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Atheism related articles

In the News. what the MSM isn't fully covering.

YouTube admitted that it meddled with search results for “abortion.”[1]

A California news website asserts that Ruth Bader Ginsburg has pneumonia and predicts she will retire this month. [2] The same website was the first to report on her cancer.

Customers boycott Gillette in outrage over its ad about 'toxic masculinity'.[3]

Why Gillette's New Ad Campaign Is Toxic.[4]

Gillette has come under increasing competition from low priced competitors and its market share has dropped from 70% to 50% over the past decade.

Conservapedia proven right, again: NBC boss who hired the feminist, anti-Trumper Megyn Kelly admits it was a mistake, and says it was the wrong time slot for her. [5] How about 3am when no viewers could be lost?

Further implications: medical jihad, as a medical resident (since fired) at the Cleveland Clinic actually vows to give the wrong medications to Jewish patients. [6]

Bryanna Fox, an assistant professor of criminology at the University of South Florida, has co-authored a study that links psychopathy with homicides.[7]

Also, Conservapedia recently created the article Atheism, psychopathy and animal abuse.

More and more evidence is stacking up tying atheistic ideology to animal cruelty. See also: Atheism and animal abuse

Dysfunctional government spreads to Britain, which prides itself in civilized governance: "Biggest Government Defeat In History" as its Parliament just voted 432-202 against its Prime Minister's Brexit bill. [8]

Donald Trump could have Mexico pay indirectly for a border wall in two ways. A tax on remittances, and limiting public assistance to citizens only, would raise and save far more than the wall would cost. [9]

Top animal rights charity accused of secretly killing dogs to increase flow of donations. Despite ‘no kill’ policy, organisation’s leader claims some exterminations were ‘inevitable’ due to a surge in requests for rescues.[10]

Also, Conservapedia updated its Atheists and dog meat eating article with material about the brutal dog slaughtering practices occurring in atheistic countries.

Why aren't the leading atheist organizations strongly condemning the brutal dog meat trade occurring in countries with state atheism?

These Silicon Valley cats are so extra, they have their own $1,500 a month apartment.[11]

Also, Conservapedia created Cat slaughtering practices in China and Cat meat trade in Vietnam articles. The brutal way cats are killed in the Chinese/Vietnamese meat industries is widely known.

Atheists, why are cats treated so much better in Christianized America than in China which has the largest atheist population in the world and practices state atheism?

Traitor to the pro-life movement outgoing Ohio Gov. John Kasich -- who betrayed the unborn by vetoing the Heartbeat Bill -- shows his true ambition: to be a commentator on the liberal media of CNN or MSNBC! [12] How pathetic is that???

California officials finally identify the killer-by-ambush of the young Davis female police officer, and he was a paranoid casino worker. Marijuana, pervasive in California now, is known to cause violent paranoia but no word on whether he was an addict.

If you care about America's national security, you should know "voting for Democrats imperils the nation." [13]

The USA has experienced the longest partial government shutdown in its history without incident.[14]

PRO-LIFE REVOLUTION: 79% of Abortion Clinics CLOSED DOWN since 1991.[15] See also: American culture war, demographics and expected tipping point after 2020

"Shutdown breaks record for longest in history." [16]

Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) refused to swear on a Bible, saying she does not believe in God. How, then, can she profess a love for the Constitution? Previous generations would never believe one could love one but not the Other. [17]

California authorities continue to withhold the identity of the killer who yesterday gunned down a young female police officer in Davis, and the liberal media quickly moved the heinous crime off the headlines. Why???

The actual science is clear: the Earth protects itself from any global warming that occurs. Furthermore, any such warming is due entirely to the activity of the Sun. [18]

If individual members of the Democratic Party do not break party discipline, they risk the security of the country. [19]

A day after we compared the goofy Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer presentation to the "American Gothic" (see below), Stephen Colbert compared them to the Addams family. [20] Colbert is welcome to borrow more ideas from us.

President Trump realizes quickly that Nancy Pelosi won't negotiate in good faith, and ends the pointless discussion. Meanwhile, liberal media lies about Trump's oval office speech are exposed. [21]

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer bizarrely stand side-by-side to deliver a rebuttal to President Trump's speech,
Grant Wood American Gothic.jpg
invoking the plight of farmers and others during the shutdown. [22]

"Ginsburg misses second day in a row at Supreme Court," and there is another oral argument scheduled for Wednesday. [23]

Politico reports: "Romney gets chilly reception from GOP senators after Trump attack." [24]

“American Psychological Association Warns Traditional Masculinity Is 'Harmful' and 'Oppressive'.” [25]

The journal Science reports: Dog breeds really do have distinct personalities—and they’re rooted in DNA.[26]

Question: If atheists truly believe that dogs have personalities, then why do so many atheists in the world eat dogs? See: Atheists and dog meat eating

The main Quaker charity, the American Friends Service Committee, has had an anti-Israel policy almost since its founding. Check their history. With "Friends" like these, who needs enemies? [27]

A review of the foreign policy of the Donald Trump administration. Begins with kudos for his decision to withdraw from Syria. [28]

France's President Emmanuel Macron reeling as tough stance against 'yellow vests' backfires.[29]

MACRON ON THE BRINK as His Top Adviser QUITS.[30]

Was Macron's attempted gas tax increase his Waterloo?

Liberal media admit: "Trump’s tweet storms to rally support for the government shutdown seem to be working." [31]

"30 Transgender Regretters Come out of the Closet." [32]

Presidential Election 2020 kicks off in Iowa with Leftist Elizabeth Warren on the defensive about releasing her DNA that showed a lack of significant Native American ancestry. [33]

HUNDREDS Turn Out to Support President Trump and Border Security at St. Louis, Missouri." [34]

Could the architects of the sanctuary city policies in California be liable for criminal prosecution? A close read of 8 USC section 1324 strongly suggests so. [35]

The privileged life of Alexandria "Sandy" Ocasio-Cortez.[36]

Atheism may be on the wane in Britain.[37] The Times just published a news story entitled Atheism is down as UK gets spiritual.[38]

Will Conservapedia be prove right again? See: British atheism

A new YouTube video offers a "conservative" (not!) "solution" to global warming. Meanwhile, the latest socialist to join the House of Representatives introduces a resolution to create a "Green New Deal" Committee. [39]

Liberals are furious that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and other Trump supporters attended the inauguration of Jair Bolsonaro as president of Brazil. [40] Bolsonaro was first runner-up to Conservative of the Year 2018.

A general recap of some of President Donald Trump's 2018 major accomplishments: The Triumph of Trump: Superhuman Accomplishments in 2018.[41]

For information on Donald Trump's accomplishments since becoming president, please see: Donald Trump achievements

Mormon Church officials continue taking cheap shots against President Donald Trump, first by Jeff Flake and now by Mitt Romney and Harry Reid. [42] Romney campaigned by falsely pretending he'd support Trump.

Could Robert Mueller have a purely financial motive for keeping his investigation of Donald Trump going indefinitely, as he seems to be doing? Follow the money... [43]

BBC Weather: Britain braced for Scandinavian DEEP FREEZE as temperatures nosedive to -5 Celsius (23 Fahrenheit).[44] Global warming?

Potholes increase by third to half a million in UK piling on motoring misery.[45]

Will the cold weather make Britain's pothole crisis even worse? See: United Kingdom's road repair crisis

British Darwinists pretend to have a better understanding of biology than American creation scientists, but the sad truth is that Britain is still trying to master the fundamentals of roadway planning and engineering.

The U.S Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, Is Restoring Order to America’s Schools.[46][47]

Will American classrooms ever become as orderly as Singaporean schools?[48]

Trump tells House Dems to not even bother with their Wall-less proposal to end the shutdown. [49] What a great conservative start to 2019 by Trump!

Happy New Year!!!!!

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