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Atheism vs. Christianity article resources

"I myself believe that the duel between Christianity and atheism is the most important in the world. I further believe that the struggle between individualism and collectivism is the same struggle reproduced on another level." - William F. Buckley, God and Man at Yale: The Superstitions of "Academic Freedom"

“There are no ordinary people. You have never talked to a mere mortal. Nations, cultures, arts, civilizations - these are mortal, and their life is to ours as the life of a gnat. But it is immortals whom we joke with, work with, marry, snub and exploit - immortal horrors or everlasting splendors." - C.S. Lewis, Christian apologist and ex-atheist

"Worldwide, the march of religion can probably only be reversed by a renewed, self-aware secularism. Today, it appears exhausted and lacking in confidence... Secularism's greatest triumphs owe less to science than to popular social movements like nationalism, socialism and 1960s anarchist-liberalism. Ironically, secularism's demographic deficit means that it will probably only succeed in the twenty-first century if it can create a secular form of 'religious' enthusiasm." - Eric Kaufmann

In the News. what the MSM isn't fully covering.

The United States Supreme Court strikes down Maine’s ban on using public funds at religious schools.[1]

'Victory for religious freedom': 7 reactions to Supreme Court ruling on Maine's tuition program.[2] See also: Atheist indoctrination and Religion and education

Massive win for the Second Amendment and the right to carry guns for self-defense, in a 6-3 U.S. Supreme Court ruling Thursday. [3]

Boris Johnson: Ukrainian refugees could be deported to Rwanda. [4]

UK Express: 80% of Brits in a survey of 22,000 want to emigrate from UK to Russia. [5]

Food shortages? Entire list of over 100 food processing plants wiped out by fire in the past two years; [6] the U.S. has only 8 weeks of diesel fuel supply remaining to transport the groceries to your local store shelves. [7]

Zelensky asked 55 African heads of state for a meeting, only 4 showed up. The rest support Putin. [8][9]

Global Growth of Christianity Outpaces Atheists, Charismatic Churches Lead the Way.[10]

According to the Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary 2022 Status of Global Christianity report, there are fewer atheists around the world today (147 million) than in 1970 (165 million) and starting in June 2022 the number of atheists in the world is expected to decline through 2050.[11] See: Global atheism statistics and Collapse of atheism in the former Soviet Union and Desecularization

First the atheist movement dies and now this! See: Decline of the atheist movement

Oh atheists, feel the sting! Game over! Atheist activism and militant atheism are lost causes.

On behalf of all Christendom, Conservapedia declares total victory!

RINOs fleshed out by conservative Texas GOP platform: Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) says the platform is not "inclusive" because it criticizes homosexuality. [12]

Aidin Aslin, the convicted UK mercenary facing the death penalty after joining the Nazis to fight Russia, turns to God. [13]

Another massive defeat for the homosexual agenda: Japan BANS Same Sex-Marriage.

First transexual swimmers are banned from international competitions by the world swimming body and now this!

Oh homosexual activists and supporters, feel the sting!

81 years ago today, June 22, 1941 Adolph Hitler started what Joseph Biden, Antony Blinken, and Lloyd Austin all say is the same objective for the War in Ukraine. [14]

Graham Fuller: "Western Europe will rue the day that it blindly followed the American Pied Piper to war against Russia. Indeed, this is not a Ukrainian-Russian war but an American-Russian war fought by proxy to the last Ukrainian." [15]

Anti-NATO protests erupt at NATO headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. [16] 80,000 take to the streets. "Gas not guns!" "Stop NATO!"

Germany fires up carbon polluting coal plants to compensate for the loss of sanctioned natural gas in order to re-charge the growing demand for electric cars which were supposed to reduce carbon emissions. [17][18]

Sticking it to Putin looks more like sticking it to your local treehugger.

Emmanuel Macron HUMILIATED as Populist Right Scores MASSIVE WINS in France.[19]

Brexit was a foreshadowing of Donald Trump being elected president in 2016. This glorious victory of the French right is a foreshadowing of Donald Trump winning the U.S. Presidency in 2024. And there will be a red wave in the 2022 U.S. midterm elections.

Macron Lost Grip on Parliament Amid Rising Gas Prices.[20]

The transexual Lia Thomas BANNED from Women’s Swimming.[21]

Oh homosexual agenda activists and supporters, feel the sting of this utterly crushing defeat!

NATO begins blockade of Kaliningrad to provoke further conflict. [22]

UK Army Commander tells troops to get ready for boots on the ground in Ukraine. [23]

Texas GOP platform embraces conversion therapy and "rebukes" RINOs pushing gun control. [24]

Wrecking Ukraine: The cost of Winning the War with Geopolitics Expert John Mearsheimer.[25]

Larry Summers predicted that Joe Biden's economic policies would lead to inflation. Summers now says that economic history points to a recession coming by the end of 2023 and that the Federal Reserve is 'behind the curve'.[26]

On average, America's post-WWII War economic recessions have lasted 10 months.[27] In 2023/2024, the Democrats could be running a presidential campaign while the U.S. economy is in an economic recession. Trumpslide 2024!

Another setback to libertine, secular, feminist, Hollywood values that glorify entertainment celebrities: The bisexual, atheist Amber Heard is seen shopping at TJ Maxx subsequent to losing her defamation case that Johnny Depp lodged against her.[28]

Get woke, go broke! Will Heard and her lesbian girlfiend be shopping at Walmart next? Recently, an atheism-leaning, pro-feminism website, which is pro-Amber Heard, was experiencing financial problems.[29]

Another setback for the homosexual agenda: "Disney’s Big, Gay ‘Lightyear’ Is the Latest Woke Box Office Flop." [30]

Breaking: Russian Ministry of Defense claims to have wiped out Ukrainian General Staff.[31] [32] Is it almost over?

WaPo: Biden regime willing to risk global recession and mass hunger to prevent Russia from winning Ukraine war. [33]

Great new video: The causes and consequences of the Ukraine war by Professor John J. Mearsheimer.[34] Mearsheimer is a prominent American political scientist and international relations scholar, who belongs to the realist school of thought. Mearsheimer's past commentary on Russia and Ukraine has been prescient.

Fox News, which has been very pro-Ukraine, just published a video entitled: "Ukraine is losing this war ‘slowly, bitterly, grindingly’: McFarland".[35] K.T. McFarland was Trump's Deputy National Security Advisor. She is a board member of the American Conservative Union.

McFarland points out that world oil and gas prices are high so Russia can fund this war for a very long time and that time is not on the Ukrainian's side. McFarland says that the sooner this war is over, the better it will be for Ukraine.

Joe Biden's disapproval hits a new high as more and more Americans say they would vote for Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential election.[36] Given McFarland's commentary, Ukraine shouldn't count on a future Trump administration pouring a ton of money into the Ukraine vs. Russia crisis that Biden will probably further mishandle.

World War 3 for dummies. [37]

Shelling of Donetsk continues. Ukraine and its NATO advisors are trying to alleviate pressure on encircled armies in the Donbas by carrying out egregious war crimes against men, women, and children in the hopes Russia will divert troops to defend the civilians of Donetsk. [38][39][40] Ukraine is using the M777 Howitzers with 155mm shells supplied by the United States on the civilians of Donetsk. See for yourself

400 shells fell yesterday. [41] 'NATO officials will see their day in court.' [42]

Saudi Arabia celebrates Pride Month by cracking down on LGBT merchandise. [43] No wonder they refuse to take Biden's calls to beg for more oil. [44] Saudi authorities say Western Pride merch corrupts children and violates religious faith.

In preparation of Biden's visit, Saudi Arabia has beheaded 81 homosexuals.

Joe Biden Says a Recession's Not Inevitable. Most Americans Say It's Already Here.[45]

Breaking: 7 members of Stephen Colbert's staff arrested for breaking into the U.S. Capitol building. [46] See also: 2022 Leftwing capital insurrection.

The Diary from Hell: FBI coverup of Joe Biden's "inappropriate" showers with his young daughter revisited. Tucker calls on Biden to Resign. [47]

NBC terminates its donation of free airtime to the Democrats' Midterm election efforts with coverage of J6 hearings to show golf. [48]

Joe Biden sees exodus of Black staffers and some frustration among those who remain.[49] Black staffers describe a work environment with little support from their superiors and fewer chances for promotion.

Is Joe Biden a closet racist?

"I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that's a storybook, man." - Joe Biden describing fellow candidate Barack Obama.

Putin: globalists lost. [50] Zelensky outlaws two more opposition parties. [51]

Eva K Bartlett: Ukraine bombed Donetsk, including a maternity hospital, then claimed Russia did it. [52] Eyewitnesses: Mariupol Drama Theater was a bomb planted within. [53]

The White House is pressed on Joe Biden’s false claim that inflation is higher ‘everywhere’ else.[54]

Biden kicks the dog, tries to blame U.S. oil companies for the sanctions he put on Russia cutting off oil. [55]

Steve Bannon predicts the GOP will SHATTER the Democrats in the 2022 midterms and rule for the next 100 years.[56] He predicts it will be the greatest political realignment in the United States since 1932. Bannon also predicts that Joe Biden's approval rating will drop below 30 percent by the time he leaves office which will prevent Biden from running in 2024. [57]

Even left-leaning CNN indicates: "It's not just Latinos and younger voters. Democrats are slipping among Black voters too."[58]

Woke disaster: A massive majority of Americans reject transexual athletes in women's sports.[59]

Do supporters of the homosexual agenda really think they can battle the ladies and win in the end? The only day more popular than Mother's Day is Christmas!

Eric Kaufmann discusses data showing higher social media usage being associated with higher rates of identifying as a homosexual/transexual.[60]

Setback for the homosexual agenda: Now that conservative voices are freer to voice their anti-homosexual agenda facts and opinions at Twitter (post Elon Musk's upcoming purchase of Twitter), the link between social media usage and homosexuality/transexuality should be less.

Fly your straight pride flags at Twitter and help make social media usage be associated with a higher rate of heterosexuality!

Remember, without a history of heterosexuality and social conservatism in the world, there would be no human race. Liberal/secular leaning countries with libertine values have below replacement levels of fertility (see: Atheism and fertility rates).

Biden tries unsuccessfully to ban conversion therapy by an executive order, misusing the FTC to advance the homosexual agenda. [61]

Ukraine's new draft law for more canon fodder for the frontline amounts to kidnapping people off the street. [62][63]

Biden regime Pentagon uses Nazi tank to celebrate 247th anniversary of the Army National Guard. [64]

GOP wins Dem "stronghold" congressional seat! [65] First Mexican born woman elected to Congress is a Republican.

Entrenched incumbent Rep. Tom Rice defeated in his own South Carolina GOP primary after voting to impeach Trump, in a massive win for Donald on his birthday. [66]

Journalist Patrick Lancaster comes under artillery shelling from Ukrainian forces while investigating Ukrainian artillery shelling of civilians. [67]

How the Transgender Community Uses Cult-like Tactics and Unmitigated Fear to Seduce and Destroy.[68]

At least 23 pro-life organizations have reportedly been vandalized or firebombed in recent weeks.[69]

Ukrainian Gestapo murders 32 of their countrymen attempting to surrender to the Russians. [70]

Ukraine armed forces shelling of civilian areas of Donetsk continues. [71] Reports indicate the heaviest shelling in the 8 years of war with the Kyiv regime. [72] Western supply of artillery to Ukraine is being used against civilians, not the Russian army. [73]

On May 26, 2022, the Cook Report, a highly accurate nonpartisan handicapping service, recategorized 10 House race ratings to favor Republicans and adjusted its predictions for GOP gains in November upward to between 20 and 35 seats. A red wave washing away even incumbents previously considered safe now seems realistic.[74]

Show Trial Mistrial: January 6 Chair Says No Criminal Referral of Donald Trump, After All.[75] The January 6 Primetime Hearing Was an Embarrassing Flop that Few People Watched.[76]

Daily Beast: Judgment Day is coming for Zelensky. [77] He may be Jewish, but Ukrainian Nazis control his presidential security detail and that of his family, and have done so since before Zelensky was elected. It was the Obama State Department that installed anti-Russian Ukrainian Nazis in charge of the Ukrainian Ministry of Interior and Defense after the anti-democratic Maidan coup.

Was J6 a Ukrainian intelligence op to destroy Donald Trump? [78]

Classy Sarah Palin wins Alaska election: she advances as front-runner to fill its House seat. [79]

Bill in the Russian State Duma proposes criminalizing LGBT propaganda. [80]

Biden throws Zelensky under the bus. [81]

Ukrainian forces are lacking essential equipment and they are badly being outgunned by the Russians in terms of artillery fire.[82]

Three months into war morale on Ukraine's frontline begins to wane.[83]

Do all Ukrainians have swastika tattoos? [84]

Is there anything more dangerous than relying on Joe Biden and the aging Europeans for military supplies? Joe Biden can't even supply the USA with baby formula and a plentiful supply of gas and oil.

BBC: Ukraine losing 200 soldiers daily. [85]

WaPo: "1,000 Ukrainians are being taken out of the fight every day, including those who are injured," not to mention courageous deserters. [86]

Have we been sold a bill of goods about Russia and Ukraine by Washington & the media, again?

United States: Pentagon admits to having 46 biolabs in Ukraine. [87] Ukraine does not have disclosure laws for biological testing that the West has.

Washington begins blame game over defeat in Ukraine. [88]

Joe Biden created a runaway inflation train. Will the Federal Reserve derail this train with aggressive interest rate hikes that will cause an economic recession?

The Dow Jones Industrial Average falls 800 points due to new inflation data. [89]

Joe Biden created an inflation runaway train with his big stimulus checks which kept many workers home and caused a wage rate/inflation rate spiral. It's a runaway inflationary train that big spending Democrats will not stop.

Will the Federal Reserves aggressive interest rate hiking campaign designed to derail Biden's runaway inflationary train lead to an economic recession?[90]

Democrats, kiss the 2022 midterms goodbye! Trumpslide 2024! See: Red wave

More setbacks for the homosexual agenda: The Russian legislature proposes a 10 million ruble fine for all those engaged in dissemination of homosexual propaganda. Eastern Europe is moving towards anti-homosexual agenda views as well.[91]

Recently, China cracked down on "sissy" and "effeminate" men.[92] And Europe has received a large amount of of pentecostal/evangelical/Muslim immigrants with anti-homosexuality views whose families have more children than native populations. See: European desecularization in the 21st century and Atheism and fertility rates and Religious immigrants to Europe resistant to secularization

What we are witnessing is a global resurgence of machismo in the world. Olé! Olé! Olé!

Breaking: J6 committee violated House rules. [93]

Politico admits that "Dems know the Jan. 6 hearings won't help in November" [94], but the ugly House committee-members seek attention anyway.

On a mere J6 rally misdemeanor charge, liberal headlines tout FBI arrest of Michigan GOP candidate for governor. [95] He wore sunglasses at the rally - oh my gosh!!

Only a week ago the Sussmann trial revealed the extent of FBI meddling in elections. [96]

GOP vs. Democrats.jpg

The Daily Beast: These election results should have Democrats scared out of their wits right now.[97] California’s primary and recall elections show that progressives are increasingly out of step with the American public on things like crime and support for Israel.

The GOP law and order elephant is going to stomp the Democrat donkey in the 2022 midterm elections. See: Red wave

“If national Democrats don’t wake up to what happened to progressives …this cycle prepare yourselves for permanent minority status." - Jim Kessler, a long-time Democratic operative now at the Third Way think tank, tweeted after the California primaries, source: Lessons for Biden from the Democrats’ blowout in California

Oh progressives and leftists, feel the sting!

US general surprised: “200,000 Ukrainian soldiers disappeared” [98]

Did Schumer incite violence? [99] Armed assassin arrested outside Brett Kavanaugh's house. [100]

RECALLED by 20-point landslide! Leftist District Attorney too liberal even for San Francisco values. [101]

Western media U-turn on Ukraine as reality sets in. [102]

Setback for both Anti-Trumpers and LGBTQ: top golfers leave liberal-controlled PGA for rival LIV golf series. [103]
Trump rebuked the PGA in May after Leftists got the PGA to cancel a tournament at Trump's golf course. [104]

Politico: Washington will not support any agreement on the supply of grain if it involves easing sanctions against Russia. [105] Let them eat cake.

John Mark Dougan added to Zelensky's kill list. [106]

The liberal leaning Washington Post: The GOP midterm red wave is set — and Democrats can’t do anything about it.[107]

Oh Democrats, feel the sting!

Another reason to Unplug the NFL: transgender cheerleader chosen. [108]

Dinesh D’Souza's documentary 2000 Mules rocks the world as top grossing documentary of the 2022.[109]

The documentary indicates that Donald Trump won the election due to Democrat voter fraud via illegal ballot stuffing in drop boxes during the coronavirus pandemic.[110]

Convincing: 77% believe 2000 Mules, and 20 million have seen it so far.[111]

Wall Street Journal: Why Latino Voters’ Political Shifts Could Decide 2022’s Key Races The shift of Latinos from the Democrat party to the Republican party is one of the most important things happening in American politics recently.

Joe Biden's approval rate among Hispanics is now 26%.[112]

Why the Latino vote is a growing problem for Democrats.[113] In February of 2022, it was reported that the Republican Party has made massive gains among Hispanic voters since the 2020 presidential election, cutting the Democratic advantage by nearly 20 percent.[114]

Poll: In the USA, Young Men Of Both Political Parties Think Feminism Does More Harm Than Good.[115]

Another glorious victory for Christendom! And crushing defeat for liberal, secular values!

In secular societies, women desperately trying to achieve what they see as equality, no longer bear enough children to maintain the population. As the historian Martin van Crevold points out in his book Equality: The Impossible Quest, if demographics count for something, the future of patriarchy appears assured (See: Growth of religious fundamentalism). American liberals, there is no denying that religious Hispanic culture, which is full of machismo, is growing in the USA.

“But I want you to realize that the head of every man is Christ, and the head of the woman is man, and the head of Christ is God.” - The Apostle Paul, 1 Corinthians 11:3

"For Adam was formed first, then Eve; and Adam was not deceived, but the woman was deceived and became a transgressor." - The Apostle Paul, 1 Timothy 2: 13-14

Out of touch much? Joe Biden: "Since I took office, families are carrying less debt, their average savings are up…more Americans feel financially comfortable." [116] Biden doesn't feel the pain at the pump cause he shares a debit card with Hunter Biden.

Conservapedia has discovered that Amber Heard is an atheist.[117] No wonder why she lied so much during the Johnny Heard vs. Amber Heard defamation case![118][119] See: Atheism and deception

Johnny Depps lawyer, Camille Vasquez, is a Christian and she really did a great job of exposing the many lies of the bisexual atheist Amber Heard![120] "Amber Heard wants you to believe her lies." - Camille Vasquez[121]

Amber Heard lied when she claimed she kept her promise of donating a certain amount to charity.[122] "So as of today, you have not donated—paid—$7 million of your divorce settlement to charity, right?"- Camille Vasquez.[123] See: Atheism and uncharitableness

Johnny Depp is an atheist also. CBS News reports: Jury in Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial found "they both lied," legal expert says

Atheists, repent and stop lying or God will put an apple in your lying mouths and cook you in a sulfur stew! See also: Atheism and Hell

2022 Midterm update: Homeland Security admits Dominion Voting Systems have inherent vulnerabilities easily manipulated by local election officials. [124]

Give it up, RINOs:Trump-endorsed Dr. Oz prevails in Pennsylvania as his hedge-fund, China-linked opponent concedes defeat. [125] The recount was pointing to Oz as the winner.

Landslide defeat of the Liberal Party of Canada (Justin Trudeau's party) and the socialist New Democratic Party in the Ontario elections, as conservatives gain 16 more seats to win the majority in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. [126]

Another setback for the feminist agenda: Women in Japan will only be able to get abortion pills with their partner's permission

First a draft opinion overturning Roe vs. Wade is leaked and now this! Feminists, you might as well face reality. James Brown, the Godfather of Soul, was right. It's a man's man's world.

US Cyber Command admits to aggressive action toward Russia in Ukraine War. [127]

Setback for the homosexual agenda: Florida State Health Agency Issues Report Challenging Science of Transgenderism. [128]

First there was widespread dissent about a so-called transgender "woman" who is still man winning swimming competitions and now this! See: World Swimming Coaches Association calls for 'Trans Division' to save girls' sports

Setback for feminism and the Me Too Movement: The atheist Johnny Depp, who has a history of alcohol and drug abuse, wins his defamation suit against his bisexual, atheist ex-wife Amber Heard as the Me Too Movement implodes.[129]

Overall, the case dragged Hollywood through the mud and further exposed the moral bankruptcy of depraved Hollywood Values.[130] The trial very much took the sheen off of celebrity glamour. Hollywood and the proponents of secular values were the big losers in this case. See: Atheism and divorce and Atheism and alcoholism and Atheism and drug addiction

During the trial, it was revealed that the bisexual Amber Heard assaulted Johnny Depp during their relationship. See also: Homosexual Couples and Domestic Violence

Fake News Update: Ukraine Human Rights boss fired after spreading Russian 'Systemic Mass Rape' stories. [131] NGOs & media could find zero evidence.

Biden's net disapproval is at a record -15 points, according to the graph at the neutral Real Clear Politics.

Biden op-ed in NYT: Further aid to Ukraine is purely US domestic politics. [132]

Ukraine admits heavy losses in Donbas. [133]

Three Ways Atheists Reveal They Actually Believe in God.[134]

GOP rolls out voter registration push at gas stations.[135] See also: Red wave

Breaking: MSM reports Ukraine losing war, badly. [136]

Jacob Dreizen: Countdown to "Who lost Ukraine?" [137]

NYT: “A decisive military victory for Ukraine over Russia, in which Ukraine regains all the territory Russia has seized since 2014, is not a realistic goal…Russia remains too strong.” Well, thanks. After pouring gasoline on a fire that got 30,000 people needlessly killed, now the MSM figures that out.

WSJ: "This is no way to win a war, or even to force a stalemate on favorable terms..."

Gen. Milley: “I think solving the situation through negotiations would be the logical choice..." Somebody tell Milley both sides have to agree to sit down. Good luck at that, now.

Knives out for Pelosi? MSM actually reporting on husband's DUI. [138]

Ukrainian Armed Forces mutinies continue against commanders. [139][140][141] Do you really beleive $40 billion can bribe them to be used as cannon fodder?

Russia advances; [142] Ukraine propaganda machine falters. [143]

Multi-racial majority of Americans (61%) believe in the Great Replacement. [144]

NBC News reports: Democrats are Losing Some Support from Black voters ahead of the 2022 midterms. A year ago Joe Biden's approval rate among Black voters was 87%, but now it is 63%. See also: Red wave

Black political activist Jasiri X: "Biden hasn't followed through on his promises".

Massive crowd in Wyoming for Trump rally against neocon Liz Cheney. [145]

Breaking: ex-President Petro Poroshenko arrested on his way to NATO meeting. [146] Part of coup to remove Zelensky? [147]

WaPo: "We are being sent to certain death." Ukrainian volunteers complain of being abandoned by their commanders, no food, water, training, ammunition, medical treatment. Zelensky regime denies facts on the ground. [148][149]

Fake news update: Ukraine mined its own harbors. [150] Just like the "Putin Price Hike," NATO advisors are now trying to blame Russia for impending food shortages.

There is no Russian blockade of Ukrainian ports; Ukraine blocked its own ports. [151]

Politico: DHS concerned about American mercenaries travelling to Ukraine to fight alongside Nazis. [152] Why? You paid $40 billion dollars for this.

The Federalist: It’s long past time for Congress to break up the FBI. [153] The D.C. bureaucracy and specifically the intelligence agencies have long become powers unto themselves, and a threat to our democracy.

Ex-federal agent investigated as accomplice in Buffalo shooting. [154][155]

U.S. Marshals were outside Robb Elementary as Uvalde massacre unfolded. [156]

Exorcisms are greatly increasing in the USA, Europe and Latin America.[157]

Psychologists are reporting more and more demonic possessions. Unfortunately for secular psychologists, they are unable to cast demons out. Are we living in a postsecular age?

Do Mass Shootings Only Happen in the US? What percentage of mass shootings happen in the USA?[158]

Academic paper: "The U.S. is well below the world average in terms of the number of mass public shootings, and the global increase over time has been much bigger than for the United States." - Comparing the Global Rate of Mass Public Shootings to the U.S.’s Rate and Comparing Their Changes Over Time by John R. Lott, Crime Prevention Research Center, 2018[159]

Have you noticed that the news media has yet to give the religion of the latest two mass shooters in the USA? See also: List of atheist shooters and serial killers

British press reports that the Texas shooter made a "terrifying threat" after losing a violent video game, [160] while the liberal American media try to control the narrative.

In a replay of the humiliating defeat at Mariupol, 15,000 troops trapped in the Donbas cauldron face annihilation. Zelensky refuses the advice of his military advisors to withdraw and is listening to the Pentagon instead.

The Dreizen Report is now available on YouTube. [161]

Leftist Dem candidate Beto O'Rourke is tossed out of the Texas press conference, and even the town mayor said of O'Rourke, “You’re a sick son of a bitch, that would come to an event like this to make political issues.” [162]

Video game habit of 18-year-old Texas shooter emerges despite liberals' attempt to control the narrative: he was so into "gaming" that he was teased about it. [163]

Ukraine blames Germany for its losses in Donbas. [164]

The only people not involved in Trump-Russia were Trump and Russia. [165] Hillary Clinton's Russiagate led to Russia-Ukraine war. [166]

FBI agent being investigated for withholding exculpatory info in Trump-Russia probe. [167] Tucker: Ukraine war is tale end of Russiagate. [168]

Dem crossover voters are who elected the anti-Trump RINOs in the open primary in Georgia. [169]

Amid $130 billion in sales of violent video games, another 18-year-old shooter kills 21 at an elementary school in Texas. [170] Many prayers for the victims.


The New York Times publishes the May 22, 2022 news story: Democrats Fight Headwinds in Georgia and Beyond: ‘The Problem Is Reality’. There is going to be a big red wave in the 2022 midterm elections.
Vermont's Democrat Senator Bernie Sanders: "The Democratic base is quite demoralized at this moment". See also: Decline of the secular left and Essay: Bernie Sanders is a closet atheist

Liberal denial downplays that monkeypox is being spread by sex between homosexual men. [171] First there was gay bowel syndrome and now this! See also: Homosexuality and health

Poland (NATO) invades Ukraine with two battalions. [172]

Setback for liberal claptrap: “Hollywood is not America. And you need to remember that,” admits Katy Perry, long promoted by liberals, after moving to Kentucky. [173]

A Tennessee man builds a model of Noah's ark.[174]

In terms of history, almost every culture has a tradition of a global flood on earth which is one of the strongest lines of evidences for the biblical worldwide flood described in Genesis. And in a large majority of the flood accounts, a favored family is chosen to survive the flood.[175]

Liberal logic: "Biden Deboards Plane in South Korea All Alone with Mask On – Sees People and Takes Off His Mask"! [176]

Bear market.jpg

The Biden bear market is coming.[177]

The Dow Jones Industrial Average suffers its longest losing streak since 1932.[178]

Stephen Roach delivers stagflation warning, calls peak inflation debate absurd.[179]

Australian voters rebuke the lockdown and vaccine tyrants who ruined the country, and who were not conservative at all. [180]

U.S.-backed Azov Nazi commander gloats over executing civilians and war crimes. [181]

Woke graduates of Leftist Georgetown trash the Lincoln Memorial so much with booze and litter that it has to be closed to the public on the eve of its 100th anniversary. [182]

Bidenomics: Stock market closes lower for 8 consecutives weeks for the first time in 90 years. [183]

International rebuke of anti-Russian bigotry by British Wimbledon, such that the tennis tourney is stripped of its ranking points. [184]

Buffalo supermarket shooter said he was not a Christian and that he was not a conservative.[185] He also didn't believe in an afterlife.
Would profiling atheistic video gamers prevent future massacres?

Breaking: What did she know, and when did she know it? Hillary Clinton personally authorized Trump-Russia scam. [186]

"Biden's approval dips to lowest of presidency: AP-NORC poll." [187] Maybe electing a mentally sick man was not such a great idea, after all.

Leftists demand repeal of pro-life laws in Poland based on ... its charitable acceptance of 3M Ukrainian refugees! [188] Will some of the $53+ billion in U.S. "aid" for Ukrainian Leftists go towards promoting abortion in countries that took refugees?

Over some Republicans' objections, Congress authorizes another $40 BILLION that will escalate fighting in Ukraine, while a top Dem declares that even more American money could also be sent there in the future. [189]

Video evidence of Ukraine Nazi massacre of civilians trying to escape Mariupol in February. [190]

"Audit Reveals Almost Half of Joe Biden’s Twitter Followers Are Fake." [191] No wonder Elon Musk pauses his takeover of the troll-infested site.

NBC News suddenly interested in the laptop from hell. [192]

Trump-endorsed Dr. Oz won in the key Pennsylvania U.S. Senate primary among in-person voters but, just like Leftists, anti-Trumpers resort to dubious mail-in votes to try to take that victory away. [193]

Trump-endorsed Ted Budd wins by a landslide in the U.S. Senate GOP primary in North Carolina, crushing his Establishment-backed opponent. [194]

EXCLUSIVE! AZOV Battalion Mariupol Headquarters Walkthrough! John Mark Dougan. Must see! [195]

This is what denazification looks like. [196][197] Ukrainian fighters "evacuated" to Russian POW camps. [198]

Ron DeSantis Signs Measure Outlawing Protests Outside of Floridians’ Homes: Sending ‘Unruly Mobs’ Is ‘Inappropriate’.[199]

The Buffalo police responded within minutes in the Buffalo supermarket shooter incident and they quickly got the shooter to surrender.[200] The Buffalo, leftist mayoral candidate, India Walton, who was recently defeated, wanted to cut police funding even more than the current mayor.[201]

Rand Paul Demands Oversight on $40 Billion for Ukraine. Rand cites how in Afghanistan, America would give millions to build a hotel, ‘and the contractor would run off with the money. American general sides with Rand Paul on Ukraine aid, warns of nuclear war.[202]

Ukraine has languished in the bottom one-third in Transparency International's Corruption Perceptions Index.[203]

America first Republican primary candidates are winning against pro-Ukraine funding Republican primary candidates.[204]

Conservapedia proven right, again: amid prayers for the victims, classmates confirm that the Buffalo young mass murderer was devoted to online streaming video games while liberal denial tries to hide this. [205]

Azov commanders ignore Zelensky's suicide order, surrender enmasse. [206] Battle of Mariupol is over. City liberated from Nazi-Ukrainian control. [207]

This is pathetic: liberals pull out all the stops to try to defeat ... the homeschooled 26-year-old in a wheelchair, Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC). [208]

Nazis begin mass surrenders at Azovstal. [209]

Reuters: Ukrainians repel Russian attack with paintball guns. [210]

"He was definitely into video games - shooter games," a classmate says about the latest young mass murderer, but only the British press publishes that key fact. [211]

Dressed like a Call of Duty violent video game warrior, a young mass murderer killed 10 in a Buffalo supermarket. [212] Our prayers for the victims.

Buffalo shooter's manifesto featured the Azov Nazi logo, disparages opponents of Ukraine war. [213][214]

Ukraine "wins" Battle of Kharkov that never happened. [215]

Breitbart: Western weapons in Ukraine being sold on black market via encrypted messaging app. [216]

Lloyd Austin, who called for weakening Russia a week ago, calls Kremlin to beg for mercy. [217][218]

Graham Phillips: Mariupol residents celebrate liberation on Victory Day. [219]

Setback for globalists pushing their liberal agenda: conservative Turkey vetoes attempt by Leftist Sweden and Finland to join NATO, which would provoke Russia. [220]

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has reportedly placed his $44 billion deal to acquire Twitter on hold pending an investigation into bot accounts on the platform.[221]

Like a rabid dog: unhinged Jan. 6 unconstitutional committee, consumed with hate at Trump, issues subpoenas to top House Republicans. [222]

$40 Billion to perpetuate war in Ukraine -- very little of the money goes to help refugees -- is opposed by 57 courageous Republicans. Where the money goes is explained here, and the conservative House members who rejected this are listed here.

Meanwhile, mothers in Baltimore can't find baby formula in stores. [223]

Give it up, pro-aborts: Dem bill fails 49-51 in U.S. Senate, as even fellow Dem Sen. Joe Manchin votes against it. [224]

French mercenary: 'I saw Ukraine's neo-Nazi Azov Battalion torture and murder captured Russian POWs and commit atrocities against Ukrainian refugees'. [225]

Ukraine war update: Ukraine commanders are abandoning their men and running away. [226] NATO preparing aggressive actions to capture Odessa and Lviv.

Elon Musk announces he will end Twitter's ban on Trump, calling the ban “morally wrong and flat out stupid.” [227]

Janet Yellen: Ending the life of a child is good for the labor force participation rate. [228] In true Progressive fashion, Yellen goes on to advocate for the extermination of black children.

Poll: Who should step down first, Vladimir Putin or Joe Biden? Biden 52%, Putin 43%. [229]

United Nations Security Council meeting on Ukrainian military war crimes. [230]

$40 Billion more to Leftist regime in Ukraine by Dem House, as the looting of Americans never seems to stop. [231]

"10 of 11 Conservatives Win in a Blow to the Radical Left" in Texas school board elections. [232]

Leftwing insurrectionists suspected in terrorist attack on Wisconsin Pro-Life office. [233]

Read: American politics: Evangelicals and conservative Catholics vs. secular leftists. The evangelicals and conservative Catholics have won the culture war and are gaining traction in a bigger way

After Florida Governor Ron DeSantis punished the Disney Corporation for publicly objecting to their law that forbids instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity in kindergarten through third grade and the Disney stock plunged, woke corporations have largely been transformed from woke roaring lions into timid, woke silent lambs.

Corporations are largely staying silent on the upcoming overturning of Roe vs. Wade. [234]

Pope Francis: NATO started the Russia-Ukraine war. [235]

Graham Phillips: Mariupol - The Truth about the Azovstal Evacuees. [236]

Leftwing insurrectionists terrorize Supreme Court Justices. [237]

Setback to vaccine tyranny: India Supreme Court strikes down mandatory Covid vaccination, holds that it is unconstitutional. [238]

After losing big in Ohio, Never-Trumpers try a new tactic: infiltrate Trump rallies and boo his endorsed candidate, as possibly funded by big-money opponents of Dr. Oz. [239]

Why is the White House bragging about killing Russians in Ukraine? [240] Pelosi announces "we" are fighting Russia. [241] Biden: "This is the first real battle in this clash of civilizations" [242]

More liberal double standard: lamestream media blames "federal police" for clash with unruly pro-abortion protesters, in contrast with anti-Trump bias about J6 Capitol protests. [243]

Woke companies are largely silent on the apparent upcoming Roe vs. Wade U.S. Supreme Court reversal.[244] More and more the woke are becoming paper tigers.

Liberal logic: Leftists suddenly become pro-First Amendment advocates concerning protests against Supreme Court, after locking up in the DC Gulag peaceful pro-Trumpers incited by the false flaggers in the J6 Capitol protests.

Spanish government detains Anatoly Shariy, a leading contender for president of Ukraine at the request of the Zelensky regime.[245]

NYT: NATO are accomplices in the assassination of Russian generals; [246] Kaliningrad prepares nuclear exercises. [247]

A perfect 22 out of 22 for Trump, admits Politico: "All 22 of his endorsed candidates won" on Tuesday. [248]

Setback for the homosexual agenda: USA Today quotes Joe Biden declaring about the Supreme Court of the United States draft of the pro-life ruling which could overturn Roe vs. Wade: "the same arguments included in the draft opinion could also be used to strike down the right of gays and lesbians to marry."

Liberals and leftists: The first domino has fallen. First a victory against abortionists and now this! Surrender now! Become a conservative today!

Conservapedia proven right, again: underdog JD Vance wins by a landslide in Ohio with Trump's endorsement, to the dismay of Never-Trumpers. [249]
Time for all to realize that conservative populism is the political future.

CDC tracked millions of phones to see if Americans followed COVID lockdown orders. [250] As President Trump said, 'What? Are we living in Nazi Germany?'

Pro-life Spider-Man scales the tallest skyscraper in northern California incredibly quickly, while San Francisco authorities waited atop to arrest him. [251]

Russian Peacekeepers in Transnistria evacuate civilians in anticipation of NATO and Ukrainian aggression.

Breaking: SCOTUS to dump Roe v. Wade: Report. [252]

Russia/Ukraine War: Corrupt regime vs. corrupt regime hampers their respective militaries. Corruption leaves Ukrainian reserves without weapons and supplies.[253] Russian military’s corruption quagmire.[254]

Donald Trump Jr. calls Ukraine ‘one of the most corrupt countries on Earth’ and says US shouldn’t give it money.[255] Donald Trump recently said Vladimir Putin was afraid of the USA during his presidency and didn't constantly threaten nuclear war.[256]

Even liberal-leaning Newsweek says: "Groups that assess countries' democratic standing have rated Ukraine as a "flawed democracy" or a "hybrid regime" and the country continues to struggle with corruption."[257]

After the U.S. left Vietnam after the Vietnam War, it eventually stopped sending South Vietnam money to support its military defense.[258] Amidst inflation worries, fewer than 2 in 10 Americans say the U.S. should give Ukraine everything it wants, even if it risks a wider war.[259]

Will the U.S. send billions and billions of military aid to the Ukrainians long term? Currently, there are Democrats and Republicans willing to funding the Ukrainians militarily with billions of dollars[260][261], but the Democrats prospects of winning the 2022 midterms and presidency in 2024 looks more and more unlikely. Vladimir Putin didn't attack Ukraine when Donald Trump was in office and the U.S. was a big energy exporter. Iran freed the American hostages after Jimmy Carter lost the 1980 election and Ronald Reagan won it. Will it take a Donald Trump's reelection to end the Russia-Ukraine War?

A post Easter interview recently occurred on a great book which has a foreward written by Gary Habermas: JP Holding's Defending the Resurrection: Did Jesus Rise From the Dead.[262]

After the Cold War, Western liberals thought peace and prosperity would spread relentlessly around the globe.[263] Now even liberal-leaning CNN is reporting that the Russia-Ukraine War is expected to last for months or years and be costly for the world.[264]

Ukraine/Russia: As War Continues, Africa Food Crisis Looms.[265] The UN's World Food Program warned that if the war lasts beyond April, acute hunger may increase by 17 percent globally, with the sharpest increases expected in some African countries. The total number of people in these regions experiencing acute food insecurity may rise by 20.8 percent, affecting 174 million people.[266]

Russia’s war with Ukraine: Five reasons why many African countries choose to be ‘neutral’.[267]

When will liberals finally admit that man has a sinful nature and give up their Pollyanna notions of a man-made utopian future? See Fall of man and Human nature

"Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of birth pains." - Jesus (Matthew 24:7 ).

"Biden’s Disinformation Board Slammed From Both Sides." [268]

May 2nd: 8th anniversary of the Odessa massacre, the event that started the War in Ukraine. [269] Documentary: Burnt Alive in Odessa.

UK giddy about sending Brimstone missiles to Ukraine; [270] Russia reminds them, again, it's only 202 seconds for a Sarmat missile to reach London, and only one missile will do the whole island. [271] Bluster aside, the West is defenseless against Russia. It has only two choices: War with Russia and lose, or not fight that war.

Ukrainian Nazis at children's summer training camp. [272] Remember, your tax dollars pay for this stuff.

"Kill all Russians!" German social media user wants to deport Ukrainian refugees who make fascist speeches on the street. [273]

Failure by another Never-Trumper: Irish-born liberal Liam Neeson's new movie Memory is a flop at the box office and disliked by reviewers.

Confirmed: Ukrainian Nazis holding civilians hostage in Azovstal. [274]Your tax dollars at work.

Now that you have been brainwashed to be emotionally sympathetic to Nazis, the Kyiv regime begins walking back fake news propaganda, begining with the Ghost of Kyiv. [275] But nobody is paying attention - they got their $33 billion.

High cost of liberal claptrap: "Across the country, the average college debt among student loan borrowers is $32,731," and many owe more than $200,000. [276] Just reading the Bible for free is a better education.

Setback for Worst College Majors: "Biden Rejects $50,000 in Student Loan Debt Forgiveness." [277]

Elon Musk tweets, "The far left hates everyone, themselves included!" [278]

Women in the Ukrainian city of Khust threw stones at the military registration office and demanded their husbands and sons be returned home from the frontline. [279][280][281]

Media are now whitewashing Nazis they previously condemned. [282]

Empire of Lies Eager to Receive Mr. Sarmat’s Business Card. [283]

Another setback to vaccine police: liberal WaPo dismayed that 42% of Covid fatalities in January-February were among the vaccinated. [284] The article fails to mention overcoming Covid with hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin instead.

Clueless liberals at say the anti-Trump Senate candidate in Ohio "surges" for its primary Tuesday. [285] He's polling in a distant fourth place! [286]

Biden and NATO resort to car bombings in Moscow, Putin yet to respond.

Another setback for Fauci's phony scientism: "Governor Signs Into Law Bill Making Ivermectin Available Over the Counter," merely days after the FDA resumed its Leftist distortions against the long-approved medication. [287]

Biden wants $33 billion more to hand to Leftist regime in Ukraine!! [288] $33 billion in addition to the $14 billion just a month ago means the $14 billion was a total failure. Unbelievable looting of Americans by Dems.

Biden Crash underway, US economy shrank 1.4% Jan-Apr. [289]

Trump-endorsed JD Vance surges to the lead in the upcoming Senate primary in Ohio, against Establishment and Club for Growth-backed Josh Mandel (who has lost twice before). [290]

Amazing video!!! Patrick Lancaster: Russian Soldiers In Battle And Giving Humanitarian Aid In Mariupol. See the Ukraine war as it really is. Click CC->Settings->Auto Translate->English. [291]

Alan Dershowitz: Ukraine soldiers should not wear Nazi symbols; [292] New Yorkers rally in support of Nazism. [293]

Clueless Biden lackeys contradict each other: "Psaki Contradicts Fauci, Says “Covid Isn’t Over, and the Pandemic Isn’t Over.” [294]

Censorship begins to collapse on Twitter as conservative accounts are restored.[295] There is a massive increase in conservative followers on Twitter in the last 48 hours while leftist/liberal Twitter accounts are losing followers.

See also: Will 2022 be the WORST year in the history of secular leftism?

Maybe Poland's liberal politicians who declared Leftist Zelensky the leader of the free world can ask him for natural gas, because on Wednesday Russia plans to shut off its gas to Poland for nonpayment. [296]

NATO member Turkey, in defense of democracy, escalates aggression against democratic NATO member Greece. [297]

Has the U.S. deployed F-35s over Ukraine? [298]

Elon Musk gets Twitter for $44 billion, to cheers and fears of 'free speech' plan.[299]

This is utterly devastating to liberals/leftists who have relied on censorship to thwart their conservative opponents. Liberals/leftists can't handle the truth nor can they debate effectively. Now American liberals/leftists will have to hide in their basements - just like their very unpopular leader Joe Biden!

Deep State Update: Pentagon reacts to Musk's purchase. [300]

Interview with Gonzalo Lira who was released by the Ukrainian gestapo aftter massive social media outrcy to the Zelensky regime. [301]

U.S.-trained Nazis in Donbas suffering horrendous losses, Zelensky, Blinken, Austin pledge continued needless bloodshed. NATO opens Second Front in Transnistria with attack on Russian language broadcast stations. [302]

In the cities Ukrainian troops hide behind civilians as human shields, [303] however in the open fields of the Donbas they don't have a prayer against Russia. Zelensky needs to end this senseless slaughter. [304]

Russian intelligence: U.S./NATO planning WMD false flag, possibly even nuke, to blame Russia; Blinken and Austin briefing Zelensky today. [305]

BREAKING! Twitter is likely being sold to Elon Musk. Leftists and liberals in meltdown.[306][307][308] The liberals and leftists on Twitter's board of directors have surrendered!

Western media backs off Russian atrocity propaganda, 'Bucha massacre' was committed by flechette darts from Ukrainian artillery. [309][310]

Alexander Kirk in Donbas: More stories of U.S.-backed Ukrainian Nazi atrocities in Mariupol. [311]

Matthew Goodwin, Professor of Politics at the University of Kent and Fellow at Legatum Institute: The future is Marine Le Pen. Macron's victory won't hold back the growing tide of right-wing populism.

France elects the center-right President Emmanuel Macron. Macron's win over the farther right Marine Le Pen was tarnished by the lowest turnout in half a century in France.[312]

Macron beat Marine Le Pen by moving to the politically right in the first half of 2021. The politically left leaning National Public Radio noted in April of 2021 that "French President Emmanuel Macron is moving sharply to the right."

On April 23, 2022, Time magazine published the article How the Far Right Already Won in France. On April 22, 2022, The New York Times published the article Macron May Keep the Presidency, but Le Pen Has Already Won.

In France and other European countries, as the Muslim population grows, right-wing nationalism grows.[313] The Muslim population in France is growing rapidly.[314]

Macron won with 58.5% of the vote to Le Pen's 41.5% — significantly closer than when they first faced off in 2017. Breaking through the threshold of 40% of the vote is unprecedented for the French right in recent times.[315] See also: Decline of the secular left

Trump-endorsed underdogs trounce the Establishment candidates at the GOP convention in Grand Rapids, Michigan. [316]

Russian Defense Ministry reports chemical weapon attack on Russian troops by drone. [317]

Biden wants to create eco-friendly carbon neural fossil-free military powered by electrical vehicles capable to operate in environments with no electricity.

US/Ukraine psyops: Call POWs wife on cell phone and murder captured Russians on camera. [318]

Scott Ritter: Kharkov is being defended by Nazis. [319] Zelensky emptied the prisons and armed them.

Woke military convicts a general of ... kissing a woman, a civilian who gave him a car ride after a social event. [320]

Massive crowd gathered early for Trump's rally in Ohio Saturday. [321]

Breaking: Wikipedia deletes its Rosemont Seneca page; [322] but Conservapedia will keep you informed on the latest Biden family scandal updates.

Biden's approval rating is at an historic low, while Kamala Harris's approval rating is more than 10 points worse! [323]

Ukraine threatens to end peace talks if the people of Kherson are allowed to exercise their democratic rights. [324]

Boris: 'Russia could win' despite billions squandered already and months of propaganda war. [325]

Zelensky asks for more money, compares Ukraine to an adult film actress, [326] calls cocaine "Awesome!" [327] Is this cocaine on Zelensky's desk? [328]

Schizophrenic Biden administration warns ban on Russian gas can harm economies. [329] EU agrees to gas-for-rubles, [330] further assisting Biden's plan to weaken the dollar. Our 'NATO allies' were cheating on Biden sanctions anyway, [331] transferring Russian oil ship-to-ship at sea. [332] Quite a deal for everyone: our 'NATO allies' get free defense courtesy the US taxpayer and military industrial complex, while our NATO allies fund the Russian war machine through oil and gas purchases, and Hunter Biden gets kickbacks from Ukrainian oil and gas oligarchs.

Founder of Ukrainian nazi Azov Battalion threatens to strike May 9 Mariupol parade to commoemorate victory over Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler with a ballistic missile, calls the parade, "a provocation." [333]

Globalist Deep Stater Mitch McConnell, who has record-low approval ratings, reportedly cheered Dems' waste-of-time impeachment of Trump in January 2021. [334]

Ukraine accuses Russia of digging mass graves for civilian victims; survivors accuse Ukraine of civilian atrocities. [335][336][337]

'Al Qaeda Is on Our Side': How Obama/Biden empowered terrorist networks. [338]

Putin halts storming the Azovstal again, wants Azov Nazis, NATO officers, foreign mercenaries, and civilian hostages alive. [339]

Woke Netflix implodes.[340]

Woke CNN+ Streaming Service to Shut Down One Month After Debut.[341]

Conservative kids’ shows find a market at Pureflix. Independent studios tout conservative and moral programming as alternatives to Hollywood and Disney.[342]

Left-leaning Politico candidly indicates: The 2022 U.S. Senate Race Leans Republican.[343]

Politico admits: Joe Biden's dismal poll numbers imperil Democrat U.S. Senate control.[344] Biden's popularity is dangerously low in the four states where Democratic incumbents are most endangered.

In 2022, Biden's delusion that he will be a transformational president will end.

Zelensky oversees campaign of assassination, kidnapping and torture. [345]

CNN admits: "It's been a very bad few days for Joe Biden." [346]

CNN: US aid to Ukraine is "disappearing into a black hole" and "may wind up in the hands of others the US did not intend to arm.” [347]

EU delays ban on Russian oil to help globalist Macron win re-election; oil expected to hit $185 pre barrel after election. [348]

U.S.-supported Azov Nazis tell world it's their final hours. [349]

Phase 2 of the Donbas front: Annhiliation in progress. [350]

UK General: NATO not ready for war with Russia. [351]

Setback for liberal claptrap: "By the fifth episode, which aired in early March, about 40,000 U.S. homes tuned in, down 78% from the season premiere" of Jon Stewart's Apple TV+ show. [352]

Biden burdens working Americans by cancelling all student debt for 40,000 mostly liberal students, and extending credit for 3.6M others. [353]

Hunter Biden invested $1 billion in the world's largest emitter of greenhouse gases. [354]

Breaking: Russia accuses Biden of having dementia. [355] Must be just Russian propaganda.

Confirmed: Zelensky regime gestapo abducted YouTube reporter Gonzalo Lira in Kharkiv. [356]

Setback for global warming hoax: Frigid temps to seize Northeast, while a liberal-appeasing carbon removal plant "freezes over in Iceland." [357]

Exclusive Interview by UK journalist Graham Phillips with captured UK mercenary Aiden Aslin. [358] Aslin was captured with Ukrainian Nazis in Azovstal. UK foreign minitser Liz Truss encouraged UK citizens to join mercenary groups who have no protection under the Geneva Convention. Aslin has 62K Twitter followers.

Zelensky vows Azov Nazis will fight to the end. [359]

Gonzalo Lira, Chilean/American YouTuber reporting from Kharkiv, [360] arrested by Ukrainian Gestapo? [361]

Graham Phillips in Mariupol: Why has this happened? [362]

John Mark Duggan in Mariupol: Russia providing food, water, medical supplies to residents. [363]

Patrick Lancaaster in Mariupol: Ilyich factory now under Russian control. [364]

Maximillian Clarke in Mariupol: Frontline close fighting with the Chechens. [365]

Fears of an economic recession in the U.S. are everywhere — except at the clueless White House.[366]

A 2018 Forbes analysis showed the average recession lasts 1.5 years.[367]

Question: If recession starts in 2023, how will the unpopular U.S President Joe Biden be reelected in 2024? And the Democrats have a weak bench of other potential presidential candidates in 2024.[368] A Trumpslide in 2024 is on its way! America will reelect Donald "peace and prosperity" Trump.

Another silver lining of the coronavirus pandemic: Lassie and Fido now get to come to the workplace![369][370]

Liberal claptrap from once-conservative Poland as it falls for Leftism about Ukraine: "Zelensky Is ‘The Leader of the Free World Right Now.’" [371]

New York Times Op-ed: 'In This Time of War, I Propose We Give Up God.' [372]

Russian state TV accuses NATO intervention for sinking of the Moskva, [373] possibly 500 lives lost. [374] Reports indicate U.S. interference and provocation. [375] Russian public opinion outraged.

Live update: Russians evacuate children from Mariupol. [376]

Leftists circle their wagons to ensure that Twitter will remain a bastion of liberal censorship, by adopting a "poison pill" that harms the overall value of the company. [377]

Russia warns Ukraine preparing another false flag Tochka U missile attack on civilians at Lozovaya. [378]

Russians find dozens of murdered civilians in Mariupol after retreat of Azov Nazis. [379]

Censored RT video of war crimes by Ukraine in Mariupol. [380]

The Western Tribune recently published an article about the age of the earth.[381] Answers in Genesis has an excellent article about the age of the earth: Age of the earth? Ken Ham and Conservapedians have a simple question to all dogmatic evolutionists who claim the earth is about 4.5 billion years old. Were you there?

Also, if the state of Minnesota can't even get its policing right as evidenced by its recently burned down police station in Minneapolis, how in the world can it confidently assert how old the earth is?

Rare prosecution and 30-year prison sentence expose abusive homosexual lifestyle by a Dem megadonor. [382] Authorities ignored complaints against him for years.

Biden and Dems continue to loot America for foreign Leftism: "Sending Helicopters to Ukraine in $800M Military Aid Package." [383]

Joe Biden's approval craters at 33%.[384] By the time U.S. President Jimmy Carter left Washington in 1980 a mere 34 percent of Americans approved of his work. How low will Joe Biden's approval rating go? Will it go below 25%?

Liberal logic by Fauci: ‘You Use Lockdowns to Get People Vaccinated.’ [385] Circular reasoning to impose tyranny by ineffective vaccine mandates.

Ukraine forms 3 new battalions made up of criminals from prisons in Kharkiv. Their job is to make sure no civilians escape. [386]

Chief international correspondent for Le Figaro says American commanders are conducting Ukraine war, not Ukrainian commanders. [387]

Public support for re-instatement of capital punishment grows in Russia with the capture of foreign mercenaries intending to kill Russians who are not subject to the Geneva Convention nor entitled to POW status.

Largest mass surrender of Ukrainian troops, 1026 Marines, of the war in Mariupol; only about 2,000 Nazis remain now in Azovstal. Pentagon ignores Nazis' claim that Russians used chemical weapons in Azovstal. Azov Nazis still begging for money on YouTube. [388]

China orders Hollywood to remove its gay claptrap from Fantastic Beasts: Secrets of Dumbledore, and the hypocrites comply. [389]

Breaking: Zelensky orders attack on Russian Federation. [390][391]

Now that the truth is out about the United States in bed with Nazis and the atrocities they have committed in Ukraine for 8 years, Western MSM begins slowly backpedaling from several narratives. [392]

Woman in Mariupol tells of Ukrainian Nazi atrocities. [393]

More liberal claptrap against Will Smith's chivalry: a member of the movies "Academy" says that its 10-year ban on Will Smith is not enough, and that he should return his Oscar, too. [394]

Macron worried the presence of French troops among Azov Nazis could affect his re-election chances. [395]

The Azov Steel plant in Mariupol has an underground bunker complex with 24 kilometers of tunnels built in Soviet times to withstand World War III. According to German sources, in it is a NATO command center, a biological weapons lab, a torture facility, 3000 Azov Nazis and dozens of NATO officers from a half dozen countries, as well as members of the French Foreign Legion. There have been three unsuccessful attempts to extract NATO personnel. [396] The Russians would like to capture them all alive, while NATO countries are begging Moscow to allow NATO officials to escape. [397]

As predicted, NATO/Ukraine false flag chemical attack in Mariupol, Azov neo-Nazis report. [398]

Sam Gerrans of Truth in the News breaks down The Guardian's so-called 'forensic' report on Bucha. [399]

More shelling of Donbas civilians by Ukrainian armed forces. [400]

Faith carries 25-yr-old to Masters title, his 4th win in 6 starts. He competes to "just feel His presence" while his wife reminds him “God is in control.” [401]

Young voters abandon Biden in droves, laments liberal

Another setback for globalism: once-ostracized Marine Le Pen surges to within 5 points of entrenched liberal Emmanuel Macron, 28.5%-24.2%, to force a French runoff on April 24. [402]

"9000+ U.S. Flights Delayed, 1100+ Canceled Friday-Saturday" as senseless vaccine mandates continue to disrupt travel, while the homosexual agenda's favorite for president, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, is ineffective. [403]

Ukrainian 'democratic' parliament submits bill to ban the Russian Orthodox Church and seize all its property and money. [404] The move comes after the murder of several Russian Orthodox clergy.

Setback to liberal claptrap about Jan. 6: an acquittal of one participant, and the restoration of gun rights to another. [405]

NBC News reports it is using fake news manufactured by the CIA and Ukrainian government to report on the Russia-Ukraine war. [406]

Breaking: No guilty verdicts in FBI false flag Whitmer kidnapping plot. [407]

Dozens of Ukrainian children refugees disappear enroute to the Canary Islands. Victims of Western child trafficing? [408]

Unable to ban Trump from being reelected, instead Leftists absurdly ban Will Smith for 10 years for his manly conduct despite how Hollywood profited by featuring such conduct in its movies. [409]

Blasé Biden’s inflation will doom Democrats in the U.S. midterm elections in November.[410]

Leftist Colleges Are IMPLODING as Conservative Colleges SURGE.[411] Once again, get woke, go broke.

Colleges have lost 1 million students since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.[412] But colleges closing was a trend that began before the pandemic due to online education and other factors.

While the Germany parliament just rejected by 378-296 a vaccine mandate, a 2-1 Dem-majority panel of the Fifth Circuit reinstates Biden's tyrannical mandate against fed workers. [413]

Senate confirms Ketanji Brown Jackson, making her the First Black Birthing Person who can't define what a woman is to the Supreme Court.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki Refuses to Explain Why Joe Biden Wrote a College Recommendation Letter for a Chinese Businessman’s Son Who Had Business Dealings With Hunter Biden.[414]

Whistleblower who handed Hunter Biden's abandoned laptop to congressmen and reveals he has 450 gigabytes of DELETED material including 80,000 images and videos - and has fled to Switzerland fearing retaliation from White House.[415]

Democrats veto Hunter Biden subpoena. [416]

WaPo admits to US support for Azov Nazis. [417]

Now that most Americans reject his failed scientism, Leftist tyrant Anthony Fauci finally admits that “'classical' herd immunity for COVID-19 'almost certainly is an unattainable goal.'” [418]

Liberal logic: while subsidizing wind turbines, feds prosecute the largest wind energy company for its wind farms accidentally killing eagles. [419]

NATO officers fighting in Mariupol alongside Azov Nazis ask Russians to allow them to leave. [420] Five helicopters have been shot down in the past days attempting to ferry them out. Two weeks ago, the Russians offered anyone who wanted out to leave provided they laid down their weapons.

Reuters: Pentagon will not confirm Ukrainian government's claim that Russians were responsible for the Bucha massacre. [421]

Ilya Kiva, former Socialist Party of Ukraine leader: "Bucha was planned and prepared in advance by the counterintelligence of Ukraine, with the assistance of the British MI6." [422]

Breaking: 267 Ukrainian Marines surrender in Mariupol; first mass surrender of Ukrainian forces in the war. [423]

Never-Trumper Rep. Fred Upton (R-MI) quits, as the 4th of 10 pro-impeachment RINOs to fold. [424]

NATO psyops: UK vetoes Russian request for UN Security Council meeting on Bucha; [425] evidence suggest Azov Nazis occupied city immediately after Russian withdrawal may have committed reprisals agasint Russian-speakers and Russian sympathizers. No Ukrainian criminal or Red Cross investigation. [426]

Gonzalo Lira reporting from Kharkiv: Bucha: More Lies. [427]

Big Tech censorship update: Only official narrative on Bucha will be tolerated. [428][429]

Live update from former Navy Seal Patrick Lancaster, the only American reporter in Mariupol. [430] U.S.-backed Azov Nazi snipers killing civilians.

British journalist Graham Phillips, kidnapped, held hostage, and abused by Ukrainian security services, released. [431]

Two-time Oscar winner Denzel Washington declines to criticize Will Smith, and attributes the face-slap to the Devil. [432]

Setback for Cancel Culture: Cancel Culture Critic Elon Musk becomes the largest Twitter shareholder. [433]

Media blackout: 5,000 cars protest in support of Russia in Berlin. [434] Only someone with the IQ of a turnip would think Germans want to go to war with Russia again.

Conservapedia proven right, again: Trump-endorsed Viktor Orban wins in a larger-than-expected landslide in Hungary and declares that Zelensky is an opponent. [435]

Liberal logic: Biden, frustrated with his AG, wants Trump prosecuted. [436]

In Bucha, the dead get up and walk. [437] Evidence debunks Ukraine's latest false flag propaganda video.

Overflow crowd of 10,000 attend Trump's rally Saturday in Michigan, far more than the capacity of the sports arena. [438]

As Russia readies to finish off Ukrainian military in the Donbas, U.S. prepares false flag chemical attack. [439][440]

Even Dems panic about Biden's ending of border enforcement known as "Title 42": Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) calls it “a frightening decision.” [441]

ADL defends Ukraine Neo-Nazis: They don't attack Jews of Jewish institutions. "Ukraine's neo-Nazis are the good type of neo-Nazis because they're funded and armed by Israeli billionaires". [442]

Liberal hatred of chivalry in the Academy underlies its hostility towards the talented, heartfelt Will Smith, who resigns. [443]

Setback for liberal narrative about GOP as misogynist: Sarah Palin announces she is running for Congress, to fill Congressman Don Young's seat. [444]

Psaki out, moves to MSNBC. [445] For the second time under the Biden regime, another African American assistant press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre forced to ride the back-of-the-bus in favor of the white privileged Kate Bedingfield. [446] Last time frontrunner Symone Sanders got shuffled down to work for Kamala Harris.

Breaking: DPR and Russian forces move on "Azovstal" ("Azov Steel" industrial complex) from multiple directions, the massive fortified holdout of Azov Nazis in Mariupol.

NYT: Putin approval soars. [447] Also, separate reports indicate wave of patriotism in the war against NATO-backed fascists leads to Russian Army recruiting stations flooded with volunteers for combat duty in Ukraine.

American Astronaut Mark Vande Hei safely returns to Earth, thanks to Russia. [448] How much money did Congress appropriate and U.S. taxpayers pay, despite sanctions and "Russian hacking", to support Russia's rocket and Intercontinental Ballistic Missile program to make this round trip possible?

Newsweek: NATO has already positioned offensive military assets in Arctic region. [449]

The Clinton Campaign and the DNC fined for not properly disclosing funding for the discredited Steele dossier. [450]

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