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In the News. what the MSM isn't fully covering.

Fake protection of free speech at Elon Musk's X, where liberals make the operations decisions: "Cowboys Ex Cole Beasley Kicked Off Twitter For Gay Football Opinion." [1]

Russia declares US responsible for terrorist attack in Crimea, [2][3] summons US ambassador. [4][5] Zerohedge: Children among mass casualties after US-supplied missile targets crowded Crimean beach. [6]

Russian No-Fly Zone over Black Sea? [7] Breaking: Report: US Global Hawk shot down. [8] Zelensky fires another top general.

Assange accepts plea deal, won't serve any time. [9] The deep state made enough of an example of him by ruining his life.

Young voters raised as Dems are flocking to the Republican Party. [10]

Dr Steve Turley: World War III just got a whole lot more real. [11] Alastair Crooke comments. [12] Col Daniel Davis: How NATO endangers American lives. [13]

Breaking: Synagogue, 2 churches attacked in Russia, 9 dead, priest's throat slit. [14][15] What role did foreign agencies play? [16][17]

NATO attacks sunbathers in Crimea with cluster munitions, [18][19] 124 injured including 27 children, 5 dead including 3 children. [20] NATO will pay for the killing of innocent Russians. [21]

Former security chief who constructed Russiagate & Laptop from Hell narratives says terrorist attack in US imminent. [22] Coordinated terror attacks by Ukraine and friends seek to sow instability. [23]

Biden intel working group identifies Trump supporters as most likely domestic terrorists. [24][25][26] US-funded Ukraine group publishes ‘enemy’ list including Trump, members of Congress, and conservative journalists. [27]

Russia overtakes US as main supplier of gas to Europe for first time since sanctions imposed. [28]

Reuters exposes Washington's global disinformation campaign. [29]

I Was Gonna Be: "Teenager Rachel Holt’s Pro-Life Anthem Rockets into Top 5 on iTunes Country Charts." [30]

Ron Paul: We spent a billion dollars fighting the Houthis…and lost. [31][32]

Maryland LGBTQ+ Dems chair caught in pedo sting. [33]

Transgender arrested for killing his own parents in Utah reportedly told officers: “I would do it again” and “I hate them.” [34]

Ukraine narratives crash and burn. [35][36] The question is not will Ukraine win, rather how long the West can hide the loss. Trump and Nigel Farage say NATO provoked Russia. [37][38] Piers Morgan schooled by Jeffrey Sachs. [39]

Farage Reform UK support grows to replace globalist 'Conservative party' sellouts and leftist Labour party. [40]

More NFL values: after a career of NFL victories, 72-year-old Bill Belichick is reportedly dating a 24-year-old former cheerleader now. [41] In 2013, Belichick oversaw a sham tryout of Tim Tebow to overcome terrible offseason publicity.

Liberal World Order: NATO ally moves closer to banning the conservative Alternative for Germany party, second largest democratic party in the country. [42] AfD opposes Ukraine aid. [43]

Zelensky: £800 billion ($1 trillion USD) needed to beat Putin. [44] The entire US defense budget, larger than the next 10 combined, is only $880 billion.

Houthis unveil new unmanned suicide boat. [45]

Tucker interviews Neil Oliver. [46] Uncensored Rumble version.

Can Nigel Farage's Reform party replace the globalist UK Tory party? [47]

Is the government trying to draft our daughters? [48]

Breaking: Countries begin evacuating people from Lebanon. [49] Biden regime transfers all currently produced Patriot missiles and NASAMS to Ukraine. [50]

NYT: Thousands of Ukrainians go into hiding to avoid 'bloody trench warfare' [51] So Congress wants to draft American men and women to fill the gap.

BBC finally reports on sad state of Ukraine's new military draft law. [52] Zelensky goons kidnap father in front of wife and daughter. [53] Zerohedge: MSM belatedly reports on Zelensky's brutal military recruitment methods. [54]

Japanese bank to dump $63 billion in US Treasury debt. [55][56][57] Money is only good as long as people have confidence in it.

Unelected Ukrainian dictator Volodymyr Zelensky bans another opposition political party. [58]

The war on food, the Amish, and farmers. [59]

Russian-Vietnamese strategic partnership checks US influence in Southeast Asia. [60] Vietnam’s internet was disrupted with 3 undersea cables cut impacting global access. [61] More US hybrid warfare?

State of US politics: Hawks want to draft women, doves want to send only men into pointless perpetual wars to defend the liberal world order. [62][63]

AP: Putin says South Korea supplying arms to Ukraine would be 'a very big mistake'. [64]

Conservapedia proven right, again: a new study confirms extensive liberal bias at Wikipedia, which has thereby infected ChatGPT. [65]

Alastair Crooke: The brink of dissolution: Neurosis in the West as the levee breaks. [66] West sleeping walking into major wars. [67]

Stephen Bryen discusses what Conservative of the Year Rep Thomas Massie calls a 'psyop' on Speaker Mike Johnson by the intelligence community. [68]

Revised data says Biden recession began in October 2023. [69]

Biden regime gives Ukraine permission to do what it already is doing. [70]

Liberal media conceal the fact apprehended suspect, accused of killing both of his parents in Utah, is a transgender woman [71] while the British Daily Mail reports the truth: [72]

Trump-endorsed challenger leads with, 96% of votes counted, in a spectacular unseating of the powerful anti-Trump congressional incumbent named "B. Good" who backed Speaker Mike Johnson. [73]

The Clinton, Obama, Pelosi, Schumer plot to dump Biden. [74] They'd be crazy not to.

David T. Pyne: Why the US and Ukraine should accept Putin's latest peace offer. [75] Switzerland said the next talks on Ukraine will be much more different than the last. [76]

North Korean soldiers are preparing to enter the battlefield to hunt NATO forces in Ukraine. [77][78]

Larry Johnson: NATO and Israel hurling towards wars of self-destruction. [79]

David Stockman: The Ukrainian border war folly. [80]

Ukrainians finish off their own soldier with drone as he tries to surrender. [81]

FBI knew since 2016 Hunter Biden team scored nearly $120 million Ukrainian deal while Joe was VP. [82][83]

“But first… let me thank God screams the coach's t-shirt for the dominating Boston Celtics champs, one of the greatest ever. [84]

White House hosts LGBTQ visitors. [85][86]

US economy actually lost 408k jobs in May. [87] 3 months of job gains wiped out. [88]

Vucic & Orban: NATO wants war in the next 60 days. [89]

Breaking: 2025 Defense Authorization Act authorizes mandatory military draft of women as Pentagon pursues nuclear war with Russia and China. [90] Gay activist and nuclear warmonger NATO chief Stoltenberg wants to up nuke preparations. [91][92]

Steve Turley: Trumpism is taking over the world. [93] See also: Trump effect. Pepe Escobar warns it's all for naught. [94]

BRICS gains momentum amidst US Naval decline and dollar exodus. [95]

Conservative Daily: Save The Children is trafficking children with your tax dollars: Congress must investigate. [96]

Liberal logic: "Boys Take Track & Field Titles from Girls in Five States," and Biden wants more of this nationwide. [97]

Biden exploits WWII heroism to promote US fascist aggression against Russia. [98] Western elites delude themselves, wrapped in the glories of others in a war that ended 80 years ago. [99]

Xi: US wants China to invade Taiwan, won't take the bait. [100]

More reflections on Putin's stark warning to the West. [101] Putin preempts pointless 'peace' powwow. [102] Zelensky's not-peace summit falls flat. [103]

Swiss Ukraine summit disaster, leaders stay away, reject statement. [104] Outcome document is a huge blow against Ukraine. 'Peace formula' is gone. [105] Swiss International News Service: Ukraine peace summit failed to meet ‘fairytale’ expectations. [106] Dmitry Medvedev: 'The grazing of cattle in the Alps is just a sad pile of...' read the rest.

Zelensky: Western aid not enough to win war. [107] Meanwhile, Congress is implementing a military draft.

US rebuke of Vietnam for hosting Putin is ridiculous. [108]

Depraved Hollywood values raise megabucks while Biden appeared so confused on stage that Obama had to escort him off. [109] Four more years??

Fauci, who funded the covid bioweapon that killed 7 million people, accuses Trump of dropping the 'f' bomb. [110]

Multipolarity comes to the Asia-Pacific. [111]

Breaking: DC Dems discuss dumping Biden before November general election. [112]

House Intel chair Mike Turner explains how his team and intel community will control Speaker Johnson and MAGA Republicans. [113]

Humiliating failure by liberals' weaponized prosecution and show trial against Trump in New York City: 'RNC raised $420M in 2 weeks, unlike anything seen before' says GOP chair. [114]

House passes automatic military draft registration of young men 18-26. [115] Senate version requires women to register. [116] Two Conservatives of the Year, Reps. MTG and Massie, vote NO. Tim Pool: Insane fake news: WaPo says Trump wants mandatory military service. [117]

Tim Pool: US & Saudi Arabia PetroDollar deal expires, [118] US dollar will collapse. [119] Conservative of the Year Thomas Massie: World will stop using the dollar as the global reserve currency. [120] Massie: dollar only backed by aircraft carriers.

This week in lawfare land: what happens next? [121] Gingrich calls on GOP House to 'repudiate' J6 Committee. [122] Legislation to rescind J6 subpoenas for Steve Bannon and others introduced. [123]

Hunter Biden's conviction – laughable attempt to mask America's two-tiered 'justice' system. [124]

Russian state TV report on Trump visit to Capitol Hill. [125]

Here's why the 'peace conference' in Switzerland is a sham. [126] Propaganda v pragmatism: can US ATACMS clear the way for F-16s? [127]

G7 legalizes theft. [128][129] G-7 embraces a delusional Ukrainian policy. [130] G7 and the decline of empire. [131]

Vladimir Putin puts West on notice. [132] American and her NATO allies are fools if they dismiss or ignore Putin’s stark message today. Nuclear war ahead? [133]

David T. Pyne: The war in Ukraine is a deliberately provoked, Biden manufactured war. [134]

Vladimir Putin makes ceasefire proposal. [135] What's really behind Putin's generous ceasefire proposal? [136][137]

NYT: Ukraine-Russia peace as elusive as ever. But in 2022 they were talking. [138] That was before Biden & BoJo pulled the rug out from under talks. A half million dead later, the unelected Zelensky regime still taking orders from globalists.

Mises Institute: There are only downsides to prolonging the war in Ukraine. [139] UK Express: Ukraine could launch 'terror campaign bombing schools' if Russia wins war. [140]

Global migrant crisis explained w/ Neil Oliver. [141]

The looming possibility of a president and prime minister from different parties will place French intelligence services in an uncomfortable situation. [142]

Hilarious video of Biden wandering off like a demented person from the G7 summit, until conservative Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni charitably brought him back to the leaders' group. [143]

Politico: 6 lame ducks and Giorgia Meloni: [144] Meet the G7 class of 2024. [145] Meloni in the pink as she consoles procession of dead men walking. [146]

Biden Approval hits lowest mark on record. [147] Daily Caller: America's Superpower status dealt another blow under Joe Biden. [148]

Trump floats eliminating US income tax and replacing it with tariffs on imports. [149]

Setback for liberal gun control and the liberal media goes berserk: Second Amendment values prevail 6-3 as Supreme Court strikes down the liberal bump stock ban by the BATF, based on a statutory interpretation. [150]

See also Previous Conservapedia Breaking News.