted for perjury and funding gain-of-function research concerning the Wuhan lab. [10] Criminal referral to the corrupt Biden DOJ expected. [11]

Larry Elder wins suit against systemically racist California Democrats to keep him off the ballot and voter suppression. [12]

Liberal claptrap brands “patriot” as hate speech: “MSNBC Warns Viewers to Be on the Lookout for Online Groups That Use the Word 'Patriot'”!!! [13]

Democrats say Biden border crisis is a pandemic threat. [14]

OpIndia: Google Trends show declining global interest in atheism over time: Here’s where India stands.[15] See also: Google trends - Atheism and agnosticism terms

Fauci questioned on covid coverup. [16]

Another setback for vaccine police: Olympic gold-medal favorite announces that he's declining COVID vaccination. [17]

Anti-Semitism turns out to be "carefully taught" as the civilized world has always known but been loath to admit. [18]

Democrat-controlled systemically racist California attempts to keep Larry Elder off the ballot in Gavin Newsome recall election. [19]

Breaking: Fully vaccinated Kamala Harris hospitalized after meeting with Covid-infected Texas Democrat legislators. [20]

Harris meets with fugitive Democrats in White House superspreader event. [21]

"Communist Cuba mounts its last stand," screams the Leftist British press, which does not even try to defend it amid "skyrocketing inflation, food shortages and a deep recession." [22]

Conservative country song soars to #1, and the label beats back attempts at liberal censorship. [23]

Does seeing, say, the death car of Bonnie and Clyde glorify their act? Or does it instead remind us that crime truly does not pay, and good will win out? [24]

Three fully vaccinated Dem legislators, who fled Texas to thwart a vote on election integrity, test positive for COVID-19. [25]

Open borders lobby begs for amnesty after DACA ruled unconstitutional.[26]

Could the United States Navy win the next war? A retired Marine officer doubts it. [27]

Breaking: Junta spokesman Jen Psaki says users should be banned from all social media platforms [28] once the White House gets you banned from the first. [29]

Setback for vaccine police: many Olympic athletes and NFL players refuse the COVID vaccine. [30][31] Biden vaccine police are Democrat voter fraud experts. [32]

Breaking: 1 million illegals have crossed the border this year. [33]

Police arrest Democrat Congresswoman and a riotous group of thugs for storming Capitol. [34]

Dr. Eric Kaufmann discusses his book Whiteshift: Populism, Immigration, and the Future of White Majorities.[35]

Arizona: 74,243 more ballots received than sent out; [36] Biden allegedly won by 10,457.

Chief propagandist Jen Psaki refuses to condemn the "root cause" of communism for people fleeing Cuba. [37]

BLM endorses violent communist crackdown in Cuba, condemns U.S. [38]

Republicans CRUSH Democrats like a tin can in special elections.[39]

Are you ready for the massive red wave that will hit the U.S. Congressional elections? The momentum is building.

Arizona ballot count doesn't match what election officials reported. [40]


Please read: A big red wave is rolling towards the 2022 midterm elections in the USA

Political scientist Rachel Bitecofer correctly predicted a "blue wave" in 2018. She is now "sounding the alarm" about a red wave in the U.S. Congressional elections in 2022.

A big red wave will arrive in 2022. It is unstoppable. Hallelujah!

Biden junta: Cuban refugees from communist oppression are not welcome. [41]

France reacts to mandatory vaccines. [42]

Flag of Finland.png

Der Spiegel indicates that Finland was the best at handling the coronavirus pandemic based on an index looking at excess mortality, restrictions on people's liberty, and GDP performance.[43]

See also: An observation about the countries that handled the coronavirus pandemic well so far. And let's look at Finland

The national flag of Finland has a cross on it which reflects its Christian heritage. See also: Protestant cultural legacies

Biden woke military chased out of disputed South China Sea. [44]

Lightning is racist: George Floyd mural destroyed by lightning in Toledo, Ohio. [45]

Biden, off his meds, gives a speech worthy of Joseph Goebbels. [46]

Bidenomics: Inflation up 10.8% [47]

Georgia update: Evidence reveals significant fraud, even in the audit, and thousands of double-counted ballots. [48][49]

Biden regime to filter private text messages. [50] Biden FBI: Report family members. [51]

COVID-19 and its Delta variant spread among the vaccinated [52] Liberal censorship works overtime to cover it up.

Setback for vaccine police: college reverses mandatory COVID vaccine requirement. [53]

The Left starts calling patriotic Americans un-American! They are the least qualified to throw that phrase around. [54]

The Hill: The Democrats are stuck with Kamala Harris, like it or not.[55]
Donald Trump Is Favored Over Kamala Harris In 2024 Election, Poll Says.[56]

Breaking: Cuba erupts with anti-leftwing fascist tyranny protests. [57]

Scientific American magazine: "God ‌is the‌ ‌ultimate‌ ‌white supremacist.” [58]

CNN guests compare climate change to the Holocaust. [59] MTG just appologized for comparing vaccine passports to wearing the Star of David in Nazi Germany. [60]

200 mostly Black mothers rally with Police for an end of crime and violence; mostly white Antifa stormtroopers jeer them. [61]

Yahoo news: Kamala Harris in crisis Kamala slammed for denigrating the boomer rube demographic. [62]

Jury finds woman who ran over BLM protester not guilty. [63]

Brits on edge as "Flying ants could swarm Euro 2020 final at Wembley," reports mainstream media there. [64] Can we blame this on the global warming???

Please read: 2021 is the WORST year in the history of atheism

The coronavirus pandemic is being blamed for the falling birth rates across much of secular Europe.[65] In March of 2021, it was reported the more Europeans were dying from Covid-19 than last year.[66]

Europe is dying both numerically and culturally (More people in Europe are dying than are being born).[67][68][69] The United Nations has said the number of people in the European Union bloc will drop to 365 million by 2100, down from 446 million today. But a 2020 study, published in the medical journal The Lancet, predicts it will fall more sharply, to 308 million by the end of the century.[70]

Since secular Europe has the second largest atheist population in the world, 2021 is the WORST year in the history of atheism.

A hilarious take on Joe Biden's 16-cent barbecue savings vaunt, Michael Avenatti's troubles, and how some Mainstream Media bigwigs love their expensive houses. [71]

New evidence indicates enough illegal votes in Georgia to change 2020 results. [72]

The NEA will vote on requiring mandatory COVID-19 vaccination for children. By what authority do they presume to so act? [73]

Why is General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, having the service academies teach critical race theory to cadets and midshipmen? That way lies disaster for the U.S. military. [74]

Joe Biden to travel to Philadelphia to fight election audit. [75]

Greatest Conservative Sports Star Novak Djokovic is on the verge of winning a record-tying 20th major, 8 of the last 12, at Wimbledon finals. [76]

Rasmussen Poll: 51% of all voters believe cheating affected the outcome of the 2020 election [77]

Black father of racially mixed child demands racist school board stop teaching his daughter that her mother is evil. [78]

"Delta variant said to be far more widespread than federal estimates." [79]

Women being assaulted by transgender men in prisons; [80] Biden advocates sending men prisoners to women's prisons. [81]

Liberal censorship, again: "Sears and KMart pull T-shirts calling Ashli Babbitt an American hero." [82]

Breaking: Arizona election servers were hacked on Election day, Democrat Sec. of State Katie Hobbs and county election officials knew and kept it secret. [83]

President Trump files class action suit against Big Tech. [84]

Antifa stormtroopers violetly assault Christian mothers at L.A. Wu Spa. [85]

Washington Post finally admits the obvious: If Biden wants to convince the vaccine hesitant, give Trump credit for the vaccines See also: Joe Biden may have to become more bipartisan to get Republicans to rally behind Covid-19 vaccination in order to get to herd immunity in the USA

Questions: Is Joe Biden's pride and dislike of Donald Trump more important to him than the lives of Americans? Is Biden failing to give Trump credit for the vaccines because he is afraid Donald Trump could win the presidency in 2024?

Delta variant of coronavirus spreads among Pfizer COVID vaccine recipients and others. [86]

"Wikipedia Co-founder Warns: ‘Wikipedia Is More One-Sided Than Ever.’" [87]

The abstract for a new academic study on atheists declares: "Atheists are among the most disliked groups in America...".[88] See also: Distrust of atheists

If only American atheists didn't file so many lawsuits during the Christmas season and other times of the year, then they might be less disliked. See: Atheist lawsuits and Atheism and Christmas

Having fewer homicidal maniacs among their midst might decrease the dislike of American atheists as well. See: List of atheist shooters and serial killers and Atheism and mass murder and Atheism and mental illness

U.S. Women's Soccer is rude again, as several of its players turn away from the Flag while a 98-year-old veteran plans the National Anthem on a harmonica. [89]

Why has Breitbart sided with gun control Massachusetts' imprisonment of a peaceful pro-gun group driving through the state to get to Maine??? [90] [91]

Allen West announces his run for Governor of Texas. If Texit gains any traction, Texas will need this seasoned warrior in command. [92]

Biden budget will add 21 million people to welfare rolls, including 2-parent families of 4 with $130,000 in income. Half of all working households will qualify. [93]

A call for a spiritual awakening in America, and a reminder that the Declaration of Independence was an appeal to God, not different human beings. [94]

Setback for Hollywood values: star of the record-breaking sitcom Cheers, Kirstie Alley, rips immorality on television: "A 'moral code' is not old-fashioned." [95] Trolls then post idiotic replies.

Anti-2nd Amendment, totalitarian Massachusetts converts a harmless refueling along I-95 into a massive all-day siege because peaceful blacks were merely carrying their guns across the state to get to Maine. [96] Liberal media repeats Southern Poverty Law Center's smear of the pro-Constitution group.

San Francisco values: Target stores go to early 6pm closing schedule there due to rise in thefts. [97] Why risk Chauvin trial bias there for restraining suspects?

Bloomberg calls out Psaki for fake news. [98]

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov slams the West for teaching children that Jesus was bisexual. [99]

Democrats send out fake canvassers impersonating Arizona auditors to intimidate voters and discredit audit. [100][101]

More satire: how The New York Times distracts from the foibles of the Joe Biden administration with a story of a tax indictment of the Donald Trump organization, based on a weak legal theory. [102]

NY Post: Knives are out for Kamala Harris in the White House. [103]

Parents must take pro-active stands against perverse curricula in their children's schools. As some parents are doing. [104]

Democrat state senator threatened to murder a busload of children [105]

Sorry libs, even Justice Breyer is disgusted with leftist insanity and ain't goin nowhere. [106]

About that whispering act by Joe Biden at a press conference: the content of that whisper implies many worse things than the whispering act itself. [107]

Out of Babel — not Africa: genetic evidence for a biblical model of human origins.[108] See also: Paleoanthropology

If macroevolution happened, then why are there still evolutionists? The arguments of evolutionists are incredibly bad.[109] Shouldn't our brains have evolved to a higher state by now if evolution happened? See also: 15 questions for evolutionists

Setback to Leftists: "Major 6-3 rulings foreshadow a sharper Supreme Court right turn," laments CNN. [110]

A nasty comment contains a "modest proposal" to erase the Jews. But it never stops there, does it [111]

Joe Biden's Honeymoon With Liberals/Progressives Fades as Their Priorities are Downplayed.[112]

Now that their priorities are downplayed, the angst among progressives is a dramatic change from the first 100 days of the Biden administration.

Democrats will be slaughtered in the midterms because progressives and liberals will have an enthusiasm deficit.

Biden's presidency: It's all over with the progressive fireworks. The rest is a denouement of inflation, poorly policed, Democrat cities and bad foreign policy.

Executions, sterilizations and cannibal banquets – Inside China’s brutal history as atheistic, Chinese Communists celebrate 100 years.[113] See: Atheism and human rights violations and Atheism and mass murder and Atheism and cannibalism

China, which has state atheism and leans to the left politically, is estimated to have more executions per annum than the rest of the world combined according to Amnesty International - despite merely having around 18% of the world's population.[114] See also: Atheism statistics

SCOTUS upholds Arizona ballot harvesting ban. [115] Ballot havesting played a big part in the Democrat's 2020 election scams.

Politico reports: Kamala Harris office 'not a healthy environment,' dysfunction emanating from the top. [116]

Facebook harassing users with "extremist" warnings. [117]

Must see: Vernon Jones handles CNN, "Joe Biden is a bigot. You know it and I know it....CNN is bigoted and racist." [118]

Cannot rely on liberal friends: nearly every one of them turned against Bill Cosby, and they are speechless after his stunning victory in court today.

The unfair conviction of Bill Cosby is completely reversed, and he is immediately released from prison by order of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. [119]

ABC News: Children are victims of latest Democrat crime wave. [120]

School Choice Movement Celebrates Its ‘Best Year Ever’ Amid Pandemic.[121] Another silver lining in the dark cloud of the coronavirus pandemic.
A new budget proposed by the Ohio Senate has liberal, public school educators concerned about the school voucher plan.[122]
West Virginia governor approved what advocates say is the nation’s broadest nonpublic school vouchers program.[123]
No doubt it will spread as Republican states compete to get people to move to their states.
Another reason why 2021 is the WORST year in the history of evolutionism and atheism. See: Atheist indoctrination and Evolutionary indoctrination

Beijing Biden buddies discussed making bioweapons to target certain ‘races.’ [124] Hunter Biden invested in a firm that partnered with Peter Daszak and the Wuhan Institute of Virology. [125]

Video shows Capitol Police attack peaceful protesters outside Capitol, January 6. [126]

After screwing-up the economy, Democrat congress now wants a payraise. [127]

"America Ranks Last in Public Trust for Its News Media" among 46 countries, Reuters reports. [128]

"Nickelodeon Ratings Crash after Pushing" the homosexual agenda. [129]

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