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  • "I myself believe that the duel between Christianity and atheism is the most important in the world. I further believe that the struggle between individualism and collectivism is the same struggle reproduced on another level." - William F. Buckley, God and Man at Yale: The Superstitions of "Academic Freedom"
  • “There are no ordinary people. You have never talked to a mere mortal. Nations, cultures, arts, civilizations - these are mortal, and their life is to ours as the life of a gnat. But it is immortals whom we joke with, work with, marry, snub and exploit - immortal horrors or everlasting splendors." - C.S. Lewis, Christian apologist and ex-atheist

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In the News. what the MSM isn't fully covering.

This Tragedy Happened Because of Evolutionism.[1]

Read our new article: 7 reasons the Republicans should end funding the war in Ukraine immediately if they win control of the U.S Congress in the 2022 midterms

Trump draws another overflow crowd, this time in Warren, Michigan. [2] Deep State is frustrated again by Trump's popularity!

Putin’s revolutionary manifesto will forever change global politics. [3]

NYT oped: Putin is Trying to Outcrazy the West: "This is time for Western leaders to be both tough and smart," [4] - good luck with that one.

After sanctions boomerang to destroy European economy, EU sanctions import of Russian toilet paper. [5]

Pentagon to set up "train & equip" command center in Germany modeled after its last two disasters, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Pentagon’s bot army allegedly banned from Facebook & Twitter. [6]

Kamala Harris: "The United States shares a very important alliance with North Korea." [7] North Korea must've been 'Top of Mind'.

Putin calls on Zelensky to negotiate peace. [8]

Silence about Ukrainian military attacking civilians. [9][10] Eva Bartlett describes the unspeakable genocide in Ukraine. [11]

NATO warlord Jens Stoltenberg rejects Zelensky's bid to join NATO, says NATO aggression in Ukraine will continue. [12]

Russia calls for emergency meeting of the UN Security Council to discuss NATO terrorism and sabotage of the Nordstream pipeline. [13]

German Parliamentarian: "Everyone is beginning to understand that something has happened that will irreversibly lead to the collapse of the European economy. And whoever did this is probably not our friend.... We did not want to believe that, in general, the attack is not on Russia, but on the European Union." [14]

Turkey fears NATO sabotage of key pipeline supplying Europe. [15]

The blockbuster new Marilyn Monroe movie has a pro-life theme, and pro-aborts are furious about it.

The cycle of retaliation between the US and Russia will ultimately lead to nuclear war. [16] Only question is, how soon?

Trump scores win in Mar-a-Lago raid case. [17] No, he doesn't have to prove his innocence first.

Anthony Fauci's net worth increased 70% since covid pandemic. [18]

RealClearPolitics projects a GOP takeover of the U.S. Senate, by adjusting for historical bias in poll results at this stage. [19]

Rasmussen Poll: 57% see economic depression ahead. [20]

NATO coverup begins: the Baltic, described as "a NATO lake" with the accession of Sweden and Finland to NATO, begins alternative narrative. [21] Scott Ritter: The United States committed an act of war against its allies. [22]

Gordon Chang: Biden has opened door to Russian nuke strikes. [23] US crosses another red line: Ukraine confirms receipt of longer-range missiles. [24] Russia has a 2.5 kiloton artillery shell that can be shot 70 km, [25] and like the United States, can be used to save troops lives and end the war. The US has no nuclear weapons that small.

The dissolution of the USSR and loss of 100 million people made Russia more dependent on nukes for their defense, not less. And the United States intelligence services and Pentagon know this

Judge orders Biden FBI to produce Seth Rich laptop. [26] Seth Rich, a DNC employee, was murdered after the supposed 'Russian hack of the DNC' which was found to be an inside job. [27]

Massive anti-EU/NATO aggression protests in Prague continue. [28]

Is Biden’s incapacity now a threat to the world? [29]

Putin issues dire warning to the WEF globalists and it's game time. [30]

Anglo-American Axis benefits from the ecological terrorist attack in the Baltic Sea. [31]

Tucker Carlson: Nord Stream pipeline sabotage almost certainly a U.S. covert action against Russia. [32]

Tim Pool: United States accused of sabotage after NordStream pipelines rupture, [33] video shows Biden vowing to end gas line. [34]

Zerohedge: U.S. blew up Russian gas pipelines Nord Stream 1 & 2, says former Polish Defense Minister. [35]

New data shows the change in New York State bail laws increased crime.[36]

Gonzalo Lira reporting from Kharkiv: NordStream I & II sabotaged overnight; irreparable. "Americans declared war on Europe." [37]

German media: The sabotage of Nordstream occurred in Danish waters. Swedish Maritime Authority reported gas leaks in Swedish and Danish waters. "Everything speaks against a coincidence." [38]

MoonOfAlabama: U.S. is winning its war on Europe's industries and people. [39] Garland Nixon: EU becomes an economic Jonestown. [40] European Central Bank: "outlook darkening" [41] the jobs aren't coming back

2022 midterm elections news: Republicans are SURGING and even in some Democrat states appear to be flipping red in key elections. In swing states, the Republicans appear to have a wide margin.[42]

Question: Will the 2022 midterm elections be a red wave election?

Chess world champion and record-holder Magnus Carlsen smacks down cheaters and liberal trolls with his strong statement about the chess cheating scandal. [43]

How the US benefits from coaxing the EU to commit economic suicide. [44]

EU HUMILIATED as Italy’s "God, family and country," anti-abortion, anti-homosexual agenda, political right WINS in Massive LANDSLIDE.[45] Giorgia Meloni to be become first female prime minister. [46]

First Sweden moves to the right in 2022 and now this! Oh secular leftists, feel the sting! See: Will 2022 be the WORST year in the history of secular leftism?

Patrick Lancaster: Inside Mariupol referendum. [47] "Biden did all this destruction."

Breaking: Zelensky: "I don't think Putin is bluffing." [48] Biden advisor Jake Sullivan threatens nuclear war. [49] Blinken threatens "catastrophic effects" and collateral damage for "many others" in U.S. nuclear strike. [50]

Kiev’s NATO-backed terrorist attack in Kherson was a strike against democracy & journalism. [51] Eva K Bartlet updates NATO terrorism. [52][53][54]

Slow learner: Liz Cheney threatens to leave GOP. [55] Somebody tell her she's already been booted out.

Updates on referendums from Lugansk and Zaporozhye by Patrick Lancaster [56] and Graham Phillips, [57] only English language journalists reporting daily from Donbas.

Pink Floyd -- a bestselling rock band -- blames NATO for provoking the Russia-Ukraine war, and has to cancel concerts in Poland due to some politicians objecting. [58] Roger Waters added to kill list. [59]

Down by only 5 points in Biden's Pennsylvania, Dr. Oz steps up his campaign against Leftist John Fetterman for the U.S. Senate seat. [60]

International observers show at Ukraine referendums. [61]

Bidenomics: Stock market officially collapses into bear market (i.e. recession). [62]

Mortgage payments rise 45.5%. [63]

Referendums begin in Donbas. [64] Count all votes! [65]

Hunter Biden and Joe tried to sell natural gas to China. [66] Sanctions against Russian natural gas is the cause of the global energy crisis and inflation. [67]

Jordan Peterson: ‘Naïve’ to think Russia will lose war. [68]

Democracy in action: Hungary to hold referendum on support for European Union sanctions on Russian energy. [69]

Ukraine begins offensive aimed at voter suppression. [70]

Appellate court is snookered by Deep State's implausible hysteria about national security because Trump dumped some clippings and other harmless documents into boxes that ended up at Mar-a-Lago, which no one genuinely cared about until Dems saw it as a way to retaliate. [71]

Google rigged the 2020 election. [72]

Breaking: Russia announces partial mobilization to counter NATO threat. [73][74]

NATO prolongs the Ukraine proxy war and global havoc. [75]

North Dakota man kills teenager, claims victim was ‘Republican extremist.’ [76][77]

Breaking: German producer prices in August go from 7.9% to 45.8%. [78] NATO's war in Ukraine has effectively de-industrialized Germany. [79]

Full $16Bn list of what Biden sent Ukraine. [80] The U.S. military just told its own soldiers to use food stamps to keep their families fed. [81]

Breaking: Federal Appeals Court tosses out J6 Panel subpoena, questions panel's legitimacy. [82]

Dr. Steve Turley: Putin's annexation has just destroyed the Liberal World Order. [83]

Donetsk and Lugansk to hold referendums Sept 23-27 to join the Russian Federation. EU vows voter suppression. Zaporozhye and Kherson to declare their right to self-determination. [84]

DHS document warns violent Venezuelan criminals are being sent to the U.S. border. [85]

Conservapedia proven right, again: Kari Lake, identified here more than a year ago as the conservative future, stuns liberals by surpassing their handpicked candidate in the polls for governor of Arizona. [86] Don't be surprised if the charismatic Kari later becomes Trump's VP.

Dr. Steve: 5 bombshells from Biden's disastrous 60 Minutes interview. [87]

Statement of Russian Foreign Ministry on U.S. hostile actions in Ukraine. [88]

Statement by Russian UN Ambassador to the Security Council meeting on Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflicts. [89]

13 civilians, including 2 children, killed in Ukraine/NATO shelling of Donetsk city. [90] DNR and LPR asked to be incorporated into the Russian Federation after massacre of civilians. [91]

While the MSM has been preoccupied with Queen Elizabeth's funeral, ongoing clashes between Muslims and Hindus in Leicester, England ignored. [92]

Ukraine's borders are "unnatural, it must cede territory back to Hungary, Romania, Poland, and Russia," says former Romanian cabinet minister; Zelensky advisor threatens to add him to kill list. [93]

NBC News compares DeSantis relocating migrants to Martha's Vineyard to dumping trash. [94] More buses of illegals arrive on Border Czar Kamala's D.C. doorstep. [95]

Trump accuses Biden of waging unprecedented 'political repression' that will backfire in election. [96]

DOJ whistleblowers: Facebook spies on conservatives' private messages and reports to the FBI for 'domestic terrorism', including questioning the integrity of the 2020 presidential election. [97] Justice Department was dangerous before Trump. It's out of control now. [98]

Rethinking Climate Change: Are the Apocalyptic Models Wrong?[99]

Setback for Brit atheists: timing of Queen Elizabeth's procession was based on the Crucifixion. [100]

Paris protesters demand Macron resign and France withdraw from NATO. [101][102]

Reuters: Putin proposes reopening Nordstream 2 pipeline to alleviate European energy crisis. [103]

Report: Martha's Vineyard starts GoFundMe for immigrants and pockets the cash. [104]

Ukrainian government takes credit for carrying out terror and assassination attacks. [105]Translation. Ukrainian Nazi hunt for 'traitors' is on. [106][107]

Conservative Fifth Circuit ends liberal censorship by Big Tech! [108]

Democrats call out National Guard, deport illegal aliens to Florida. [109]

EU plotting coup against Victor Orban and Hungarian democracy. [110]

Ukraine shelling civilians with U.S.-built HIMARs, [111] continues campaign of assassination and terrorism. [112] Tass: Zelensky plotting Bucha-style false flag in Izium. [113][114][115]

The economic annihilation of Europe is now inescapable with Gonzalo Lira. [116]

The historian Niall Ferguson has a warning for investors: The USA could face worse stagflation than in the 1970s.[117] The USA needs to stop the inflationary military spending on the war in Ukraine.

Ferguson, who is an atheist himself, admits that atheist-controlled mainland China's population is projected to drop by 50-75% by the end of the century.[118] China has the largest atheist population in the world. Most atheists in the world are East Asians. See: Asian atheism and China and atheism and Acceleration of 21st century desecularization

Breaking: Judge approves independent review of Biden DOJ corrupt activities. [119]

Read our new essay: Predictions on the Future of Christianity/religion in the USA: Eric Kaufmann vs. Pew Research

Nearly 2 million students have left public schools since 2020.[120] This is very bad news for militant atheists and militant evolutionists. See: Atheist indoctrination and Evolutionary indoctrination

Is sports gambling behind the implausible, 1-in-2,500 unlikely chess wins by a relatively low-ranked 19-year-old player against the great Magnus Carlsen? See chess cheating scandal in its defense of the Norwegian Magnus.
Women looking and dressed like casino workers oddly showed up against Magnus: [121]

Dems panic-stricken as the first rail strike in 30 years looms and Amtrak cancels all long distance routes. [122] Prices for groceries could skyrocket.

Mike Lindell speaks out on Biden FBI lawlessness. [123]

Breaking: Gov. Ron DeSantis drops two planeloads of illegal migrants in Martha's Vineyard. [124]

Magdalena Andersson: Swedish Prime Minister resigns as right-wing parties win vote.[125] Without a referendum or any input from citizens, Andersson attempted to end Sweden's more than 70 years of neutrality and join NATO.

If it can happen in Sweden today, surely it can happen in France and New Zealand down the pike.

Russia: Germany has crossed a red line. [126] Arming Ukraine undermines decades of reconciliation since World War II 'considering the moral and historic responsibility that Germany has before our people for the Nazi crimes.'

Biden inflation hits 8.3%, highest in 43 years. Food up 13.5%, electricity 15.8%, gas 25.6%, milk 17%, eggs 39.8%, baby food 12.6%, heating oil 68.8%. Real Average Hourly Earnings -2.8%. [127] Stocks crash on Biden inflation news. [128] Worst day for stocks since the coronavirus pandemic. [129]

Breaking: Prime source for fake Trump-Russia smears was a paid FBI informant. [130] Biden DOJ-NSD terrified an independent third party might see Mar-a-Lago raid documents. [131]

NATO mercenaries reportedly shooting civilians in Ukrainian-occupied Kharkiv. [132]

An Associated Press recent quote of Joe Biden: “If we lose the House and we lose the Senate it’s going to be a really difficult two years. I’ll be spending more time with the veto pen than getting anything done.”[133]

It looks like Joe Biden has moved from the angry red stage of grief exhibited in his recent divisive speech in Philadelphia, to acceptance of defeat.

Blinken conveys message from Biden to Zelensky to begin negotiations with Russia. [134]

13-year-old Russian girl from Lugansk added to Ukrainian kill list for publicly asking the United Nations for help for the children of Donbas. [135]

A decade after the Reason Rally, whatever happened to America's atheist revolution and the atheist movement?[136] See also: Decline of the atheist movement

Apathy and division prevent American atheists from being a political force. See: Atheism and inspiration and Atheist factions

Sweden is the proverbial canary in the coalmine - and it may be about to keel over. Political EARTHQUAKE as Sweden turns to the nationalist, populist right.[137] Trends erupting in Sweden have often moved south and influenced the rest of the continent.[138]

Deep State continues its retaliation: DOJ seizes more cell phones of Trump supporters! [139]

Racist Chicago Democrat mayor Lori Lightfoot deporting illegal migrants. [140]

Sweden turns conservative in its election, shocking the liberal media.

University of Chicago's prominent international relations scholar John J. Meirsheimer publishes an article in Foreign Affairs magazine entitled Playing With Fire in Ukraine The Underappreciated Risks of Catastrophic Escalation.[141]

Biden regime recommends U.S. troops go on food stamps to fight inflation. [142]

Breaking: Steve Bannon says Biden FBI executes 35 raids against MAGA supporters.[143]

DC racist mayor Muriel Bowser declares public emergency because of flood of illegal migrants pouring into Washington. [144]

Welcome to California: Mother of two beheaded on public street. [145] Gun control didn't stop this senseless killing.

Democrat official arrested in murder of journalist who exposed the truth about him. [146]

Biden DOJ-NSD refuses to abide by court ruling regarding Mar-a-Lago raid documents. [147] Biden DOJ places itself above the law.

Chile Votes to Reject Proposed Far-Left Constitution.[148]

Europe is becoming less economically relevant as time goes on.[149] And liberal-leaning CNBC has bad news for the Europeans and the Ukrainians who are depending on the Europeans: The energy situation in Europe could be a multi-winter crisis.
The European energy crisis is going to accelerate the trend of European decline. Global warming alarmism, a heavy regulatory environment and baiting the Russian bear[150] have a price and Europe is paying the piper.

Europe's collective suicide explained. [151]

Breaking: Queen Elizabeth II Dies at 96.

The impact of Christian purity culture is still being felt – including in Britain.[152]

European steel plants shut down, can't afford electricity. You can't fight a war without steel, but NATO keeps depleting its weapons stocks. [153]

German media: U.S. is deliberately collapsing the German economy to destroy a competitor. [154] Germany’s energy suicide: an autopsy. [155]

If the Mar-a-Lago raid documents were so vital to national security, why was the Gang of Eight never briefed? [156]

Elon Musk: 'It won't make sense to buy Twitter if we're heading into World War 3'. [157]

"John Fetterman Struggles Incoherently in Speech Again," as liberals push another Biden-type politician, for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania. [158]

Liz Truss vs Graham Phillips and the Donbass Truth! [159]

UK warmonger Liz Truss to succeed BoJo as PM. [160] Truss encouraged British citizens to violate international law and become mercenaries in Ukraine, and did nothing to help them when captured and sentenced to death as war criminals.

Massive protests in Czechia and Germany. [161] The people of Europe are finally rebelling against EU and NATO insanity.

Atheism and obesity in the spotlight! Atheism-loving Hollywood gives an actor a 6-minute standing ovation for playing a maladjusted 600-pound man in the new movie, The Whale. [162] How about the Bible to overcome addiction?

Voter fraud cases continue to occur, putting fair and free elections in jeopardy. [163]

India pushes UK out of world’s top five economies again.[164]

When England embraced Darwinism/evolutionism, it accelerated the decline of the UK. Switzerland, which has a high percentage of creationists compared to other European countries[165], is experiencing a quick and robust economic recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Euro drops to 20-year low, less than 99 cents per dollar, after Russian sanctions cut off its natural gas supplies to Europe. [166] Russia shut off the pipeline cause Europe refuses to pay for the gas.

100,000 March in Serbia for the Traditional Family! Censored by European Media.[167]

The American Conservative reports German Foreign Minister: ‘Let My People Freeze’. [168]

Liberal claptrap worsens to a new low: Leftists give Obama an Emmy for narrating "Our Great National Parks" on Netflix. [169]

Ten dead, 15 wounded in Canadian mass stabbing spree. [170]

Chinese citizens are trying to escape the country.[171]

Could Chinese confidence in the Chinese Communist Party collapse?[172][173][174]

Once the Chinese Communist Party collapses, state atheism will die in China and the explosive growth of Christianity in China will further accelerate. When the Soviet Union collapsed, atheism collapsed in the region and the percentage of atheists in the world saw a big drop. See also: Acceleration of 21st century desecularization

Trump and Biden hold rival rallies in the same Pennsylvania town Saturday: "TRUMP FILLS ARENA WITH OVERFLOW CROWD, Biden Can’t Even Fill High School Gym." [175]

Zerohedge: Biden's hateful rhetoric against Americans presents GOP with a sterling opportunity. [176]

Could Ukraine go bankrupt and lose the war?[177]

Europe is heading for a recession.[178] The United States is currently in a recession.[179] Nouriel Roubini, who predicted the 2008 U.S. recession says: "The recession is going to be long, protracted, severe, and associated with financial distress across the board."[180]

Time is not on the Ukrainians and its allies side. How long will the West support the corrupt and authoritarian Ukrainians?

Sweden's inflation is at a 30-year high.[181] Sweden has been shutting down nuclear reactors in recent years and is now facing rising fuel costs.[182]

Admidst rising energy prices and inflation the media is now muting Swedish global warming alarmist Greta Thunberg. Bring back Greta Thunberg![183]

Sweden playground shooting provides violent backdrop to elections.[184] Right-wing Sweden Democrats are surging ahead of the elections.[185]

Earlier this year, Sweden's Prime Minister admitted that migrant integration has failed and created parallel societies and gang violence.[186] Sweden accepted the most Muslim migrants per capita in the EU during the 2015 European migrant crisis.

Putin and Zelensky had a peace deal at the end of March; Boris Johnson nixed it. Nearly 40,000 Ukrainian troops have been killed since, for no discernible purpose. [187]

2022 may be remembered as the year when living standards in the US truly pulled away from those in Western Europe.[188]

If only Western European evolutionists understood science, technology and the social science of economics when it came to their energy policies. The Trump Administration, which had the anti-evolutionism Secretary of Education Betsy Devos, achieved energy independence during their administration.

Putin has pulled off a shock win that could meltdown Western European economies.[189]

Is senile Joe capable of kissing his wife anymore? After his speech tonight that appeared like a rant to himself, his moment with "Dr." Jill is described as "terribly awkward." [190]

Biden threatens 2nd Amendment supporters with F-15s. [191][192]

Breaking: Ukrainians attempt to seize Zaporozhye nuclear power plant as IAEA inspectors arrive. [193][194] 372 UK freshly trained Ukrainian special forces reportedly killed in the attack on the power plant. [195] The Russians had been tracking the special forces saboteurs since their arrival in Poland from their training in the UK.

Italian media reports Zelensky renting his Italian villa to a Russian couple for $50,000 a month. [196]

Europe buying Russian natural gas from China at a huge mark up, proving the United States is not the only country in the world run by idiots. [197]

Despite Joe Biden promising to shut down the coronavirus pandemic, hundreds are still dying of Covid-19 every day in the United States.

Chief prosecutor Merrick Garland threatens whistleblowers exposing Biden Department of Justice corruption. [198]

Biden DOJ did not disclose President Trump's declassification order to the judge. [199] FBI tried to frame the President on bogus allegations.

FBI using Russiagate tactics to cover up its own Russiagate crimes. [200]

Much ballyhooed August Ukrainian counteroffensive underway; [201] Day 1 bodycount: Ukraine 560, Russia 41. [202] Col. Doug MacGregor: Ukraine's best troops are gone, destroyed & wounded. [203] Update: Ukraine lost 1,200 killed in first two days of the Zelensky Offensive and 139 tanks - the worst defeat in the Ukrainian Army's history 8 years to the day of their last worst defeat when Ukraine began its war against its own civilians. [204] Day 3: 1,700 Ukrainian soldiers killed since the Zelensky Offensive started.

Russia burning off its overstocked natural gas that the EU refuses to buy. [205]

Seismic shift in 'vaccine' narrative is happening to sell Pandemic Treaty 2.0 in December. [206]

Lab leak theory and what we know about the coronavirus cover up. [207]

OAN's Chanel Rion lays out how Trump can take down everyone involved in Mar-a-Lago raid. [208] Lindsey Graham warns of riots in the streets if Trump gets prosecuted. [209]

Europe's economic and social suicide - provoked by the U.S. and helped along by EU leaders. [210] Europe wages economic war on itself. [211] Andrei Martynov: Assisted suicide of Europe. [212]

Dreizin Report: The Famine Year Approaches. [213]

Defund Davos Act would deny globalist gluttons taxpayer funds. [214]

Breaking: corrupt FBI agent who inititated Mar-a-Lago raid investigation escorted out of FBI building. [215] That doesn't mean the investigation will end, the corrupt agent ever prosecuted, or the documents ever returned and we can see them.

Ground beneath Zelensky’s feet is shifting. Zelensky’s teflon coating is peeling off. His drug addiction is out in public view. The regime is shaky, as the wave of purges in the Ukrainian security establishment shows. [216]

CNN: How Ukraine is using 'resistance warfare' developed by the US to carry on murder, assassination, terrorism, and sabotage. [217] CNN admits Ukraine lost militarily and now will carry on a US-funded guerilla insurgency for years targeting civilians.

Kyiv regime files formal protest with the Vatican when Pope Francis said Darya Dugina was innocent. The protest is a virtual admission that the Kyiv regime carried out the terrorist attack that murdered the 29 year old academic.

U.S. warships in the Taiwan Strait. [218]

Six months into the war in Ukraine and the British public is showing signs of Ukraine fatigue.[219]

Professor Michael Clarke, a fellow at the leading defense thinktank Royal United Services Institute, predicts there will be an on and off again conflict between Russia and Ukraine lasting generations.

Nigel Farage mocks green energy and big government-loving Emmanuel Macron who declared an end to a time of abundance and good life in France due to the energy crisis in France.[220] Farage says that the green energy loving UK government has a failed energy policy too.

Helen of desTroy: When You Read Alone, You Read With Hitler. [221]

Much heralded August counteroffensive comes and goes with only a shift to global terrorism strategy. [222]

Judge signals he may appoint Special Master to review stolen attorney-client materials in FBI breakin. [223]

Trump raid affidavit out. [224] Deja vu all over again. Phoney investigation relies on fake news media reports. [225]

Mar-a-Lago affidavit reads as if DOJ was covering up DOJ's own Russiagate crimes. [226]

Conservative Treehouse: "We know now, with direct information from both media and the shape of the DOJ/FBI statements, that the documents held by President Trump show malfeasance and targeting by the DOJ and FBI surrounding the false accusations of a Trump-Russia collusion case." [227]

FBI colluded with Facebook to interfere in the 2020 Presidential election. [228] Zuckerberg: FBI pressured Facebook to censor Laptop from Hell story. [229][230]

Facebook censors GOP over $300,000,000,000 theft from working people to rich students in Biden student loan giveaway vote-buying scheme. [231]

Breaking: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene home SWATTED at 3 AM for the second time in two days. [232]

China has very big economic problems, but a China financial collapse scenario is unlikely. Japan-like stagnation is the more likely scenario.[233]

Forbes magazine: UK & German inflation worse than Mexico; Europe is the third world of Western economies. [234]

Dr. Darya Dugina marked as "eliminated" on CIA-backed Ukrainian kill list. [235] Dugina was assassinated in a Moscow car bombing last week, marking a significant escalation of terrorism against civilians outside Ukrainian borders. [236]

Business school analysis sharply criticizes Biden's loan forgiveness, estimates it adds $900B to national debt for the benefit of the wealthy. [237]

High cost of liberal claptrap and Worst College Majors: Biden orders those who worked through college to pay the debts of those who didn't. [238]

In the race to replace UK globalist warmonger Boris Johnson prime minister, Liz Truss says she's ready to start nuclear war with Russia. [239]

Biden recession update: 20 million, 1-in-6, households behind in electric utility payments, facing shutoff.[1]

Breaking: Senior FBI officials ordered local FBI to kill Laptop from Hell investigation; [240] Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene SWATTED at 1 AM. [241]

California Leftists' push for inefficient electric cars causes Ford Motor Company to cut 3,000 jobs, as the Left Coast continues to rob the Midwest. [242]

RT: First report from inside the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant under Ukrainian artillery fire. [243]

Murder of Darya Dugina discussed at UN Security Council emergency meeting; [244] Yahoo News: Ukrainian Ambassador says 'We are trying to kill as many Russians as possible'. [245]

After the murder of Darya Dugina in Moscow by the Security Service of Ukraine, the Russian parliament is debating to declare Ukraine a terrorist state. Ukraine is on lockdown in advance of its Independence Day, August 24. If passed, any state supplying weapons to Ukraine will be deemed by Russian law as supporting terrorism, subject to sanctions and embargoes.

Due to the pandemic and its subreplacement level of births, the population of Europe has dropped in the last few years.[246]

Most of the world's atheists live in East Asia and Europe. See: Global atheism

Question: How fast will desecularization accelerate in the 21st century? See: Acceleration of 21st century desecularization.

Amidst its economic woes, atheist-controlled mainland China's fertility rate sees a big decline and plunges to an all-time low which has catastrophic implications for its economic growth.[247] See: China and atheism and Asian atheism

China's property market is in a free fall and its currency slides to a 2-year low as the dollar soars in value.[248][249]

Conservapedia is proven right again. See: Acceleration of 21st century desecularization.

The desecularization of the world is happening faster and faster!

Breaking: White House worked directly with DOJ and National Archives to instigate criminal probe into Trump. [250] Worse than Watergate. Nixon tried and failed to use the FBI against his enemies. Biden succeeded.

Judge formally rejects Biden DOJ's plea to keep Mar-a-Lago raid affidavit secret. [251] Trump files motion for special master to review documents. [252]

Gang of 8 asks FBI to see Mar-a-Lago raid documents. [253] But why? Comey never informed the Gang of 8 of the Trump-Russia investigation and went unprosecuted. There is no Congressional oversight of the FBI. [254]

Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters added to Security Service of Ukraine assassination list. [255] Kyiv regime switches to terrorist strategy. [256]

Dr. Death out.

Zelensky warns of 'nastier' phase of war as Russia says Darya Dugina car bombing in Moscow was a 'contract killing'. [257] Garland Nixon: Darya Dugina's assassination is Nazi terrorism opening act in Europe. [258]

National Interest: No matter who wins in Ukraine, America has already lost. [259]

Now that the price of gas/oil is up in the United States and Europe, nearly noone wants to book Greta Thunberg for events or give her publicity.[260] Is Greta Thurnberg going to keep Europeans from freezing this winter if they can't pay their energy bills? Is she going to keep Europeans' lights on? If not, how dare she!

Fake news update: German media reports that rising food prices and gas shortages are "Russian disinformation" to split society. German intelligence gaslighting: Rising prices aren't real. It's just your imagination and Russian disinformation. [261]

See also Previous Conservapedia Breaking News.