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  • "I myself believe that the duel between Christianity and atheism is the most important in the world. I further believe that the struggle between individualism and collectivism is the same struggle reproduced on another level." - William F. Buckley, God and Man at Yale: The Superstitions of "Academic Freedom"
  • “There are no ordinary people. You have never talked to a mere mortal. Nations, cultures, arts, civilizations - these are mortal, and their life is to ours as the life of a gnat. But it is immortals whom we joke with, work with, marry, snub and exploit - immortal horrors or everlasting splendors." - C.S. Lewis, Christian apologist and ex-atheist

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In the News. what the MSM isn't fully covering.

"House of Representatives Passes Bill for Automatic Military Draft Registration of Young Men Between 18 and 26." [1] Two Conservatives of the Year, Reps. MTG and Massie, vote "NO".

Russian state TV report on Trump visit to Capitol Hill. [2]

Vladimir Putin puts West on notice. [3] American and her NATO allies are fools if they dismiss or ignore Putin’s stark message today.

Vladimir Putin makes ceasefire proposal. [4][5]

Mises Institute: There are only downsides to prolonging the war in Ukraine. [6]

Trump floats eliminating US income tax and replacing it with tariffs on imports. [7]

Setback for liberal gun control and the liberal media goes berserk: Second Amendment values prevail 6-3 as Supreme Court strikes down the liberal bump stock ban by the BATF, based on a statutory interpretation. [8]

Biden Approval hits lowest mark on record. [9] Daily Caller: America's Superpower status dealt another blow under Joe Biden. [10]

Politico: UK conservative Nigel Farage has the potential to reshape the future of British politics for good. [11] NYT in panic over French election results. [12]

Hilarious video of Biden wandering off like a demented person from the G7 summit, until conservative Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni charitably brought him back to the leaders' group. [13]

Politico: 6 lame ducks and Giorgia Meloni: [14] Meet the G7 class of 2024. [15] G-7 embraces a delusional Ukrainian policy. [16]

Conservative of the Year Thomas Massie: World will stop using the dollar as the global reserve currency. [17]

L.A. removes homophobic No U Turn signs. [18]

David Stockman: The GOP's great betrayal—rise of the UniParty since 2006. [19] House Republicans furious with way Speaker Johnson distributes tenured perks. [20] 'Tainted and corrupted': Gingrich calls on GOP-led House to 'repudiate' J6 Committee. [21]

US State Dept helps place American journalists on Ukraine 'hit-list'. [22]

Why the US wants war with Russia. [23] 50 people breakthrough border with trucks and buses to Hungary to escape Ukraine army mobilization. [24]

Asia Sentinel: China will more likely grow rich before it grows old. [25]

Liberal double standard, again: Potty-mouthed liberal Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) was driving “at a high rate of speed, well over the posted speed limit,” when he rear-ended a car driven by a 62-year-old woman causing her hospitalization. Yet “Fetterman was NOT tested for drugs or alcohol. No citations were issued.” [26]

Led by a devoutly Christian 35-year-old coach, the Boston Celtics may be the best team ever as they take a 3-0 lead in the championship. [27]

House holds Merrick Garland in contempt, for refusing to turn over recordings of Biden proving his dementia. [28][29]

Pepe Escobar premier interview w/ Judge Napolitano: Russia readies war with NATO. [30]

Col Daniel Davis: US & China headed to war? w/Cyrus Janssen in China. [31]

Saudi Arabia just shocked the dollar. Future with BRICS and China. [32] Moscow Exchange suspends trading in US dollars and euros. [33]

Public relations backfires in Ukraine. [34]

Operation Gladio - A Primer. [35]

Trump-endorsed Sam Brown wins Nevada U.S. Senate primary by a landslide, and as a decorated veteran could unseat the Dem incumbent in November. [36]

Trump-endorsed congressional candidate Austin Theriault wins in Maine, and could unseat the Dem incumbent soft on the Second Amendment. [37]

House Committees demand briefing on CIA interference in Biden family corruption probe. [38]

The Conservative Treehouse: Russian Yasen-class nuclear submarine 'Kazan' along with 3 warships arrive in Havana, Cuba. [39][40] This follows the EU elections crushing the pro-war leftists rebuking the possibility of war with Russia. [41][42]

WaPo: Biden regime approves delivery of weapons to Nazi Azov brigade. [43][44] Arming Ukrainian Nazis a sign of US desperation – ex-Pentagon official. [45]

94% of Americans want to end Ukraine war. [46] Dinesh D'Souza: Is the Biden administration provoking the Russians? [47] Sen Tommy Tuberville: Why I oppose Ukraine aid. [48]

The economic and social costs of Biden's climate policies. [49]

Russell Brand: Bird flu pandemic scam? [50]

Prof John Mearsheimer and Col Daniel Davis: Political winds shift against Ukraine war support. [51]

Zelensky regime press gang attempts to mobilize EMT first responders for frontline military service. [52][53] The mobilization commissars have quotas to fill or else they get sent to the front. As long as American money pours in, this will continue.

'This is insane': US-linked Ukrainian NGO unveils 'enemies list' including ZeroHedge, Tucker, Elon and Trump. [54]

Taiwan continues toward US-engineered "Ukraine-ization". [55]

Breaking: Hunter Biden guilty on all charges. [56] Russian media goes after the Hunter Biden pedo angle in primetime. [57]

Tucker Carlson tears into House Republicans for 'rewarding' FBI; [58] security clearances issued based on political ideology. [59] FBI interrogates co-workers about whistleblower's views on COVID vax, Trump, and 2nd Amendment. [60]

Defense One: Estonia is becoming a hotbed for drone warfare. [61] Responsible Statecraft: Droning Russia's nuke radars is the dumbest thing Ukraine can do; [62] Ukraine threatens to attack Russia from NATO bases, risking WWIII. [63]

The West escalates its provocation of Russia. [64] How to justify NATO's aggression against Russia. [65]

Biden's mental decline jeopardizes national security. Democrats have one card left to play. [66] Putin has been a problem for forty years? No, it's Joe Biden. [67]

Breaking: Nancy Pelosi says 'I take responsibility' for J6 riots. [68]

Another conservative win: Big Weed collapses in Colorado, which led the failed experiment of legalized marijuana. Politico omits harm from hemp and ongoing illegal grows

Setback for liberal media: “I wonder how many of those have been Christian coaches,” was the faith-based response to a liberal question about race asked of the triumphant 35-year-old coach of the Boston Celtics in the NBA championship. [69] No follow-up question.

Saudi Arabia quits petrodollar, unipolar moment officially over. [70][71][72]

EU 'Center' embraces the right kind of 'Right'. [73] Dr Gilbert Doctorow: Rigor mortis on the Western front: a brief comment on the EU Parliament elections. [74]

Conservative landslide throughout Europe, with a 30-15% trouncing of globalist Macron in France. [75] Voter turnout is highest in 30 years. [76] Globalists panic as populism takes over the zeitgeist. [77] Belgian globalist prime minister resigns in tears; [78] German socialists suffer worst defeat in a century. [79]

Conservative Prime Minister Victor Orban: We are at the penultimate moment...we need change in Brussels and Washington. [80] Developments in Hungary – transparent election interference by US State Dept and CIA. [81]

Lindsey Graham: Globalist warmongers want to plunder Ukraine for trillions in mineral wealth. [82] Zakharova responds. [83] Obama's guilt for Ukraine war. [84]

Fauci testimony forces WaPo to debunk its own fake news. [85]

Politico nukes 'Biden business dealings' lie. [86] Townhall: The Bidens are a horrible bunch of people. [87]

Liberal double standard, again: "Biden and AOC demanded a $15/hr minimum wage, but their Climate Corps pays less than $12 per hour." [88]

Military and Foreign Affairs Network: NATO warplanes to strike Russia and US Ukraine bioweapons research. [89]

Liberal bias, again: Caitlin Clark left off the Olympic women's basketball team, while underachieving liberal players are included. [90] Losing the gold appears likely now.
Caitlin in Friday's game: 30 points, 8 rebounds, 6 assists, and 4 steals. [91]

Liberal logic: "I think it’s journalistic malpractice to do a live interview with President Trump on television,” declared the ABC News anchor and former adviser to Bill Clinton, George Stephanopoulos. [92]

Was Jack Smith's appointment unconstitutional? [93]

Mistrial? Trump 'hush money' judge suggests juror may have had predetermined guilty verdict. [94]

The demise of the liberal international order with John Mearsheimer, Glenn Diesen, and Alexander Mercouris. [95] See our Essay: April 2022 was a pivotal moment in the future of global politics for decades to come.

World Bank: Russia overtakes Japan to become world's 4th largest economy. [96]

Prof John Mearsheimer: The future of the world? [97]

Bloomberg News: NATO chief and LGBT activist Jens Stoltenberg ditches 5 year $108 billion Ukraine aid package. [98]

Slovak prime minister Fico speaks: He was targeted for assassination because of opposition to the NATO proxy war in Ukraine. [99]

Anti-NATO war Serbians win elections to the dismay of global fascists. [100]

Breitbart: Trump: We have a chance of going into World War III because of Biden. [101]

Russia will deliver the same types of weapons to conflict zones to strike NATO countries that Western countries deliver to Ukraine to strike Russia. [102][103]

Forbes: China’s middle trash is disappearing.[104]

Europe’s sickly center-left struggles to hold back surge from right which is expected to make HUGE gains.[105][106]

Europe is being Trumpified.[107] Brexit was a prelude to Donald Trump being elected in 2016 and helped give him some favorable political wind on his back.[108]

80th D-Day anniversary combines historical revisionism with a proxy war powwow. [109] Gatewaypundit: SICK! Biden boasts of killing Russians during D-Day speech. [110]

Stopping the sleep walk into World War III. [111]

F-35 test fleet is getting thin. [112]

Georgia court halts sham prosecution of Trump, reports CNN. [113]

WSJ: White House staff says Biden shows signs of mental deterioration. [114]

Politico: Foreign policy becomes a liability for Biden; [115] Trump hater Ian Bremmer: If this election is about foreign policy, Biden loses. [116]

Setback for the homosexual agenda: "10 NFL Teams So Far Refuse LGBTQ Pride Month Messaging." [117]

81-year-old Biden’s "slipping cognitive fitness: ‘Not the same person’" [118] and he needs an excuse to cancel the no-audience debate scheduled with Trump.

Setback for the homosexual agenda: Steve Turley's video Pride Month Is Getting CANCELLED in Red States![119] See: Prevalence of homosexuality going down in cultures that become more conservative

The Hill Rising: Jeffrey Sachs, Tucker Carlson critize Biden regime Ukraine policy. [120]

Ukrainian recruits are pathetically undertrained. [121]

Freedom of speech in the US? Think again. [122] Judge Napolitano: Scott Ritter: On my way to Russia I met Big Brother. [123]

Avoiding World War III. [124] Having a sane Manifest Destiny and Monroe Doctrine.

Larry Johnson: Russia is flashing red, the West better pay attention. [125]

Conservapedia proven right, again: "Fauci to face House Covid investigators amid growing concern about handling of virus research," worries liberal Politico. [126]

Alastair Crooke:: The coming novus ordo seclorum - change we must; there is no choice! [127]

Our spy and intelligence agencies are out of control. [128]

UK Telegraph: NATO preparing troop plans for potential Russia conflict. [129] Report details sending 300,000 US troops to frontline in war with Russia. [130] Democrat war pig proposes automatic registration for wartime draft. [131]

Liberal failure: "minimal impact on public opinion" from the show trial, finds ABCNews/Ipsos poll. [132]

As Trump shatters fundraising records from the public outrage at the show trial, Dem presidential candidate Dean Phillips (D-MN) urges the New York governor to pardon Trump. [133]

Zelensky trash talks Donald Trump. [134]

Steve Turley: Trump's Polls SKYROCKET After Corrupt CONVICTION. As a whole, the political betting markets still give Donald Trump about a 10% advantage of winning the 2024 presidential election over Joe Biden.[135]

"Trump’s conviction is an assault on democracy; Yesterday was a darker day than January 6," admits a professor who opposes Trump. [136]

The Conservative Treehouse: NATO escalation - Biden approves Ukraine to use US missiles to strike Russia. [137]

The Supreme Court will shut down NYC's interference with red states' presidential nominee, to avert a break-up of the Nation.

Kangaroo court convicts President Trump following Soviet show trial in New York City. [138]

Voters in the Midwest and swing states already knew that New York City liberals wrongly hate Trump and America too.
The verdict confirms liberals' weaponization of government.

Robert Gouveia Verdict Watch in Trump Trial.

"Biden couldn’t even fill up a tiny school gym in deep blue Philly!" [139]

Dr. Gilbert Doctorow on Judge Napolitano. [140]

How Marxism corrupted our intelligence agencies beyond repair. [141]

NATO ramps up figleaf of cross-border strikes. [142] Putin expects NATO and Poland to escalate proxy war. [143][144] Hiding behind Zelensky puppet regime NATO tries to inflict strategic defeat on Russia. [145]

Breaking: 3rd NATO attack on Russia's early nuclear missile radar warning system. [146][147] Col Markus Reisner of the Austrian General Staff: 'the war over Ukraine has escalated again...Such an attack could qualify for a nuclear retaliation. [148]

Cross-over Dems reelect RINO Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan by only 366 votes; studies show that many former Dem primary voters are voting in Texas GOP primaries. [149]

Society “shouldn’t be listening to some 10-year-old who says they want to be a boy instead of a girl,” declares Academy Award-winning actor Richard Dreyfuss in rebuke of the transgender agenda. Liberals are petrified at this truth. [150]

Federal judge smacks down weaponized prosecution of Trump in Florida, tells Jack Smith's team that they will be sanctioned if they file another inappropriate motion. [151]

Neocon Institute for the Study of War drops Ukraine fake news reporting, switches to Russian Ministry of Defense for more accurate picture. Newsweek: Russia claims NATO is planning nuclear strikes. [152]

NYT: In the past 50 years, the US has gotten good at losing wars. [153] The West's 'theory of victory': convincing Ukraine to fight a futile war. [154] Arrest these insane NATO warmongers! [155]

Putin recognizes parliamentary leader as Ukraine leader. [156]. Zelensky, whose term ended last week, cannot legally sign international treaties and documents. [157][158]

Biden campaign press conference at NY courthouse Trump trial bombs.[159]

Washington attacks key element of Russia's nuclear umbrella threatening entire global nuclear security architecture. [160] Russian Sen Dmitry Rogozin: US directly responsible for strike on Russia's nuclear umbrella. [161] What could be the consequences of a strike on Russian early warning systems? [162]

Stephen Bryen: Ukraine's attack on Russia's strategic radar a significant escalation. [163] 2 of 10 Russian early missile response systems damaged. [164]

Zelensky's 'peace' summit and Ukraine's nuclear provocation. [165]

Western media: WWIII begins in 51 days. [166] Dreizin Report: The empire’s decision day on Ukraine has arrived. [167] War = Draft. [168]

Responsible Statecraft: Putin is ringing the doorbell, why does Biden ignore it? [169] Russia open to compromise [170] Dr. Gilbert Doctorow comments. [171][172] Trump: 'I am committed to restoring peace and stability and to stopping Joe Biden's march to World War Three.' [173]

WaPo: US satellite guided munitions failed against Russian jamming. [174] NYT: Russia possesses the best electronic warfare capabilities in the world, [175] US bid to 'strategically weaken' Russia backfired, creating army adapted for post-industrial warfare. [176]

Liberal Hollywood crashes: worst Memorial Day w/end for movies since 1995, not even factoring in inflation. [177]

Homosexual nominated for president by the Libertarian Party at its D.C. convention [178] rather than RFK Jr. whom DC liberals fear will draw too many votes from Biden.

Biden regime denies Knights of Columbus permit to hold Memorial Day services in national park. [179] Government is the greatest rights violator. Once you see it, you cannot un-see it. [180]

Is the Pandemic Treaty really dead? [181]

Shocking violence by a transgender, "laughing the whole time": a trans activist allegedly stabbed 4 girls at an AMC theater near Boston. [182]

Federal prosecutors admit in court that Hunter Biden laptop is legit. [183]

Zero (0) awards at Cannes for the fake news biopic smearing Trump [184] while the vile Trump-hating hecklers in anti-American D.C. were probably not even libertarians.

Breaking: One dead after Egyptian Army opens fire on IDF. [185]

'We believe the job of the United States military is not to wage endless regime change wars around the globe,' Trump declared in his speech to the Libertarian Party. [186]
Trump deflated hecklers: they want to 'keep getting you 3% every four years,' which is at most what the Libertarian Party draws.

Conservate Daily: Sifting through the pro-war lies. [187] US playing a dangerous game of nuclear chicken with Russia. [188]

Simplicius: NATO's Yipping chihuahuas strain their leash as Russia gears up for next wave. [189] Globalists are having a bad time. [190]

Military and Foreign Affairs Network: Battlefield Ukraine Russia prepares the knock out blow. [191]

Republic of Georgia prime minister says EU/NATO issued death threat. [192][193]

The Conservative Treehouse: Biden reminds West Point grads of their duty to interfere in election if leftist vision of democracy is threatened. [194]

Breaking: Situation turns critical as de-legitimized Zelensky dangerously escalates. [195] Ukraine attacked a nuclear ballistic missile early warning radar in Russia. ICJ rules against Israel as Ukraine crosses a major red line. [196] Zelensky betting on Armageddon. [197] Daniel Davis: Limited nuclear attack? [198]

Russian International Affairs Council: Ukraine is losing, and direct intervention by the West risks a nuclear conflict – so what now? [199]

NATO preparing for war. [200] The Conservative Treehouse: Orban seeks exit from NATO conflict with Russia [201] Hungary warns Serbia of EU plans to intervene in NATO war. [202]

US Special Forces chief gives new details on UK ops in Ukraine; [203] UK PM Sunak calls for early July elections cause he does not want to be a wartime prime minister. [204]

We are in a 'Phony War' period when war is waged but its effects have not yet hit home. Politicians are intent on bringing those effects to us. [205] Weekly updates. [206][207]

All roads lead to Kiev: Ukraine's terror tactics, Russia turns up the heat. [208] Big Serge: Widening the front. [209] More on tactical nuke exercises and Russian escalatory options. [210]

Daily Mail: Russia warns it will strike UK targets in 'Ukraine and beyond' - forcing NATO to enter the conflict - if UK weapons are used for attacks within Russian territory. [211][212]

Ukraine lost 11,200 troops last week. [213] NATO sends Lithuanian replacements. [214] NATO's phantom armies. [215] Why the US can’t find enough troops to feed its imperial ambitions. [216]

China preps public for war against Taiwan separatists in early June. [217][218] US remains painfully dependent on China for silicon and solar panels. [219] Pepe Escobar: Russia and China have had enough. [220]

News Forensics: Russia on a roll. Belousov! [221][222][223]

Budget update: Interest payments overtake Defense spending. [224]

Failure of liberal claptrap: The Washington Post "lost $77 million over the last year, and had a 50% drop off in audience since 2020." [225]

Another odd earthquake occurs near Trump's New Jersey home, baffling atheistic science as no fault line is there, while suggesting biblical significance. [226]

The same RINO Governor who sided with transgender operations on children, and boys playing in girls' sports, just called a special session for Biden to be placed on the Ohio ballot despite Dems' refusal to nominate him 90 days before the election. [227][228]

President Trump rally in the Bronx. [229] Live updates by the local New York Post: [230] Massive crowds stun liberals. [231] MSNBC reporter gets shut down by Blacks & Latinos when asking about Trump’s ‘racist rhetoric’. [232]

David Stockman: The UniParty's malignant fiscal consensus. [233]

Battlefield Ukraine: scraping the barrel. [234] NATO raises the stakes. [235] 'It is impossible to divide the Holy Trinity, Father and Son and Holy Spirit, so also it is impossible to divide Russia, the Ukraine and Belarus, these together are Holy Rus'. [236]

Ignorance, the root and stem of all evil: Neocon cookie monster Victoria Nuland accuses Russia of attacking 'Russia's second city'. [237] BoJo thanks Azov Nazis. [238]

Judge Napolitano: Patrick Lancaster: Live from Russia/Ukraine eastern front. [239]

Covid cabal conspired to destroy evidence to evade FOIA requests. [240] Covid was an inside job. [241]

America First Legal: Secret DoD memo reveals Biden regime may have had original Trump documents before Mar-a-Lago raid. [242] Disgusting Feds raided Melania's bedroom with 'lethal force'. [243][244] Sen Josh Hawley reads Biden gestapo chief Merrick Garland the riot act. [245]

Report: Ukraine conflict reveals Russian supremacy in high-tech warfare of the future. [246] No matter what the US does to arm Ukraine, there is no path to victory. [247]

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