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through July 1

Kicking atheism, agnosticism and evolutionism when they are down. Why its time to crush godlessness like an aluminum can.[1]

Gallup reports American belief in God rose recently. And 5 other reasons why New Atheism was merely a fad with minimal effects.[2]

Chris Christie bolsters his prospects to be picked as Vice President by vetoing $7.5 million in funding for Planned Parenthood for the 7th time. [3] The media say it's Christie versus Newt Gingrich for VP, but Mike Pence and others may think they have a chance too.

Why Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama should both have had to register as foreign agents. Is it already too late to recover our liberty? [4]

A week after the Brexit vote, UK stock market finishes ahead while German and French markets sink. The historic vote has already slowed immigration to the UK. [5]

New type of RINO: Cruzites who refuse to endorse GOP nominee Donald Trump, while giving deceptive reasons why. Globalist Sen. Mike Lee pretends he's concerned that Trump won't obey the Constitution enough!

Global stock markets rally as Brexit fears abate.[6]

The timid, hand-wringing liberals who sold their stocks because Brexit was "disastrous" lost money. The conservative contrarian stock traders made money!

Why a Palestinian State makes no sense. Hint: find the reason in the Declaration of Independence. [7]

Richard Carrier, the atheist historian who claims that Jesus Christ likely never existed, faces a sexual harassment allegation. [8] See also: Historicity of Jesus

Update: PZ Myers reports: "Richard Carrier, has been banned from Skepticon for 'his repeated boundary-pushing behavior'". In addition, his posting privileges to Freethoughtblogs has been suspended.[9]

"Rasmussen poll: Trump holds 4-point lead," an improvement for Trump over its previous poll. [10]

The most credible of independent polls -- Quinnipiac University -- says it is a statistical tie between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, which is an improvement for Trump in that poll in June. [11]

The spirit of Jezebel pervades American educational and other institutions. To defeat the enemy of God, you must know her. [12]

For years now, Conservapedia has documented the degrading health effects associated with the homosexual lifestyle. A large U.S. study by the National Health Interview Survey confirms that view. [13]

Zika risk prompts the #1 golfer to skip the upcoming Olympics in Brazil. [14] Yet Hillary Clinton opposes closing the southern border.

Sweeping pro-abortion ruling Monday by the U.S. Supreme Court puts the issue front-and-center for the upcoming elections, but few Republicans know yet how to respond to the judicial supremacy.

More setbacks for globalists: "Dow Jones slammed again on 'Brexit Blues.'" [15]

Is the Anti-defamation League really a friend of Jews? Not likely, if recent act, and even the history, of the ADL can guide us. [16]

The prominent atheist A.C. Grayling gets slaughtered in a debate.[17] See: A.C. Grayling vs. Rabbi Daniel Rowe debate

2016: Two signs it is looking like a BAD year for American atheism.[18]

Top IT official: Disabling security for Hillary Clinton server laid out 'welcome mat' for hackers.[19]

According to a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, the Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump 2016 presidential race is essentially tied when third-party candidates are included.[20]

Disgraced UN official John Ashe died. He had close ties to the Clintons. Ashe "could become a bigger obsession for conspiracy theorists than Vince Foster’s 1993 suicide." [21]

Liberal bias keeps NFL superstar Herschel Walker out of its Hall of Fame, and the early Trump-supporter Walker "is losing speaking gigs by anti-Trumpers who are blackballing him." [22] Underrated Sports Star Walker was a phenomenal athlete.

We'll take two coal miners instead, and be ahead: "George Will leaves the GOP over Trump." [23]

Obama lost his remaining credibility, too, in the Brexit vote against remaining in the EU. Obama had traveled to Britain to urge the opposite of what voters chose. [24]

Brexit vote topples RINO-equivalent David Cameron, paving the way for a more conservative leader of Britain's Conservative Party.

A reminder of the importance of the Second Amendment. Don't forget, that's how the American Revolution started. [25]

52-48% - not particularly close in Britain's vote to exit the EU. The polls, the experts, and the financial markets were all wrong in predicting that Brits would vote to stay in the EU. Trump may also outdo the polls.

The big five publishers, controlled by liberals, keeps declining. 12% market share loss in 3 years.[26] A 2012 map by Amazon showed readers in 44 U.S. states prefer conservative 'red' books to liberal 'blue.'[27].

"Trump up, Obama down after shocking Brexit vote," observes TheHill.

Angry, conservative Europeans have momentum and won't be placated by Brexit. [28] See also: Decline of the secular left

How will secular Europe solve its underlying problems of an aging/shrinking population and economic/innovation stagnation?[29] Turn to God and have more children? More Bible-believing Christian immigration?

Brits vote to exit the EU!!!! Brexit wins and defies the experts.

"Leave's vote share continues to creep up, now at 51.3%," despite how experts predicted that Brexit would lose. [30]

Congress gets the blame for many things, but its members do not. Didn't those members make the institution what it is? [31]

Obama's immigration scheme loses big at the Supreme Court, as the 4-4 decision leaves the conservative rulings in place.

Internet giant Google is rogue and has grown into the world's largest censorship platform. Google has blocked access to more than 100 million websites. [32]

An Israeli offers an incisive assessment of current policy in Israel toward the so-called West Bank. What do you call it when a country's leaders act like its enemies? [33]

"Four-time Major winner Rory McIlroy will not compete in this summer’s Rio Olympic Games, citing health fears over the Zika virus." [34] So why is illegal immigration from South America welcomed by liberals?

Hate the sin, love the sinner. But that does not mean failing to acknowledge sin or even calling it a good thing. [35]

The man who tried to assassinate Donald Trump was an illegal immigrant! [36]

Proportional representation, or electing all legislators at-large, often thwarts, rather than supporting, the will of the people. [37]

Gun control bills fall far short of passage in the Senate, and even a Dem voted against them. [38]

Hillary Clinton leads by only 7 points over Donald Trump in the latest national poll, which is a smaller lead than Jimmy Carter had over Ronald Reagan before Carter lost in a landslide in 1980. [39] Republican entertainers like Trump usually exceed expectations on Election Day.

Good omen for Donald Trump: an anti-globalist protest party won by a landslide in elections in Italy, with a candidate unknown a few months ago taking 2/3rds of the vote to become mayor of Rome. [40]

Republican Senator Ron Johnson hurts his own reelection chances by falling for the delusional anti-Trump schemes, declaring that the nomination of Donald Trump is "reasonably uncertain." [41]

Which candidate will save America from more jihadist attacks? Hillary Clinton? Or Donald Trump? [42]

Only about 30 delegates out of more than 2,000 plan to change the rules at the Republican National Convention to block Donald Trump's nomination, when a majority on the Rules Committee is 57 out of 112 who are on that committee. [43]

A call to end the Federal Reserve system and other practices that go with it. [44]

So the FBI are looking for clues to the Orlando shooting incident? Let them "get a clue," not only about the perpetrator, but also about the Obama administration itself. [45]

A few Cruzites scheme to try to deny Donald Trump the nomination at the upcoming convention in Cleveland, and Ted Cruz fails to disavow the delusional anti-Trump attempt. [46]

Any Democratic Party voters who vote for that party only because their parents did before them, should reconsider. The Democratic Party today is the party of tyranny, especially as regards the Second Amendment. [47]

Setback for globalists: "Polls show Britain's EU 'Out' campaign pulls ahead as referendum nears." [48]

The Torah – the first five books of the Bible – a textbook of science? Check out some of its insights. They might surprise you. [49]

A handful of Cruzites hold a secret meeting to fantasize that Ted Cruz is somehow like Ronald Reagan, and dream that Cruz will become president. [50]

When the Mainstream Media and corrupt judges conspire together to black out the news, the republic is not safe. [51]

The Leave Campaign's Roadmap: Eight days until EU Referendum in the UK [52] Polling shows strong support for Brexit.

Somali Muslim Dead After Taking Hostages at Texas Walmart.[53] Is Islam a religion of peace? Trump's arguments about ceasing Muslim immigration keep getting stronger.

The real problem in Israel and the West: have we descended into that moral unconsciousness called nihilism? [54]

So many mosques, often handing out incendiary materials and refusing to condemn incidents like the recent one in Orlando. Is any of this prosecutable as sedition? [55]

Liberals still don't want to admit we are at war with Islam. [56][57]

Liberals are receiving unintended consequences as far as bringing Muslims into their countries. City Journal: "Dutch gays have fled the cities in droves to escape Muslim gay-bashing."[58]

Just one problem with the "two-state solution" for Israel: it violates still-established international law, including at least two treaties. [59]

Donald Trump calls for Obama to resign for his continued liberal denial about radical Islamic terrorism, after last night's horrific massacre by an admitted supporter of ISIS. "Obama never mentioned ISIS, Islamic extremism, Islamic States or radical Islam" in his terse comment on the worst attack since 9-11. [60]

Commencement speakers descend on college campus to promote the liberal worldview. Watch a common sense speaker deliver a conservative message, Don't Follow Your Passion by Mike Rowe.

Gay bar in Orlando, Florida is the scene of the most devastating Islamic terrorist attack since 9/11: 50 people confirmed killed. [61]

See how The Washington Post shockingly blames the victims in the latest wave of murders in Israel. Sadly this is typical of the Mainstream Media. [62]

Now that Donald Trump has won nearly three times as many delegates as Glenn Beck's candidate Ted Cruz, Beck finally admits that Trump has won. [63] So why can't Cruz do the math and concede defeat?

"Criticism of Transgender Agenda Will Get Virginia Students Expelled," in one of the largest school districts in America. [64] Liberals don't support freedom of speech. Conservatives do.

A warning against those who water down the Christian faith with false and misleading notions about grace and what is, and is not, sinful. [65]

Cruzites still cling to their fantasy of nominating Ted Cruz rather than Donald Trump, by trying to persuade delegates to break their pledges to Trump. [66] Cruz says nothing to stop the dishonest tactics being considered.

Speaker Paul Ryan does the work of the Left by falsely smearing Donald Trump with the "racist" epithet. Ryan is widely condemned for it.

The damning details about Judge Gonzalo Curiel and his associations and rulings. No wonder Donald Trump does not care to have him judge his case. [67]

Time magazine admits Hillary Clinton loses the likeability test.[68]

When was the last time the less likeable U.S. presidential candidate won? Will Bernie Sanders and the FBI continue to chip away at Clinton's likeability?

Globalists panic as polls suggest voters in Britain will prefer to leave the EU in the historic upcoming referendum. [69] Fear-mongering against Brexit intensifies to try to avert this outcome.

The justice of Jewish claims on the so-called West Bank of Israel, in detail. [70]

Hillary Clinton deserves to face a charge of reckless endangerment of human life, especially in the Benghazi affair. What difference does it make? Literally the difference between life and death, of men and republics. [71]

What if the Jews of Judea and Samaria wrote a Declaration of Independence similar to that which American patriots wrote? [72]

She betrayed the pro-life movement, and now she is the first GOP incumbent to lose by a landslide in her own primary: Congresswoman Renee Ellmers is retired. Yet the liberal media try to blame even this on Donald Trump! [73]

'The Atheist Delusion' Is Most Persuasive Answer to Atheists Ever Put on Film.[74]

Donald Trump properly calls attention to the Mexican heritage and political associations of a judge trying a lawsuit involving him. Why should his opponents be so sensitive about that? [75]

"President Obama Swipes at Donald Trump in Ramadan Statement." [76] How "presidential" is that?!

Setback for liberals: "No Charges Against Boy's Mother in Gorilla Case." [77]

What would Jewish statesmanship look like? Hint: we haven't seen it yet, even from Prime Ministers of Israel. [78]

The politically correct PGA moves a key event to Mexico City just to spite Donald Trump, it seems. Is any professional sports franchise left that does not sully its reputation with liberal politics? [79]

George Foreman, the hardest-hitting boxer in history and a devout Christian, said recently about his famous fight with Muhammad Ali: "I hit him with everything I had. He survived, and after about six rounds, he started whispering, that all you got, George? Show me something, George. And I knew this was a frightful moment." Ali then knocked Foreman out. [80]

Bernie Sanders: "The Democratic National Convention will be a contested convention." [81]

No room for conservative leadership in Silicon Valley, where companies want more H-1B labor rather than American engineers: "Intel CEO cancels Trump fundraiser, says he’s not endorsing a presidential candidate." [82]

R.I.P. Muhammad Ali, best of the public. [83] His stunning upset boxing victories, and predictions of them, defied the experts.

A sharp reminder of what it really takes to get into heaven. On the occasion of the death of TBN founder Jan Crouch, remember: one must have salvation from Jesus Christ, Who paid the penalty for sin. [84]

Picture this: loss of liberty under Hillary Clinton.[85]

"Report: Prince Died of Drug Overdose." [86] Why do Hollywood values tragically destroy the lives of so many?

Benjamin Netanyahu prepares a dangerous concession. What games are Saudi Arabia playing? [87]

Liberal claptrap debunked, again: Eyewitness who videoed Harambe's encounter with the child says it is false that the gorilla was "protecting" the child, and that violence by the gorilla was left off her video.[88]

The incredible reversal of Shimon Peres on the question of Israel and "Palestine" [89]

How the United States Department of State helps cover up for Saudi Arabia. And why: oil money. [90]

Lamestream media at work, again: "MSNBC interrupts Libertarian candidate to talk to Clinton." [91]

The neocon promise of a third-party "Never Trump" candidate turns out to be a farce, as the mystery candidate is an obscure writer for National Review. [92]

"Trump: Zoo had ‘no choice’ but to shoot gorilla." "You have a child, a young child, that's at stake," he added. [93] Pro-aborts cannot be happy with Trump's stance.

Boy Scouts membership has declined after caving into the homosexual agenda, but its departing president says there are new corporate sponsorships! [94]

The world of libertarians: Gary Johnson is booed at the debate of the Libertarian Party for supporting drivers' licenses. [95]

Ted Cruz is still running for president, and still refuses to admit that Donald Trump is the nominee. [96] This is getting beyond bizarre.

Game over: Hillary's emailageddon is coming.[97][98]

Trouble in liberal paradise: "Dems short $10M for convention ... Another source told Buzzfeed the deficit is closer to $16 million." [99]

Damning report on Emailgate shows Hillary can’t be trusted.[100]

"Donald Trump Clinches GOP Nomination." [101] Yet some Republican officials still cling to anti-Trump animosity.

One thing Ted Cruz' supporters overlooked: his associations with globalist players. And: does modern globalism fit descriptions in Bible prophecy? [102]

Cruz-supporter Rush Limbaugh still refuses to endorse Trump. [103] Does jealousy explain some of the lingering anti-Trump animus?

"The rise of Donald Trump is threatening the power of neoconservatives, who find themselves at risk of being marginalized in the Republican Party." [104]

Worst College Majors: "Islamophobia Studies Are Coming To A College Near You, And There Won't Be Any Debate About It." [105]

Feminist Megyn Kelly has a ratings flop for her much-promoted interview with Donald Trump. Her insipid feminism has brought down the Fox News Channel, which now consistently loses to CNN among the key demographic of ages 25-54.

A shooting at the White House complex occurred Friday while Barack Obama was golfing. [106] Keep track of Obama's golf trips, read The Obama Golf Counter.

Liberals at Google celebrate a human rights activist that heaped praise upon Osama Bin Laden. [107]

Rasmussen poll: Donald Trump earns 42% support to Hillary Clinton’s 37% when Likely U.S. Voters are asked whom they would vote for if the presidential election were held today. [108]

Donald Trump holds a slight lead over Hillary Clinton - 45% to 42% - among registered voters, according to a new national Fox News poll.[109] What will Hillary do once the email scandal intensifies?

A small group of superdelegates could close the deal for Hillary Clinton, but won't .[110]

Catholic Cardinal from Africa speaks the truth: In America, “God is being eroded, eclipsed, liquidated.” [111]

The Senate seeks answers from Facebook about their manipulation of trending stories.[112] Though the overlooked scandal is the punishment given to conservative users. [113]

Great Achievements by Teenagers in the news: 14-year-old Taylor Rosenthal received $100,000 from investors and rejected a buyout of $30 million for his emergency vending machine invention. [114]

A sense of meaning and purpose in life, a new study suggests Churchgoers live longer. [115]

Liberal bias caught in the act: "Trump’s former girlfriend: New York Times 'spun' my comments." [116]

Cover-up for the homosexual agenda: the NTSB delays more than a year before stating the obvious cause of the Amtrak derailment outside Philadelphia that tragically killed 8 and injured more than 200. [117] The recklessly speeding train was driven by a homosexual rights advocate who claims he can't recall key details, even though he was coherent immediately after the crash.

Ted Cruz wants "recriminations" against "everyone who was responsible for the rise of Donald Trump." [118] Is that something a real conservative would say?

Conservapedia proven right, again: outspokenly Christian Stephen Curry -- not Overrated Sports Stars Kobe Bryant or LeBron James -- becomes the first unanimous MVP winner in NBA history. [119]

Bernie Sanders trounces Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump tops 75%, in West Virginia. [120]

Ted Cruz is still all about Ted Cruz, as he refuses to concede to Donald Trump and even hints at jumping back into the race. [121]

"Dead heat: Trump, Clinton tied in 3 swing-state polls." The independent, reliable Quinnipiac University survey "shows close races in Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio." [122]

Former Arizona Governor "Jan Brewer: Republicans who don’t support Donald Trump need to ‘get over it.'" [123] A dream anti-immigration ticket would be Trump-Brewer, which she would welcome.

"Brexit could cause war? Utter nonsense, David Cameron," a fellow Brit points out. [124]

British globalist claptrap reaches new low, as David Cameron declared Monday words to the effect that "if Britain leaves the European Union (EU), war may follow"! [125] That's pathetic demagoguery to scare Brits into opposing Brexit.

Sarah Palin will campaign against Paul Ryan due to Ryan's refusal to back the GOP nominee Donald Trump. "Paul Ryan is soon to be 'Cantored,' as in Eric Cantor," Palin added. [126]

"Sanders: Dem convention tilted toward Clinton." [127] Wow, whoda guessed?

Obama, starting to panic at how Donald Trump will humiliate him, blusters that "this is not entertainment" and "this is not a reality show." [128] Yeah, and Trump doesn't need a teleprompter like Obama does.

North Dakota becomes the 9th state to reject Common Core standards. [129] Academics will be “Written by North Dakota teachers … for North Dakota students.”

"Ted Cruz drops out after Trump delivers knockout in Indiana." Trump trounced Cruz 53-37% in the conservative state. [130]

"Once a Clinton stronghold, Appalachia now Trump country," admits the lamestream media. [131]

"Ted is an immigrant," bragged his wife Heidi Cruz, who is a Goldman Sachs executive. [132] Then the Cruz campaign denied it.

Three-year University of Cincinnati study on the ecological effects of Fracking showed no damage to the environment at all. Funders to the public university were disappointed and decided to suppress the study instead, it will not be released to the public. [133]

Anti-Trump gimmicks, such as the Cruz-Kasich alliance, are backfiring badly: "Fully 58 percent disapprove of the so-called Cruz-Kasich alliance, with 22 percent considering it a 'major factor' in their choice." [134]

In merely 24 hours the respected "fivethirtyeight" prediction for Indiana puts Donald Trump at a 69-31% favorite after having him at a 65-35% underdog yesterday. [135]

A reminder of the importance of natural born citizenship as a criterion of eligibility to the office of President of the United States. [136]

Rabid anti-Trump campaign reaches new low in George Will's Sunday column: "If Trump is nominated, the GOP must keep him out of the White House," is the headline for Will's latest work. [137]

Ted Cruz's choice of Carly Fiorina shows his desperation.[138][139] She is not going to help him in California and she was eliminated early in the race for the Republican nomination. Fiorina was definitely not a presidential-like choice.

John Boehner declares that Ted Cruz is "Lucifer in the flesh." [140] Boehner prefers Donald Trump over Cruz, it's safe to say.

"Judge Ruled North Carolina's Voter-ID Law Constitutional ... delivering a major win for conservatives who have sought to tighten laws across the country" [141]

Conservapedia proven right, again: The 4-game suspension of Overrated Sports Star Tom Brady is reinstated, after an appellate judge observed at oral argument that there was "compelling, if not overwhelming" evidence of cheating, plus evidence Brady "knew about it, consented to it, encouraged it." [142] But the liberal media likes cheaters.

Austria's "far-right" candidate wins its presidential election by 16 points over his nearest rival, with the main political parties not even qualifying for the upcoming runoff. [143] The liberal media is speechless.

Lamestream media, again: "CNN Asks If Prince’s Death Will Benefit Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump." [144]

Silicon Valley corporation (Intel) fires 12,000 American professionals after demanding to import 14,523 foreign workers with H-1B visas and Green Cards.

Donald Trump defeats Ted Cruz 90-0 for delegates in the New York primary. [145] Trump could secure the nomination by winning 58% of the remaining delegates.

April 19th Anniversary of the Battle of Lexington and Concord and the early stages of the Revolutionary War.

It's so obvious now that the political pendulum is swinging to the right in world politics that Roger Cohen declares liberalism dead or at least on the ropes in the left-leaning New York Times.[146]

By 2021 the effects of New Atheism movement may be largely over in the United States.[147]

Outspoken Christian Stephen Curry broke Michael Jordan's record for most wins in a season, but Overrated Sports Star Kobe Bryant gets more attention. [148]

Hollywood values continues to hit new lows with award shows. MTVs two-hours worth of garbage included 84 incidents of profanity targeting your impressionable kids. [149]

Liberal double standard, again: Hillary Clinton participates in a racist joke, but most Dems give her a pass on it. [150] Imagine the backlash if a Republican had done that.

Lamestream media, again: Overrated Sports Star Tiger Woods did not even compete at the Masters this year, and yet he is in many of the articles and was even featured on the pre-tournament cover of Sports Illustrated.

Students at two Catholic universities are taking on their administrations in a fight against honoring pro-abortion advocates. [151]

The Republican Party has experienced an increase of 55 percent in turnout so far this primary, Democrat numbers are down 21% compared to 2008. [152]

"GOP Establishment Money Funding Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Erick Erickson To Attack Trump." [153]

Setback for the homosexual agenda: "Pope Francis ... says no to gay marriage." [154]

through April 6, 2016

"As contested convention looms, Trump to hire ‘seasoned operatives’ to help." [155]

Benjamin Franklin said we had a republic, if we could keep it. Is the American republic dying? [156]

"Trump breaks 50 percent mark in New York; Cruz in third place." [157]

The polls were correct: Ted Cruz wins Wisconsin. [158] The significance is overrated and media driven.

Liberal tolerance? "NY gov bans state-funded travel to Mississippi." [159] The reason is to appease the homosexual agenda.

To defeat Islam, you must be ready to identify it, and to recognize its inherent evil. Can the leaders of Israel do this? [160]

Donald Trump: "Let me be unpresidential just for a little while longer.” [161]

Has America undergone a bloodless revolution? [162]

Before you can have wisdom, you must have courage. Politicians in Israel show us why. [163]

Ever notice that Arabs living in Israel do not vote in Israel elections in proportion to their numbers? They have so little regard for their country of residence that they do not even care to take part in its civic life. [164]

"Economic models predict GOP White House, even with Trump." [165] Will the liberal anti-Trump hysteria run out of steam?

The Establishment pulls out all its stops -- even Scott Walker -- to give Ted Cruz a 6-point lead over Trump for the upcoming Wisconsin primary. [166] Who thought Cruz would end up as a blocker against the Tea Party?

Don't just take our word on why abortion is wrong. Ask a medical ultrasound tech for the real skinny.... [167]

Obama fiddles while America burns, just as Nero fiddled while Rome burnt. So also do many other current candidates. [168]

Leftists, perhaps changing their strategy, fail to protest Trump's enthusiastic rallies in Wisconsin. "Some in the crowd seemed almost disappointed there wouldn’t be the spectacle of a demonstrator being removed." [169]

Liberal double standard: "Trump: Press holds me to a different standard." [170] Yep.

The Constitution actually makes Congress, not the President and especially not the Supreme Court, the most powerful branch of government. [171]

Anti-Trump forces are outspending him by more than 4:1 in Wisconsin, and overall he's being swamped by a nearly 10:1 disadvantage when his rivals' spending is included. [172]

A reminder: resistance to tyrants is obedience to God. [173]

Jonathan Netanyahu, the fallen hero of Operation Entebbe,' knew even then what ailed Israel and what ails it still. [174]

The Establishment is stopping Trump in Wisconsin by pretending to back Ted Cruz, and some conservatives are falling for the liberal game-plan that will nominate Paul Ryan or another insider at the convention. [175]

The real motive behind the Global warming hysteria push: “We redistribute de facto the world’s wealth by climate policy,” says UN official. [176]

Ever notice that Christian Zionists are often more Zionistic, and almost more Jewish, than actual Jews, even those living in Israel? Did Israel stray from her Jewish roots even at her founding, nearly 70 years ago? [177]

Trump separates the wheat from the chaff in the pro-life movement by calling for "some form of punishment" of women who insist on having illegal abortions -- a position consistent with Catholic excommunication. [178] Some organizations claiming to be pro-life show their true colors by criticizing this.

Muslims embrace Ishmael, don't they? Take a closer look at Ishmael and see what that means. [179]

Liberal double standard, again: "Anti-Trump Protester Punches Donald Trump Supporter in the Face," and yet the liberal media ignore it despite giving massive publicity to the converse. [180]

"Professing to be wise, they become fools." That applies equally in politics as at a university. [181]

Sun Tzu and Carl von Clausewitz could teach Israeli politicians, and even generals, a thing or two about war. [182]

Don't you wish you had unplugged the NFL, as Conservapedia advocated? "Georgia Governor Bows to Pressure From NFL to Veto Religious Freedom Bill." [183] The off-season is a great time to develop good habits free of NFL addiction.

Our chance to take down the Establishment is now. Conservative Richard Viguerie says the way to do it is a Trump-Cruz alliance. [184]

Liberal denial #19 reaches a new low: "Obama did not meet with Fidel Castro during his three-day visit, nor mention him in any of his public appearances." [185] Yet the liberal media pretend that Fidel is thriving at 89 despite disappearing while severely ill in a Cuban hospital a decade ago.

An Israeli soldier kills a Muslim terrorist allegedly while said terrorist is incapacitated. He will likely stand trial by court-martial. But maybe the IDF needs to change its rules of engagement. [186]

Priorities: Barack Hussein Obama to visit the grand opening of America's largest mosque next week. [187] Expect many kind words about Obama's religion.

Poor Clares nun Mother Mary Angelica has died on Resurrection Sunday at age 92. She founded Eternal Word Television Network, the largest Catholic media company in the world. [188]

Online petition gains 35,000 signatures to oppose the plan for gun control at the Republican National Convention. [189]

Bernie Sanders swept 3 western primaries Saturday against Hillary, winning a landslide of more than 70% of the vote in each. [190] But the Democrat Party does not really believe in democracy.

If Ted Cruz were eligible to the office of President of the United States, would a terrorist's son also be? Something to think about. The Framers thought of it, too. [191]

The dozen Anti-Trump Republicans that will vote Hillary Clinton for President. [192]

Imagine how many people would have literal earmarks if America still practiced some of the original punishments of Colonial Williamsburg. [193]

College of Pediatricians: The professional association of pediatricians says transgender kids is child abuse. [194]

“'Remember that when people tell you Trump is 8 points behind Hillary or something, Reagan was 25 points behind [Jimmy] Carter in March of 1980,' former House Speaker Newt Gingrich told Bloomberg Politics. Reagan closed the gap and won the popular vote by 10 points in a 44-state landslide.” [195]

Is Obama deliberately importing a revolutionary army through unrestricted immigration? [196]

Obama takes offense at Ted Cruz's proposal to monitor Muslims. [197] Is the special umbrage due to Obama's Religion?

A prize example of professor values and apparent professorial witlessness, on Israel and Islam. [198]

Is Donald Trump leading a Republican revolution? [199]

The Establishment ramps up its anti-Trump efforts, as Jeb Bush and Club for Growth (now run by an ex-congressman) endorse Ted Cruz. [200] Is Bush really trying to force a brokered convention that might pick himself?

Political correctness will enable Islam to kill us all, if we do not abandon it at once. [201]

A blowout landslide for Donald Trump in the big state of Arizona, and he grabs all 58 delegates as the prize. [202]

Donald J. Trump: the newest version of the American patriot. [203]

Liberal denial #19 continues: "to some it appears strange" that Obama is not meeting Fidel Castro while Obama visits Cuba, declares the British press, but it is not strange at all to anyone aware of communist hoaxes.

The prime minister of Venezuela supposedly met with Fidel Castro recently, with photos of a heavily clothed, sitting man to "prove" it, and yet the liberal media fail to explain why Obama is not meeting with "Fidel". [204] "Fidel Castro remains alive," declares the New York Times blog, and gullible liberals believe it. [205]

Even Alexis de Tocqueville knew Islam is at war with Western civilization. Why do so few politicians and commentators grasp this? [206]

Is Barack Obama a Muslim, and a follower of Muhammad? And what exactly does that mean? [207]

Another reason to Unplug the NFL: League threatens Georgia's Governor not to sign religious liberty bill. [208] Liberal bullies hate Christians

Conservapedia proven right, again: "President Obama Won’t Meet with Fidel Castro." [209] Communists have had a "Fidel" meet every foreign dignitary except Obama, who would be humiliated once the hoax is pointed out by historians.

A reminder of how a Hillary Clinton Presidency would destroy American sovereignty and liberty. [210]

Hate Is The Essence Of Socialism [211]

"Protesters block road outside Trump Arizona event." [212] Why aren't Hillary Clinton and Obama denouncing this unlawfulness by Leftists?

Nine different reasons why anyone would fear Donald J. Trump – and a fresh look at what he actually proposes. Hint: Trump can't please everyone. [213]

Did Hillary Clinton really beat Bernie Sanders in five States? Or did Hillary's machine have someone hack the voting machines? Included: a link to testimony from such a hacker. [214]

Support for a right to infanticide, from a liberal professor in his own words. [215]. And the left is saying this doesn't happen!

"Newt Gingrich on ‘Anti-TrumpRepublicans: Should Form ‘Lost Republicans for Hillary.’" [216]

This is pathetic: in a sign of desperation, Obama misuses and degrades his office by campaigning against the leading Republicans for president. [217]

Do the 2016 Presidential Election debates show a weakness in democracy itself? [218]

"Donald Trump's new ad treats a barking Hillary Clinton like a punchline." [219] Meanwhile, Obama gets involved in the presidential race, perhaps realizing that Trump will destroy whatever is left of his reputation, too.

"Trump risks falling short of delegate count for nomination." [220]

The government of Israel has institutional problems conforming to the rule of law. The United States government shares some of those problems, in fact if not in name. [221]

Democrats working with Republicans conspire to stop Donald Trump. John Kasich missed the deadline to appear on the Pennsylvania ballot. All of a sudden, he's eligible. [222]

Benjamin Netanyahu and Barack Obama both practice moral relativism, the former out of a misguided sense of necessity, the latter by deliberate choice. [223]

Time to discuss another needed reform, this one a tax and civil-liberty reform. Repeal the Johnson Amendment that keeps the church out of politics. [224]

Donald Trump takes Missouri too, extending his historic victory to 5 out of 6 on Tuesday and ending insider control of the Republican Party. [225]

On the Democratic side: is Hillary Clinton OK? With some of the more outrageous statements she has lately made, like "We didn't lose a single person" in Benghazi, one must wonder...! [226]

Neocons and the Fox News Channel lost in a wipe-out, and it is time for some high-level resignations in order to restore credibility.

"Turnout reported high in Missouri, Ohio, Chicago suburbs,"[227] as Donald Trump attracts many to the Republican Party.

University values in action, regarding the Middle East: a professor has the courage to call Muslim terrorism what it is, and students hound him off the campus. [228]

"Super Tuesday sequel could set stage for long Clinton-Sanders duel," admits USA Today.

"Report: Donald Trump to Reach GOP Convention Only 74 Delegates Short of Majority." [229] The Establishment may still try to take the nomination away from him.

Angela Merkel, who caved into the liberal media by opening Germany to 1 million Muslim migrants, is thrashed by voters in the election. [230] Why isn't she resigning now?

The anti-Trump Establishment echoes the anti-Andrew Jackson elite, and efforts to stop him "Backfired Big-time," admits left-leaning Politico No question: Donald Trump is making revolution, and the current aristocracy-of-pull don't like it. [231]

Does a worldwide elite now control the finances of all the Western world? Read and decide for yourselves. [232]

A 22-year-old protester jumped a railing and broke through two security guards to rush at Donald Trump at his rally in Dayton today, wrestled down merely a few feet from Trump. “I was ready for him, but it’s much easier if the cops do it, don’t we agree?” Trump declared to a roaring crowd. Notice photo of attacker standing on the American flag

Google's AlphaGo supercomputer has successfully beat the world's best Go player, Lee Se-dol, in a best of five face-off. -- (UPI)

The computer, developed by Google's DeepMind, outplayed its human opponent Saturday with over eight minutes left on the clock.

Those so-called protestors are hired. And at least half of them don't even know why they come. We saw this once before, in Ferguson, Missouri. [233]

Rivals to Donald Trump, including Ted Cruz, wrongly blame Trump for the violent protesters who are censoring Trump's freedom of speech. Fox News even tries to use the protests to stop Trump's momentum. [234]

Another ringing reminder of what a natural born citizen is, and is not. And why John Jay thought it important enough to urge the Framers to use that phrase. [235]

Will governments world-wide abolish cash? If banks want to assess the proportional service charge they call "negative interest," they will. [236]

Hollywood values: Big shots attending the Oscars pledged over $65,000 to Californian Girl Scouts. After all the liberal bragging was over, the girls get just $1,000. [237]

Have those who called themselves the grown-ups ruined everything in America? [238]

Donald Trump cancels an event in the liberal stronghold of the University of Illinois tonight, as police are unable to control the protests. Liberals have been suppressing freedom of speech at college for a long time.

Neocons are on the verge of losing face in Florida, where their hand-picked candidate Marco Rubio heads to a big defeat in his home state, according to fivethirtyeight.

Humility is under-valued in the Western world, as the current Presidential debates seem to show. A critique of Baruch Spinoza from a Jewish perspective. [239]

Financialization – forcing people to go to a bank for more and more activities of living – represents another threat to liberty. [240]

Candidates pulled their punches against Donald Trump in the debate, in a new strategy that may have caused Trump to look weaker.

Debate update: Marco Rubio lights up the night with his passionate criticism of Obama's deal for communist Cuba, and Ted Cruz scores points in his criticisms of Donald Trump.

Instead of confirming scientists' widely-held beliefs, DNA sequences are proving Evolution to be flawed. [241]

Have you heard of Tony Senecal? He was a butler to Donald Trump for 20 years. He knows a thing or two about the man running for President. [242]

Depopulation – the deliberate goal of those who have supplanted our culture. Abortion on demand, homosexuality, transsexuality – they all fit. [243]

Two retired Yankees baseball stars endorse Donald Trump for president, and the liberal media react with fury against them. [244]

Obama refused to attend Justice Scalia's funeral, and now Obama skips Nancy Reagan's funeral, too. [245] Is this because of Obama's Religion?

Are globalists offering the American electorate a false choice? An analysis of current geopolitical trends, and a name Donald Trump dropped in his last debate. [246]

"Turnout in presidential primary breaks 1972 record" in Michigan, by 25%, as 2.4 million people voted and some precincts ran out of ballots. [247]

A different view on Donald Trump and whether the Republican Party debates should continue, or stop. [248]

Why common law protects life, liberty and property while statutory law threatens it. [249]

Donald Trump romps to landslide victories in Michigan & Mississippi, and mocks his rivals' futile attempts to defeat him. [250]

Attacks by RINO loser Mitt Romney against Donald Trump have actually helped Trump, the USA Today concludes based on polling. [251]

Barack Obama shows no respect for the rule of law when he continues to press for gun control. [252]

"Trump and the movement to derail him face new tests Tuesday," as Michigan votes and awards its delegates on a proportional basis. The Establishment is ramping up its efforts to defeat him. [253]

Donald Trump had good reason not to attend this year's CPAC conference. Maybe he should stop showing up for debates that turn into open season on him. [254]

"Dems fret about Trump's appeal. ... Trump's unorthodox message and populist appeal, the Democrats warn, could erode their hold on working-class support and jeopardize their chances in a year when voter disenchantment with Washington is being felt nationwide." TheHill

The turnout at the Republican caucuses in Kansas was more than 2.5 times the turnout in 2012: 81,000 yesterday compared with 30,000 four years ago. [255]

In 2013, the liberal publication The Beast was forced to admit that it was a "terrible year for evolution."

The Beast now heralds an expected creationist triumph. Anti-homosexuality, pro-creationism woman could change America's textbooks: "Mary Lou Bruner is one runoff election away from changing the curriculum for Texas schools — and perhaps the nation—thanks to the state’s outsized influence on publishers. ...her eventual victory looks all but assured."[256]

Nancy Reagan, R.I.P. [257]

The upcoming Florida primary was made winner-take-all to help Establishment candidate Jeb Bush.[258] But now it favors Donald Trump.

Donald Trump wins the Louisiana primary and Kentucky caucuses; Ted Cruz wins the caucuses in Kansas and Maine, which Trump quipped makes sense because it is close to Canada! Trump calls for Marco Rubio to drop out.

Neocons appear to have taken over CPAC, voting heavily against Donald Trump in today's straw poll and picking as their top choice for V.P. Nikki Haley, who wasted her response to Obama's State of the Union address by criticizing Trump's positions. CPAC did not even have Ann Coulter speak.

A ringing reminder: no such people as Palestinian exists or existed. Moses himself predicted this sort of deceit in his valedictory. [259]

Three caucuses today -- particularly in Kansas and Kentucky -- test the momentum of Donald Trump against a strong challenge by Ted Cruz. But Trump will roll to victory in today in evangelical Louisiana, because it is a primary and not a caucus.

Are the Republican National committee and the Mainstream Media conspiring together to hand the election to Hillary Clinton? [260]

Governor Mike Huckabee (R-Ark.) called the Donald Trump phenomenon "an overthrow of the government" and "a bloodless coup." It surely is an overthrow of the Mainstream Media. And they needed overthrowing. [261]

CPAC loses relevancy as Donald Trump cancels his appearance there, deciding to campaign in Kansas instead. [262] CPAC, perhaps not as conservative as it once was, would have seen an organized walk-out on Trump.

Post-debate, Donald Trump reversed his surprising statement in support of H-1B Visas, and reiterated his opposition to them because they are "for the explicit purpose of substituting for American workers at lower pay." [263]

Mitt Romney, the RINO loser who won't go away, ranted against Donald Trump today with silly criticisms like saying that some of Trump's businesses failed. Romney's smear set up Fox News Channel to repeat the cheap shots at the opening of tonight's big debate. [264]

Crack dealer kills a woman and her two kids The suspect was recently set free thanks to Barack Hussein Obama's mass release of federal inmates. [265]

Godless Britain is building 10 special new "healthy towns," comprising of 76,000+ homes, in a desperate attempt to tackle its sloth and gluttony caused obesity crisis.[266] See: United Kingdom and obesity and Atheism and obesity

Imagine how big Britain's obesity problem would be if the mass immigration of slim, religious immigrants hadn't occurred in recent years! See also: Godless Britain is the fat man of Europe

Why closing the Guantanamo terrorist prison would be a very dangerous policy. [267]

"Neocons declare war on Trump." Politico story

until March 2, 2016

"Republican Leaders Still Paralyzed By Donald Trump," and there is a "rumored plan of using a floor fight at the convention to take the nomination away from Trump and anoint someone like Mitt Romney." [268]
Romney has not endorsed anyone and the media promote his anti-Trump comments. [269]

Turnout to vote for a Republican yesterday shattered records in many states, surpassing the old records by about 50% in Virginia and Tennessee. [270]

Donald Trump triumphed in seven state primaries Tuesday, defying the Establishment and the liberal media. Ted Cruz won his home state of Texas, and also Oklahoma and the Alaska caucuses; Marco Rubio won Minnesota.

Did Rush Limbaugh collude with Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) to promote the "Gang of Eight" amnesty bill? Rush Limbaugh denies this, but certain damning evidence has emerged that demands an explanation. [271]

White Democrat turnout at the polls is down 44% from 2008. [272] The GOP numbers are up 70%.

Resorting desperately to the race card, the liberal media claim that "In 1927, Donald Trump’s father was arrested after a Klan riot in Queens," featuring even a newspaper clipping from that era. [273] Donald was not even born yet.

Donald Trump is surging in Texas, and may even grab a third of its 155 delegates Tuesday despite being the home state of Ted Cruz. "Inside Trump’s Texas Insurgency"

Could any candidate campaign today on "making America good again"? First they would have to admit the existence of evil. [274]

The race card is the latest act of desperation by liberals in trying to stop Donald Trump: the lamestream media and White House try to link him to the KKK. Trump responded that he has repeatedly disavowed such support. [275]

"Sen. Jeff Sessions endorses Trump. The Alabama senator's endorsement is a blow to Ted Cruz." [276]

Hillary Clinton has been paid $21,000,000 to "speak" in the last 3 years. Peek at the crony list who she owes favors to. [277]

A note of caution about Donald Trump: he needs to explain whether, how, and why he has changed his mind on many issues, as the video record seems to show. [278]

"The Gun Control Song". Video parodies liberals and their gun control problem: [279]

The Establishment stacked the delegate-selection GOP rules against conservative challengers, but now those same rules will give anti-Establishment Donald Trump a huge delegate windfall on Super Tuesday. [280]

What do Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have to offer today's voter? They look a bit like cake mixes that have lingered in the pantry for fifty years, don't they? [281]

Fox News Hits Three Year Perception Low With Republicans. The rise of Trump and the disgust with Fox's bias is evident more than ever. [282]

"Maine’s Paul LePage became the second governor to endorse Donald Trump on Friday. ... 'I was Donald Trump before Donald Trump became popular. ... we set a record for the most votes in the history of the state of Maine for a governor.'" [283]

"Anti-Trump onslaught begins ... several anti-Trump attacks announced over the past 24 hours, as mainstream Republicans make a desperate attempt to stop his rise." [284] But GOP primary voters are not easily influenced by liberal bias.

"Marco Rubio and Donald Trump emerged Friday as the principal antagonists in an all-out brawl for the future of the Republican Party." [285] Will Trump hold on to his lead?.

Last year, more than twenty famous people met their end. Is God trying to tell the rest of us something? [286]

Why Donald Trump? Because he'll do the best job, says this activist. [287]

"Chris Christie Endorses Donald Trump for President." [288] Together they destroyed Atlantic City with gambling. Christie couldn't endorse Establishment favorite Jeb Bush because he's quit, and Rubio wouldn't appoint Christie to anything. Will Christie's endorsement hurt Trump?

The liberal media declare Marco Rubio to be the winner of last night's debate, but admit that it "will probably not be enough to slow Trump’s momentum going into Super Tuesday." [289]

Have the terms "right" and "left" lost their meaning? They seem to have, in Israeli politics. To the peril of the people of Israel. [290]

"Rubio, Cruz throw it all at Trump. Despite trying to edge each other out of the race, the senators finally unleashed all their opposition research on the race's front-runner." [291]

How the education system in America exists mainly to warp minds. And make them ripe for Anti-Semitism at college. [292]

GOP debate update: Marco Rubio mocks Donald Trump's repeated promise to remove the "lines around the states" in health insurance; John Kasich declares that businesses must provide services even if it violates their faith.

Obama's plan to nominate a pro-abort RINO to the Supreme Court backfires as the Nevada governor declares, "I do not wish to be considered" for the job. [293]

Islam and Nazism have many salient, and ominous, parallels. [294]

Since 2011, a record setting pace of 162 abortion facilities have closed. Each year on average, 31 locations close or stopped performing the procedure. [295]
BREAKING NEWS: The Fifth Circuit rules against abortion clinics and allows the 30-mile rule to go into effect. [296]

There is no such thing as free stuff! Some people, including Bernie Sanders, need to learn that all over again. [297]

Warning! Do not fall into the progressive liberal trap of hero worship. That gave us Barack Hussein Obama on the liberal side. [298]

Donald Trump picks up his first two congressional endorsements. [299] But will the Establishment, RINOs, and Fox News Channel concede defeat?

Trump won among both men and women, evangelical and non-evangelical, and every age group over 30. [300] Marco Rubio finished second again.

Donald Trump wins Nevada!

Why Barack Hussein Obama is a thoroughly anti-American Presidentand how America must redeem herself. [301]

Greatest Conservative Sports Star Bubba Watson just won his 9th PGA title, and even writers in the lamestream media admit that he is not getting the credit he deserves. [302]

Why do the nations, meaning the Gentiles, rage? How and why the world's nations always try to destroy Israel. [303]

The winner of the evangelical vote in South Carolina: Donald Trump, by a 33-27 margin over Ted Cruz. [304]

The source of Donald Trump's appeal he is not a member of anyone's establishment save his own. Therefore, accountable to no one. [305] Another reason for that appeal: today's democratic politics places no value on trans-historical truths. So no one's offering any. [306]

John Kasich still wants to be the Establishment candidate, but he's merely Plan B to Marco Rubio for the RINOs at this point. [307]

Abraham Lincoln once interceded for Jews in Romania. Would anyone repose confidence in a similar intercession for Jews in Iran today? [308]

It's a three-way race now, Donald Trump v. Marco Rubio v. Ted Cruz, with Establishment types expected to pour in their support for Rubio. [309] Mitt Romney may soon endorse Rubio now that Jeb Bush has quit.

Remembering George Washington and his monumental achievements as his real birthday comes up. [310]

Donald Trump wins by a landslide in South Carolina, and Jeb Bush quits. Marco Rubio takes 2nd place with 99.9% of precincts reporting. [311]

Midday, "turnout heavy, voting smooth in SC’s GOP primary." [312] Republican turnout is expected to break the state record.

A conservative case for Donald Trump for President. [313]

The Vatican clarifies that the Pope was not singling out Donald Trump or telling people not to vote for him, despite how the lamestream media tried to spin the headlines yesterday. [314]

Liberal denial in a dilemma: for nearly a decade liberals have denied that a terminally ill Fidel Castro died in a Cuban hospital, but Obama is going to Cuba so why isn't he meeting with Fidel? [315] Perhaps Obama doesn't want to be humiliated by the communist hoax?

A Constitutional scholar has now accepted the challenge by talk-show host Mark Levin to a debate on whether Ted Cruz is, or is not, a natural born citizen within the meaning of Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of the Constitution. [316]

"White House: Obama Will Not Attend Justice Scalia's Funeral." [317] Is that because of Obama's Religion?

Did someone in the government deliberately cause the deaths of LeVoy Finicum and, lately, Justice Antonin Scalia? If they did, releasing evidence afterward might have been a veiled threat to the people. [318]

"Trump: Obama's criticism is a 'compliment' ... 'This man has done such a bad job — he has set us back so far — for him to say that is actually a great compliment,'" Trump said. [319] Is Obama jealous of Trump?

  • Trump had said last week he didn’t think the pope “understands the danger of the open border we have with Mexico.” [320]

The recent GOP debate drew 4 times as many viewers as the politically correct Saturday Night Live. [321]

Donald Trump takes a commanding 17-point lead for the South Carolina primary this Saturday, in post-debate polling. [322]

Moral relativism is always dangerous, but not more so than for Israel. That sort of thing had plagued Israel since before its War for Independence. [323]

Church of England criticized for its prayer for new atheist Richard Dawkins, who suffered a stroke. The Church of England replied that Dawkins himself criticized theaters for censoring a commercial having the Lord's Prayer. [324] See also: New Atheism leaders and unhealthy lifestyles

Maybe Alexander Hamilton had the right idea for nominating Presidents: have independent, uncommitted electors elect him. [325]

Republican Senators to the lame duck, discredited Obama: don't even bother nominating anyone for the Supreme Court vacancy, because he's not going to be confirmed. The next president will replace Justice Antonin Scalia.

With great sadness we announce that Conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has left us for The Lord at age 79. [326] Reportedly he died of natural causes at the resort Cibolo Creek Ranch in West Texas.

Give it up, liberal unions: Republicans just overrode the West Virginia Dem governor's veto, making it the 26th right-to-work state.

Bernie Sanders criticized Barack Obama on the issue of race during Thursday's debate, which will cost Sanders with Dem primary voters outside of all-white New Hampshire.

Demand for a Nobel Prize -- not for Obama this time -- but for a claim that a fleeting "chirp" in an experiment was caused by never-seen-before gravity waves from alleged black holes more than a billion light-years away. The Nobel committee properly rejected a similar demand in 1920 for Arthur Eddington's claim of proving General Relativity, but the committee is more liberal and less scientific today.

Even the left-leaning New Yorker magazine now admits "Why Donald Trump Is Such a Formidable Politician." [327]

Those few people who actually watched the Super Bowl actually caught a commercial that provoked controversy – for a commercial message hinting at pro-life sympathy even where the company might never had intended it. [328]

Donald Trump carried the New Hampshire Republican Party primary. And by so doing he confirmed Conservapedia's own thesis: Professor values and other warped values from the university system lead one to embrace liberal politics. Which is why Trump led among those who had not had university education – or rather, university indoctrination. [329]

Conservapedia stumps new atheist Richard Dawkins and his fans on Twitter.[330]

Europeans are hoarding cash as fear about the economy grows, and the "hoarding is not limited to financially troubled countries." [331]

Once again: Ted Cruz is not Constitutionally eligible to the office of President. The meaning of Emmerich de Vattel's Law of Nations is incontrovertible. [332]

Conservapedia proven right: 2.5 million people did "unplug the NFL" for Super Subsidy 50 compared with last year, and this year's audience even failed to attain the viewership of the lopsided game two years ago, despite media hype that predicted record ratings this year. [333]

until February 7, 2016

The young never learned the truth about socialism. And the Democratic Party are trying to keep them from learning it. [334]

Israel should switch to multi-district elections. Other countries, some with even smaller land areas and populations, do it already. [335]

Super Bowl MVP goes to a Denver defensive player, as Overrated Sports Stars Peyton Manning underachieves again and Tom Brady is heavily booed during the pregame show. [336]

Prices for Super Fleece Sunday are beyond extreme. One slice of pizza will cost you $10. [337]

"Bush campaign manager warns aides to watch for 'dirty tricks' from Rubio camp." [338] Bush, Rubio, Kasich and Christie are fighting for the same Establishment sliver of the pie in the New Hampshire primary.

How to revive rule of law in Israel. [339]

Donald Trump increases his lead in the New Hampshire primary, and his closest rival Marco Rubio is being widely criticized by the media based on the debate. [340]

Strong performance by Donald Trump in the debate Saturday, including a swipe in closing at Ted Cruz, likely secures an historic victory for Trump in the New Hampshire primary, pundits observe.

Jeb Bush nearly knocks Donald Trump out over eminent domain, but then Trump recovered by pointing out that the GOP-supported Keystone Pipeline is a private project depending heavily on eminent domain.

Chris Christie launches into a vicious attack on Marco Rubio, who responds by reciting the same canned phrases over and over, at the final GOP debate before the New Hampshire primary. But later Marco Rubio makes a passionate pro-life statement at the expense of Chris Christie and Jeb Bush.

Beware of exploding atheist brains: Sheriff adds 'In God We Trust' to all patrol cars in Rutherford County. [341]

Will Hillary Clinton's incessantly loud, grating voice cost her the Democratic Party nomination? [342]

Has Rush Limbaugh ceased to defend the Constitution? Is he now part of the "establishment"? [343]

"Panthers Beat Broncos In Subsidy Bowl 50," by bilking taxpayers for "only" $165 million, while the Broncos grab $400 million in handouts. "League-wide, about 70% of the capital cost of NFL stadiums has been provided by taxpayers, not NFL owners" - who are billionaires. [344]

Hillary Clinton actually professes to be a Christian and to follow the Ten Commandments. Really? Is she serious? [345]

Unplug the NFL: Super Bowl ratings have declined among the key 18-49 age group for four straight years, despite the liberal hype to get people to watch the game. [346] Overall, only a third of Americans watch the game. Donald Trump no longer watches football, but Jeb Bush plays fantasy football.

The true meaning of decadence and how it plagues societies that think of themselves as democracies rather than republics. [347]

What happened in Iowa? Did Ted Cruz try to manage the news about Ben Carson? [348]

"Marco Rubio surges into 2nd place in New Hampshire, as Donald Trump still leads: poll." [349]

Darwinism Has Run Out of Time.[350]

Donald Trump comments on Obama's recent visit to a mosque: "maybe he feels comfortable there." [351] Trump is the only candidate who stands up to the liberal media about Obama's Religion.

Conservapedia proven right, again: Rick Santorum stuns conservatives by endorsing moderate Marco Rubio today. [352]

Why did so many voters in Iowa support Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)? How far has American education declined, that one who speaks exactly like a Soviet-era commissar could enjoy such approval? [353]

"Republican officials anticipate a record turnout given the enthusiasm surrounding Trump’s candidacy," in today's Iowa caucuses. [354]

What do you call it when people refuse to learn from history? We see that today in Israel. [355]

Donald Trump faces his first election today in the Iowa caucuses: “This is actually my first election night. I’ve gone through many election nights but it was always for somebody else,” he said. [356]

Beware stealth jihadists supporting their efforts through some of the products you buy. [357]

Adolf Hitler: the socialist left-wing liberal with the horrible mustache.[358]

"Bernie Sanders' Small Donor Fundraising Continues To Set Records. Almost all of the $75 million his campaign raised in 2015 came from small donors." [359]

Donald Trump moves ahead by 5 points in the final poll for the Iowa caucuses, while on the Dem side it is a virtual tie. [360]

Mass protest against gay legal recognition in Italy. "Opponents hope their protest, backed by the Catholic Church, will put the brakes on the bill." [361]

"Trump: Cruz is an 'anchor baby.'" Trump added, "When you were born in Canada you aren’t supposed to be running for president of the United States.” [362]

Donald Trump filled every seat for his rival event last night, and raised $6 million for veterans. "When you’re treated badly, you have to stick up for your rights - whether we like it or not," he said about Fox News, which insisted on using the biased feminist Megyn Kelly as its debate moderator. [363]

Conservatives Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum join Donald Trump's event, which Trump is hosting rather than participate in the feminist-moderated Fox News debate. Meanwhile, prominent forecaster "fivethirtyeight" says that Trump has surpassed Ted Cruz to take the lead in the Iowa caucuses. [364]

From a Bar-Ilan (Israel) ex-professor comes this scathing indictment of Harvard University and some of its less-distinguished alumni. [365]

Karl Marx is required reading for college economics classes. Professor values plus Worst College Majors equals mountains of debt, few job skills and liberal indoctrination. [366]

"Trump debate withdrawal is backfiring big-time on Fox News." [367]

The Anti-Trump Network: Fox News Money Flows into Open Borders Group.[368]

An interesting theory on relations between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama: does Obama plan to sabotage her campaign to promote Joe Biden as his puppet-on-a-string? [369]

Pushy feminist Megyn Kelly destroys the final debate by insisting on being the (biased) moderator, and Donald Trump shows guts in declining to participate in the sham. [370] Real journalism puts the public first, but instead Fox News Channel caves into feminism.

Donald Trump humiliates the neocon, feminist Fox News Channel by announcing he won't participate in its presidential debate Thursday night, particularly if the biased Megyn Kelly is the moderator. [371]

Donald Trump dominates the GOP field at 41%.[372] Highest ever for Trump.

Nationalistic, anti-Muslim immigrant appeals have swept center right candidates into power in Europe in recent years. Is America next?

Donald Trump gains endorsements from evangelical Jerry Falwell, Jr., [373] Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and former pitching star John Rocker.

Does Israel suffer from the same leftist brainwashing we see in America? [374]

Humiliated by Overrated Sports Star Tom Brady's inept performance in losing the playoff game, the liberal media continue to promote him anyway. Why do liberals like to promote people suspected of having violated the rules for years?

Rabid pro-aborts run amok: called to investigate wrongdoing by Planned Parenthood, instead a Texas county indicts pro-lifers who courageously exposed the truth about Planned Parenthood. [375]

The Mainstream Media, for all the hate they profess for Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey, totally ignore a major lawsuit against him. Because its intent is to restore the rights of New Jersey residents under the Second Amendment. [376]

Conservapedia proven right, again: Overrated Sports Star Tom Brady demonstrates how lousy he really is when the pass protection is not perfect and the footballs are not deflated for him: 2 interceptions and less than a 50% completion rate, for an upset defeat in the big game. [377]

Saudi Arabia miscalculated: Fracking can't be taken out. [378]

A Leftist lashes out at Hollywood claptrap: "Canada's Trudeau to DiCaprio: Your climate remarks don't help." The liberal Trudeau lectured DiCaprio that "there are families suffering, out of work, who need to be supported, and inflammatory rhetoric doesn't necessarily help those families or help Canada." [379]

Abraham had an "impossible" blessing: a child (Isaac) in his very old age. Judaism thus began with the impossible. So is a secure Israel an impossible dream? [380]

Record-setting amount of snow fell in Baltimore (29.2 inches), and its records go back to 1892. [381] Look like global warming to you?

The best word for the March for Life this year: defiance. Defiance of the Mainstream Media and of liberal politicians and other nay-sayers. [382]

The new liberal expansion in government power: New York Dem Governor completely bans travel from New Jersey to New York City, citing the snowstorm as the basis. [383] Yet many private vehicles handle snow well, and most of the NJ-NY crossings are not even exposed to snow.

One does not show mercy to those who twist justice. [384]

Update on the Iowa caucuses: "Of the four polls released yesterday, Cruz and Trump are effectively tied in two of the surveys, but Cruz trails by double digits in two others." [385]

There are rumors that Tim Tebow may be signed with the Dallas Cowboys or the San Francisco 49ers.[386]

Country Singer Blake Shelton is Shocked Tim Tebow's Christian Faith Might Be Keeping Him Out of NFL.[387]

The March for Life lives on today after the federal government shuts down at noon. No change due to weather for this longest continuous mass protest in world history.

Zoning error led to the partial destruction of historic James Bell Tavern, birthplace of the Bill of Rights. [388] The actual Bill of Rights is not fairing much better.

Brits embarrass the English-speaking world again, this time with their rabid namecalling against Donald Trump on the floor of the U.K. Parliament. [389]

Glenn Frey, co-founder of the Eagles, R.I.P. at age 67. "We were family, and like most families, there was some dysfunction,” said his bandmate Don Henley in a heartfelt tribute. [390]

More liberal bias: the lamestream media insist that Trump mispronounced a book of the Bible when he said "2 Corinthians" (which is how it reads) rather than "Second Corinthians." In fact, Trump receive a standing ovation from evangelicals at Liberty University for his speech. [391]

The awesome power of the free market: "Michigan becomes first state to welcome back gas under $1." [392]

Christian superstar and Tebow-defender Larry Fitzgerald single-handedly carries the underachieving Cardinals to an extraordinary victory over the Packers. Yet neither Christianity nor his participation in Bible study is mentioned anywhere in the wordy Wikipedia entry about him.

An open letter to Senator Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) asking when he's going to start supporting the Americans who elected him, and not Islamists. [393]

Marco Rubio steps up his criticisms of Ted Cruz, alleging on Meet the Press that "Ted has raised a lot of money out of New York. He didn't [attack "New York values"] when he was there raising money." [394]

What Islam really is, and the goals it has pursued for 1400 years. [395]

Setback for the homosexual agenda: worldwide Anglican church revokes authority of U.S. Episcopalian church because it accepts same-sex marriage. "Episcopalians no longer represent us on ecumenical and interfaith bodies and have the equivalent of observer status in Anglican commissions," Anglican leaders declared. [396]

Liberals constantly rip America for slavery of 400 years ago yet a new report says 30 million people are slaves today. Stop your whining and do something to stop this crime. [397]

Hollywood values strike again: no black actor received an Oscar nomination this year, while Hollywood preaches to America about diversity.

How do so many American politicians get so rich, so fast, while in office? And these are only the ones we catch! [398]

Conservapedia proven right, again: Lindsey Graham endorses Jeb Bush for president, which means Donald Trump still has a very steep hill to climb. See Nomination by endorsement.

A Donald Trump style immigration moratorium shouldn't make Muslim nation-states hate America after all. Against ISIS, we and they would be natural allies. [399]

Anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism both flow from the same envious source. [400]

Marco Rubio launches into a 11-point criticism of alleged contradictions by Ted Cruz; Jeb Bush then refers to both as "back-bench senators."

Fireworks early on the issue of natural born Citizen in tonight's debate, as Donald Trump and Ted Cruz face off over it.

Passion and humor in the undercard debate set the stage for tonight's main event, where Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are expected to knock each other.

Liberal claptrap gets tiresome: "President Obama's final State of the Union had lowest TV rating in 15 years," lower than all of George W. Bush's annual speeches. [401]

"Mike Bloomberg Just Can’t Stop Polling Himself" for a potential third-party bid for president. [402]

"Upset Republican donors: Have we wasted our money?" Massive donations to Super PACs have had virtually no influence. [403]

Multi-billionaire NFL Rams owner leaves the impoverished city of St. Louis with $100 million in debt to pay on a now-abandoned Rams football stadium. [404]

Republicans, take warning: do not nominate Chris Christie. [405]

"Republican Party Uses State of the Union Response to Attack Donald Trump." [406] The RINO response is wasted on praising immigration.

The liberal left, blind by reason of the evil inclinations of their own hearts, can't see the evil inclinations of others. [407]

The taxpayer-funded NFL just told St. Louis and San Diego that $400 million in new taxpayer subsidies is not enough to keep a football team. [408] Corporate welfare at its worst: the Rams owner is worth more than $6 billion, and “yet he refuses to pay for stadiums for the teams he owns.” [409]

A retrospective on the Gaza disengagement and how wrong it was. [410]

"Our poll findings show the Birther Issue could actually cost Cruz Iowa," declares the director of the Public Policy Polling. [411] Expect heated debate about this on the 14th.

Neocon Fox excludes two mavericks, Rand Paul and Carly Fiorina, from the upcoming debate, making it less interesting. [412]

David Bowie, R.I.P.: "Station to Station is considered his most explicitly religious work and is said to have been written when he turned to Christianity during his cocaine fueled days." [413]

How closely does the government of Israel really follow public opinion? That depends on whom you ask, and which public opinion you're talking about. [414]

Donald Trump has followed the lead of Conservapedia, and unplugged the NFL. "Who wants to watch these crummy games?" he said Sunday. [415]

A scathing critique of the proportional representation system in the Knesset in Israel. [416]

Rush Limbaugh comes a cropper on the meaning of the phrase natural born citizen in the Constitution. [417]

Hollywood values: Celebrities that publicly spout their liberalism get punished at the box office. [418]

Hillary Clinton's lead almost evaporates for the Iowa caucuses, making it possible that Bernie Sanders will defeat her in both Iowa and New Hampshire. [419]

NFL says that the Oakland, San Diego, St. Louis football stadiums are “inadequate and unsatisfactory.” [420] Translation: the NFL wants even more than the billion dollars-a-year in taxpayer subsidies it already takes. [421]

Bernie Sanders moves ahead to a landslide 13-point lead over Hillary Clinton for the New Hampshire primary. [422] If the Democrat Party were democratic, then Sanders would win the nomination. But it is isn't.

That's pathetic: Obama's town hall on gun control, promoted heavily by CNN, draws only 2.4 million viewers - a tiny fraction of the political debate audiences. [423]

"Trump, Cruz on brink of epic clash. ... As of Thursday evening, Trump held a 15-point lead in the RealClearPolitics national polling average and a two-to-one advantage over his closest rival in New Hampshire," but a Cruz victory in Iowa could change that. [424]

Debate heats up over what "natural born Citizen" means, which the U.S. Constitution requires of presidential candidates. McCain and Trump raise questions about Ted Cruz, but Cruz says McCain is just trying to help Marco Rubio. [425]

Will moral clarity finally prevail at "Mizzou"? [426]

Read this short story now while you can be sure it's still fiction. A post-American history, with a twist. [427]

A look ahead to the rest of the twenty-first century, in the Middle East and elsewhere. [428]

Why are our own legislators aiding our enemies? [429]

Germany shocked by Cologne New Year gang assaults on women. About 1,000 drunk and aggressive young men were involved who appeared to be of Arab and North African descent (where Islam dominates). The attacks appear to have been organized. [430]

"An epidemic of rape cases across Europe has police in the U.K., Norway, Sweden, Germany and other nations worried. But you won’t hear much about it in the U.S. mainstream media because the epidemic is a byproduct of the influx into Europe of a million, mostly Muslim, migrants."[431]

Muslim men rape non-Muslim women in disproportionately high numbers in countries with growing Muslim minority populations.[432][433]

"Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore says judges barred from issuing same-sex marriage licenses." [434] It's a stunning setback for the homosexual agenda.

One need not be weak if he is right with God. [435]

“It’s time to champion school choice, and especially homeschooling,” Conservative presidential candidate Ted Cruz said while rebuking Common Core. [436]

"UK Parliament to Debate Banning Trump." [437] Freedom of speech is uniquely American.

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia: 'No Place' in Constitution that Rules Out God in Government. [438]

"Gun Stocks Surge As Obama Issues Executive Orders" to impose gun control. [439] Will "free market control" be next? And for that matter, we should ask ourselves: what Constitution? [440]

"Our Second Amendment right to carry is what saved our lives," explains a young mother, and the knife-wielding assailant confirmed it by declaring, "you're lucky he has a gun" before he retreated. USA Today story

Hillary Clinton thinks aliens from outer space may have visited us: "I think we may have been [visited already]. We don't know for sure." [441]

Donald Trump rolls out his television ad campaign, and vows to spend $2 million per week now on advertising. "I don't know if I need it, but I don't want to take any chances because if I win we are going to make America great again," Trump declares. [442]

A reminder of the singular importance of the Vattel Criteria for natural born citizenship. [443]

Trump rally overflows a coliseum in the Bible Belt on Saturday, and he lambasts liberal media bias as a cameraman refuses Trump's request to show the massive size of the crowd on TV. [444]

"No one expected Republican politics to be so riveting," exclaims one commentator as the Iowa caucuses are less than 30 days away and the outcome is highly unpredictable. "Insiders Are Out of Fashion"

"'I have spent very little (and am in 1st place),' Trump tweeted this week. 'Now I will spend big in Iowa/N.H./S.C.'" [445] Will he win?

Meanwhile, a professor emeritus of political science at Bar-Ilian University, Israel, endorses Ted Cruz for President. [446]

"Sanders Campaign Says It Raised Over $33 Million Since October," boosting his goal to win an upset in the Iowa caucuses and then roll to victory in the New Hampshire primary over Hillary Clinton. [447]

"Marco Rubio Campaign Donor Behind Anti-Trump Sky Writing at Rose Bowl."[448]

"Clinton emails: Billionaire Soros said he regretted backing Obama. ... Soros gave $5 million to help elect Obama in 2008, and ... he later felt snubbed by the president." [449]

Why does a credit card issuer with a name that seems to celebrate capitalism choose a pitchman who has only bad things to say about it? [450]

A million gun owners in Texas can walk around with their handguns visible starting today, as "'Open Carry’ Goes Into Effect Across Texas." [451]


Still a celebrity wannabe: Obama resorts to appearing on another television show to try to get attention. [452]

An early firing of the coach who cut Tim Tebow and then led the Eagles to an abysmal 6-9 record. It's implausible that Tebow, with his track record of success, would have done that badly. [453]

Homosexuality versus Christians in a Massachusetts court. Religious liberty means nothing to liberal justices. [454]

Why do so many scientists get it wrong in trying to deny the universe had a creator? [455][456]

A few scenes from the real Middle East and Islam, in reply to a typical display of professor values at a once-fine university. And a few scenes showing the contributions of Israel to mankind. [457]

"How Washington created some of the worst schools in America." "It's just the epitome of broken," Obama Administration official Arne Duncan admits. "Just utterly bankrupt." [458]

Setback for the liberal media and socialists: Donald Trump is the second-most admired man in America. [459]

Can one be moral without God? No. Not the way God wants us to be. [460][461]

Outspoken Christian Stephen Curry wins AP male athlete of the year, yet the in-depth ESPN tribute to Curry omits how he is driven to excel by his faith. [462] Notice how many liberals refused to rank him first, voting for a horse instead.

As Bernie Sanders creates fantasy economic talk promoting Socialism, Argentina runs as fast as they can toward free markets with positive results. [463]

The people are rejecting the Permanent Bipartisan Fusion Party a.k.a. the Establishment. This has led to a flurry of elitist hate for Donald Trump supporters, mocked as 'Trumpkins'. [464]

"LeBron James says he has no Christmas traditions because he's always on the road: 'If I can get a home game on Christmas, then we’ll have a tradition.'" [465] Do we really need to interrupt Christmas with professional sports?

Wind Turbines and solar panels are failing to provide sufficient energy despite being heavily subsidized. The top 11 problems facing green energy. [466]

A loss in faith will cause an individual -- and an entire culture -- to decline: "The percentage of Americans who follow no religion has risen from 14.6 percent in 2008 to 19.6 percent this year." [467]

Baylor University researchers indicate that Christianity is not on the decline in the USA. See: Baylor University researchers: American Christianity is not on the decline

A rare full moon -- with a halo -- ushered in Christmas this morning. [468]

until Christmas 2015

The NBA insists on interrupting Christmas by broadcasting a game and pushing gun control propaganda during it. [469] How about encouraging viewers to go to church instead? That would actually help reduce crime.

Liberal denial: this is the top headline in the U.K., but is largely ignored by the lamestream media in the U.S.: "Hundreds of Black Lives Matter storm Minneapolis Airport and cause travel chaos as riot police are deployed to terminals." [470]

Ted Cruz declares that opposing homosexual marriage is not a priority, yet some evangelical leaders support him. [471]

We mourn the loss of 6 brave soldiers killed in Afghanistan. Reuters makes it all about gay love. [472]

Double standard by the liberal media: in 2011, an NPR reporter used the exact same verb, to describe defeat of the Geraldine Ferraro ticket, that Donald Trump used recently, yet the media insist that only Trump's use was shockingly vulgar. [473]

Landslide defeat for same-sex marriage, 63-37%, by referendum in Slovenia. [474] That is an even bigger margin of defeat there than 4 years ago!

The anti-Establishment GOP candidates still lead the Establishment ones by 66-34%, and even after Graham's exit "the establishment lane is still too full." [475] And while we're on the subject: it's time for the GOP to get itself re-radicalized. [476]

Conservapedia proven right, again: Lindsey Graham drops out of the presidential race. [477]

Another BDS case, this from an organization which, according to its charter, should know better. What's more, that organization breaches its fiduciary duty by so acting. [478]

Can Israel learn, and start practicing, the art of war as Sun Tzu described it? [479]

Spot on again, Donald Trump observes that Hillary Clinton "lies like crazy about everything .... She's a liar and everybody knows that." [480]

Why Western civilization is under threat: the professors, with their professor values, don't think it worth defending. [481]

A stern lesson in warfare from one of the best real experts America ever produced: General George S. Patton. [482]

Has Israel ever used disproportional force against an enemy? What constitutes "disproportional"? Maybe one should ask the city fathers of Dresden. [483]

Fewer than half as many people watched the Dem debate as the GOP one, as a paltry audience of less than 7 million tuned in to see Bernie Sanders apologize to Hillary. [484]

Can democracy avail against such an enemy of civilization as Islam? The old chronicler of civilization, Will Durant, suggested not. And he might be right. [485]

Bernie Sanders apologizes to Hillary Clinton, making the recent Dem debate a complete farce. [486] If elected, the Dem will probably apologize to American enemies next.

Marco Rubio, already criticized for his absenteeism in the Senate, was the only presidential contender to miss the big spending bill vote. On the eve of the vote "he suggested that he could try to slow the legislation down." [487]

Barack Hussein Obama clearly uses the voice of a tyrant whenever a "mass shooting" takes place. Even when those with an obvious political motive do the deed. [488]

An important symbol of Judeo-Christian heritage: the Rainbow and the Vatican movement to take it back from LGBT activists. [489]

"Trump tells Bill O'Reilly: 'I get better press' from CNN than Fox." [490] No surprise here, where Fox's bias against conservatives has been pointed out for years.

The NFL orders the Governor of Missouri to reduce the paltry NFL payment for a new $1.1 billion stadium in St. Louis. [491] How about unplugging the NFL instead??

"Putin praises Trump: He’s a really brilliant and talented person." [492] Trump would not push the homosexual agenda on Russia as Obama tries to do.

Manmade global warming is a hoax! This new video presentation, with supporting charts, shows how and why. [493]

Why America doesn't work anymore: John Adams warned the Constitution could govern only a moral and religious people, and America isn't that today. [494]

GOP debate drew a massive 18 million audience, despite stiff competition by "TV’s most popular reality show (NBC’s 'The Voice') and the year’s finale episode of TV’s most-watched drama." [495]

Winners and Losers in Tuesday's final GOP debate of 2015.

Marco Rubio declares that he is open to amnesty, and Ted Cruz brings him down over the issue. Rubio looks frazzled, but struck back at how Cruz supported vastly expanding H-1B visas.

Jeb Bush calls Trump the "chaos candidate" in the opening minutes of Tuesday's debate, which appeared to rattle Trump.

Ceiling Shattered: Donald Trump Surges to 41% Nationally.[496]

Barack Hussein Obama fakes being tough, says America is hitting ISIS harder than ever. [497] A Christian is murdered by Muslims every 5 minutes. [498]

Donald Trump, riding high in the polls, declares that Ted Cruz is not qualified to be president but that Pete Rose -- who gambled on baseball games while playing and continued to gamble on them as a Fox Sports analyst -- belongs in the Baseball Hall of Fame. [499] Well, Trump does like gambling!

Radical School Principal Bans Pledge of Allegiance, Christmas and Thanksgiving.[500]

Mark Zuckerberg Backed Immigration Bill Would Allow Unlimited Muslim Immigration.[501]

Setback for atheists: Heisman Trophy winner Derrick Henry mentions God 5 times in his acceptance speech, including this: ‘Always Keep God First. Always Pray. Don’t be Afraid to Pray.’" [502] Why are atheists so unsuccessful in sports?

Could someone bring down Barack Obama now, ahead of the election? Read the nine points that touch on trouble Obama has brought upon himself. [503]

Nine candidates are selected for Tuesday's GOP debate, as Rand Paul and Chris Christie make the cut. [504]

Ted Cruz opens a 10-point lead over Donald Trump in the Iowa caucuses, and Trump responds by criticizing Cruz for not getting along with people better. [505] Will Trump criticize Cruz more harshly next?

Did Europe change its history for the worse at Auschwitz? Did the Holocaust pave the way for the Muslim incursion? [506]

DHS Shut Down Investigation Into Farook And Malik Linked Islamist Group To Protect ‘Civil Liberties’ Of Potential Terrorists.[507]

Another way to look at Islam and its existential conflict with civilization. [508]

Conservative humor: The Gun Control Song. [509]

Find A College Where The Faculty’s Not All Liberals. [510] The list has shrunk over the decades but a few schools of higher education remain.

If you are a Republican candidate, the liberal media has a giant target on your back. The conservative media doesn't let their dishonesty stand unchallenged by exposing the shady characters that fund Democrats. [511]

A review of the things we know about Barack Hussein Obama – and more to the point, what we don't know. [512]

Setback for gambling on football: Judge shuts down fantasy football in New York, but an appeals court stays the ruling pending appeal. [513]

Laying it on the line about what a nuclear Iran really means. [514]

French raid mosques and mosque leader homes: Find war-grade weapons and jihadist videos/materials.[515]

Another Fox News anchor is definitely anti-Trump.[516]

Capital punishment v. abortion, in liberal politics and in Jewish law. [517]

Another win for Conservapedia: college football playoffs get rid of fantasy football ads. [518] Our "Unplug the NFL" entry has been criticizing the NFL for promoting the gambling.

"Stop the Bullyionaire": Jeb Bush’s Biggest Donor Launches Personal Anti-Trump Campaign.[519]

Why Donald Trump’s Winning: 9 Facts About Islam The Media Doesn’t Want You To Know.[520]

Some timely thoughts on citizenship in light of Donald Trump's timely (and entirely legal and Constitutional) call for a moratorium on Muslim immigration. [521]

Conservapedia proven right, again: "Is college worth it? Goldman Sachs says maybe not." [522] If a student pursues one of the Worst College Majors, it may not be worth it.

The difference between real heroes and villains – and a primer on the Crusades and on outward biblical signs in the Middle East. [523]

Lamestream media names pro-immigration German Chancellor Angela Merkel as Time Person of the Year. "Caitlyn" Jenner is a runner-up! [524]

After overlooking basketball's greatest star -- faith-driven Steph Curry -- Nike bets its future on LeBron James with a massive new endorsement deal. [525] But can liberal media hype for Overrated Sports Stars outdo Curry's 22-0 start?
UPDATE: Curry improved the record to 23-0 with another win Tuesday night.

Socialism in Venezuela THROWN OUT!
Opposition in national elections wins in a landslide, ending two decades of socialist rule begun by Hugo Chavez. [526][527][528]

Contrast the typical secular, that is, atheistic, progressive response – "God isn't fixing this" – with the actual compassion Republican candidates have shown. [529]

Outspoken Christian Steph Curry dethrones Nike's control of the basketball shoe market, as Curry leads the Warriors to a 22-0 start. [530] While Nike chased after Overrated Sports Stars, a small shoe company saw the potential in faith-based Curry.

When you don't know whether to laugh or cry at the silly statements of Democrats, try laughing. From Jewish humor comes an uproariously funny suggestion of where Democrats really come from. [531]

Obama exploits the tragedy to demand more gun control from Congress, based on liberal claptrap. Obama even promotes Islam in his short speech, insisting that Americans must fully accept it.

Reaction by even a CNN commentator to Sunday's speech by Obama: "his head is in the clouds ... a little more realism" is needed.

College president urges students to carry guns on campus. “Let’s teach them a lesson if they ever show up here,” he added in a reference to terrorists. [532]

GOP candidates stand strong against liberal demands for gun control. [533] Gun violence is actually much less than in the past.

A corrupt tree will produce only corrupt fruit. So says the Bible. The American electorate must understand this. [534]

How the Nazis practiced gun control: [535]

Feminists cheer and liberal journalists write fawning praise as 'Women In Combat' became official. [536] More leftist social experiments will not make the country stronger.

NY Daily News Mocks Those Who Invoke God Instead of Gun Control.[537]

A Bernardino victim, who had converted to Messianic Judaism, reportedly argued with the mass murderer two weeks ago about Israel. The victim was "'pro everything American' and liked to talk politics, including his support for the Second Amendment right to bear arms and his anti-abortion stance." [538]

"Why isn't Taylor Swift or Adele playing the Super Bowl?" [539] Are they are not liberal enough in their songs?

"We’ve had a massive decline in gun violence in the United States," admits even the lamestream media. WaPost story.

Moral depravity tragically hits a new low: "Shooting rampage in California leaves 14 dead, 17 wounded" at a facility that helps people with developmental disabilities. [540] Update: One of the shooters was a Muslim.[541]

Obama Exceeds 3-Minute Speaking Limit at Climate Change Gathering — Watch What Happens When He Gets Signal to Wrap It Up.[542]

FBI chief is wild card for Hillary Clinton.[543]

More on what global trade implies when some parties, like China, are tilting the field. And it's not pretty for America. [544]

More thoughts on Islam and Muslims as the Mainstream Media still can't come to grips with Donald Trump's inconvenient memory. [545]

The Internet Archive vindicates Donald Trump about Muslims celebrating the September 11, 2001 attacks. [546]

Everyone consider carefully what a natural born citizen really is. At least two Presidential candidates this year, are not. [547]

Police officer killed at Planned Parenthood facility was a pro-life, Christian pastor.[548]

Obama Threatened Every US State That Won’t Take Syrian Refugees, They Would Be Subject To Federal Enforcement Action.[549]

Professor values: 14-Year-Old Slapped, Dragged Out of School by Her Hair for Not Wearing Muslim Headscarf. Where It Allegedly Happened Might Irritate You.[550]

Still think Islam is a religion of peace?

Adele's new album is free of liberal claptrap and it shatters sales records. "Journalist: Adele is Hugely Popular 'Because She Doesn't Do Anything to Alienate Conservative Fans.'" [551]

Has Benjamin Netanyahu disqualified himself as Prime Minister of Israel, by being too willing to make peace deals with unscrupulous people? These include both Mahmoud Abbas and Barack Hussein Obama. [552]

Free rides for children in his helicopter, a surprise visit by an elephant, and defiance against the liberal media energize another large crowd at Donald Trump's rally in Florida. [553]

"Sales at retail stores on Black Friday fell 10 percent" and "sales on Thanksgiving dropped by the same percentage." One mentioned reason is a backlash against the commercialization of the religious holiday. [554]

Outspokenly Christian, best of the public Stephen Curry leads the Golden State Warriors to a record-setting 17-0 start with a blowout win Friday night. Curry was not a top draft pick.

Actions speak louder than words. Especially from nominal conservatives. [555]

"ESPN Has Lost 7 Million Subscribers The Past Two Years," which pledged "$1.9 billion a year to the NFL for Monday Night Football." [556] Apparently millions of people are unplugging the NFL.

In France the center-right political party renamed themselves earlier this year as the "Republicans", and now "French politics shifts right after Paris attacks." [557]

A critical examination of the historical claims of Israel to the land it occupies. Why won't European professors understand that? [558]

Setback for liberal claptrap: more people reject Obama's attempts to get them to go to college, and college attendance is declining rather than increasing as liberals want. [559] Now that colleges are a liberal wasteland, should employers be banned from requiring college degrees?

Does Barack Obama really prefer Muslim extremists to Christian children? [560]

How Barack Obama wrongfully reset the moral compass of America. [561]

Ted Cruz moves into a statistical tie with Donald Trump to lead the Iowa caucuses. [562] Will they start criticizing each other now, for a change?

Mountains of unpaid student loan debt, often caused by Worst College Majors, has prompted liberal States to create their own student loan counseling units. [563]

A detailed explanation of what "militia" means in the Second Amendment and why that distinction is critical. [564]

Conservative victory in Argentina. Mauricio Macri wins runoff election for president, and a Conservative government ousts ruling leftists. [565]

Lamestream media at work: Bernie Sanders leads the voting by Time readers for "Person of the Year," which will be announced in less than two weeks. [566] Donald Trump says "there’s no way they give it to me ... even if I deserve it."

America cannot fight a war against a religious enemy so long as it strays from its founding religion. [567]

"The NFL Is Considering 14 Straight Hours of Football on Sundays," which would interfere further with church attendance and marriages. [568] Time to unplug the NFL, and open the Bible.

Obama's quotes about Islam and Christianity: Can you determine which is his true passion? [569]

What happens when students graduate from university and find the real world works different from how they learned? [570]

40 heavy bombers showcase intensified airstrikes from Russia against ISIS targets in Syria. [571] The massive display of military might did not include dropping leaflets.

Why does Obama Continue To Use The Term “ISIL” Instead Of “ISIS”? [572]

Did Barack Obama set out to see a terror group rise and become an Islamic State? [573]

Another falsehood promoted by the liberal media has been disproved: it was not a female suicide bomber in France this week as the media claimed. [574] Why wasn't the media skeptical before promoting the falsehood?

Hillary Clinton shows how unwise she is by opposing any effort to slow down or stop the inflow of "refugees" from Syria. [575]

What Israel should prepare to do, no matter what the world says, since the world either doesn't care, or doesn't know what to do. [576]

Alexis de Tocqueville warned America against the plague of nihilism in American education today. Maybe we need another De Tocqueville. [577]

Obama Continues To Use The Term “ISIL” Instead Of “ISIS” And The Reason Is Sickening.[578]

House defies Obama, approves bill halting Syrian refugees.[579]

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has confirmed that eight Syrians illegal immigrants were taken into custody at the Laredo port of entry.[580]

22 GOP governors are publicly rejecting Obama’s plan to relocate Syrian refugees.[581]

"This was supposed to be the era of big-money politics. So why does it seem to buy so little?," asks Big money has not delivered big poll numbers.

Professor values have created a monster that now has professors running scared. That monster is political correctness. [582]

A dissenting view about Donald Trump and why people flock to him. [583]

Reckless endangerment: that's what gun control now amounts to in this new age of terrorism. [584]

The latest Dem debate drew only 8.6 million viewers. [585] That is lowest of any debate so far, and barely one-third the audience of the first GOP debate.

Fact check liberal bias: PolitiFact claims Obama statement about ISIS contained - True! [586]

Subsequent to the Islamic attack in Paris, France driving Donald Trump's support up to 42 percent in the Republican presidential primary, desperate establishment Republicans are now abandoning Jeb Bush and turning to Marco Rubio.[587][588]

"Fears that the holiday shopping season will be a dud." [589] Some merchants are shifting away from Black Friday.

The criminal charges facing Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton. [590] It's likely each charge carries a mandatory 5-year prison sentence.

"At least one man linked to Paris attacks registered as refugee in Greece," according to police. [591] Greece is the primary entry point to the EU by refugees from Syria.

"Supreme Court agrees to hear biggest abortion case in 2 decades." [592] Our analysis begins here.

until Nov. 13, 2015

Thousands of Europeans Take to the Streets to Drive Out Islam in 2014. They Never Finished the Job. Paris Nov.13, 2015, Islamists Kill more than 150 People.[593]

Ben Carson’s comeback to Donald Trump’s insults: "Pray for him." [594]

“Million Student March” national organizer Keely Mullen stumped when faced with an important and basic question. [595]

Hypocritical Liberals Demand Racial Segregration! Mizzou Demonstrators Segregate White Allies to Form "Black Only Healing Space." [596]

James Madison warned that tyranny would come in the guise of war with a foreign enemy. What has happened to our liberties now? [597]

A dissenting view on Donald Trump's thoughts – and history – on eminent domain. [598]

Donald Trump: We will have a "deportation force." [599]

Mizzou Mob Harasses, Pushes Student Journalist — but It’s the Stunning Identity of One of the "Protesters" at End of Video That’s Making News.[600]

Donald Trump Was Asked to Name His ‘Main Challenger’ for GOP Nomination — He Replies With Two Names.[601]

Marco Rubio: "People will have to be deported." [602] But look at the fine print - he then refers to illegal aliens who commit crimes, who always have been deported, although less so by the Obama Administration.

Rupert Murdoch's FX Network airs pornographic material, explicit violence, and graphic sexual content. [603] Hollywood values are a threat to impressionable children.

Starbucks Responds to Furor Over Removal of "Christ and Christmas" in New Holiday Cup Design.[604]

Jeb Bush Just Tried To School Donald Trump On Immigration, But ‘The Donald’ Immediately Drops The Hammer.

"Influential", "most powerful network," "billionaire mega-donor" Charles Koch announces that, alas, he has "no plans to support anybody in the primary now." [605] He becomes the inaugural member of Overrated Political Activists.

Liberal policies are destructive to the societies that try them out. We know that. Now: are those who promote them, merely deluding themselves? Or have they a motive to destroy America deliberately? [606]

Supreme irony: Russia concentrates on terrorist targets, while Barack Obama speaks of the "rights" of boys who "think" they are girls. [607]

A grateful happy birthday to our United States Marine Corps: November 10th, 1775. [608]

Are cell phones a tool to keep us passive and willing to accept the control of others? It depends on how we use them, and what for. [609]

Donald Trump: Obama's Trans-Pacific Free Trade deal is insanity.[610]

Liberal college administrations push political correctness and now it comes back to bite one them. Wimpy liberal college administrator backs down to indoctrinated students and resigns.[611]

Liberal media reporter goes after Marco Rubio with a Pro-life bait question. He turns it into an attack on Hillary Clinton's extremist abortion position. [612]

Fifth Circuit rules against Obama on immigration, in a stunning defeat for him. [613]

Diplomacy works only when you know what to expect of the other person. Those who grant moral equivalency between democratic republics and dictators, don't. [614]

Setback for globalism: Prime Minister "Cameron says Britain can survive outside EU." [615]

Liberalism wasn't always as decadent as it is today. What it was like at America's founding, and what went wrong. [616]

Is Barack Obama a revolutionary? He has run the government like one. What will it take to stop him? [617]

5,000 German anti-immigration protesters at an afternoon rally call for Angela Merkel's resignation.[618]

"The GOP’s Primary Rules Might Doom Carson, Cruz And Trump." [619]

Why democracy grows decadent when religious faith declines. Alexis de Tocqueville warned about this very thing. [620]

Marco Rubio picks up endorsements by only 3 of his colleagues in the U.S. Senate, as others expect Jeb Bush to stage a comeback. [621]

Medical insights from the Torah, or the first five books of the Bible. These insights stand the test of time, even today. [622]

Donald Trump, still getting enormous free publicity from the liberal media, uses it to bash Ben Carson. [623] “You know who’s number one -- I’m number one,” the Donald proclaims, and liberals are fine with that as long he's blocking conservatives.

Setback for global warming hoax: "Record Siberian snow could bode ill for Northeast," reports USA Today

A call to repentance in this election season. [624]

The average blood-alcohol level of fans attending many NFL games is higher than the 0.05% unsafe limit recommended by the NTSB. [625][626] The State law limit is 0.08%.

The Rest of the Story behind Barack Obama's claim of creating more jobs. [627]

Ted Cruz Just Made A Move Against The Muslim Brotherhood.[628] To match his earlier move against the Mainstream Media. [629]

Donald Trump Begins Radio Ads With 300K in Three States.[630] Only 300K by the billionaire??

How to recognize a true prophet of God – and how to be one. [631]

The sure folly of offering driver's licenses to illegal aliens. [632]

Another setback for the homosexual agenda: "New Mormon policy bans acceptance of children of same-sex couples." [633]

Vladimir Putin sending 150,000 soldiers to Syria to WIPE OUT ISIS.[634]

U.S. Supreme Court About To Make A Very Important Decision About Gun Rights.[635]

Another reason to unplug the NFL, so it is not misused for political purposes: liberals demand that the NFL move the Super Bowl from Houston after conservatives defeated them 61-39% on the homosexual agenda referendum there. The Super Bowl does not really help a host city much anyway.

How Presidential electors were supposed to be chosen, and function: independently. [636]

The only sure way to "defend the children" against bad guys with guns, is to pack them ourselves. [637]

Why The View is the wrong "view." [638]

Switzerland just elected a new parliament, and a conservative, anti-immigration party, the Swiss People’s Party (SVP) won a record vote, enabling it to form a government with a conservative majority.[639]

Even if Europeans open up on immigration, the result will be a flood of anti-evolution, anti-homosexual agenda, religious immigrants. See: Decline of the secular left

"From coast to coast, conservatives score huge victories," admits the WaPost.

Marco Rubio is pledging to carry Obama’s policy: leaving the executive amnesty for DREAMers in place until Congress submits to the order by legislatively ratifying amnesty.[640]

State Department emails conflict with Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi testimony.[641]

Public school pandemonium.[642] You can tell liberals run the public school systems.

BREAKING: Kim Davis-supporter Matt Bevin wins by a smashing landslide of 53-44% to become governor of Kentucky, despite polls predicting he would lose by 2-5 points. [643] Notice how the liberal media avoid mentioning Kim Davis now in their stories.

"DHS memo: Obama Admin scheming to defy Judge's Executive Amnesty Injunction." [644]

"Liberal fervor for gun control puts Senate candidates in tough spot," admits TheHill. Even Leftist MSNBC is baffled by how liberals are making gun control an issue, given that many Dems want to avoid the topic.

Yet another distortion of political life in Israel for Jews and Arabs. [645]

Marco Rubio's new billionaire backer is a top funder for open borders.[646]

Second Amendment saves a shopkeeper in Chicago as a customer used his concealed-carry gun to kill an armed robber. [647] Now robbers have to worry if customers are armed, too.

A detailed look at the governance problems in Israel and how they make Israel weak. [648]

Think we have it bad in America when it comes to electing good legislators? Try it in Israel, where the public most vote for a slate of faceless "slots" instead of coming to know the character of candidates as individuals. [649]

Setback for global warming hoax: NASA admits that the "increase in Antarctic snow is greater than losses." [650] Notice that this story is not publicized by the liberal media.

To have good democratic elections, you need good information on the candidates and an electorate willing to seek out and act on that information. Where are these things today? [651]

Another sign the political pendulum is swinging to the right and the secular left is beginning to collapse: Swedish Foreign Minister claims the country is "facing collapse" because of the mass influx of refugees.[652] See: Decline of the secular left

America's Soft Tyranny is Hardening. [653]

One GOP Campaign Manager Was So Angry He Did This To CNBC Producer During The Debate.[654]

Donald Trump's top 20 favorite insults.[655]

19-Yr-Old Just Compared Obama To Ben Carson, Discovers Exactly What NO Lib Wants To See.[656]

"Prices for popular Obamacare health plans rising sharply." [657] Obamacare is failing without being repealed.

See how the government supports abortion, even to treating as "terrorists" those who expose its criminal excesses. [658]

GOP debate outdrew the World Series in viewership, despite how the debate aired on a little-watched business cable channel, CNBC, setting a record for it. [659]

"GOP campaigns plot revolt against RNC." [660] While the liberal media have been hostile and petty at the debates, ratings have been strong and alternative formats may be uninteresting.

Does Israel concede too much to terrorists in its neighborhood? The spectacle prompts one Jewish professor to count himself ashamed to be Jewish! [661]

Conservative humor: Bad Lip Reading the first Democrat debate. [662]

The Obama-era of Christian persecution continues: Military high court to hear case of a Marine court-martialed for not removing Bible verses on her desk. [663]

Who switched the colors red and blue for referring to the Democrats and Republicans? Those colors made more sense the other way, back in 1984. [664]

Chris Christie, who helped destroy Atlantic City and has pushed for more gambling on sports, lashed out against a question about fantasy football at the GOP debate. [665] As previously explained here, fantasy football wastes more time and money than even the taxpayer-funded NFL does.

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton was clearly missing in action on Benghazi. [666]

Texas Governor draws line in the sand over sanctuary cities and dares Feds to cross it.[667]

House Republicans Introduce Measure to Impeach IRS Commissioner Koskinen.[668]

Hillary Clinton accuses GOP of hyping VA scandal. Veterans fire back.[669]

Conservative Ben Carson knocks Donald Trump out of the #1 position nationally, beating him by four points. [670] Liberals are frustrated because this disproves their racist view of Republicans.

"Carson opens up 14-point lead over Trump in Iowa," according to the latest Monmouth University poll

Liberty made America great. So why are too many people ready to throw it away? [671]

Donald Trump Lashes Out at Ben Carson After Iowa Polls Dip.[672]

Ben Carson takes a true Pro-life position: No abortion for rape and incest. [673]

Overhyped Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh is our latest addition to Overrated Sports Stars, as he ineptly leads Michigan to elimination from contention for a major bowl game.

Hillary Clinton's 5 biggest lies in her Benghazi testimony.[674]

Donald Trump Responded To Hillary’s Benghazi Testimony In The Perfect Way.[675]

Conservative bishops prevail and confirm there is "absolutely no grounds" for homosexual marriage, in a setback to Pope Francis and Leftists in the Catholic Church. [676]

Liberal claptrap is expensive: "the average college student at a public school spends about $1,200 a year on textbooks," a cost that has increased by 82% over the last decade alone. [677] The Bible is free online, and more beneficial.

"Bush campaign downsizes in the face of Trump strength," screams the liberal media (WaPost). But don't be fooled: RINO Paul Ryan insisted he wasn't running for Speaker until he had so-called House conservatives begging him to take the job!

Do you fear God? Or man? That's the difference between success or failure. [678]

Paul Ryan supports key parts of the homosexual agenda, as explained by Linda Harvey. Is this the next Speaker of the House??

Millions of new, mostly young voters gave liberals their victory with a 39.5% popular vote in Canada, while the conservative vote remained stagnant. [679] A wake-up call for the GOP?

Trey Gowdy Finally Had A Chance To Confront Hillary Clinton To Her Face, And He Made It Count.[680]

"Paul Ryan is Boehner 2.0, except worse. Boehner didn’t keep his promises, but at least he made them,” ForAmerica chairman Brent Bozell said in a statement.[681]

Ben Carson takes an 8-point lead over Donald Trump in the all-important Iowa caucuses. [682] Will Trump pull out rather than risk a big defeat?

Israel needs to go on the offensive, diplomatically and, at need, in other ways. [683]

First U.S. soldier since 2011 has died in Iraq. The commando was killed freeing Kurdish prisoners from ISIS. [684]

Benjamin Netanyahu has a formal channel to complain about Palestinian security violations. Why won't he use it? [685]

House conservatives support Paul Ryan, clearing his path to become the next Speaker. [686]

An open letter to Hillary Clinton. [687]

Joe Biden caves into the Clinton machine, announces that he won't run for president. [688] Not much "democracy" in the Democrat Party.

until Oct. 21, 2015

Ben Carson Just Called On Every Christian In America To Do This, And It Shouldn’t Be Ignored.[689]

Paul Ryan: Job of U.S. lawmaker is to put yourself in the shoes of foreign citizens.[690]

U.S. Senate Democrats Block anti-sanctuary city bill.[691]

Ambassador sought security staffing before Benghazi attack, cable shows.[692]

Actress Takes Impassioned Stand Supporting Right to Pray in Public on "The View" — and One Co-Host Doesn’t Seem to Like It.[693]

Barack Hussein Obama Meets Muslim "Clock Kid" Ahmed Mohamed During White House Astronomy Event.[694] Obama treats the Muslim "clock kid" better than our ally Israel!

50% of GOP voters want outsiders Donald Trump or Ben Carson, while no one else is above 8% in the latest CNN poll How much longer before the Establishment persuades RINO Mitt Romney to jump in??

Will Bibi stand firm on Jerusalem? [695]

If Israel tries to pretend it's a democracy, it does so at its peril. [696]

Having abandoned the social issues, Stephen Harper and the "Conservative" Party of Canada lose in a landslide. This illustrates the folly of suggestions that the Republican Party abandon social issues in the U.S.

"My ways are not your ways," says God. Those calling themselves Christians would do well to avoid the error of trying to judge the Jewish people. [697]

Author Ed Klein: Barack Obama is refusing to meet with Hillary Clinton while he and his allies are urging Vice President Joe Biden to challenge Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination.[698]

VA gets shorted 2.6 billion while Obama Administration budgets 4.5 billion on Syrian migrants.[699]

Ben Carson on Secret Service: I’m a Target.[700]

As a school choice bill comes before the New Jersey legislature, a proponent asks: why the silence? [701]

Texas Governor Greg Abbott cuts all Medicaid funding to Planned Parenthood. [702] Typical liberal reaction is outrage, what will poor women do? They can still visit 13,000 women's clinics not operated by Planned Parenthood.

Donald Trump expressed agreement with changing the legal immigration system away from a family-based system and towards a merit-based system.[703]

Obama: "Much Of Our Criminal Justice System Remains Unfair".[704] So when is Hillary and IRS officials going to be indicted?

Donald Trump hits a nerve by saying that George W. Bush could have kept the 9/11 murderers out of the U.S. with a more restrictive immigration policy. [705] At least two violated the terms of their visas.

Is anything more anti-Christian than the time-to-unplug NFL? "About 1 in 4 church-going men (22 percent) say they'd skip church to watch football."[706] That is idolatry, a direct violation of the First Commandment.

"More than one-third of freshmen at Oklahoma’s public colleges and universities can’t handle the mathematics courses," yet the media do not blame the liberal claptrap that filled their time in public high school. [707]

Has nature turned on America and Iran both, whether for enmity against Israel or for deliberately turning their backs on God? [708]

Has Mahmoud Abbas incited riots in East Jerusalem, at Joseph's tomb, etc.? If so, why doesn't Benjamin Netanyahu have him arrested or deported? [709]

Palestinian Mob Burns Down Jewish Holy Site.[710]

Illegal Aliens Lose Battle in Birth Certificate Lawsuit Against Texas.[711]

Hillary Clinton: Australia gun ban "worth looking at" in the USA.[712]

How Obama Ushered in the New Age of Christian Martyrdom. [713]

Obama’s Comments on Hillary Clinton's Emails Collide With F.B.I. Inquiry.[714]

U.S. Bureau of Land Management Tells Texas Rancher His Land No Longer Belongs to Him.[715]

Senior European Union Diplomat Reportedly Believes Obama Is "Mentally Unwell", Asks About Impeachment.[716]

"Donald Trump suggests George W. Bush bears some blame for 9/11." [717] Reporters pepper Trump with questions about it, but he declines to respond.

Why do the Democrats, even a socialist like Bernie Sanders, legitimizing the crimes of Hillary Clinton? [718]

A Jewish solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict is available. Hint: see Exodus chapter 1. [719]

Conservative Ben Carson's support is surging, and he courageously declines to participate in a forum hosted by a gambling billionaire. Carson's campaign says it has "other things to do." [720] Carson's Christian faith completely rejects gambling.

What would Benjamin Netanyahu do as Mayor of New York? Plus some insight from Machiavelli. [721]

Michael Bay’s Benghazi Movie Could Hit Hillary Clinton’s Campaign.[722]

Obama again delays Afghanistan troop drawdown.[723]

27 lies that Hillary Clinton told during the Democrat debate.[724]

A whistleblower releases "The Drone Papers." [725]

The NY Times features a devastating critique of fantasy football gambling today; we were already exposing it here as part of unplug the NFL. Was it gambling's grip on the NFL that forced Tim Tebow out, despite how he out-performed other backup QBs?

Donald Trump: "Very Possible" Democratic Party Dictated Terms of Debate to CNN.[726]

Ben Carson: All Lives Matter, and ‘All Lives’ Includes Black Lives.[727]

Why the Syrian "refugee" problem is more serious than you might think – and not for humanitarian reasons. [728]

Has Barack Obama really made a series of colossal missteps? Or did certain people groom him for treason from the get-go? [729]

Conservative humor: Dan Joseph Interviews Bernie Sanders. [730]

10 million fewer viewers for the Dem debate than the GOP one, and the liberal claptrap by Obama at the beginning was a failure too.

Dems circled their wagons and defended Hillary Clinton at their "debate", which lacked the energy and lively remarks of the GOP debates. [731]

The NFL takes "about $1 billion annually in taxpayers' money" while "encouraging average people to gamble even more — that is, to lose even more." [732] The NFL takes more taxpayer funding than even Planned Parenthood.

Barack Obama experienced a big surprise when he arrived in Roseburg in the aftermath of the school shooting.[733]

Remembering Christopher Columbus – and a little-known fact about him that will shock everyone. [734]

Liberal claptrap is a ratings failure: "CNN expects ‘significantly smaller’ ratings for Dem debate." [735] It is not interesting to listen to Dems engage in liberal denial.

Donald Trump is Under FBI Protection.[736] Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton continues to be investigated by the FBI for her actions!

Riding high in the polls, above 30 percent, Donald Trump storms the American south to overflow crowds in Georgia.[737]

Liberal "Steve Jobs" star Seth Rogen hate tweets Ben Carson.[738]

Why do so many liberals hate black conservatives and feel that they own black people and believe that all blacks should think like they do? Didn't the Republican Abraham Lincoln free the slaves?

Truth requires two to speak: one to say it, and one to hear it. – Robert Louis Stevenson [739]

Greatest Conservative Sports Star Jim Jordan takes down the liberal media by saying that Paul Ryan is not acceptable yet as Speaker. [740] And if any liberal doesn't like that, then the NCAA wrestling champ will be happy to step outside to settle any differences!

Young men are unplugging television in record numbers, "despite tens of millions of dollars in ad campaigns and big draws such as NFL." [741] While old men are still addicted to NFL games, perhaps our "unplug the NFL" entry is turning young men to the Bible instead.

Liberal claptrap fails again: college closures, already at 5 per year, are expected to triple in just two years, and colleges took on nearly twice as much debt in the first nine months of this year than in all of last year. [742] Worst College Majors are not worth it.

Ever notice those who scream the loudest for gun control either "carry" themselves or surround themselves with armed bodyguards? [743]

Donald Trump says he's just fine with Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House, even though Ryan voted for special rights for homosexuals (ENDA), voted to fund amnesty, voted to bail out Wall Street (TARP), and was part of the attempt to punish conservatives.

Why one should never negotiate with Muslims: a detailed analysis, from Islam's own foundational documents to medieval and recent history. [744]

Watch Candi Carson Show Michelle Obama “How To Be A First Lady”.[745]

Donald Trump explains the difference between Putin and Obama.[746]

Why liberals want gun control so badly. [747]

BREAKING NEWS: Kevin McCarthy, the Establishment favorite for House Speaker, drops out of the race due to lack of support by conservatives!

Ted Cruz Repeatedly Grills Sierra Club President With One Simple Question — Watch the Answer He Gets.[748]

Another embarrassment for Obama: "Hillary Clinton comes out against TPP trade deal." [749] Looks like the presidential candidates in both parties will be criticizing Obama.

Is Bible prophecy working itself out with the spate of terrorism in the Middle East and elsewhere? [750]

Gun control lacks bipartisan support, and for good reason: violent crime has dropped to nearly half of what it was two decades ago, as more people carry guns. [751]

All about Arab culture and Israeli leaders. [752]

Donald Trump declares war on Obamatrade.[753]

Hillary Clinton Pushes change allowing shooting victims to sue gun makers in wake of Oregon attack.[754]

"God Will Judge Our Country for This": Evangelist Franklin Graham Goes After Obama for "Celebrating Sin." [755]

Jeb Bush praises Donald Trump. [756] To avoid becoming a loser, will Trump pull out and endorse Bush?

Are the people of Israel really confused about the Oslo Accords? Or are their politicians, and the media, playing them and the rest of the world for fools? [757]

Donald Trump meets with 40 evangelical leaders.[758]

Mother Russia sending 150,000 troops to wipeout the demonic ISIS. [759] Putin the savior of innocent Christians?

Nomination by endorsement: "Nation's largest teachers union endorses Clinton for president." [760] Can Bernie Sanders overcome that?

The President of Argentina alleges Barack Obama tried to persuade the Argentines to give Iran nuclear fuel. Dare we type the word treason?[761]

The race tightens for the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary, but Donald Trump still leads and Jeb Bush is still far behind. [762]

The Parliament of Iceland voted against a nationwide policy to boycott Israel. But that still leaves one or two Icelandic cities throwing in with terrorists. [763]

"Teen Bible study leader says he was asked not to return to" a particular Panera Bread location, because supposedly "it could make other people in the restaurant uncomfortable to hear you guys talking about religion." [764] Corporate headquarters said later that faith-based groups are welcome.

Gun control makes about as much sense as forbidding people to defend against rattlesnakes. [765]

Has Fox News betrayed the trust of its viewers? Maybe they have, and maybe the money trail will show you why. [766]

Chris Harper-Mercer: Shooter who killed 10 was an IRA-supporting Nazi fanatic. He shot people in the head if they were Christians and shot people in the legs if they were non-Christians.[767][768]

It certainly doesn't appear like he was a Bible-believing creationist. The Nazis were hate-filled evolutionists.

Early reports indicate that Umpqua Mass Shooter Identified as "Chris Harper Mercer" was: "not religious", he "disliked organized religion" and that he demanded to know the religion of his victims before he shot them.[769] The killer also appeared to be anti-Christian.

The shooting happened in a 'gun-free zone".

The Fox News vs. Donald Trump battle is much more than ego-driven. It's an ideological war. [770]

Kim Davis met the Pope personally while he was in the U.S., and he told her to "stay strong." [771] The liberal media is in hysteria over this!!!

Is America dying? If so, lies like evolution and New Age will kill it. But it's not too late to roll that back. [772]

Congressman Jim Jordan, one of the Greatest Conservative Sports Stars, reportedly shouts questions at the president of Planned Parenthood in response to her inane answers. [773]

The House of Representatives passed a born-alive law. And 177 Democrats voted against it. Has murder become a partisan issue? [774]

Barack Obama's hidden agenda comes out with his latest ambiguous statements: one world, one humanity, and no more America. [775]

CNN Interviewer Tries To Trap Ben Carson, Then His Campaign Manager Decides He’s Had Enough.[776]

"Pope: Govt workers should be able to refuse gay marriage licenses." [777] Uh oh, the liberal media was not expecting him to say that!

Outgoing Speaker John "Judas" Boehner slams Republican "false prophets".[778]

Our Kids Should Always Be Able To Pray In School.[779]

New York City is Post Secular and Highly Religious.[780] 2015 continues to be the worst year in the history of atheism.

"No Republican 2016 candidate is less liked by his or her party than Jeb Bush," yet he's on track to win the nomination by endorsement as the Establishment works overtime behind the scenes. [781]

Marco Rubio And Donald Trump Clash On U.S. National Security.[782]

A Rasmussen poll shows that a majority of likely U.S. voters would not support a Muslim for President of the United States.[783]

Classic Liberal Style - deny accountability: "Bill Clinton blames GOP and media for wife's email woes." [784]

Setback for globalists: first Scotland attempted to secede from the U.K., and now a portion of Spain wants to break away. "Exit poll shows separatists winning majority in Catalan assembly." [785]

Miami priest to Pope: Why condemn capitalism so strongly, but not communism.[786]

"Jeb Bush got only seven votes — just two more votes than Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders received" at the Voters Value Summit. [787] Yet Jeb hopes win the nomination based on endorsements by other insiders.

"Huckabee upstages Trump at Values Voter Summit," reports The Hill.

Ben Carson speaks against the theory of evolution, and observes that "there are a significant number of scientists who do not believe it but they’re afraid to say anything." [788]

Thank you Representative Mark Meadows: John Boehner decides to retire from Congress. [789]

Jeb Bush "ranks sixth out of 15 candidates in Iowa with 5.3 percent and fifth in New Hampshire with 7.4 percent voter support," but declares his confidence that he will win the South Carolina primary. [790] Expect Lindsey Graham to pull out to endorse Jeb.

The Establishment looks stronger after causing Scott Walker to quit early and even urge others to quit. But the latest poll shows that 54% of GOP voters support a candidate outside of the Establishment. [791]

Hollywood values destroys another innocent children's television show. The Muppets, now scripted with adult jokes and the depraved liberal worldview. [792]

Pope Francis addresses a joint session of Congress and exhorts America to "protect and defend human life at every stage of its development," to an overwhelming applause.

Hillary Clinton Email Company Was Hacked By Foreign Attackers.[793]

Marco Rubio promotes welfare and citizenship for illegal immigrants in the middle of America's immigration crisis.[794]

Donald Trump: Let Russia Take Care of ISIS in Syria.[795]

Get lost, Fox News Channel, is the message from Donald Trump as he "won't be doing any more Fox shows for the foreseeable future." [796] Fox News pushes Jeb Bush and the homosexual agenda.

Liberal logic: In photos the Pope stands about 5'8", roughly 5 inches shorter than Obama. Yet an even shorter "Fidel Castro," whose real height was 6'3", was pictured with the Pope in Cuba. [797] Notice how the liberal media do not observe that Obama has never spoken with Fidel Castro.

Richard Dawkins Says "We Were All Fooled" by Muslim Texas Teen Who Was Arrested for Bringing Homemade Clock to School.[798] Were we all fooled?

Dr. Ben Carson: The U.S. president should be sworn in on a stack of Bibles, not a Koran.[799] Which Islamic country would you like to live in?

Mike Huckabee criticizes how the White House exploits the Pope's visit in "an insult to millions of Catholics.” The guest list includes "the first openly gay Episcopal bishop, a leader for transgender rights, a gay Catholic blogger and a prominent nun-lobbyist who bucked the bishops on" ObamaCare, says WaPost

Top ranking DEA offical signals support for Donald Trump's proposed border wall.[800]

BREAKING: "Scott Walker Set to Exit GOP Presidential Race." [801] He ran away from the all-important marriage issue, and his potential grassroots support collapsed. See Expected to endorse Jeb.

Liberal claptrap comes up short: "The Los Angeles Times is in huge trouble." [802]

Support has shifted from Donald Trump and Ben Carson to Carly Fiorina after the latest 2016 presidential debate. [803] Total Maverick Republican support -- Trump, Carson, Fiorina, and Paul -- stands at a record 65%.

Barack Hussein Obama to nominate a homosexual for U.S. Army Secretary.[804] Will the color of U.S. Army uniforms be changed to lavender or powder blue?

Obama and liberal Christianity freak show vs. Roman Catholic conservatism.[805]

Trump hits back against the biased media: Barack Hussein Obama's bigger problem is not the rebuking if he is a Muslim, but the attacks on Christians in America. [806]

Ever notice the open promotion of Islam in American public schools? [807]

Popular rapper slams Hollywood values, criticizes culture for pushing transexuals. “You are who you are when God made you, not who you became after he did.” [808]

California Governor Jerry Brown sent the UN report on Global Warming to Doctor Ben Carson. Carson dismissed the move saying “It doesn’t change my opinion." [809]

The bruised ego of Barack Hussein Obama felt the need to counter Donald Trump. He would rant before the presidential debates that "Amer­ica is great right now. Amer­ica is win­ning right now.” [810]

The second GOP presidential debate "Draws Nearly 23 Million Viewers" -- almost three times the audience of a Hillary Clinton-Barack Obama debate. [811]

American exceptionalism has its source in the Declaration of Independence: equality before the law. This still allows for an aristocracy of merit. [812]

Rick Santorum denounces judicial supremacy in the first debate, while George Pataki embraces it. Comment at Talk:2016 presidential debates.

Glenn Beck has gone off the deep end. A review of his past and present performance shows it in more ways than the obvious recent one. [813]

What is citizenship? And why does it assume vital importance to the choice of leaders in a republic? [814]

The world caught Planned Parenthood out red-handed selling the remains of the victims of abortion. And they respond with jaw-dropping hypocrisy. [815]

until Sept. 16, 2015

Japan is trimming liberalism from its colleges/universities. Japan is shutting down social sciences and humanities higher education courses.[816] Less LGBT studies, women's studies, sociology and psychology quackery being taught in Japan? How will they survive as a society? See also: Worst college majors

Also, the higher education bubble in America is going to burst.[817]

Expect a lively, contentious presidential debate tonight! Meanwhile, the Washington Post reports that "Donald Trump likes that Proverbs verse that might not exist." [818] The moral: know the Bible.

On the occasion of Rosh Hashanah, some pithy observations on relations between Jew and Gentile. [819]

The moderator for Wednesday's presidential debate will try to "pit candidates against the other ... on issues where they disagree." [820] Look for Rand Paul and Carly Fiorina to seek to deflate Trump.

Liberty thrives when the spirit of liberty stays strong within the people. [821]

33% for Donald Trump, 20% for Ben Carson, 8% Jeb Bush, and the remainder at 7% or less, in a new nationwide poll. [822]

Club for Growth -- a libertarian-leaning group -- announces its $1 million campaign in negative ads against Donald Trump, a day before the big presidential debate. [823]

Iran Just Spit In Obama’s Face With This Stunning Video Threat- Will He Respond?[824]

Hillary Clinton's Email Storage Company: The Emails Could Be Recovered.[825] Aren't liberals supposed to be technically savvy? What happened?

Are liberals right that women need to be encouraged to receive more technical/science education?

Boston Cops Were Fed Up With Obama, So They Just Showed It In A BIG Way - White House "Furious".[826]

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott is ousted by liberal politicians. The people who vote had no say in the matter. [827]

Iran Reportedly Finds Big Uranium Reserve, Quashing Western Estimates.[828]

She Survived An Abortion Attempt, Then Asked Planned Parenthood THIS.[829]

Video on Obama fanning the flames of racial and economic division.[830]

Liberal double standard: "Colleges Flush With Cash Saddle Poorest Students With Debt." [831]

Best of the public prevails, as the finals in women's tennis at the U.S. Open did not include any player ranked in the top twenty. And illustrating how much sports depends on media-promoted stars for revenue, the stadium had empty seats. [832]

Has the time come for a Second Declaration of Independence? [833]

America is a republic, not a democracy. The two are the difference between rule of law and rule by the mob. [834]

U.S. Federal Judge Hands Republicans "Historic" and Unexpected Win Over Obama.[835]

Florida Man Who Claimed to Inspire Garland Attack Arrested for 9/11 Memorial Bomb Plot.[836]

Abortion is tantamount to summary execution, and as such violates due process of law and other legal traditions of Judaism and Western civilization. [837]

Winston Churchill said: Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the rest humans have tried. How bad can it be, especially in wartime? [838]

Zbigniew Brzezinski, like a ghost from the Seventies, created the mind-set for the Iran Nuke Deal. [839]

After the Stephen Colbert premiere ranted against Donald Trump, putting his picture next to the KKK, Colbert's viewership collapsed among the key 18-49 age demographic for his next show. [840] [841]

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz team up to criticize Iran nuclear deal at Capitol Hill rally.[842]

Multiculturalism has destroyed societies in the past, and will do so again, to France and Israel, if their leaders persist in it. [843]

Donald Trump trumps every major Democrat possibly running for president, according to a new nationwide poll that shows him with potentially record-breaking support among black voters.[844]

Hillary Clinton says she is sorry about her email server arrangement and says it was not the best choice. She still maintains that she did not break any laws and it was "totally above board".[845]

Eschatology might seem a little inside-baseball, but in fact a lot of signs point to this being the end of history. [846]

Las Vegas Policeman Shot "Ambush-Style" While Sitting in Patrol Car at Traffic Light.[847]

John Boehner doesn't have enough Republican votes to retain his Speakership. Will Democrats save him? [848]

The conservative South overachieves: it has a record 10 of the top 25 college football teams, and it may pick the next president in its SEC primary. [849]

Did Europe die in Auschwitz? [850]

Former Clinton Staffer Just Came Forward With A BOMBSHELL About Hillary’s Past She Wanted Buried.[851]

Poll Reveals Most Republicans Think Barack Hussein Obama Is Muslim.[852]

As protests against the imprisonment of the Christian have grown, "Judge Orders Kim Davis Freed from Kentucky Jail." [853]

Kim Davis' imprisonment is a warning to those that would dare oppose the homosexual agenda. [854]

"Poll: Sanders grabs 9-point lead over Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire." [855] It's good news for Republicans no matter which of those candidates wins.

Eagles coach reportedly tells Tim Tebow to play in a foreign country (Canada) and no other NFL team accepts him, even though the Bible-quoting Tebow is clearly qualified to play here. [856] It's time to unplug the NFL due to its religious discrimination.

A historical record of dealings between Israel and Muslim leaders bent on its destruction. [857]

Muslims and leftists hate the Jews for at least one common reason: a faithful Jew stands for liberty and against the respective one-world-isms of Islam and of Communism. [858]

The Eagles replaced Tebow with an obscure, undrafted QB who has never even played in a regular season NFL game, and is far less qualified than Tebow. [859] Liberal denial needs to work overtime to explain why the NFL has not discriminated against the Bible-quoting Tebow.

More than 125,000 have signed the "Free Kim Davis Petition" at, in merely a few days.

Israel has not had a real leader perhaps since Judas the Maccabee. But maybe as Jews in Israel and everywhere start returning to their Torah, or Law, they will soon choose such a leader. [860]

Why we should not have government media organs: a critical look at C-SPAN's programming other than gavel-to-gavel Congress coverage reveals an ugly anti-Jewish bias. [861]

Donald Trump Just Hit Obama where it Hurts on Iran Deal. Where are Our Four U.S. Hostages Imprisoned by Iran? [862]

A new in-depth study shows that homosexuals are unhealthy and unhappy. Sexual identity was used to compare health, economic and social outcomes for gay and straight people. [863]

The same people defying God's law, are also provoking race warfare. [864]

"Ky. clerk’s attorney: New marriage licenses ‘not worth the paper they’re written on.’" [865] The homosexual agenda continues to imprison Kim Davis indefinitely, jailing her as long as she obeys the Bible by declining to authorize homosexual marriage.

Russia making aggressive moves into the Syrian Civil War. [866] [867] Unlike Obama's strategy in Syria, it is safe to assume that Russia won't be dropping leaflets.

“If He says be anxious of nothing, I’ll try to do that." Tim Tebow was asked about his chances with the Eagles after throwing two touchdowns in the preseason loss to the New York Jets. [868]

Mike Huckabee Brings Up The One Thing About Kim Davis No One’s Talking About, But Should Be![869]

Donald Trump signs pledge not to run as independent in 2016.[870] Meanwhile, the Donald Trump vs. Jeb Bush battle intensifies. [871][872]

"First time in history that an American has been jailed for believing in their conscience," as the Christian Kim Davis is jailed in what Ted Cruz describes as "judicial tyranny." [873]
Doubts are raised about whether homosexual marriage licenses issued without her approval would be valid.

A rebuttal to an attempted rebuttal to the Hydroplate Theory of the Great Flood. [874][875]

The homosexual agenda and judicial supremacy: a federal court in Kentucky sends a Christian woman to jail for refusing to grant a same-sex marriage license. [876] Have homosexual activists overplayed their hand??

"Mike Huckabee offers support to Kentucky clerk who refuses to issue gay marriage licenses." [877] A federal court holds a contempt hearing against the Christian clerk on Thursday, and this case divides the Republican candidates for president.

"Be angry and sin not!" says God. America has plenty to be angry at. But do we know whom to be angry with? [878]

Black U.S. Marine criticizes Black Lives Matter and Facebook Is Trying To Censor him.[879]

Outspoken Christian baseball star Clayton Kershaw could win his fourth Cy Young Award (for best pitcher) in five years. In the last three months, more than a third of the batters who have faced him have struck out. [880]

Yet another abortion endpoint video came out today. It shows up Planned Parenthood, and ourselves. [881]

Sid Blumenthal Unloaded on Tea Party in "Confidential" Three-Page Memo to Hillary Clinton.[882]

Is Israel dooming itself with a shallow, even anti-Jewish, Zionism?

Exposed by the Ashley Madison hack will likely cost you your job. Being a cheater is not exclusive to love interests. [883]

The State Department has deemed roughly 150 more of Hillary Clinton’s email messages to be classified.[884]

A group of almost 200 retired generals and admirals just submitted a letter to Congress asking them to reject Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran.[885]

Conservative "Ben Carson ties Donald Trump in new Iowa poll," stunning the Donald and the lamestream media. [886]

Israel has had cowards for Prime Ministers before. And America has a coward for a President. Does cowardice reign everywhere in the West? [887]

Political experts at The Hill rank Donald Trump as the #1 most likely candidate to win the nomination, increasing his rank from #8 in July. [888] But Trump could fade like Scott Walker if he is not stronger in opposing the homosexual agenda.

Standing Up for God: Thousands Flood South Carolina Statehouse Grounds at Anti-Abortion, Pro-Traditional Marriage Rally.[889]

Hillary Clinton Squirms as Donald Trump Calls Huma Abedin’s Husband Anthony Weiner a "Perv" and "Sleazebag".[890]

"What happened to Scott Walker?" the Washington Post asks. [891] Answer: he abandoned conservatives on the marriage issue in order to cater to big donors, and his support in the Iowa caucuses has plummeted.

"Many College Freshmen Don't Know How Much They're Paying or Borrowing for School." [892] If they knew, then they might demand something better than the Worst College Majors.

Setback for RINO Backers: "Top Jeb fundraisers leave campaign amid troubling signs. The move comes amid weak poll numbers and concerns that Bush's torrid fundraising pace has slowed." [893]

Liberal freak show: Security Has to Get Involved When Black Transgender Lives Matter Activists Disrupt Clinton Event.[894]

Barack Hussein Obama Backs Down After Ted Cruz Directly Challenges Him on Israel.[895]

The incompetent decision making of Barack Hussein Obama in the fight against ISIS: It's off limits for the Pentagon to target 60 training camps in Syria and Iraq that churn out 1000 fighters per month. [896]

Remembering an era when the Founding Fathers, recognizing the need to go to war, were ready to go themselves. [897]

Public education indoctrination full steam ahead: Marxist-funded Black Lives Matter and transgender rights are just a few of the controversial subjects in a new book for middle and high school students. [898]

Fox News Channel's Megyn Kelly falls from honest newscaster to political hack. [899]

Journalist Releases Undercover Sting Video, Warns Hillary – More Is Coming.[900]

When CNN Said “It’s Ok To Abort Babies”, Ben Carson’s Reply Left The Whole Room Silent.[901]

Polling experts dumbfounded By Donald Trumps’s dominance.[902]

They Told Vince Gill “Don’t Sing About Jesus”, He Responded With This TIMELESS Gospel Classic![903]

Another treatment of the Fourteenth Amendment in view of the Constitution of Mexico and actual history. [904]

The sick truth about the homosexual lifestyle of the man who brutally murdered the TV reporter and cameraman is published in England (the Mirror), while the lamestream media in the U.S. persist in liberal denial about the criminal.

The Daily Caller showcases the most outrages college courses for 2015. [905] See also: Worst College Majors.

Homosexual black man kills white reporter and cameraman on live television. Bryce Williams, former reporter and colleague, was full of hate and longing for a race war. [906]
But the mainstream media conceals the murderer's homosexual rage from its stories. [907]

A treatment of the anchor baby problem, with evidence from the Constitution of Mexico, the Civil Rights Act of 1866, and the Fourteenth Amendment. [908]

Jorge Ramos Escorted Out of Press Conference for Shouting Questions at Donald Trump: "Go Back to Univision".[909]

John Kasich talks the same old tired establishment meme -- bipartisanship. [910] You can't reach across the aisle with people seeking fundamental transformation and expect to solve America's problems.

Donald Trump was right to call for an end to birthright citizenship. Sorry, Judge Napolitano. The 14th Amendment has that little phrase about "subject to the jurisdiction." You missed that. [911]

Scott Walker Being Trumped by The Donald in Crucial State of Iowa.[912] See Iowa caucuses, and feel free to edit the entry.

Donald Trump to the rescue: Orthodox Jewish Child with Rare Ailment is Rescued Aboard Tycoon’s Jet.[913]

Oath Keepers Under Attack For Going To Ferguson – Then Its President Dropped A Truth Bomb.[914]

Number of Hillary Clinton’s emails flagged for classified data grows to 60 as review continues.[915]

In the GOP field, Ted Cruz stands alone by refusing to bash Donald Trump.[916] There may be a "game theory" reason why some rivals don't criticize each other.

Donald Trump Told His Helicopter is Banned from Iowa State Fair Grounds. That didn't stop him.[917]

Donald Trump releases a detailed immigration reform policy paper.[918] He calls for protecting American's security and jobs, halting the issuing of green cards until employment levels return to normal. Democrats freak out! [919]

until Aug. 15, 2015

Time to return to the fundamentals of faith, i.e., to God. That applies equally in America and in Israel. [920]

Donald Trump gives kids helicopter rides at Iowa State Fair.[921] In 1988, a child with a rare medical condition was denied a flight by the airlines. Trump flew him from L.A. to New York. [922]

Unarmed White Teen Killed by Cop; Two White Cops Killed by Blacks. Where is the media and Obama now?[923]

Pastor gives his response to the question: "Is abortion murder?".[924]

John Kerry marks opening of U.S. Embassy in Havana, critics rip "diplomacy for show".[925]

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders attract large crowds at the annual Iowa State Fair, as they campaign for the Iowa caucuses. [926] With the New Hampshire primary fading in significance, Iowa may pick our next president and it may not be any of those three.

The secret to sustained happiness? All data points to 'religion' says a new study. [927]

Is a great puppet master manipulating events in America and the rest of the world? And who might that be? [928]

Ted Cruz: Foolish for GOP to criticize Donald Trump.[929]

Here’s What Donald Trump Says Would Occur if Black Lives Matter Activists Tried Taking Over His Event.[930]

America, take warning against the traitor from within. [931]

New England plays Overrated Sports Star Tom Brady in its first preseason game, despite his suspension at the start of the season; one commentator observes, "This is what the Pats do. They play a children’s game." [932]

Hard truths about America, Israel, Islam, and Barack Hussein Obama's relationship with all three. [933]

Franklin Graham Just Called For His Followers To Take Major Action Against Target.[934] Here’s Why. Will Target carry weight sets for homosexuals with limp wrists?

Heavily-Armed Black Panthers Caught Chanting 4 Shocking Words Just FEET From Police.[935]

Dr. Ben Carson Has a Message for Critics Who Dismiss Him As an "Uncle Tom" or "Traitor to His Race".[936]

"Traffic From Google to Wikipedia Is Dropping." [937]

Is Hillary Clinton above the law? A lot of people seem to think so. Why should that be? [938]

"Man Set Blaze Trying to Protect Marijuana Operation From Jerusalem Fire Near Napa: Officials." [939]

Trey Gowdy Does Not Mince Words Reacting to Hillary Email Revelation: "This Is a National Security Issue." [940]

The absolute best way to take over the Republican party-- become a precinct committeeman. Of the 400,000 committeeman spots, about 200,000 remain unfilled. [941]

Yet another abortion endpoint video today, in which a former "procurement tech" divulges: Planned Parenthood often takes baby parts without the consent of the mothers! [942]

Dissatisfaction with public schools is driving Homeschooling: "...our public education system is in need of major reforms." [943]

Professor values: The Daily Caller lists the worst college professors in America. [944]

The targeting of Donald Trump in detail. [945]

The meaning of words in the age of deceit. [946] For additional insight, see Secularized language.

A strong Israel isn't strong enough without God. A blueprint for a Godly Israel. [947]

Christians Leaving the U.S. Military in Droves Because of Hostile Treatment from the Obama administration.[948]

"Donald Trump: Polls Prove I Haven't Crossed the Line," and he vows never to give up the microphone as Bernie Sanders did to two protesters last weekend: "That will never happen with me. I don't know If I'll do the fighting myself, or if other people will. But that was a disgrace, I felt badly for him." [949]

A small-business owner gives an instructive example of why property rights matter. [950]

Pro-life leaders slam Trump for his new statement implying that he would fund Planned Parenthood, but not the abortion part. [951] "Maybe I should just let him debate himself," Rand Paul quipped.

Are Super PACs meaningless in the 2016 presidential election? Rick Perry's campaign is suddenly unable to pay staff despite $17 million in a Super PAC that supports him. [952]

Compare American exceptionalism in the nineteenth century to Iran today. [953]

Ten basic American beliefs. [954]

How Donald Trump should have handled himself. [955]

One Question Megyn Kelly Asked – And Not To Donald Trump – Is Getting Her Torched By Critics.[956]

Anyone thinking of pulling away from Donald Trump should take a second look. And ask themselves: if not him, whom? [957]

"Trump’s campaign will travel to Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, Michigan and other states this week to hire field organizers and other staffers," and "on Monday morning blamed the media for fueling the controversy" about his criticism of the Fox News debate moderator. [958]

"28,000 Sign Petition to Have Megyn Kelly Booted From Future GOP Debates." [959] Why is a feminist who lacks real experience in journalism setting the agenda for our Nation?

Underrated sports star Tim Brown won both the Heisman Trophy and induction yesterday into the NFL Hall of Fame - he used to play Gospel music in the Raiders weight room and stopped using profanity to give his life to Christ. [960]

Donald Trump slams Fox News, praises Matt Drudge.[961]

Judge Napolitano Says Hillary Clinton Email Revealed Location of Ambassador Stevens in Libya.[962]

Record 93,770,000 Americans not in the labor force.[963][964]

RedState, which sold out to a publicly traded company (Salem) last year, proved on Saturday how much of a puppet it has become for the Establishment: RedState uninvited Donald Trump and played up to Jeb Bush. [965]

Bad news for Hillary and Obama: 24 million watched the GOP 2016 presidential debate Thursday night, making it the highest-rated cable broadcast in history. Meanwhile, "Donald Trump Disinvited From RedState Gathering in Atlanta," as formerly conservative RedState sides with the feminist at Fox News rather than with free speech. [966]

Why do our youth care more about a lion who died in a regrettable poaching incident, than about millions of unborn babies slaughtered every year? [967]

The University of Akron has a $60 million dollar budget deficit, announcing the elimination of its baseball team, a big chunk of its theater staff, and 215 positions. As students and employees suffer, the college president got a lavish $900,000 upgrade to his house last year. [968]

Senator Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) will vote against the Iran nuclear deal. Why? [969]

The first 2016 presidential debate! See Winners and Losers and add your own views.

Analysis: Donald Trump was decked by Rand Paul, who also toppled Chris Christie by inviting him to hug Obama again.

The Iran nuclear weapons deal is classic bait and switch. And Barack Obama also knows he's lost the moral high ground. [970]

Fifth Undercover Planned Parenthood Video Released: "This Patient Was Like 18 Weeks." [971]

A Zimbabwean Just Dropped A Truth Bomb About Cecil The Lion That Americans Need To See [972]

Liberals generally don't hunt big game predators because they are too scared. See also: Atheism and cowardice

Overrated Sports Star Tom Brady, banned from the first part of the upcoming NFL season due to an extensive cheating scheme, wrote emails demonstrating how full of himself he is. [973] But the liberal media prefer him to superior athletes who talk about their faith.

The list of Muslims in Barack Obama's White House and other key agencies of the United States government should give everyone pause. Especially in view of what the Qu'ran demands. [974]

Barack Obama has dropped too many hints at sympathizing with Islam not to take them seriously. Here is what that means for the rest of us. [975]

A call for strength and courage in the face of a "tyranny of a perceived majority." [976]

On the upcoming 2016 presidential debate, Donald Trump declares, "If I’m attacked I have to, you know, do something back, but I’d like it to be very civil." Trump adds about one of his critics, "Lindsey Graham went down to zero so the voters were fantastic as far as I’m concerned.” [977]

The Center for Medical Progress, injunction or not, releases yet another video of a Planned Parenthood official offering baby parts for sale. [978]

"Candidates spend less time in N.H. as influence slips," and that is good news because New Hampshire is not conservative enough anymore. Meanwhile, excitement builds for the first 2016 presidential debate on Thursday.

Why does Barack Hussein Obama make policies so disastrous to America and also to historical Judaism and to Israel? Maybe because he sympathizes with Muslims. [979]

An example of the Muslim art of Dawa, or proselytizing for Islam, at the Chautauqua Institution in western New York. [980]

A message to GOP elected officials from Kurt Schlichter: The time is ripe to take down the liberal establishment, "I am advocating crushing Planned Parenthood by our Republican elected representatives ruthlessly using every element of government power at their disposal." [981]

Why do even legislators find a lion poaching story more urgent than trafficking in human body parts from abortions? [982]

Is this the future Aldous Huxley predicted, the truth would be drowned in a sea of irrelevance? There's more outrage over Cecil the lion's death than Planned Parenthood harvesting baby parts. [983] More of an effort to stop oil drilling in the Arctic than the death and slavery of Christians in the Middle East. [984].

Warnings about a nuclear Iran appeared as far back as seven years ago. [985]

The Mainstream Media tried to tag Donald Trump as "Birther". There's just one problem: Barack Obama never did satisfy the people on that account, or about his school records, did he? [986]

How weak is Hillary Clinton as a Dem candidate for president? So weak that Joe Biden's associates are saying he might run. [987]

An Appeal to Heaven Flag.svg
Does anyone remember the Appeal to Heaven flag? The time to fly that flag again, might have returned. [988]

Will child sex abuse rise with the Boy Scouts and other groups caving to the Homosexual Agenda? [989]

Donald Trump just picked a conservative "bulldog" as his pick for a future attorney general.[990]

Abortion is the real atrocity of which Planned Parenthood is guilty. Whatever else they do, is incidental to that. [991]

Ex-homosexual runs for governor of Missouri, flummoxing the liberal media, which publicized that he self-identified as a homosexual in his youth. State Senator Bob Dixon is married with three children, and explains that he is ex-gay. [992]

Barack Hussein Obama: I’d Make An Awesome Third Term President, You Know.[993]

A Wikipedia article on Alleged Clinton Controversies is about to be permanently deleted. Read it while you still have the chance. Update: The article is now gone. Here is an archived copy.

A way to rebuild one of the foundations of our society: marriage. [994]

Representative Mark Meadows (R-North Carolina) files a motion to oust Speaker John Boehner. [995]

"Devout Christian Zach Johnson: I was reading bits of scripture to myself during The Open," which he won. The 2007 Masters champion mentioned Psalm 24:7, and said he was reading Scriptures "all week" during the British Open. [996]

Barack Hussein Obama visited Kenya. The president of Kenya made the understatement of the year: homosexual rights “is not really an issue on the foremost mind of Kenyans. And that is a fact.”[997]

Donald Trump exposes a "theater of the absurd" for what it is, especially in light of the Iran "deal." [998]

Sheriff Puts The Phrase "In God We Trust" On All His Police Squad Cars.[999]

Watch Donald Trump Insult CNN’s Homosexual Journalist Anderson Cooper to His Face: "The People Don’t Trust You." [1,000]

A short morality play showing the folly of banning a new invention on "safety" grounds. What did Benjamin Franklin say about liberty and safety? [1,001]

The Texas Supreme Court slaps down the Houston "Human Rights" ordinance that granted special rights to homosexuals. [1,002] National pro-homosexual media outlets are immediately speechless at the setback.

The New York Times takes note: Universities Are an Illusion. "A third of students who enroll in four-year colleges transfer or drop out within three years." [1,003] See The Worst College Majors for additional insight.

The latest attempt to defend abortion and the sale of body parts: "It's just like donating blood." [1,004]

Global Warming” Expedition Foiled by Record Ice. Arctic ice the worst it's been in 20 years, according to the Canadian Coast Guard.[1,005]

What Global Warming? Arctic ice caps have INCREASED in size despite climate change warning.[1,006]

"‘I Want a Lamborghini': Planned Parenthood Employee Laughs While Negotiating Sale of Fetal Body Parts." [1,007] This and more atrocious revelations are in the second video released by the Center for Medical Progress from its luncheons with Planned Parenthood executives.

U.S. Marine Issues Challenge to "Teach Obama Respect" After Flags Aren’t Flown at Half-Staff to Honor Slain Service Members.[1,008]

'Donald Trump gets a bum rap from the Mainstream Media, including many who should know better, and from other Republican candidates who have no standing to call him on anything. [1,009]

Hollywood values exposed: New movie "An Open Secret" details child sex abuse in Hollywood. [1,010]

A frozen lake of carbon monoxide rests on Pluto. That gives further evidence of Creation and the Great Flood. Pluto formed from ejected material from the Flood, including wood that burned. [1,011][1,012][1,013]

"Support for gay marriage has fallen after Obergefell," as more Americans disapprove of the homosexual marriage decision than approve of it. [1,014]

Is the dispute over the Confederate battle flag an attempt to erase history? [1,015]

Read excerpts of Chattanooga Shooter’s Blog.[1,016]

Gunman identified in shooting deaths of 4 U.S. Marines at a Tennessee Navy facility.[1,017] The shooter was a Muslim.[1,018]

Global warming alarmists are furious that a scientific presentation explains how the sun will be cooling soon, which will cause another Little Ice Age as in the 1600s. One government official blustered that the revelation is "complete garbage." [1,019]

Top abortionist confesses: I sell dead babies. Undercover video sends shockwaves across the internet.[1,020]

After one day of new photographs from Pluto, we can definitely say: that world is younger than anyone expected. Anyone but a creationist, that is. [1,021][1,022][1,023]

For 2 months the liberal media and NTSB have refused to criticize the pro-homosexual activist Amtrak engineer who drove into the curve at more than twice the speed limit, which killed 8 and injured more than 200. But an attorney observes, "the families won’t get the justice they deserve" until explanations for the crash are given. [1,024]

until July 15, 2015

Embattled Israeli leader faces tough task fighting nuke deal.[1,025]

Mexico’s billion-dollar Drug Lord Threatens Donald Trump After His Dramatic Break From Prison.[1,026]

Mexican Illegal Arrested For Allegedly Kidnapping and raping 13-year old.[1,027]

Mom Describes Terror as Gang of Black Teens Circled, Shook, Kicked Her Car and Shattered the Rear Window — All While Her Two Young Kids Screamed.[1,028]

Not all Jewish organizations are benevolent toward Jews – or Christians either. [1,029]

Does the latest twist on our marriage laws reflect a deeper philosophical problem? With democracy as a leveling philosophy? Maybe Jean Jacques Rousseau would approve. Not to mention Fyodor Dostoevsky. [1,030]

Donald Trump demands apology from his critics after escape of El Chapo claiming it is proof his attacks on the Mexican government are justified.[1,031]

Show down! Donald Trump vs. National Review! Trump is not backing down![1,032]

Rather Than Comply With Supreme Court’s Homosexual Marriage Ruling, East Texas County Clerk Resigns.[1,033]

You May Have Heard That The Divorce Rate In The Church Is 50%… Get Ready To Be Shocked.[1,034]

Iran threatens Israel and America both. Will Israel strike first? [1,035]

See where racism really works now that liberals control our government. [1,036]

Fat Lesbian study by the National Institutes of Health enters its fifth year. Funding has doubled to over $3.5 million. [1,037]

Conservative Humor: Watch how many times CNN says Donald Trump within 24 hours. [1,038]

Harming the GOP brand: Who are you going to believe in the immigration debate...Democrats, Jeff Flake, Lindsey Graham, John McCain and the rest of the beltway politicians? Or will you side with Donald Trump? [1,039]

20,000 Americans Turn Out to See Donald Trump in Arizona![1,040]

Donald Trump presidential primary campaign is growing in key states, moves Arizona event "due to overwhelming response". [1,041]

Kenyan Politician Just Made A MAJOR Threat To Obama Ahead Of His Big Visit.[1,042] Will Obama try to push sodomy and abortion in Kenya?

As a new rocket probe heads toward Pluto, it has already found enough to tell us: Pluto is a recent creation. And an accidental one. [1,043][1,044][1,045]

"Serena Williams' Secret Weapon: 'Jehovah God,'" as she wins Wimbledon again, admits the HuffPost but not most of the lamestream media. She attends church regularly and has gone door-to-door in evangelizing Christianity.
Wikipedia's biased entry about Serena -- nearly 20,000 words in length -- does not even mention "Jehovah" or "God" once.

ACLU loses their case forcing Catholic hospitals to perform abortions. "It’s improper for courts to interfere in religious doctrinal decisions." [1,046]

Injustice takes on the color of law when the Supreme Court breaks the Constitution in its own rulings. [1,047]

The Obama administration insists unemployment stands at 5.8 percent. Mightn't it be higher? Like maybe ten times as high as that? [1,048]

Democrats declare war on the words "husband" and "wife".[1,049]

Christian conservative Candace Cameron Bure takes on The View on a homosexual agenda issue and wins.[1,050]

The United States is about to make marriage benefits available to homosexual couples.[1,051]

Liberal denial: The lamestream media promote a ticket-tape parade today without any mention of the lack of diversity among the all-white coaching staff and starting players on the World Cup-winning women's team. [1,052]

When a "peace" movement ends up losing a war. It happened to America in Vietnam. It is happening again to Israel. [1,053]

Why does Bernie Sanders pose a significant threat to Hillary Clinton? Because he manages to act like a man of the people, which Hillary Clinton does not and cannot. [1,054]

Ohio judge is standing up to the homosexual agenda. He refuses to marry lesbians.[1,055]

Schools Are Implanting Dangerous Devices In 6th Grade Girls Without Telling Parents.[1,056]

Liberal denial by the media persists in largely ignoring that the women's World Cup team "featured no women of color for the first 75 minutes" of the finals, with "no person of color on the coaching staff" either. [1,057]

Does Palestine exist as a country? Did it ever so exist? Some instructive history. [1,058]

Donald Trump warned us about our broken immigration policy. That policy costs lives. Which makes Trump unrepentant and defiant. [1,059]

Jimmy Carter Says Jesus Would Approve Of same-sex marriages].[1,060] Carter gave no Bible verses supporting his position.

How many illegal immigrant criminals has the Obama Administration released?[1,061]

Confederate flag issue erupts at Daytona International Speedway.[1,062]

Friedrich Hayek warned we were on the road to serfdom. Current events prove him right. [1,063]

Donald Trump on criminal illegal immigrants. "Both sides need to grow up and put America's interests first."[1,064]

Hillary Clinton’s Team Is Wary as Bernie Sanders Finds Footing in Iowa.[1,065] Scandal ridden Hillary can't attract big crowds.

Barack Obama’s Fourth of July Address to America Omits One Very Big Word

Contrast Chris Kyle, the American Sniper, with the moral relativists in today's universities and in government. [1,066]

Did Benjamin Netanyahu set himself up for Pope Francis's recognition of a "State" of Palestine? [1,067]

A failure of education in Israel and also in America. Will we ever learn? It is better to be feared than loved. [1,068]

Liberal double standard: the media heavily promote the World Cup team of nearly all-white American women, without liberals asking why it does not have more diversity.

Donald Trump Comments on a Woman Allegedly Killed by Illegal Immigrant Deported Five Times.[1,069]

RINOS Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio join in attacking Donald Trump over illegal immigration comments calling them a "severe error".[1,070]

In Israel, and also in America, the social and political sciences are intellectually and morally bankrupt. [1,071]

Will Germany bail out their banks -- and Greece and the globalists -- at the expense of the German people, as the leadership of both political parties in the United States have done? The German people want an end to the bailouts. [1,072]

Looking back on the 2005 Gaza Disengagement and how officials in Israel knew it would end badly but did it anyway. [1,073]

Angry Parents Stand Up To School Board Over Lessons On ‘Gay Marriage'; Room Erupts.[1,074]

“Today we celebrate the victory of democracy," declared the Prime Minister of Greece about its rejection by a stunning 61-39% margin of the bailout required by the EU. [1,075] Liberals are speechless at the collapse of their new world order.

Why Israel and Egypt should seriously consider a quiet, under-the-table alliance. [1,076]

Setback for liberal globalists: Greek voters overwhelmingly reject EU demands, setting the stage for Greece to exit the euro. [1,077] Will the EU break up, as the Soviet Union did?

Israel should take some pointers from Sun Tzu and Carl von Clausewitz and adopt a real war policy. [1,078]

How did liberals celebrate freedom soon before Independence Day? Hate wins: Oregon State issues gag order against opposing homosexual marriage.[1,079]

Owners of Oregon Bakery That Refused to Bake Wedding Cake for Same-Sex Couple Fined $135,000.[1,080]

A better background check model that protects your Second Amendment and Fourth Amendment rights: register criminals, not guns. [1,081]

FBI And Homeland Security Issued This Warning To America For Independence Day.[1,082]

Government Official Refuses to Personally Issue Homosexual Marriage Licenses — and Here’s the U.S. Supreme Court Quote She’s Using to Back Her Stance.[1,083]

Liberals Are Going To Hate The Truth Bomb Franklin Graham Just Dropped About "Gay Pride Rainbow"[1,084]

Screaming Illegal Aliens Disrupt Ann Coulter Book Signing, Author Fires Back.[1,085]

Is the Obama administration an enemy within? Why is it behaving in a manner inconsistent with the President's sworn duty? [1,086]

Redistribution of wealth is one step toward socialism, and one feature of it. Another part is turning people against one another. [1,087]

Does anyone care about the moral state of the country and the world? [1,088]

Brent Bozell speaking about Congress: Most Republicans are really Democrats. [1,089]

Presidential candidates for the 2016 presidential election show their mettle, or the lack of it, on the marriage question. [1,090]

America and Israel share a problem in common: no statesmen on the order of George Washington. [1,091]

United States reportedly blocks Arab allies attempts to deliver weapons to Kurds fighting ISIS.[1,092]

ISIS reacts to SCOTUS Decision by Tossing 4 Accused Homosexual Men Off Roof.[1,093]

Hardware Store Owner Posts "No Gays Allowed" Sign, Then Replaces It With This One After Receiving Threats.[1,094]

Scandal-plagued Hillary Clinton getting more competition. 10,000 showed up at Bernie Sanders rally.[1,095]

Is Benjamin Netanyahu well and truly the most intelligent Prime Minister Israel has ever had? He's made some not-quite-intelligent decisions during his two non-contiguous terms of office. [1,096]

That didn't take long, did it? Man files at the county courthouse in Billings, Montana, for the right to polygamy. We told you so. [1,097]

On this Independence Day, let us remember our First Amendment and other liberties internal enemies try to take from us. [1,098]

"'I am a follower of Christ': County clerk resigns rather than issue gay marriage licenses." [1,099] Romans in the Bible prohibits homosexual conduct and prohibits condoning it.

Does a novelist sometimes understand Arab opposition to Israel better than a political scientist? [1,100]

The marriage decision is only the latest battle in a larger war against faith. To fight back effectively for God, you must believe in Him, all the way. [1,101]

Whom does the Duck Dynasty/Robertson family support for the 2016 presidential election? [1,102]

China Makes Major Moves To Ban Islam. [1,103]

Brawl Breaks Out In Front Of South Carolina Statehouse Over Confederate Flag.[1,104]

America comes full circle, to a lawless and God-less state. The government now sets itself up to be God. How will the people of God answer that challenge? [1,105]

Yes, Homosexual Marriage Hurts Me Personally.[1,106]

Conservative Churches Confront New Reality After homosexual Marriage Ruling.[1,107]

The U.S. Supreme Court blocks Texas abortion clinic rules.[1,108]

Ted Cruz Has An EPIC Message For "Rogue" U.S. Supreme Court Justices.[1,109]

In the 1980s, Ronald Reagan labelled the Soviet Union the "Evil Empire." In the 21st century, Vladimir Putin is calling out the morally bankrupt United States. [1,110]

That loud thud? It was that RINO Chris Christie entering the 2016 presidential election. All the failed GOP talking points you would expect, Compromise! [1,111] You can't compromise with a party seeking to fundamentally transform our nation.

Tracing the true "descent of man" from head to heart to abdomen to...! [1,112]

Germany, which rejects homosexual marriage, takes on the U.S. team tonight at 7pm ET in the women's World Cup semifinals. [1,113] How long before the homosexual agenda demands to exclude from international tournaments the nations that reject same-sex marriage?

Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) wants to abolish marriage licenses. But how would that work? Senator Paul did not think about the children. But the American College of Pediatricians did, and they are in anguish! [1,114]

"College is a con: The savage truth about your bachelor’s degree. Higher education wears the cloak of liberalism, but in policy and practice, it's a cutthroat system of exploitation," admits Salon.

Will the marriage ruling bring the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse? [1,115]

Is the Vatican deliberately using "Palestine" as a stalking horse to destroy Israel? Why else did Pope Francis sign a treaty with the PA? [1,116]

It didn't take long, did it? A socialist activist already seizes on the marriage issue to destroy all tax exemptions, except for hospitals. Why not instead replace the income tax with a consumption tax, where exemptions would not matter? [1,117]

If you don't believe in God, you cannot recognize Islam as a moral threat. That's equally true in Israel as in America. [1,118]

Israel has its own problems with failure to observe the rule of law. A program to change that. [1,119]

The persecution, and the war between the faithful and the unfaithful, begins over marriage. [1,120]

Phyllis Schlafly: Marriage ruling "not the end, it's the beginning".[1,121]

Obama Administration Flaunts Rainbow White House After Same-Sex Marriage Ruling.[1,122]

She Was Raised By 2 Lesbians. What She Just Said About Them Destroys A Liberal Falsehood.[1,123]

How moral relativism can paralyze someone who should know better: Ambassador Michael P. Oren of Israel. [1,124]

Donald Trump is proving that he's not another GOP milquetoast candidate. "Trump’s not only fighting back, he’s fighting back smart." [1,125]

How to fight rogue judges: take down one or two of them through impeachment. [1,126]

Liberal censorship doesn't work: "Wikipedia editors are a dying breed. ... The number of people who edit Wikipedia has been declining steadily since 2005." [1,127] The article shifts blame to mobile devices, but the reality is that people want to edit for the truth, not for liberal bias.

The Southern Poverty Law Center threatens churches to try to turn them away from first principles. But someone's fighting back. [1,128]

Marriage as a civil institution disappeared today. Where do God-fearing people go from here? [1,129]

Ray Comfort, Who Has Produced Videos that Get Millions of Views, Believes He’s About to Do Something That Will Change People's Minds About Whether Individuals Are Born Homosexuals.[1,130]

Watchdog lawyer says there are U.S. Supreme Court Judges who must be impeached.[1,131] Also, what backlash will the Supreme Court face concerning their pro-homosexuality court decision?

Only 5 votes??? Even the pro-aborts got 7 votes for Roe v. Wade. Mike Huckabee is the strongest in opposing today's power grab by one branch of government, and the other Republican presidential candidates will follow his lead. [1,132]

An examination of the liberal mind,, specifically on their slavish belief in global warming. [1,133]

Only a 5-4 vote for the new Roe v. Wade-style overreaching by the Supreme Court, in ruling against the Bible by declaring homosexual marriage to be a new constitutional right. The dissents thoroughly ridiculed and debunked the majority opinion.

Fox News Channel fired Bob Beckel and gave specious reasons. Did Beckel's anti-Muslim views, not his health, do him in? [1,134]

House bill would force the Supreme Court to enroll in ObamaCare.[1,135]

Confederate Flag Issue Reaches Congress and Beyond.[1,136]

Black Panther Ex-Chairman: "Complete" Charleston's slave rebellion. Kill all the white people.[1,137]

The Supreme Court sacrifices the Constitution to convenience, politics, and possibly to extortion, by upholding Obamacare in clear violation of the law itself. [1,138]

Liberal censorship strikes again: "Apple removes games with Confederate flags." Apple told developers that the Civil War games "could be reinstated if the Confederate flag were removed. The game maker won't do it, the company said on its blog." [1,139] If the flag is the real problem, why isn't the Obama Administration revoking trademarks containing the flag?

How would the hypocritical world react if Israel suddenly withdrew from the UN? Or maybe contracted a permanent alliance – not a peace treaty, but a working, military alliance – with Egypt? [1,140]

How apathy leads to anarchy. [1,141]

"Starter kit for Islamists": The Southern Poverty Law Center creates a hit list of 12 conservative females that speak out againt Muslims. [1,142]

A call for courage and wisdom. But not in America. In Israel. [1,143]

'The Progressive panic begins' [1,144]

Conservative humor: Dan Joseph Interviews Al Sharpton. [1,145]

A radical proposal for a new calendar to settle disputes about Biblical chronology. [1,146][1,147][1,148]

Hillary Rodham Clinton Not Talking About ’92 Clinton-Gore Confederate Campaign Button.[1,149]

FBI Files Show That Trusted Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett Has Hardcore Communist Family Background.[1,150]

Ann Coulter Just Took On These Three Liberals Without Even Breaking A Sweat.[1,151]

Senate Republicans Just Came One Step Closer To Giving Obama Exactly What He Wants on ObamaTrade.[1,152]

“Transabled” Madness! Doctors urged to amputate HEALTHY limbs.[1,153]

Charleston Just Shut Down Racial Hatemongers With A Message To Obama And Al Sharpton.[1,154]

The Associated Press is receiving flack about its controversial picture of Ted Cruz.[1,155]

"N.S.A. Eavesdropped on Last 3 French Presidents, WikiLeaks Says. WikiLeaks published documents late Tuesday that it says show the U.S. National Security Agency eavesdropped on the last three French presidents, releasing material which appeared to capture officials in Paris talking candidly about Greece's economy, relations with Germany — and, ironically, American espionage." New York Times story

Carly Fiorina's dangerous naïveté about Islam and the civilization it did not build, but conquered. [1,156]

Legalized Homosexual Marriage Will Have This Huge Impact That No One Thought About.[1,157]

Gun rights vs. gun control debate.[1,158]

The political left allies with despotism once again. The same crew who supported Lord Haw-Haw now count radical Islam as a friendly influence. [1,159]

Obama vs. Putin: Obama fears losing again.[1,160] Why did America vote for a sissy twice? Union busting Scott Walker in 2016!

Jonathan Gruber comes back into the news, like a bad penny for the Obama administration. [1,161]

News update about serial killer Dylan Roof: "The pastor did not respond to questions on how often Roof had attended the church or [he] if had been there recently. He referred HuffPost to the South Carolina Lutheran synod bishop, who did not immediately respond to request for comment."[1,162]

Was Dylann Roof an atheist?

Hillary Clinton Finally Breaks Her Silence On A Huge Issue By Stabbing Obama In The Back.[1,163]

King v. Burwell Could Free Millions from Government Mandates. [1,164] If this happens, will more Americans vote with their feet and flee to Republican controlled states?

Strange times: Pope Francis received scientific advice on his Global Warming environmental encyclical from atheist Hans Joachim Schellnhuber. [1,165] Dissenting opinions were shut out.

A call for Israel to embrace a Jewish national strategy. [1,166]

Has the Supreme Court gone completely rogue? They not only ignored calls for two Justices to recuse themselves: they "mislaid" the motions. [1,167]

"Charleston killer planned to shoot up college campus instead of a church, claims black drinking buddy who says they were 'homeboys.'" [1,168] Did the young mass murderer choose a church in order to attack Christianity?

Inconvenient truths about illegal immigration and crime that Donald Trump highlighted. [1,169]

Adding new meaning to the phrase "Trump Card." [1,170]

A Pastor Said 3 Heated Words About Islam. Something Shocking Just Happened To Him.[1,171]

Obama says supporter writes him: "You’re an idiot".[1,172]

Texas Governor Signs Toughest Border Security Plan of Any State, and Seeks Federal Reimbursement.[1,173]

Woman calls for race war at the scene of the church shooting.[1,174]

New Atheists cannot disown the atrocities of militant state atheism, says James Bishop of Historical Jesus Studies.[1,175]

How America allowed a monstrous evil to flourish by standing by and doing nothing. [1,176]

The gun control advocates, from Barack Obama on down, seized on the Charleston Incident. And they used flawed numbers. Here are some good ones. [1,177]

The Only Comment On The Accused Church Shooter’s Facebook Page Is Astonishing.[1,178]

Dylann Storm killed 9 people in a church. Like many atheists, he was a loner. Was he an atheist?

Dylann Storm: Another Killer on Psych Drugs.[1,179]

Barack Obama’s Controversial Charleston Comments.[1,180]

"We Will Not Bow Down Nor Will We Be Silent": Southern Baptist Convention's Leader Gets Standing Ovation, During Speech About God and Homosexual "Marriage".[1,181] Another example of standing up to that agenda: [1,182]

"Liberalism From the Sewer" [1,183]

Mass murder suspect Dylann Roof apparently spent much of his time playing video games, as his dad was reportedly "trying to get his son to be productive, to stop playing as many video games and stay employed." [1,184] But most of the media avoid mentioning the video game connection to the heinous crime.

Music can be healthy or unhealthy, for a mind, and for a society. [1,185]

Drug-related crimes are on the rap sheet for the suspected young mass murderer who massacred a Charleston Bible study group. [1,186] The suspect was also a video game player and bigtime Facebook user.

Donald Trump, revisited: why he would make a better and more trustworthy President than most other candidates. [1,187]

Nine people in Bible study in a Charleston church are murdered by a 21-year-old white male. The church is the oldest African Methodist Episcopal one in the South, dating back to a congregation of slaves and free African Americans in 1791. [1,188]

Overweight 16-Year-Old Girl Living as a "Boy" Files Federal Lawsuit Against School District Over Transgender Restroom Policy.[1,189] Why does the rest of society have to cater to dysfunctional immorality?

What Was Spotted Behind Hillary Clinton At Her Big Announcement Has Many Crying "Conspiracy!"[1,190]

Despite the Fact Rachel Dolezal has Two White Parents, MSNBC Host Wonders, "Is it Possible She Might Actually be Black?".[1,191] Liberal lapdog or journalist?

Ouch: Hillary Clinton Just Asked Her Fans One Simple Question That Backfired In A HUGE Way.[1,192]

About the trans-racialism of Rachel Dolezal, and a culture that gives her a megaphone. [1,193]

"Poll finds Sanders closing in on Clinton." [1,194] Are Dems headed for another election fiasco like McGovern in 1972?

Donald Trump runs for President as a Republican. [1,195]

through June 15, 2015

"Isn't That Amazing!" [1,196]

Christianity Disc Jockey Outfit Declined to Play Homosexual Man’s Birthday Party and...[1,197]. Also, Ted Cruz on why Christian businesses should be allowed not provide services related to homosexual "marriages".

Spike TV to censor Clint Eastwood's Jenner Joke.[1,198]

Charlie Daniels Just Wrote Another Hit – A Scorching Open Letter To "Lying", "Petulant" Obama.[1,199][1,200]

Thanks to Obama, over 120 Americans have been murdered by Illegal immigrants. Lawlessness, not the rule of law, is the touchstone of his presidency. [1,201]

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) echoed Barack Hussein Obama when she said no one got rich on his own because the government built the roads. Well, why not a model for private roads? Here's how. [1,202]

A conservative woman wins a stunning upset against an entrenched liberal, to become mayor of San Antonio. "It ought to scare every Democrat in Bexar County," said the loser's campaign manager. [1,203]

"Getting Away With It in Liberal Land "[1,204]

"Storm on climate change awaits pope's environment letter" on Thursday, as liberals suddenly act like they are supporters of papal infallibility. In fact, the letter will not aspire to any infallibility at all. [1,205]

This Explosive Three-Minute Video Could Be The Final Nail In Hillary Clinton’s Coffin.[1,206]

Everything you need to know about transracial hero Rachel Dolzal.[1,207] Watch the end of this video where she is a deer in the headlights.

Congress essentially stops ObamaTrade.[1,208]

"Chris Christie says debt-free college is 'wrong.'" [1,209] Why should the public foot the bill for the Worst College Majors??

"The House on Friday dealt a staggering blow to President Barack Obama’s trade agenda, as Democrats turned en masse against the president just hours after he made a direct appeal to salvage a centerpiece of his second-term platform," reports liberal P.S.: this should stay dead. It breaches the Constitutional procedure for approving treaties.[1,210]

America's biggest threat comes not from without, but from within, in the form of bureaucrats to say they are "just doing their jobs." Nuremberg, anyone? [1,211]

A follow-up to the observation about a calendar-changing event that likely happened to the moon and also triggered the Biblical Famine in Egypt. [1,212][1,213]

Pastors Issue Tough Warning to the Supreme Court "Not to Cross This Line" as Landmark Ruling on Same-sex Marriage Approaches.[1,214] Also, Mike Huckabee: "The Supreme Court is not the Supreme Being."

Barack Obama to regulate "economic diversity" in white suburbs.[1,215] Trailer parks in liberal enclaves San Francisco and Martha's Vineyard next?

What Ex-McKinney Policeman Did To A Teenage Girl Before Arriving At Pool Party.[1,216]

Desperate! White House launches frantic campaign to save trade deal.[1,217]

North Carolina Senate and House override their governor's veto of religious liberty for traditional marriage. Liberals react as expected, whining uncontrollably. [1,218]

Did McDonald’s just sign its own death warrant?[1,219] Is the ObamaBurger next?

Paul Ryan cooks up elaborate ruse to save immigration components of ObamaTrade.[1,220]

School Principal Does an Internet Post on McKinney, Loses Job Almost Immediately.[1,221]

A fresh addition to the Hydroplate Theory of the Great Flood: did a sequel to that event, involving a companion asteroid, not only change the length of the synodic month but also trigger the Biblical Famine? [1,222][1,223]

ISIS fighter "follows Jesus after encounter in dream".[1,224] In recent years, there are many reports of Muslims receiving dreams/visions and becoming Christians.[1,225]

Rude and unreasonable environmentalist gets out of line and is booted from an interview.[1,226]

The liberal media continue to give a pass to the slow investigation into the Amtrak derailment, which had Brandon Bostian at the controls: it took the "investigators" 29 days to rule out an accident due to cell phone use. [1,227] Despite the 106 mph speeding into the curve, Bostian continues to be favored by the media.

Ronald Reagan envisioned America as a shining city on a hill. Barack Obama is turning it into a city without borders – that will not shine at all. [1,228]

"Liberals love hate." [1,229]

Barack Obama tries to make a moral case for Obamacare. Is he kidding? [1,230]

"Conservatives Are a Cancer": Critics Lambaste Famed Evangelist After He Reveals Plan for Christians to Battle Against "Tide of Moral Decay".[1,231]

Obama administration boots "4th of July" to appease Muslims.[1,232]

Jerry Seinfeld: Politically correct students "don’t know what they’re talking about".[1,233] Comediennes are avoiding humorless liberal college audiences.

Give it up, pro-aborts: "US appeals court upholds key parts of Texas abortion law, could close most clinics statewide." [1,234][1,235] And typically abortion clinics do not appeal to the Supreme Court, where they could lose nationwide.

The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal is making Congressional members even more wealthy. Crony corporate cash infusions. [1,236]

Woman wished she had been born a boy. Then she realized, "God does not make mistakes".[1,237] She also talks about how the Bible was way ahead of its time scientifically.

Barack Obama Is Bypassing Congress To Deliver A Major Blow To The U.S. Constitution.[1,238]

Obama is working on a gag order on firearm coverage.[1,239]

Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Democrats using illegal immigrants for votes.[1,240] Also, great video on how America's toughest sheriff is cutting down on prison costs in Arizona.

Muslim children of today, especially in Germany, are becoming the jihadists of tomorrow. [1,241]

A dire warning about pluralism in moral philosophy and where that leads. [1,242]

Conservapedia proven right, this time with its entry about Worst College Majors. "The gap between the highest- and lowest-paying college majors is wider" than the gap between a college degree and a high school degree. [1,243]

Michael Savage: Bruce Jenner is a very ominous bell wether for Americans.[1,244]

ISIS Fighter Brags About Mission On Social Media. This Is How The U.S. Air Force Responded...[1,245]

Barack Obama Hides ObamaTrade Text and is Called Out On It.[1,246]

White House Warns of "Utter Chaos" if Supreme Court Rules Against Administration in Obamacare Case.[1,247] Was the United States able to prosper before ObamaCare?

Separating security from spirituality in Zionism was a mistake. America is making a similar mistake. Now it's time to correct that mistake. [1,248]

A critical look at the Big Bang theory and how even its originator twisted it to avoid admitting the universe had a beginning. [1,249][1,250]

Hillary Clinton fires up a black audience with a conspiracy theory.[1,251]]

Parents Livid Over "Democratic" School’s Shock Field Trip — but the director Says It Was "Beautiful".[1,252]

The liberal media celebrates the "pedophilia" of Lena Dunham while crucifying the Duggars.[1,253]

Texas Republicans gave a surprise "gift" to Hillary Clinton when she went to Texas to attend a fundraiser for wealthy donors.[1,254]

Two Americas: Discounts for homosexual passengers on Alaska Airlines. [1,255] Liberal pandering to 3% of the population never stops.

Half the news you get in the Mainstream Media is demonstrably untrue. Like inflated support figures for Barack Hussein Obama or Hillary Clinton. [1,256]

Chris Christie plumps for the Patriot Act and says it helped him prosecute several cases but tellingly fails to cite any. One case he could cite, wouldn't help his argument any. [1,257]

Liberal claptrap fails to silence reporters outside of the Beltway: "A handful of the regional interviewers invited to the White House didn't make it easy on the president," left-leaning admits.

Calling Bruce Jenner a Woman Is an Insult to Women.[1,258] Also, see the video of his daughters crying. They must know deep down that he is not a woman and never will be.

What The American People Just Said About George W. Bush Vs. Obama Will Have The White House Shrieking.[1,259]

Marco Rubio and Lindsey Graham refuse to answer whether they read Obamatrade bill before voting on it.[1,260]

U.S Marine tells Michelle Obama to stop playing the race card.[1,261] Unfortunately for Michelle, her husband does not have a lot of accomplishments as president for her to talk about. And people rightfully hate her school lunches.[1,262][1,263]

Two-years in a row that shootings are on the rise in New York despite enacting some of the strictest gun laws in the country. [1,264] Liberals never learn that legislation targeting law-abiding citizens does nothing to stop criminals.

Israel will keep electing leaders who fall for the "land for peace" malarkey until they make some fundamental changes to the way they pick a parliament. [1,265]

Update on the liberal cover-up for the May 12th Amtrak crash: the "investigators" won't even say if the homosexual activist at the controls was using his cell phone while driving the train. [1,266] How long will the investigators continue to cover for the driver who sped into the curve?

Muslim sympathizer Barack Hussein Obama: "I’m The Closest Thing to a Jew" to Ever Be President.[1,267]

U.S. Military Stuns Enemies By Unveiling Something Straight Out Of A Sci-Fi Movie.[1,268] The godless French can't compete!

Catholic high school students create a Pro-life video that has generated many accolades. A comparison of the Boston marathon bombing and abortion clinics. [1,269]

Just say no! Sometimes that will serve your fellow human beings best of all. [1,270]

Don't let the debate on the Patriot Act and the "Freedom Act" fool you: the second is the "evil twin" of the first, with a pretty – and deceitful – name. [1,271]

Bruce Jenner Is Not A Woman. He Is A Sick And Delusional Man.[1,272] Did John Wayne ever have a "sex-change"? Obviously, Jenner made a bad choice.

The Duggars Just Made an Announcement That Will Have The Left Sharpening Pitchforks.[1,273]

Rand Paul: My opponents "secretly want there to be an attack on the United States so they can blame it on me".[1,274]

The danger of pride and self-delusion: Barack Obama says that under his leadership, the USA is once again the most respected country on Earth.[1,275]

Unfavorability rating for Hillary Clinton reaches 50%, surpassing her favorability rating and rendering her unelectable unless there is an improvement. [1,276] Independents view her particularly unfavorably.

New discoveries in science turn out to validate the Bible, and specifically the Torah, and more specifically, Genesis. [1,277][1,278]

Kathleen Willey: Hillary Clinton is a "money-hungry hypocrite".[1,279]

Barack Obama’s Department of Justice To Circumvent Congress With "More Than A Dozen" New Gun Controls.[1,280]

Gallup study: America is Moving Left. Coulter, Bachmann and Schlafly Explain Why.[1,281]

Eric Holder 2.0: Justice Department to bypass Congress with new gun laws [1,282] and will target rightwing groups on social media. [1,283] You can thank Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Lindsey Graham and other Rinos for confirming Lynch.

Three key parts of the Patriot Act are expired and shut down, this after Senator Rand Paul refused to accede, and managed to imitate James Stewart and Peter Finch in the same speech. [1,284]

Dissension grows among Dems: "Overflow crowd in Minneapolis hears Sen. Bernie Sanders." [1,285] Is media-favored Hillary headed to another election humiliation, as in 2008?

Former Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley announces his campaign to defeat Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination for president, but one has to look to Australia to find reasonable news coverage of it: [1,286]

May 2015

Another Golda Meir? Or perhaps another Deborah or Joan of Arc? Meet Tzipi Hotovely, a firebrand in Benjamin Netanyahu's cabinet. [1,287]

House bill would require gun owners to have liability insurance.[1,288]

After Giving "Space To Destroy", Baltimore Mayor Wants American Taxpayers To Save Her Skin In Big Way[1,289]

Rand Paul's opposition to the Patriot Act is coming to a head.[1,290]

"Campus Carry Gets Final Approval in Texas Senate ... requiring the state’s public universities to allow handguns in dorms, classrooms and campus buildings." [1,291]

Refutation of three common icons of evolution: the Lucy skeleton, the peppered moth, and the so-called walking whale, Tiktaalik. [1,292][1,293]

After Getting Shot Down By Federal Court, Obama Just Got Slapped Down by the anti-amnesty American public.[1,294]

Defeat: Barack Obama won't take executive amnesty fight to the U.S. Supreme Court.[1,295]

Baltimore gets bloodier as arrests drop post-Freddie Gray.[1,296]

Phoenix bikers sponsor "draw Mohammad" contest.[1,297]

Low gas prices will continue for the foreseeable future thanks to North American shale fracking. The OPEC cartel sees no new price increase due to oversupply. [1,298]

Will you let God rule you, or tyrants? A review of recent news-making cases and relevant Scripture. [1,299]

Science magazine retracts its article concerning attitudes toward same-sex marriage, which had been promoted heavily by the liberal media. [1,300] Even the LA Times admits, "the alleged deception is a symptom of a weakness at the heart of the scientific establishment." [1,301]

Satire of real events: Egyptians on television wonder if Obama is on drugs. [1,302] [1,303]

Take heart, as Elijah did, that the hypocrites are fleeing the Church. Those who are left, can now concentrate on bringing in a greater harvest. [1,304]

"FBI searching South Florida offices linked to FIFA in soccer scandal". "Miami Beach offices connected to FIFA now under investigation." [1,305]

The flight recorder from the Germanwings crash reveals God on the lips of many.[1,306] No flight recording of the suicidal and egocentric co-pilot mentioning God. See also: Atheism and suicide and Atheism and mass murder and Atheism and arrogance

Texas "Senate Passes Anti-Gay Marriage Resolution," by a bipartisan landslide vote of 21-10, just hours before its end-of-session deadline. [1,307]

"FIFA Inquiry Yields Indictments; U.S. Officials Vow to Pursue More." [1,308]

"Pentagon Inadvertently Shipped Live Anthrax to Labs in Nine States" "Samples of live anthrax were inadvertently shipped to private research laboratories in nine states and one in South Korea that were supposed to have received dead anthrax samples, the Pentagon confirmed today". [1,309]

Barack Obama’s legacy is increasingly in legal jeopardy.[1,310]

Ann Coulter vs. pro- immigration Jorge Ramoz: Coulter wins hands down! [1,311]

Barack Obama is scheduled to arrive in Kenya in July of this year. Kenyan lawyer wants Obama's daughter's hand in marriage and offers livestock in return. [1,312]

By a landslide 101-to-47 vote, the Texas House passed a "campus carry" bill to give students the right to carry firearms on public and private college campuses. [1,313]

A new "Battle of Trenton" begins as a New Jersey activist files a massive RICO lawsuit against New Jersey's political leadership, alleging wholesale breaches of the Constitution. [1,314]

Why do Muslims chant "Death to America" and "Death to Israel" in the same breath? That's not coincidence. Anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism come from the same envious source. [1,315]

Justice liberal style: Murder Booms in Baltimore’s Worst Area, Arrests Fall.[1,316]

PacSun Feels the Wrath of Customers, Veterans Over American Flag Shirt Displayed on Memorial Day Weekend.[1,317]

Democrats' Happy Memorial Day Tweet: No American flag, Just Obama and ice cream cone.[1,318]

Texas Senate Passes Anti-Sharia Bill.[1,319] One wife - not four!

Liberal Hollywood actress Natalie Portman glosses over the supreme irony of the danger she, a Jewess, faces while living in France. Why? Because France today is the most dangerous country for Jews to live in, more dangerous even than during the Dreyfus Affair. And why? Muslim immigration, that's why. [1,320]

Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) speaks out forcefully against the Patriot Act. Hint: Benjamin Franklin would never approve. [1,321]

Poland elects Conservative Andrzej Duda for President. Leftists are losing power all throughout Europe.[1,322]
President-elect Duda opposes homosexual marriage, and he won with support by younger voters. [1,323]

The National Review welcomes homosexual marriage.[1,324] What's next? Pro-polygamy?

If “Black Lives Matter," What About the 16 Million Black Babies Killed in Abortions? [1,325]

"Russian singer booed at Eurovision," apparently to punish Russia for its stance against the homosexual agenda. [1,326] This is only the beginning of liberal attempts to ostracize Christian nations that reject homosexual marriage.

"Unrelenting brutality and savagery" of ISIS as they murder 400 women and children. [1,327] When will Obama take off from his golf schedule to deal with this?

Pew study: Liberal claptrap newspapers approaching final death blow. 50% ad decline and dwindling circulation shows the end is near. [1,328] Also, razor-thin profits or losses at newspaper companies.[1,329]

Australia sides with Christianity and rejects holding a referendum as Ireland just did on homosexual marriage: Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who opposes the homosexual agenda, declares that "questions of marriage are the preserve of the Commonwealth Parliament." [1,330]

John Nash, R.I.P., was killed by a taxicab crash on the New Jersey Turnpike as he returned from Norway to receive the Abel Prize, akin to the Nobel Prize for mathematicians. Our prayers are with him and his family.

Ted Cruz smacks down pro-homosexuality TV reporter (includes video).[1,331]

Obama wants softer (gayer) uniforms for police.[1,332] Lavender or powder blue uniforms?

Notorious Islamic extremist fans flames of hatred against America using American liberals promotion of homosexuality and abortion.[1,333]

Morale Is Low In Police Departments Across America. Obama Anti-Police Policies the Main Cause.[1,334]

The Patriot Act still has no renewal and may lapse. And maybe it should lapse. It didn't stop the Boston Marathon bombing, for example. [1,335]

Northern Ireland continues to ban homosexual marriage, and the liberal media are not happy about that. [1,336] But cities in Ireland that agree with Northern Ireland on this issue are stuck with the referendum result.

Ireland abandoned Christianity, and homosexual marriage just filled the vacuum with no political party even opposing it in the referendum. [1,337] Fortunately, 79% of Americans accept the Bible, which teaches against homosexuality.

Part of the problem with gender identity confusion in public schools is that we have public schools. A critical examination of the spirits of civic and spiritual lawlessness that have brought us to this pass, and how to turn away from it. [1,338]

Ireland had a big drop in religion over the past decade, making it vulnerable to a takeover by the homosexual agenda. The percentage of religious adherents fell from 69% in 2005 to only 47% by 2012, placing it near the bottom of all the countries surveyed. [1,339]

The Mayor of Irving, Texas recently told several Muslim activists they must obey American law in America. They didn't like it. She didn't budge. Other politicians should follow her lead. [1,340]

Now it’s Joe Biden vs. Bible on homosexuality.[1,341]

Iowa Democrats Gush Over Hillary Clinton, But Tone Immediately Changes When Reporter Asks Them for One Accomplishment.[1,342]

Michigan Passes New Legislation Telling Michelle Obama to Get Lost.[1,343]

Pew study: Negative reviews for the Republican-led Congress. A question not asked... Does the G.O.P. even care? The answer would be 'Not in the least'. [1,344]

A careful study of the most often-cited sources by the Framers of the Constitution, to determine where the Framers got their ideas, turns up a fascinating statistic: the most often-cited source turns out to be the Bible. [1,345]

American and Western universities offer a stale mushroom diet of nihilism and relativism when they reject Creation, and with it, God. And we wonder why Islam, like a poisonous mushroom, would suddenly look attractive? [1,346]

A detailed reply to critics of Israel, examining four common perspectives for that criticism. Included: how many libertarians get their own philosophy wrong on this count. [1,347]

Report: Pro Hillary Clinton super PAC failing to raise for 2016.[1,348]

When will the world act against genocide and slavery by ISIS? The abuse of young girls and women is barbaric yet not a word from feminists such as NOW. [1,349]

Evidence of another pro-homosexual hoax: the journal Science published a study that "made headlines in The Washington Post, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal," but now there are indications that the study "was faked" and Science has advised readers "that it was investigating 'serious questions' about the study’s validity."[1,350]

"In ‘Frida Kahlo: Art, Garden, Life,’ Nature Melds With the Artist Herself"... at the New York Botanical Garden. [1,351]

Barack Obama, the post-American President, reflects the professor values of his educators. [1,352]

Humorous Conservative Video: Dan Joseph Interviews Hillary Clinton. [1,353]

The Girl Scouts Transgender Stance That Has Conservatives Up in Arms.[1,354] Is the liberal takeover of Girl Scouts causing its bleeding of members and volunteers?

How much longer can the USA spend $500 Billion a year on welfare?[1,355]

The pro-homosexual cover-up concerning the Amtrak crash continues: "Investigators said they had determined that the engineer, Brandon Bostian, made calls and sent texts on May 12, the day of the crash, but had not determined whether he was talking or texting at the controls." [1,356] It takes more than a week to check a cell phone?!

An unattractive coalition of nominal libertarians, internationalists, egalitarians, and relativists has Israel as their favorite target. And not Israel only, but anyone who must defend themselves. [1,357]

The Counterpoint to Evolution series continues, with a hard look at certain geological formations and fossils that turn out to be far younger than most people suppose. [1,358][1,359]

What IS the strange sound from the sky? Noise heard across the globe for nearly a DECADE – but nobody has an real explanation.[1,360] Why can't atheist scientists give a convincing explanation?

A conductor on the Amtrak train felt a sudden surge shortly before the derailment, which is consistent with the data recording of a rapid acceleration into the curve. [1,361] But try finding any article by the pro-homosexual media that criticizes Brandon Bostian, who was at the controls.

Is liberalism a mental disorder both in America and in Israel? And did a medieval rabbi have a better insight into this disorder than anyone imagined when he first set it down? [1,362]

The pro-homosexual media continue to protect Brandon Bostian, who was at the controls of the speeding Amtrak train as it derailed. But an attorney for several victims reportedly speaks out, describing Bostian’s conduct as “both unfathomable and unconscionable.” [1,363]

RINO Mitch McConnell, and Clinton Puppet George Stephanopoulos, Join to Help Push Hillary Rodham Clinton’S Obama-trade.[1,364]

Did you attend a public school? Can you pass this U.S. History 101 test? Prove it![1,365] Also, summary video of U.S. History.

Homeschool team wins televised Michigan championship. The 60-school competition was fierce. [1,366]

Barack Obama today had to curtail the militarization of the country's police forces. His liberal friends gave a loud cheer. But if they only knew what his real plans had been, they might be sorely disappointed. Or would they be? [1,367]

Global Warming jihadists launch an epic battle against California. Progressive politics is all about feel-good optics. [1,368]

Why didn't more Christians in Europe oppose the Holocaust? For that matter, why didn't Pius XII push for the excommunication of Adolf Hitler and other top Nazis? The answer might lie in a more profound theological error too many Christians make. [1,369]

The Clinton Foundation mislaid $17 million from 2009 through 2010 in one of its reorganizations. That's just for starters. We suspected that foundation was Bill and Hillary Clinton's private piggy bank. Now we have proof. [1,370]

The NTSB lead investigator admits that only the train engineer can increase the speed of the train, yet he called in the FBI to investigate -- not the train engineer -- but a small object hitting a windshield, which is common on those trains. [1,371] How long will the cover-up by the government and pro-homosexual media continue to deny the obvious?

Jesus Christ said, "I came not to abolish the Law, but to fulfill it." Thirty-three years ago, a learned rabbi laid this all out. [1,372]

Distracting attention away from train engineer Brandon Bostian, the media promote a government theory that an unidentified projectile may have caused the Amtrak crash! Philadelphia Mayor Nutter properly rejects that nonsensical theory. [1,373]

A new national survey finds that 86% of graduates don't have any career prospects lined-up after college. Obamanomics is certainly to blame but you aren't doing yourself any favors if you are enrolled in the Worst College Majors. [1,374]

Why did the Vatican start to recognize the Palestinian Authority? Could it be they are afraid of the prophecies in the Bible, especially by Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, and John the Revelator? [1,375]

George Stephanopoulos, political hack, took one for the team. Is he really any different from a number of other Mainstream Media hacks? [1,376]

The media and investigators are giving a pass to the homosexual activist who drove the train at more than twice the speed limit into a curve and derailment. He claims not to remember anything about it, and the investigators call that being "extremely cooperative"!!! [1,377]
But a concussion rarely causes such amnesia, and afterwards he blackened his Facebook image. Why would he quickly blacken it if he were a victim??

If the church does not speak up, we'll be in the same spot as Father Martin Niemöller was in. [1,378]

The train engineer made public statements demanding installment of technology to prevent his "accident". [1,379] Meanwhile, the liberal media omit evidence of his experience as a pro-homosexual activist, which demonstrate his political savvy.

Within a few months, his "accident" would no longer have been possible because Amtrak has been installing speed controls.

Barack Obama repeats an old litany about "society's lottery winners." What he really is saying, is clasping his hands in appeal and crying, "Do something!" [1,380]

"Mondrian painting sells for record $50.6 mn in New York. A painting by Dutch artist Piet Mondrian sold Thursday for $50.56 million at a Christie's auction in New York, the most ever paid for his work... "Composition No. III, with Red, Blue, Yellow and Black," a geometric oil painting made in 1929." [1,381]

The train's speed was sharply accelerated into the curve, causing derailment. [1,382] Meanwhile, the liberal media say very little about the views of the driver of the train, and Wikipedia does not even have an entry about him.

The train's driver has clammed up about his role in the wreck, but he was happy to speak with the media in 2012 about his support for homosexual marriage:

It’s kind of insulting to have to beg people for my right to marry. I feel like we shouldn’t even have to have this fight.

Professor Values: Atheist professor tried to shutdown religious speech and received a humiliating defeat.[1,384]

They Told Denzel Washington “Don’t Say Jesus At Our School”, His Response Silenced Them All.[1,385]

Two years after a jury convicted Kermit Gosnell of first-degree murder in three abortions, the House of Representatives passed the Pain-capable Unborn Child Protection Act. What will the Senate do? [1,386]

"He took to social media after the crash," CNN discloses about the Amtrak engineer who has still not explained why he was driving the train at more than twice its speed limit on a curve before derailing. [1,387]

Israel might tend to keep Prime Ministers but not governments. Today Israel will swear in its thirty-fourth government in its sixty-seven-year history. [1,388]

Texas lawmakers approve "Tim Tebow bill".[1,389]

Hawaii’s $205 Million ObamaCare Exchange Implodes.[1,390]

Barack Obama and Elizabeth Warren battle each other.[1,391]

Shock Poll: Americans Hate RINO Jeb Bush More Than Hillary Clinton.[1,392]

Setback for the homosexual agenda: the Vatican has refused for months to recognize France's choice of an ambassador, and "there is suspicion that the Vatican" declines recognition "because he is openly gay" and has been an outspoken supporter of homosexual marriage. [1,393]

What makes a Jew surrender his birthright for a mess of politically correct pottage, almost as Esau did? [1,394]

Why Barack Obama truly is the first post-American President. [1,395]

"Former Dolphins quarterback says Brady was using doctored footballs in 2004." [1,396] Did the Overrated Sports Star Tom Brady perpetrate the longest-running cheating scheme in sports history?

An instructive contrast between modern-day cowards and provocateurs. Hint: this kind of provocation didn't start with Pamela Geller. The Bible has several instructive and inspiring examples. [1,397]

Does Israel really have parliamentary democracy? When's the last time a party in Israel lost the government in a no-confidence vote? Answer: never! [1,398]

Sheriff Clarke Blames Barack Obama for Mississippi Cop Shooting: "Obama Started this War on Police".[1,399]

Jeb Bush: We have to show respect to illegal immigrants.[1,400]

Hillary Clinton hasn’t answered a question from the media in 20 days.[1,401]

Senate deals stinging defeat to Obama trade agenda, explains The Hill. [1,402]

In the 1930's, Sir Winston Churchill warned the world about Adolf Hitler. Today Pamela Geller warns us about Muslims. [1,403]

Why are politicians in Israel playing kid's games like "Let's Pretend," whether in diplomacy or even at war? [1,404]

Conservapedia proven right, again: Tom Brady is suspended by the NFL for his role in cheating on the pressurization of footballs, about which investigators found evidence dating back even before the 2014 season. [1,405] If Overrated Sports Star Brady were so good, then why would he need to cheat?
Brady refused to provide his text messages to investigators, so the real scandal may be even worse. Why isn't he treated like Lance Armstrong now?

"Picasso becomes most expensive artwork sold at auction. A bold and colorful painting by Pablo Picasso just became the most expensive work of art ever sold at auction. The piece, called "Les femmes d'Alger (Version 'O')" (is a) cubist painting created in 1955. The hammer price came down at $160 million." [1,406]

Government Study: 40 Percent Of Americans On Food Stamps Are Obese.[1,407] Also, 350 pound liberal demands more welfare money.

Tony Rodham’s Ties Invite Scrutiny for Hillary and Bill Clinton.[1,408]

Why do so many Prime Ministers of Israel stick with a policy of "land for peace"? Could it be they want to slow down the immigration of stalwart Jews who would likely vote the secular elites out of power? [1,409]

"The White House is lying about the killing of Osama bin Laden. Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh has a startling new article claiming the White House fed the public lie after lie about how the US killed Osama bin Laden in May 2011." [1,410]

British Prime Minister tries to rule out another independence vote by Scotland, but the "startling success" of the pro-independence party, who "all but wiped out the Labour Party in Scotland last week, has renewed speculation it might push for another referendum, perhaps" as soon as next year. [1,411] Don't all atheistic societies eventually crumble?

Another German homeschooling family faces prison for trying to educate their children as they see fit. Why, seventy years after victory over the Nazis, does this Nazi-era law stay on the books? And will Barack Obama sign an EO making that the law here? [1,412]

U.S. Pays $3 Billion for United Nations (UN) – More Than 185 Other Countries Combined.[1,413] UN incompetency: 17,000 United Nations troops were unable to contain the violence that 100 private security troops were able to contain.[1,414]

Four Clinton Foundation Trustees Charged or convicted of financial crimes.[1,415]

Pamela Geller calls on Obama to protect her after being ignored by FBI, Homeland Security.[1,416]

Liberals, give it up: conservatives won a stunning majority of seats in the British Parliament, yet liberal denial works overtime in futility to try to deny that England has moved to the Right. [1,417] The reason and faith of conservatism inevitably prevail.

A 21-year-old has built a conservative grassroots powerhouse, the Turning Point USA PAC. [1,418]

98 U.S. Senators Just Decided To Pull The Reins On Barack Obama On A Big Issue.[1,419]

Middle East immigrants to U.S. now far outlead all other incoming immigrant groups/[1,420]

Pamela Geller refuses to respect Islam and accusations of taunting are directed her way.[1,421][1,422]

A look at where the 2016 U.S. Presidential Candidates stand on the issue of immigration.[1,423]

Will the Supreme Court go to war with heaven itself by trying to rewrite two thousand years of marriage law? [1,424]

The Tim Tebow CURE hospital opens in the Phillipines. [1,425] Christians are always helping the sick. Atheist hospitals still number just zero.

A timely review of how our country stood so far apart from God in a little more than sixty years. [1,426]

The Labour Party is humiliated in the British elections, routed by the conservatives and even losing a seat to a 20-year-old Scottish independence candidate! [1,427] The last time someone so young won was in 1667.

He was a hardcore agnostic who laughed at Christianity, until….[1,428]

Hillary Rodham Clinton and Bernie Sanders Will Debate Six Times During The 2016 Primary.[1,429]

Video: Chris Wallace to Maryland Democrat Rep. Donna Edwards: “Is It Unfair To Say That Liberal Policies Failed Baltimore?”.[1,430]

"Germanwings co-pilot tried a dry run hours before crash" that killed 150 passengers, but liberal denial persists in refusing to ask whether it was atheistic terrorism. [1,431]

How freedom of speech suffers when justice gives way to an equality apart from merit. [1,432]

The Haeckel Drawings still appear in the most widely-used Biology textbook in the United States. Taking dead aim at that particular fraud and what it says about a textbook editor who tries to excuse it. [1,433][1,434]

Are the police armed to protect you? Or themselves? Something to think about as some New Jersey activists prepared to sue the State in federal court over the Second Amendment. [1,435]

25 Years Of Predicting The Global Warming "Tipping Point".[1,436] Classic collection of quotes by global warming alarmists.

Obama’s Policies Contribute to Race Riots. People In The U.S. Are Bracing For A Summer Of Race Riots, Poll Reveals.[1,437][1,438]

"Jeb Bush misfires with evangelicals over gay marriage supporters in inner circle." [1,439] Will Jeb's appeasement of the homosexual agenda derail his candidacy?

Setback for gun control: two terrorists shooting assault rifles and wearing body armor were terminated by one man's use of his pistol, in what even the liberal media calls "miraculous" and not "a fair fight." [1,440]

Is Barack Obama an empty suit? Or is he a devotee of Islam? Either way, an Israeli wonders how long the Republic of Israel can deal with him. [1,441]

Dream ticket? Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina add conservative spunk to the campaign for president, by announcing their candidacies Monday. [1,442] Meanwhile, Dems are pathetically stuck with Hillary.

Why does a Jewish newspaper take the side of the Palestinians against Israel? And America, too. [1,443]

Enceladus has figured prominently in the scientific literature over the last three months. Question: how could a moon stay hot enough to spew ice into space, be billions of years old? Answer: it can't. It owes its existence to the same event that gave us the Great Flood. [1,444][1,445][1,446]

Professor values: Vanderbilt University Professor Blames Baltimore Riots On "White Privilege", Calls For Massive Surveillance Of White People.[1,447]

Anonymous Baltimore Policeman Reveals New Information on Freddie Gray Incident During Television News Interview.[1,448]

Ben Carson Officially Announces Run For U.S. President In 2016.[1,449]

Delusional Democrat Donna Edwards Tells Chris Wallace: "Wealth Needs To Be Spread More In Baltimore".[1,450]

NYPD Policeman Critically Injured after being Shot in the Head.[1,451]

Breaking: Two Muslim terrorists shot dead in Texas. Attack was at an event held by Pamela Geller. Islamic State sympathizers were the gunmen. [1,452] [1,453]

Real conservatives enter the Republican race for president this week -- Mike Huckabee, Ben Carson, and Carly Fiorina -- and liberals are panicking: "Carly Fiorina says environmentalists created California’s drought." [1,454]

News about Metropolitan Museum of Art, including commentary and archival articles published in The New York Times. [1,455]

13 U.S. House Republicans who voted pro-abortion on D.C. legislation. [1,456]

In early horse race, RINO Marco Rubio threatens conservative Scott Walker.[1,457]

1 out of 10 births in the U.S. is to an illegal immigrant mother.[1,458]

Barack Hussein Obama blocks Iraqi nun from describing religious persecution.[1,459]

Flashback: NRA Predicted Baltimore Riots While Police Chief Called for More Gun Control.[1,460]

Chris Christie might have no hope of getting the Republican Party nomination for President in 2016, this after a former Port Authority official pleaded guilty and ratted out Christie's former chief-of-staff on "Bridgegate." [1,461][1,462]

Genocide continues in Iraq as the world looks the other way. More than 600 Yazidis executed by Islamic State. [1,463]

Smug progressives might want to study history before pushing homosexual marriages.[1,464]

Bernie Sanders vs. Hillary Rodham Clinton.[1,465] Bambi vs. Godzilla or will he cause problems for Hillary?

7 worst media reactions to the Baltimore riots.[1,466]

School bans girl from eating Oreo cookies. Mother furious! [1,467]

A reminder: he who fears the face of God need not fear the face of man. [1,468]

Discontent among Dems with Hillary Clinton as their nominee has this amazing result: Bernie Sanders raises $1.5 million in merely 24 hours to challenge Hillary. [1,469]

Conservative advocates for 'American workers first' over unbridled amnesty has the liberal media playing damage control. Examine this coalition in detail. [1,470]

Justice Kennedy Sends Mixed Signals as U.S. Supreme Court Debates Homosexual "Marriages".[1,471]

Baltimore mayor ordered police to stand down.[1,472]

John Kerry Told Iran He “Wishes The U.S. Had A Leader” Like Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei.[1,473] Kerry wants Obama to be more sympathetic to Muslim terrorism and be more dictatorial as well?

Hillary Clinton is running against her husband’s legacy.[1,474]

Christian relief efforts pour into Nepal after earthquake.[1,475][1,476] Are Western atheist relief organizations pouring into Nepal? See: Atheism and uncharitablness

Punching holes in the latest fudge to the theory of evolution: punctuated equilibrium. When the missing links stay missing, the evolutionists offer excuses. See why they're lame. [1,477][1,478]

"We will not obey": Christian leaders threaten civil disobedience if the U.S. Supreme Court legalizes homosexual marriages.[1,479]

Obama’s Lawyer: Religious Institutions May Lose Tax-Exempt Status If Court Rules for Gay Marriage.[1,480]

2 Texans Allegedly Murdered By Muslims. The Shocking Reason Why Is Beyond Disturbing.[1,481]

In the election of 2016 we have a choice between socialism or liberty. [1,482]

Don't make your mom angry! Angry Baltimore Mom Publicly Disciplines Her Son For Rioting.[1,483]

Court ruling: Businesses can refuse to make pro-homosexuality shirts.[1,484]

Obama's and Democrats "solution" to Baltimore riots: More government spending.[1,485][1,486]

The Baltimore riots show, as nothing else does, the morally bankrupt and kleptomaniacal ideology of the Democratic Party. But they also show the hallmarks of a setup. Is someone trying to frighten people into sacrificing essential liberty to buy temporary safety? Remember the words of Benjamin Franklin. [1,487]

NBC News chief wants Brian Williams back on the air.[1,488]

Bruce Jenner Is Not A Woman. He Is A Sick And Delusional Man.[1,489] Media tries to paint Jenner as a winner, yet why does he play golf alone?

An émigrée from the former Soviet Union (no other than activist Orly Taitz) speaks out against Hillary Clinton and the real danger she poses. A danger going far beyond her crass self-enrichment through her foundation. [1,490]

70% of Republicans oppose homosexual marriage, [1,491] which is similar to the high percentage of Republican voters who accept the truth of the Bible. Has the liberal media peaked in promoting the homosexual agenda, as it peaked on the abortion issue before public opinion began to roll against the propaganda?

Supreme Court homosexual "marriage" cases: What to expect.[1,492][1,493] Also, Ryan Anderson: If the U.S. Supreme Court Imposes Homosexual Marriage Over Religious Liberty, "It’ll Be Repeating Mistake of Roe v. Wade."

Welfare queen Demands Tax-Payers Fund Her $15,000 Wedding, as a “Basic Human Right”.[1,494]

Liberals are angry that Bruce Jenner said that he is a Republican.[1,495] Also, video mocks Jenner for his so-called "bravery" and says his behavior is disturbing.

April 2015

Update: Baltimore – Fighting and Rioting near Camden Yards.[1,496]

No one saw this coming: is Bill Clinton quietly angling for a third term, using Hillary Clinton's troubles as an excuse? Will he call for a repeal of Amendment XXII, or simply flout it? [1,497]

Gay ambassador nomination to the Vatican. Judging prior comments made by Pope Francis, this shouldn't be a problem. [1,498]

Media blitz to "normalize" transgenderism.[1,499]

Michelle Obama Freezes When Asked A Question Every Married Woman Should Be Able To Answer.[1,500]

Black rioters in Baltimore smash police cars, attack motorists in a frenzied protest.[1,501]

Taxpayer money being spent to send out letters to 9,000,000 green card holders urging them to become citizens before the 2016 election.[1,502]

"Sinning and Sweet Cakes"[1,503]

Hillary Clinton came right out and said she will change America's religious beliefs to facilitate abortion on demand. [1,504]

Christians are in fact the world’s most persecuted people. Matt Walsh says, "Stop being a lazy coward." [1,505]

Hottest year on record? Adjustments in temperature data are getting another look. [1,506] Expect Global warming alarmists to whine uncontrollably.

The Gaystapo claims another victim. Aaron and Melissa Klein had their GoFundMe account terminated. [1,507]

Ted Cruz castigates fellow Republicans who are not committed to ending Obama's lawlessness. [1,508]

Tracking Hillary Clinton’s Use of Every American Accent East of the Mississippi.[1,509] Did the Democrats Harry Truman and JFK resort to fake accents?

House Benghazi panel calls Hillary Clinton to testify.[1,510]

Student demonstrators who walked on an American flag to protest racism have sparked a counter movement, prompting a south Georgia university to cancel classes Friday ahead of a rally expected to draw large crowds of flag supporters to Valdosta. [1,511]

Too many politicians show sympathy for the devil. Who doesn't play by any rules. [1,512]

Overweight, Lesbian Coach Who Called For Burning Down "Memories Pizza" Fired.[1,513] Maybe she needs to focus less of her attention on pizzerias![1,514] See also: Lesbianism and obesity

Hillary Clinton on abortion: "Deep-Seated Cultural Codes, Religious Beliefs And Structural Biases Have To Be Changed".[1,515]

Loretta Lynch Confirmed as New Attorney General — Here Are the 10 Republicans Who Voted for Her.[1,516]

Trey Gowdy sends Hillary Clinton 136 questions for May appearance before Benghazi committee.[1,517]

Will Peter Schweitzer, who exposed Bill and Hillary Clinton's dirty dealings, next give Jeb Bush the same treatment? [1,518]

A bit of history passes away. Goodbye to Mary Doyle Keefe, the model for "Rosie the Riveter." [1,519][1,520]

Governor Bobby Jindal is not cowering to liberals on religious freedom, "If it’s not freedom for all, it’s not freedom at all." [1,521]

Chinese edit "genes of human embryos for the first time, prompting fears that the discovery could lead to a new kind of eugenics. [1,522]

The case for a Presidential system of government for the Republic of Israel. With due attention to everything that has gone wrong with the American system. [1,523]

"House committee OKs gay-marriage ban" in Texas. [1,524] Opposition to the homosexual agenda continues despite media bullying.

Liberals sputter as Gov. Scott Walker proposes new immigration platform.[1,525]

Hillary Clinton has been hiding out from real interviews by hard news reporters, as if she is afraid to be cross-examined.[1,526]

Bribery Allegations Against Hillary Clinton Are Truly Damning.[1,527]

Could Israel benefit from reading the Federalist Papers? They speak directly to some of Israel's current political problems. [1,528]

The Miller-Urey experiment did not show a tenth of what everyone says it showed. So why does the premier biology textbook repeat the narrative? [1,529][1,530]

Why does Israel so often not choose the best leaders? Could it be because its political structures are fundamentally flawed? [1,531]

The latest in liberal censorship: "How to Censor Speakers on College Campuses." [1,532]

17 Reasons Why It’s IMPOSSIBLE For Hillary Clinton To Relate To Normal Americans.[1,533]

Homosexual Agenda Front and Center as Hillary Clinton Announces Presidential Campaign.[1,534]

Major public opinion shift and a first: Gun rights top gun control in Pew Research poll.[1,535]

Top Chris Christie ally defects to Jeb Bush.[1,536]

"College commencement speeches: Unfair and unbalanced," as none of the top 60 colleges has invited a social conservative to speak. [1,537] Students reject liberal claptrap once they hear from conservatives, so the best liberals can do is rely on censorship.

The Miller-Urey experiment shows the kind of double standard evolutionists love to live by. [1,538][1,539][1,540]

Atheist Princeton professor calls for killing disabled infants under Obamacare.[1,541]

Give it up, gun control supporters: "Open Carry Wins Final Passage in House" in Texas. [1,542]

The NFL, increasingly known for murders and other harms, needs Tim Tebow now more than ever, but the lamestream media remains hostile to the man of faith on his comeback. [1,543]

A review of the real histories black people have with the Republican and Democratic Parties. [1,544]

Tim Tebow returns to the NFL. League sources claim a one-year contract with the Philadelphia Eagles. [1,545][1,546]

When This Female Air Force Vet Saw Protesters Stepping on the U.S. Flag, She Took Action. It Took Four Policemen to Bring Her Down.[1,547]

Hostile treatment is causing Christians to leave the U.S. military in droves.[1,548]

Bill Would Force Homeschoolers To Have Home Inspections by Social Workers.[1,549]

Barack Obama, B-grade movie actor. His weekly address on climate change must mean he's trying to pretend he's Actor Morgan Freeman in Deep Impact. Too bad the evidence doesn't follow the script. [1,550]

Marco Rubio continues to cave into the homosexual agenda: "it's not that I'm against gay marriage. ... And, in fact, the bottom line is that I believe that sexual preference is something that people are born with." [1,551] Looks like Rubio is competing with Jeb Bush and Scott Walker for support by liberal Republicans.

Feminists and the United Nations support a law that is very unfriendly to the homosexual agenda.[1,552]

Auto-shop owner gives homosexuals an advance warning: I do not want your businesses and I will not take you on as a customer.[1,553]

Scott Walker's support is solid; establishment favorite Jeb Bush struggles in New Hampshire.[1,554]

Opt-out Movement Accelerates Amid Common Core Testing.[1,555]

Thank God for the British press in exposing the American media's double standard: contrast pontification by an ESPN reporter with her shockingly abusive rant against a parking lot mom, which included "Maybe if I was missing some teeth they would hire me, huh?" and "Cos I'm on television and you're in [an expletive] trailer, honey." [1,556]

An answer to "skeptics" who think a young earth would automatically invalidate several disciplines of science that "work." The secret: those disciplines don't work as it is. [1,557][1,558][1,559]

Trey Gowdy Announces Plan to Speed Up Deportation and destroy Obama’s Amnesty![1,560]

Ignoring drought, U.S to divert water to Mexico for environmental project.[1,561]

U.S. Labor Department Pledges $13 Million to Promote Employment for Youth–in El Salvador, Honduras.[1,562]

Jeb Bush to New Hampshire Republicans: don't call me a moderate! [1,563] Would he prefer the term RINO instead??

Political conservatives are not the best source of hope. Only God is. From Bradlee Dean. [1,564]

Despite years of constant liberal denial, the American College of Pediatricians warns of the strong link between abortion and breast cancer. [1,565]

Dems in North Carolina vote against honoring Billy Graham, with a statue in the U.S. Capitol. [1,566] Dems lost, 71-28.

Shame on the Virginia State Bar for canceling a seminar to be held in Jerusalem because they wanted to boycott Israel. [1,567]

Hillary Rodham Clinton Iowa stop staged: Campaign drove "ordinary" voters for photo-op.[1,568]

More than 2 MILLION of Hillary Clinton’s Twitter Followers are fake, and she is under fire for "Buying" Facebook Fans.[1,569] Krauthammer: Hillary will be beaten due to her "glaring inauthenticity".[1,570]

The Obama administration has granted about 541,000 Social Security numbers to illegal immigrants.[1,571]

Federal agencies have purchased nearly 2.2 billion rounds of ammunition since April 2012. And they're not done yet, 62 million rounds of AR-15 ammo went to solicitation. [1,572]

Packing the House of Representatives? A new movement proposes precisely that. At issue: the Congressional Apportionment Amendment originally meant to fix representation at one per fifty thousand persons. But a fatal flaw in its text might make the drive moot. [1,573]

Painting by Hitler to be auctioned, gallery asking $30K. [1,574]

"Rubio would attend a same-sex wedding." [1,575] So why isn't he running for president as a Democrat rather than a Republican?

Poll: Vast Majority of Democrats and Independents Want Challengers For Hillary Clinton.[1,576]

According to Judicial Watch, ISIS Camp a Few Miles from Texas, Mexican Authorities Confirm.[1,577]

Hillary Clinton to spend $37.92 for every vote in $2.5b campaign.[1,578]

Obama Administration Defense Department: The Bible, the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence. All Perpetuate Sexism.[1,579]

Jeb Bush outflanks his rivals by becoming the surprise choice to give the commencement address at evangelical Liberty University. [1,580] But will evangelicals in Iowa be impressed?

Begins today: a counterpoint to the teaching of evolution in public (and some private) schools. [1,581][1,582]

"Obama rewards Egypt’s repression with military aid." [1,583]

These Are the Mainstream Media Elites Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Wined and Dined Before Her Official Announcement.[1,584]

Attorney General Eric Holder Warns DOJ Employees: Stop procuring prostitutes![1,585]

Unions fight to preserve Obama’s immigration actions despite illegal immigrants depressing American wages.[1,586]

Barack Hussein Obama Challenged Benjamin Netanyahu to Come Up With "a Good Answer" for a Better Iran Nuclear Deal. Netanyahu Responded.[1,587]

"GOP contest wide open as Democrats wish for a race ... Republicans have a wide-open presidential race. Democrats are jealous," observes USA Today. [1,588]

The Constitution provides for a regular census. But how intrusive may that census be? [1,589]

"New Strategy Against Gay Marriage Divides GOP 2016 Field," as the history of overreaching by the judicial branch in the Dred Scott decision may repeat. Time magazine article

Obama Says Republicans Have Gone Too Far In Criticizing His Iran Deal: “It Needs To Stop.” [1,590] Why is Obama so desperate to do this deal? Will Obama's weakness be further exploited by the Iranians?

Oklahoma’s New Law To Punish Sex Offenders.[1,591] If only liberals with little self-control repented and became Bible believers, then such drastic measures would be unnecessary.

Rand Paul Puts DNC Chair on Her Heels: Is it okay to kill a 7-pound baby in the uterus? When are You Willing to Protect Life?[1,592]

British welfare queen scandal: A further embarrassment to Britain's Nanny State.[1,593]

Freshman Senator Marco Rubio sought to appease the Left, and then the Republican Party found stronger conservative leaders, so Rubio's campaign for president "has some catching up to do." [1,594]

A call for Jewish statesmanship in Israel. [1,595]

Dems' demand for taxpayer funding of abortion is delaying confirmation of the next Attorney General, and this "holy grail for Democrats" for abortion is not "a position they can prevail on," observes Republican Senator John Thune. [1,596]

Has God begun His work to redeem Israel? An analysis based on Jewish law and on familiar Bible stories. "[1,597]

"Nobel Prize For Physics In 2011 Falsified; Universe, Dark Energy Not Expanding At Rapid Rate" [1,598] But the lamestream media refuse to admit the falsification of a typically liberal Nobel Prize, which has happened more than once.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Says that the Constitution Permits the Court To "Favor Religion Over Non-Religion".[1,599]

Mother Of The Boston Marathon Bombers: All U.S. Citizens are Terrorists.[1,600]

Socialist UK healthcare system is on the brink of collapse. [1,601] Socialism has a history full of failures yet liberals insist we need to go down that same road.

What is liberty? And have we lost it? [1,602]

Setback for the global warming hoax: "W.Va. board passes science standards allowing climate change debate." [1,603]

Hillary Rodham Clinton to launch 2016 campaign on Sunday en route to Iowa.[1,604]

Nancy Pelosi and U.S. liberal groups push congressional Democrats on Iran nuclear bills.[1,605][1,606]

Ayatollah Khamenei Accuses White House of "Lying", Being "Deceptive", and Having "Devilish" Intentions.[1,607]

Have the American people enabled a corrupt political establishment to change the meaning of what's lawful and unlawful in the sight of God and according to the Constitution? [1,608]

Liberals are angry that a public school board voted to hold committee meetings in a church building, which is more handicap-accessible than the government facility. [1,609]

Firefighter Is Sick Of Affirmative Action So He Wore THIS Shirt In Protest And Liberals Are Incensed.[1,610]

Wolf Blitzer Confronts Rand Paul About His Alleged "Abrupt" Treatment of Female Interviewers.[1,611]

Commie-Fest: Obama To Meet With Comrade Raul Castro In Panama City.[1,612]

Louisiana legislature is crafting a religious liberty bill. Bobby Jindal has already agreed to sign it. [1,613]

Examining thoroughly bad judicial precedent on the Second Amendment from the Third Circuit Court of Appeals. [1,614]

Caving in again to the homosexual agenda, Obama demands a ban on conversion therapy nationwide. [1,615] Who made Obama a therapy expert??

Rand Paul vs. an uppity, liberal, woman journalist. Who wins?[1,616] While we're on the subject, where does he stand on the issue? [1,617]

Boston bomber guilty on all charges.[1,618] Will he get the death penalty or will the liberals in Massachusetts prevent justice from happening?

Recent Poll: America Gets Angry Over Illegal Aliens.[1,619]

Scott Walker: If the U.S. Supreme Court guts ObamaCare subsidies, GOP governors will be under "incredible pressure".[1,620]

A time to remember sacrificial lambs, and the Lamb of God. [1,621]

Washington State Flies Communist Flag at State Capitol – Patriots Come Out & Take It Down.[1,622]

U.S. Army Soldiers Sit Through "White Privilege" Presentation — and the Backlash Isn’t Pretty.[1,623]

Barack Obama Is Now FLYING Illegal Alien Children to US with Taxpayer money.[1,624]

"Obama concerned by ‘less-than-loving’ Christians." [1,625]

Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) begins his run for President today. [1,626]

Ruling in the Case of Bakery That Refused to Decorate Bible-Shaped Cakes With Anti-Homosexuality Messages.[1,627] Also, video of various homosexual bakers refusing to bake anti-homosexuality cakes.

Rick Santorum: Should the Government Force a Homosexual Print Shop Owner to Make "God Hates F**s" Signs for Westboro Baptist Church?[1,628]

Illegal Immigrant with Drug-Resistant TB to Be Released into US, say Congressional Leaders.[1,629]

Wal-mart has sided with homosexuals in the culture war. Christian employees have been silenced. [1,630]

New Jersey's Governor Chris Christie pardoned a woman who ran afoul of his State's gun laws. Two questions: why did he take so long, and why not nullify those unconstitutional gun laws altogether? [1,631]

Liberal double standard, again: after falsely implying that Indiana was somehow bigoted for opposing the homosexual agenda, the NCAA serves up a whites-versus-blacks finale in Indianapolis, and the lamestream media are just fine with it.

$828,000 raised for Indiana pizzeria that said it won’t cater homosexual weddings.[1,632]

Americans Not in Labor Force Exceed 93 Million for First Time. Labor Force Participation at 37-Year Low.[1,633]

The liberal media do not know what to say about the nearly all-white Wisconsin basketball team ending the undefeated streak of the favored all-black Kentucky team, and a racial slur uttered afterwards by a losing Kentucky player. [1,634]

"The Trojan Horse, Liberals, and Taqiyya"[1,635]

Dominated by the entitlement mentality of liberals, California's response to the worsening drought is mostly the blame game, as Dems and the government itself fail to reduce enough water use voluntarily. [1,636]

Liberal double standard, again: the lamestream media fail to mention the lack of church attendance by the murderer who increased the speed of the Germanwings plane as he crashed it into a mountain, killing all 150 on board, and the media also refuse to ask if it was atheistic terrorism. [1,637]

The Associated Press, one of the most prominent Mainstream Media outlets, has a long history of propaganda against the Republic of Israel. [1,638]

After Indiana Pizzeria Said They Wouldn’t Cater Gay Weddings, the Liberal Hysteria/Anger Was So Extreme It May Not Be Safe to Re-Open.[1,639]

U.S. drug agents had sex parties funded by drug cartels: watchdog.[1,640]

More Illegal Immigrants Snagging White-Collar Jobs.[1,641] Also, Obama’s Other Executive Action on Immigration.[1,642]

Most churches today take Jesus Christ and His gift of salvation far too lightly. [1,643]

Is Barack Obama behaving as the murderous copilot Andreas Lubitz did? By locking out Congress and any sensible advisers who caution against his policies? [1,644]

Liberal denial continues about the atheistic terrorism in the deliberate crashing of the Germanwings airplane: the investigation calls it "involuntary homicide" even though the evidence shows it was premeditated and the co-pilot actually accelerated the descent. [1,645]

Veteran Confronts Man Wearing Uniform in Alleged Case of Stolen Valor.[1,646]

Senator Robert Menendez, D-N.J., pleads not guilty today to corruption charges after a grand jury indicted him. But: the gifts Menendez took from his doctor friend in Florida are penny-ante chicken feed compared to what other politicians have taken. [1,647][1,648]

Militant gays have targeted an Indiana pizza shop with death threats, forcing the business to close. [1,649] Liberal publication Salon says good, they deserve it!

Is atheistic terrorism worse than Islamic terrorism? Liberal denial prevents honest reporting on whether the Germanwings co-pilot who killed nearly 150 passengers was an atheist. Evidence suggests his suicidal action was premeditated. [1,650]

The real civil rights that most need defending: the Second Amendment. [1,651]

IRS ignoring 60 percent of taxpayers’ calls as deadline looms.[1,652]

Liberal rationing of water begins in California, as Jerry Brown orders residents to cut their water use by 25%. [1,653] What, bigger government can't provide more water??

Arkansas Governor caves to the homosexual agenda by refusing to sign the religious liberty bill that passed the legislature by veto-proof majorities and which the Governor previously promised to sign. [1,654] The intense media bullying is working overtime on RINOs.

Faith, freedom, the Johnson Amendment, and the Constitution. [1,655]

March 2015

Report Finds Honolulu VA Supervisor Manipulated Veterans’ Data.[1,656]

Arkansas legislature passes same bill as Indiana to protect businesses against the homosexual agenda. [1,657]

"Hot Time in Antarctica?"[1,658]

"Islam, and Rachel Maddow" [1,659]

Obama golfs with big money/oil moguls.[1,660] Is this the same Obama who was against the Keystone pipeline?

Prominent American rabbi compares Barack Obama to Haman, the notorious villain from the biblical Book of Esther.[1,661]

Potential 2016 Democrat presidential candidate Gov. Martin O’Malley rips Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton, says presidency "not some crown" that comes along with a political family dynasty.[1,662]

"Connecticut bans state-funded travel to Indiana," and media bullying turns up the heat on Indiana to repeal its new law that protects religious liberty against the homosexual agenda. [1,663] Will Indiana leaders cave in to the pressure? And whom are those bullies kidding, anyway, with their selective outrage? A detailed analysis. [1,664]

"Liberal hypocrisy on race" [1,665]

Fraud uncovered in scientific peer-review journals. Fabrications and manipulations are widespread in the science and medical fields. [1,666]

The Whitney Museum, Soon to Open Its New Home, Searches for American Identity. [1,667]

Chicago cousins arrested in Islamic State case and accused of planning Terrorist Attacks inside the United States.[1,668]

Understand, more clearly, the roots of the suffering Conservative in a 'Mad World Run By Fools'. [1,669]

Recognizing the liberal abuse of the English language. [1,670] For additional insight, see Conservapedia's article on Secularized Language.

Liberal Minority Leader Harry Reid chooses not to run for reelection rather than be defeated in a landslide. His poll numbers were double digits behind his Republican rival, yet in typical liberal denial Reid pretends this isn't the reason he is quitting.

Trey Gowdy: Hillary Clinton Wiped Her Server Clean.[1,671]

Obama administration Caves to Key Iranian Demands as Nuke Deal Comes Together,[1,672] Scott Walker says he would absolutely disavow any deal with the Iranians if he is elected.

White House Says Bowe Bergdahl Being Swiftboated With Desertion Charge[1,673]

Nebraska Senator Won’t Apologize For Saying He’d Shoot a Policeman.[1,674][1,675]

Remembering the fallen: Arlington National Cemetery. [1,676]

Is Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) eligible to the office of President of the United States, or not? [1,677]

Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson's under fire for anti-atheism speech.[1,678]

Molotov cocktail thrown at pro-life protesters outside Austin Planned Parenthood.[1,679]

ISIS is Committing Genocide Against Assyrian Christians and CBS Has Proof.[1,680]

Setback for the homosexual agenda: Indiana enacts a religious liberty bill for businesses, and media bullying couldn't stop it. More states plan to pass similar bills. [1,681]

Advice to Jews in Israel and beyond: throw down the high places! The high places of leftism, that is. [1,682]

Jeb Bush declares, "I don't read The New York Times." [1,683] Uh oh, liberals have trouble controlling people who do not read their material.

"Wackyland and Bowe Bergdahl"[1,684]

Bowe Bergdahl charged with desertion, could face life in prison.[1,685]

Israel Was Spying On USA During The Iran Negotiations.[1,686] Israel doesn't trust Barack Obama?

U.S. Navy bans chaplain from ministering to family of dead sailor.[1,687]

Globalism is a charade and a con game that has failed in every ostensible goal. Here's why it is still a threat. [1,688]

"Black Brunch" Protesters Receive Ignore Button From Restaurant Staff and Customers.[1,689]

Liberals tackle the imminent drinking water shortage in California by proposing "$1 billion in drought-relief spending" ... "But more than $700 million of that money will actually go toward flood control, food assistance and the protection of wildlife habitat." [1,690]

An open letter to Ambassador John Bolton, on a national security matter. [1,691]

Rand Paul to kick off 2016 bid with ambitious five-state tour.[1,692]

Benjamin Netanyahu pollster: Obama role in election larger than reported.[1,693]

Obama: "By Hook Or Crook", I’ll Expand Government.[1,694]

Ted Cruz's Coming out of the gate first to declare his GOP presidential candidacy is excellent strategy.[1,695][1,696]

Facing an emergency shortage of water in California, liberal Governor Jerry Brown lashes out at ... Ted Cruz, ranting that he is "absolutely unfit to be running for office." Why? Because Brown tries to blame the imaginary climate change for his crisis, which conservatives recognize as nonsense. [1,697]

ISIS Urges Lone Wolves To Kill US Service Members – and Provides Addresses.[1,698]

Starbucks CEO Wants People to Talk About Race, But Will He?[1,699]

A plan to thwart gun control, starting in New Jersey but good for the whole country. [1,700]

"The Liberal GooseStep"[1,701]

Democrats are pursuing John Boehner as an ally for passing their agenda and thwarting conservatives. [1,702]

Ted Cruz Plans "Important Speech" in Virginia.[1,703] Will he declare a presidential candidacy?

How the Clintons’ Haiti development plans succeed — and disappoint.[1,704]

President Obama’s True Feelings About Transparency Surface.[1,705]

Israel has its own Mainstream Media problem. They deliberately got what Benjamin Netanyahu said before his election, critically wrong. Herewith what he really said and why it matters. [1,706]

Declining interest in liberal claptrap: "MSNBC’s daytime viewership is down 21 percent overall and 41 percent in the coveted 25-to-54-year-old demographic, putting it in fourth place." [1,707]

Judge blasts DOJ over immigration claims, threatens sanctions.[1,708]

The arrogance of liberal elitists.[1,709]

She Was Raised by Lesbian Mothers. But This Woman’s Open Letter Reveals Why She Now Opposes Gay Marriage.[1,710]

Many Democrats want independent Hillary Clinton email probe: Reuters/Ipsos poll.[1,711]

Why do most church leaders today refuse to lead on the relationship between the Christian and the social order? [1,712]

Is the Loretta Lynch nomination unraveling? [1,713]

Bishop Derrick Robinson's bizarre claim about Ferguson.[1,714]

Charles Krauthammer On State Dept Admission: "Elaborate Scheme" By Hillary "To Conceal".[1,715]

Senators Reintroduce Internet Sales Tax Bill as SCOTUS Accepts Challenge to Colorado "Amazon Tax".[1,716]

'The American Progressive’s Monopoly on the Seven Deadly Sins' "Now their goal seems to be to pull the rest of us down into the cesspit that they're in." [1,717]

New rift opens between Barack Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu after election victory.[1,718] Actually the rift might not be that old. The Mainstream Media have just as much reason to be ashamed of themselves. [1,719]

Obama’s EPA Now Wants to Prevent You From Showering Too Long in Hotels.[1,720]

British Muslims and irreligious Brits have something in common: Higher rates of criminality.[1,721] See also: Irreligious prison population

Why has America gone down the slippery slope? Because America turned away from God. [1,722]

Decisive victory for Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel. Mainstream Media already are weeping and gnashing their teeth. [1,723]

One less RINO in the Party: Glenn Beck quits the GOP two weeks after ridiculing Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson for observing that homosexuality is not like race and is a choice. [1,724] Spare us the Parthian shots, Mr. Beck.

The ATF’s Ammo Ban Is Back in the Form of a New Bill From Democrats.[1,725]

Marketplace Fairness Act Seeks to Instill "Fairness" Through Taxation.[1,726]

James Carville Inadvertently Admits Hillary Clinton Used Private Email to Avoid Accountabilty and Oversight.[1,727]

Israel holds its elections. Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud Party now winning more votes than any other. Obama seems to have lost his bid to campaign for Netanyahu's opponents. [1,728]

Conservative writer quits Daily Caller because it would not allow him to criticize Fox News Channel "for filling up the airwaves with reports on ISIS and terrorism, and not fulfilling their responsibility of being the opposition on amnesty and immigration." [1,729] Criticism of Fox is not a problem here.

Star rookie walks away from the NFL, adding to the exodus of tough players who are leaving the morally bankrupt league for reasons ranging from the harm it causes to spending more time on Christianity. [1,730]

White House acknowledges Petraeus advising gov’t on ISIS, despite guilty plea.[1,731]

As nuke talks intensify, White House celebrates Iranian holiday.[1,732]

Review of the 16th Annual "White Privilege Conference." [1,733]

Hillary Clinton should face criminal charges.[1,734]

Senator Mitch McConnell: Obama on cusp of "a very bad deal" with Iran.[1,735]

Benjamin Netanyahu Vows He Will Not Give Up Territory, Quotes Book of Isaiah in Final Rally Before Tuesday’s Election.[1,736]

Is the Islamic State trying to recruit Native Americans now? [1,737]

Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett behind leak of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.[1,738]

Water beyond the Asteroid Belt, and a lot of it. Guess what: that water came from the Great Flood. If anyone finds life in that water, remember: you read it here first. [1,739][1,740][1,741]

Obama tells college reporters to promote his agenda, which would result in more liberal propaganda for young people: he "urged the young journalists to help sell his programs by directing readers to White House websites where they can declare their support for college-loan reforms." [1,742]

Are You Ready For the Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Tax? [1,743]

Hillary Clinton Is More Vulnerable in 2016 Than You Think.[1,744]

Texas principal vs. atheists.[1,745]

Hackers, probing Hillary Clinton's server, cite security lapses.[1,746]

This is pathetic: the dysfunctional Obama Administration is having trouble getting 51 votes to confirm its nominee to lead the Department of Justice. [1,747]

The 8 biggest Lies Hillary Clinton Told at Her Email Press Conference.[1,748]

Lindsey Graham: As President I would Use the Military Against Congress.[1,749]

Obama Profaned ‘Bloody Sunday’ Protest Anniversary.[1,750]

Could the Benghazi committee recover Hillary Clinton’s deleted e-mails?.[1,751]

In the paving-the-road-to-hell-with-good-intentions department: New Jersey's Graves Act, intended to keep violent offenders behind bars, now turns into a juggernaut against the Second Amendment, and is better repealed. [1,752]

Ambush shooting of two police officers in Ferguson occurs after the Department of Justice accuses the city of racial discrimination, but the liberal media refuse to blame the Administration for reopening racial tensions. [1,753]

Hillary Clinton's real problem: her erstwhile allies neither like nor trust her any more. And maybe they found someone else. [1,754]

Hillary Clinton Tries to Quell Controversy Over Private Email But Her Abundant Critics Will Not Be Mollified.[1,755]

Open Carry Gun Activist’s Tense Confrontation With Police Caught on Video.[1,756]

Obama Administration Energy Secretary Says 20% Increase in Energy Prices No Big Deal![1,757]

Eric Holder Used Secret Email Address Too.[1,758]

Adjustments to previous temperature data continues by NASA and NOAA. Like magic, warming trends appear. [1,759]

Hillary Clinton's insiders know: Barack Hussein Obama threw her under the bus. And they have one idea why. Others have more ideas. [1,760]

Liberal ideology continues to destroy colleges, and speculation grows that "closures are about to become the norm in higher education." "Half of small private colleges and regional public colleges have either missed their enrollment or revenue goals in recent years." [1,761]

A useful definition of righteous angerand an instructive comparison of America today with Israel in ancient times. [1,762]

Tim Tebow: Latest News, Rumors and Speculation Surrounding Free-Agent QB.[1,763]

GOP Senators Send Iran Warning Letter On Nuke Deal, Angering White House.[1,764]

New Iranian missile could extend Iran’s strike capability to Europe and beyond.[1,765]

Understanding Why Barack Obama Hates Israel.[1,766]

By what authority does the Supreme Court, or any court, rule on what constitutes marriage anyway? That is, if separation of church and state means a thing, it cuts both ways. Doesn't it? [1,767]

NYC: Welfare rolls are increasing, even as the economy improves.[1,768]

Hillary Clinton email scandal intensifies as Benghazi investigators find ‘huge gaps’.[1,769]

U.S wages remain stagnant.[1,770]

Are home-grown terrorists a sign that multiculturalism is failing?[1,771]

The United States Constitution both protects our rights and portends how people will try to take them away from us. [1,772]

"Colleges not ready for 'college ready' Common Core. The standards are supposed to get students ready for college. But the schools don’t seem ready for them." [1,773]

Muslim Woman Tells Christian Preacher: “You Are Everything That is Wrong in America.”[1,774]

Climate Scientists Accuse Democrat of engaging in a witch hunt.[1,775]

Liberals are in complete mental meltdown mode, Florida bans the use of Global Warming, Climate Change or 'sustainability' in any official government reports. [1,776]

College students who support liberal claptrap are learning that it is no longer free, as States shift more of the costs of public universities onto the students. [1,777]

Hillary Clinton Lies! Emails show Clinton aides running interference during Benghazi Attack.[1,778]

A review of the state of origin science todayand who, between evolutionists and creationists, has a habit of inventing untestable theories. [1,779][1,780][1,781]

Liberal double standard strikes again: the Mets second baseman was silenced for criticizing the homosexual lifestyle, but the New England Patriots and San Francisco Giants just submitted a brief to the U.S. Supreme Court requesting a ruling in favor of same-sex marriage. [1,782]

Why, after two years, is the Department of Justice only now moving against Senator Robert Menendez (D-N.J.)? Could it be because Senator Menendez decided to quit being a lapdog for Barack Obama? [1,783][1,784]

House committee subpoenas Hillary Clinton emails in Benghazi probe.[1,785]

Eric Holder Admits ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ Claim Was Bogus.[1,786]

Here Are the 75 House Republicans Who Conceded the Immigration Fight.[1,787]

Remember Never Forget 9/11! New York City Mayor DiBlasio Adds Two Muslim Holidays to Public School Calendar.[1,788]

The mainstream media love to shoot the messenger. A review. [1,789]

Another Dem may be replaced by a Republican in the U.S. Senate: "The Justice Department is preparing to bring criminal corruption charges against New Jersey Sen. Robert Menendez, a Democrat," and Gov. Chris Christie would appoint his replacement. [1,790]

Top soccer star Kaka from Brazil joins the Orlando team and explains, "In every moment of my life, not just on the field, but also off the field, my faith, Jesus Christ and the bible helped me a lot." [1,791] But notice how the lamestream media fails to capitalize the "b" in "Bible".

Why have the Mainstream Media turned on Hillary Clinton? Could it be because they want someone else to become President? Elizabeth Warren, maybe? [1,792]

Hacked e-mails indicate that Hillary Clinton used a domain registered the day of her U.S. Senate hearings.[1,793]

Phyllis Schlafly: Democrats Plan To Win Elections With Illegal Alien Votes.[1,794]

Gallup: Americans Approve Of Benjamin Netanyahu More Than Barack Obama.[1,795]

Mark Levin knows a great deal about the Constitution, but has one big blind spot: he never thinks about what it means, and does not mean, to be a natural born citizen of the United States. [1,796]

The liberal media are furious because Ben Carson said on television that homosexuality is a choice, as illustrated by how "a lot of people ... go into prison straight, and when they come out they’re gay." [1,797]

Conservatives are more powerful than they think. And they need not throw in with phonies to "win." [1,798]

Earth is getting cooler due to a decline in solar activity. [1,799]

90 minutes after release of the decision, there is still no story from the liberal media about the rejection of same-sex marriage by the Alabama Supreme Court. Reason: liberal spin can take some time.

The Alabama Supreme Court, led by Chief Justice Roy Moore, prohibit judges there from issuing same-sex marriage licenses in a 148-page decision: they "are ordered to discontinue the issuance of marriage licenses to same-sex couples." The liberal media do not know how to respond.

What do we really think of the Associated Press? And the rest of the Mainstream Media, for that matter? [1,800]

Bizarre reaction by the Dem leader in the House -- "Nancy Pelosi: Netanyahu speech ‘insulting to the intelligence of the United States.’" [1,801]

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker changes mind about immigration, now rejects amnesty for illegal immigrants.[1,802]

"Durham Free School: 'Creationism taught at' free school facing closure" in England. "Any school, academy or free school that is found to teach Creationism as a scientific fact would be in breach of the law and its funding agreement," and Brits will close the school before the end of the school year. [1,803]

February 2015

Since DC Has legalized Marijuana; Will Congress Intercede?[1,804]

When people from MSNBC start applauding Jeb Bush, we should take note and understand that something isn’t right.[1,805]

A Holocaust survivor objects to a static model railroad layout depicting the Auschwitz death camp. But isn't this, rather, a valuable teachable moment? [1,806]

Coldest month ever for many Northeastern cities, including Buffalo, Syracuse, Binghamton, Harrisburg, Ithaca, and Hartford, for February. [1,807] Liberals insisted this would be a crisis of global warming.

Conservative of the Year 2014 Scott Walker finishes a close second to Rand Paul in the CPAC voting, and meanwhile another liberal media outlet had to retract an article negative about Walker. [1,808]

Does Barack Hussein Obama love America or Americans? We don't even know his origins. But his words and actions tell us, "No!" [1,809]

Pop culture legend, Star Trek's Leonard Nimoy passes to the Lord at age 83. In recent video, Nimoy explains the widely used Vulcan greeting is actually a holy Yiddish blessing to God. [1,810]

A reminder: the Mainstream Media is in the hands of six corporations who have controlled it for years, and among them decide what news is "fit to print." Which might explain so many unworthy Men/Persons of the Year at Time Magazine. [1,811]

Conservatives in House reject business-as-usual, and defeat the multibillion-dollar Homeland Security funding boondoggle. [1,812] The liberal media do not get their way like they used to.

Conservatism continues to advance: Wisconsin will soon become the next "right-to-work" state, and 62% of the people there "actually support the idea of being able to hold a job without being forced to pay dues to a union." [1,813]

John Kerry demonstrates why he is not qualified for high office. But in the process, he destroys the Truther Narrative. [1,814]

American Christian Coptic Christians March On The White House Yelling at the Obama administration to do more to protect Egyptian, Syrian, and Iraqi Christians.[1,815]

In defense of Rudy Giuliani, and a counterattack against Mainstream Media apologists for Barack Hussein Obama. In short; traitors are not patriots. [1,816]

Jeb Bush hires one of D.C.’s “30 most influential” homosexuals as communications director.[1,817]

Florist Sued for Refusing Service to homosexual Couple Pens Defiant Letter[1,818]

Oklahoma leads the way as its House committee passes a law to protect conversion therapy, so that homosexuals can continue to convert to heterosexuality. [1,819]

The Mall of America makes itself even more vulnerable by compounding semi-restrictive gun laws with its own gun-free zone policy. [1,820]

Obama administration’s Plan to Regulate Internet Risks Content Control.[1,821]

David Barton is challenging Obama's historical revisionism.[1,822]

A fourth country bans the burqa.[1,823] See: Atheism vs. Islam

The asteroid impact theory on what killed the dinosaurs comes a cropper. So the evolutionists try to blame it on volcanoes. The Great Flood can explain it better. [1,824][1,825]

Liberal claptrap loses its appeal: "Oscars viewership down 16 percent." [1,826]

Self-centered, politicized Hollywood gives the top Oscar to a movie about an actor: "Birdman". [1,827]

Jonathan Pollard did not damage United States national security as Caspar Weinberger claimed. And Weinberger knew it and lied about it. [1,828]

Liberal self-centeredness is on display in Hollywood tonight: Oscar nominees are big supporters of the Democratic Party [1,829], and their own inflated egos.

Scott Walker trounces the liberal media again, by saying "I don't know" in response to the inane question if he thinks Obama is a Christian. [1,830] The lamestream media are furious in their inability to score points.

Barack Hussein Obama’s Secret Meeting: The Guest List from Hell.[1,831]

Poll Shows American Public Wants More Government Disclosure on Net Neutrality.[1,832]

Targeted Conservative Groups ask U.S. Supreme Court to Defend Rights.[1,833]

Conservative of the Year 2014 Scott Walker cleverly responds to a lamestream media question asking if Obama loves his country: "You should ask the president what he thinks about America. I’ve never asked him so I don’t know." [1,834]

Did a team of secular geologists find the roof of the subcrustal ocean, the escape of which caused the Great Flood and all that followed from it? [1,835][1,836][1,837]

Barack Hussein Obama: Media Give "Very Distorted Impression" of Muslims.[1,838]

Does the NSA Have a Spy in Your Hard Drive?[1,839]

"I’m Right About This": Rudy Giuliani Doubles Down on Obama Remarks.[1,840]

The murderer of American Sniper Chris Kyle was taking psychotropic drugs at the time of the shooting. What sort of contributory negligence might the VA be guilty of in this case? [1,841]

The gates of hell cannot prevail against the church – or a country that turns to God. [1,842]

"120-year-old record low broken in D.C., one of many today and in the past week." [1,843] A crisis of global warming, as liberals claimed???

SCOTUS’s Last Chance to Break Obamacare: Why They Must Do It.[1,844]

Former Pastor Rob Bell Tells Oprah Winfrey that Christians Should Embrace the Abomination of Homosexuality.[1,845]

Increase in foreign donations to Clinton Foundation raises ethical questions for possible Hillary 2016 bid.[1,846]

Niagara Falls freezes over for the first time in 150 years, drawing an increase in tourism and a deafening silence from the liberal global warming hucksters. Photos of frozen Falls here

A review of the phrase "general welfare" from the Constitution. [1,847]

Muslims Learn to Play the Identity Politics Game in America.[1,848]

Vandals set fire at Florida church, write "Allahu Akbar" and draw swastika.[1,849]

Scott Walker leads big in Iowa.[1,850]

Conservative of the Year 2014 "Scott Walker Hires N.H. Advisers for Likely 2016 Bid." [1,851] Walker leads in the polls in N.H., while Mike Huckabee currently leads the field nationally.

A perspective on Islam, the war it has always waged on the United States, and how Americans should respond. [1,852]

Coldest temperature ever was recorded this week for Bradford, Pennsylvania: 25 degrees below zero, Fahrenheit. [1,853] Is that what liberals meant by claiming there is a crisis of global warming??

Federal court rules that Obama violated the Constitution with his executive orders on immigration, and Obama then suspends enforcement of his orders. But will the courts enjoin Obama permanently? And enforce that? [1,854]

The Constitution does not confer rights. It protects those rights. The Declaration of Independence names their Source. [1,855]

"New York City came close to breaking a 127-year-old record when the temperature in Central Park hit 3 degrees, just above the 1-degree record set in 1888." [1,856] Isn't global warming wonderful?!

The collapse of gambling in Atlantic City hurts the political ambitions of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. [1,857] Maybe supporting a $2.4 billion casino -- the second tallest building in the entire state, but now empty -- wasn't such a great idea after all.

The violence related to the hostility between many atheists and Islamacists keeps heating up: One person dead in attack on Mohammed cartoonist in atheistic Denmark.[1,858]

IRS: Illegal Immigrants Who Didn’t Pay Taxes Could Get Refunds.[1,859]

Domino’s Pizza Gun Ban Update: At Least 8 Drivers Shot, 3 Killed Since Start of 2012.[1,860]

Welcome to reality, Cornell University. Liberal students at that university discover the hard way that Obamacare or its clones are not entitlements growing on trees. [1,861]

New quantum equation predicts the universe may have existed forever. What significance does that have? The Big Bang never occurred. [1,862]

Record-breaking snowstorms punish a haven of the global warming hoax: liberal Boston. [1,863] More than a little ironic?

Confronting directly the ideology of gun control and refuting the "public safety" argument. [1,864]

Conservative Kansas Governor Sam Brownback stands up against the homosexual agenda, and eliminates special entitlements that his liberal predecessor had imposed. The liberal media are having a fit. [1,865]

Killer Craig Stephen Hicks was a "man of the left" and a "vehement atheist." [1,866]

Saying No to Sharia law: Montana To Pass Historic Anti-Foreign Law Legislation.[1,867]

Scott Walker gets a question out of left field on creation v. evolution, and the liberal left goes nuts. [1,868][1,869][1,870]

Not a hate crime if an atheist murders religious people execution-style??? A North Carolina atheist had posted on his Facebook page, "Of course I want religion to go away," before allegedly executing three religious victims. Apparently "shot in the head, very quickly, the three of them, one bullet each, in a very small space inside in the apartment. That's execution-style. I don't know, if that is not hate, what that would be," observed the female victims' father. [1,871]

Obama to bring back US troops fighting Ebola.[1,872]

Judicial Watch Exposes Another NBC Scandal Days Before Brian Williams Debacle.[1,873]

Net Neutrality and the Coming Regulatory Mission Creep.[1,874]

A North Carolina man accused of murdering a family had a Facebook profile declaring "Atheists for Equality," and "he frequently posted quotes critical of religion" - yet look how hard the liberal media try to avoid blaming atheism for the crime: [1,875].

Conservapedia proven right, again: four years ago Conservapedia observed, "Despite wasting millions of taxpayer dollars searching for gravity waves predicted by the theory, none have ever been found." Now an atheistic science magazine admits, "Gravitational waves discovery now officially dead." [1,876]

Americans lose a little more of their liberty every day. What will it take to make them repeat the American Revolution? [1,877]

A close-up look at the United States Air Force's Arctic Survival School. One of the few toughening-up places left in American culture today. [1,878]

Ted Cruz Calls CNN Hack’s Question "Frankly Ridiculous."[1,879]

Republican FCC member warms net neutrality is not neutral.[1,880]

Nanny State Tale of the Week: Snow-Shoveling Teens Get in Trouble With the Law.[1,881]

Gambling's latest financial collapse: the bankrupt $2.4 billion Revel casino fails to get even 4 cents on the dollar. [1,882] Gambling is morally bankrupt, too.

Proponents of mandatory vaccination missed one vital point: what if the current measles outbreak is due entirely to a vaccine strain? [1,883]

A federal district court rejected an attempt on Monday to force an Alabama probate judge to issue a same-sex marriage license, and the liberal media are silent about that setback to the homosexual agenda. [1,884]

Showdown this week: Vladimir Putin vs. Angela Merkel.[1,885]

"At least 51 of 67 Alabama counties were not issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples today in defiance of a federal ruling to do so" - yet most of the liberal media falsely implied the opposite earlier. [1,886]

Gallup CEO: I May “Suddenly Disappear” For Telling Truth About Obama Unemployment Rate.[1,887]

The global warming alarmists can't help themselves. They still commit scientific fraud. [1,888]

Biased headline by liberal media: "Half of Alabama Counties Defy Feds by Blocking Gay Marriage." It should read, "Half of Alabama Counties Comply with Alabama Chief Justice Moore's Order Against Gay Marriage." [1,889]

Many probate judges comply with the order by Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore banning same-sex marriage as prohibited by state law, and reject a federal court order that attempts to change state law. Justices Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia dissent from the denial of cert seeking a stay of the federal court order. [1,890]

Children now receive 50 doses of 14 vaccines. Cancel out the right to refuse, and the sky will be the literal limit. What's next? Genetic screening for criminality? [1,891]

Give it up, liberals: the conservative Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott, defeats by a landslide a challenge to his leadership, 61-39. [1,892]

Obama’s budget proposal angers many middle class Americans.[1,893]

Brian Williams conveniently leaves out a VERY material fact about his helicopter/RPG lie.[1,894]

"Absolutely hogwash" sums up the reporting by the liberal media's Brian Williams about the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. [1,895] The negative reporting was used to criticize George W. Bush and help Dems win the following election.
The liberal Peabody Award was granted to honor Williams' coverage of Katrina. [1,896]

Barack Hussein Obama told Christians to get off their high horse. Let him get off his. Setting the record straight on Islam and the Crusades. [1,897]

Update on the scandal engulfing the liberal media's falsehoods: now people doubt Brian Williams' claim "in 2006 about seeing a dead body float past the window of his French Quarter hotel room after Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans." [1,898]

Conservative Ben Carson, pushed by the liberal media to criticize Rand Paul, declines the bait and instead tells the interviewer to "ask him those direct questions and see what he has to say.” [1,899]

Franklin Graham: "Who Says We Can’t Be in Politics? The Anti-God People Are."[1,900]

NBCs Brian Williams admits that his story of coming under fire while in Iraq was false. [1,901]

Here Come the FCC’s Net Neutrality Rules.[1,902] Didn't the Obama administration have a failed launch of

Liberal claptrap takes its toll on youth: "More US college freshmen 'depressed' than at any time in the past 30 years." [1,903] Liberal propaganda imposed in public schools have that effect on students.

Barack Obama told Christians to get off their high horse. A review of his sentimental view of Islam and his confused and, to say the least, mistaken view of Christianity. [1,904]

U.S. House of Representatives votes to repeal, replace Obamacare.[1,905]

Apparently Your Pets Want You to Get Obamacare.[1,906] Is there any group lunier than California liberals?

Benghazi committee to review secret tapes on Hillary Clinton’s role in Libya war.[1,907]

U.S. Department of Justice Wanted to Scan License Plates of Gun Show Attendees.[1,908]

Answers in Genesis sues the State of Kentucky for reneging on a promised tax incentive for its Noah's Ark replica. [1,909][1,910][1,911]

Why Ted Cruz must face squarely the question of whether he is a natural born citizen. Perspective from Chief Justice of the United States John Jay. [1,912]

Barack Obama's strategy: deceive, divide and destroy. [1,913]

Drudge Report online poll: Scott Walker crushes the competition.[1,914] Scott Walker: Americans want "new, fresh leadership".[1,915]

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott slams Common Core: It violates the pillars of education.[1,916]

Rep. David Brat: America’s Bottom 80 Percent is Sinking under the weight of liberal policies.[1,917]

Are vaccines really as safe and effective as federal regulators, and some political candidates, claim? Even Fox News Channel can come a cropper when they buy into one side of the debate. [1,918]

Illnesses and even deaths increase due to the Super Bowl, according to studies of insurance claims. [1,919] Meanwhile, many criticize the occult imagery displayed during the halftime show.

Karl Rove Equates Benghazi With Birtherism.[1,920]

Black Gangs Attacking Whites in Downtown St. Paul, Minnesota. Media Ignoring the Story.[1,921]

Community OUTRAGED: Walmart Bans Greeter From Saying "Blessed" Message.[1,922]

Muslim Brotherhood Calls for “Long, Uncompromising Jihad” 2 Days after Meeting with Obama State Department.[1,923]

One student at a California high school makes a presentation about "Islamophobia." Within days, the principal holds "hijab day" at his school. What was he thinking? Hint: the student was also a representative of CAIR. [1,924]

Chris Kyle's killer: was he a converted Muslim? [1,925]

Katy Perry goes from rejecting her Christian upbringing to her "hallmark raunchiness" to then being featured by the politically correct NFL to sing at the Super Bowl. [1,926] Notice how the NFL rarely has a conservative performer at halftime?

A Super Bowl ad celebrates the unborn, and draws praise from even the liberal media. [1,927] Times are indeed a-changing with continued growth in pro-life views.

Secret Pentagon Tapes Reveal Admirals & Generals Indictment of Hillary Clinton on Libyan War.[1,928]

Cultural Marxism and New Demands from Cuba.[1,929]

The Attempt to Destroy America Through Mass Immigration (much of which is illegal immigration).[1,930]

An open letter to Representative Chris Smith (R-N.J.-4th) concerning his record on the Second Amendment. [1,931]

Recognizing Psychopathic Behavior That Leads To Ruin. [1,932]

Will Senate Endorse Obama’s Lawlessness?[1,933]

Colorado Bill Provides Tax Credits to Make Private Schools More Affordable.[1,934]

The Power of School Choice in Los Angeles.[1,935]

Democratic Supporters of School Choice Obscured by Entrenched Union Interests.[1,936]

Is the Obama administration using tax moneys to meddle in Israeli elections? [1,937]

Public school values: "One of the dirty little secrets of teacher contracts is how much they hurt the youngest teachers. ... For teachers joining the profession just out of college ... 20 or 30 [years] in the same district can seem like a life sentence." [1,938]

Gun range’s ban on Muslims draws fire.[1,939]

U.S. Senate passes bill approving Keystone XL pipeline, falls short of the threshold needed to override veto.[1,940]

After Mark Zuckerberg said "Je Suis Charlie", Facebook censors images of Mohammed.[1,941][1,942]

What's the difference between ungodly people – direct enemies of God – and religious hypocrites? None that matters. [1,943]

Jeremy England thinks he has solved the riddle of abiogenesis. Not so fast! [1,944][1,945][1,946]

Perhaps recognizing he is not conservative enough, RINO Mitt Romney declares he will not run for president again in 2016. [1,947] Now more candidates may seek the nomination.

Obama's friend and race-hustler Al Sharpton owes $900,000. from his 2004 presidential campaign. This is on top of the $4.5 million he owes the IRS. [1,948]

Poll Shows Democrats Lose Swing Voters Over Amnesty.[1,949]

Public School Administrators in Utah Ruin Dance for 15 year old.[1,950]

Muslims Get Court Order To Ban These Particular Posts On Facebook.[1,951]

Give it up, liberals: Nine Dem Senators switch to the Republican side on the Keystone Pipeline, embarrassing Obama who opposes it. [1,952] The bill carried by a stunning 62-36 landslide in the U.S. Senate.

Conservative of the Year 2014 Gov. Scott Walker seeks $300M cut from the budget of the liberal University of Wisconsin. Teach more classes, he tells the lazy profs. [1,953]

Newspaper editor does not back down to liberal hysterics.[1,954]

“WILL PAY A PRICE”: Valerie Jarrett Promises To Hurt Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu For “Spitting In Obama’s Face” Over Iran Nukes.[1,955]

Another Snub Heard Around the World.[1,956]

"The weapons of our warfare are not carnal." They are mental and spiritual. [1,957]

Imagine owing more money than the total value of gold dug out of the ground all over the earth. [1,958]

More double standards by the media: they are just fine with the NFL's cover-up of alleged cheating by the white Patriots QB in Deflategate, but the media throw a fit over a black Seahawks star's refusal yesterday to answer inane questions by reporters. [1,959]

Worst college majors cause real problems: "today’s college graduates [are] severely lacking in some basic skills, particularly problem solving, decision making, and the ability to prioritize tasks." [1,960]

Liberal "Christianity" disgraces itself again: So-called human rights director compares the unborn to sandwiches.[1,961]

Liberals wants citizens disarmored as well as disarmed.[1,962] What is wrong with self-defense?

New York State Has More People on Food Stamps Under Gov. Andrew Cuomo.[1,963] Public schools failing? Out of control welfare state?

“DOJ Watergate… Or Worse” Criminal Conspiracy Allegations Strike Highest Levels of Obama Justice Department.[1,964]

Obama lied when he said he had no more campaigns to run. He is running a campaign now – in Israel. [1,965]

New GOP Border Security House Bill, HR 399, Removes Over 65 Miles of Border Fence.[1,966]

Al Gore: Spend $90 Trillion To Ban Cars From Every Major City In The World.[1,967]

The long term perspective on global warming everyone missed. [1,968]

Liberal double standard, again: the NFL destroyed the careers of two black Christian superstars but hasn't even asked the white Overrated Sports Star Tom Brady to explain his apparent cheating in Deflategate, and the liberal media is just fine with that. [1,969]

What does it really mean, "to dwell on the earth"? [1,970]

Give it up, liberals: once a stronghold for unions, Michigan became a right to work state and union membership falls to only 14.5%. [1,971]

A review of the most explosive findings on Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko and why they shake up the world of astronomy. [1,972][1,973][1,974]

Conservapedia proven right, again: Overrated Sports Star Tom Brady fails to persuade ESPN experts in his denial of cheating, and ESPN mocks the NFL's "investigation" for not even asking Brady to explain Deflategate. [1,975]

"Adults Raised by Gay Couples Speak Out Against Gay ‘Marriage’ in Federal Court." [1,976] Is the Left beginning to lose some of its momentum for same-sex marriage?

NAACP Aligns With Florida Establishment to Kill School Choice.[1,977]

John Boehner, White House Clash Over Benjamin Netanyahu Invite.[1,978]

Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush set to huddle next week in Utah.[1,979]

Could the government be using terrorism as an excuse to bring about global government? [1,980]

On Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, scientists are vexed to find boulders the size of dinosaur eggs on its surface, not the gravel they expected. These findings turn theories of comet formation on their head and vindicate a theory consistent with Biblical Creation. [1,981][1,982][1,983]

What exactly is college preparing students for? Arizona State University offers a class on the 'Everyday Language of White Racism'. [1,984]. Don't waste you hard earned savings or go into years of debt, avoid the Worst College Majors.

March for Life 2015 draws large crowd. While House Republicans blow a key chance. [1,985]

Tim Tebow Foundation is launching a 50 city event for 7000 special needs teenagers on February 13th. “It is pretty amazing that he has devoted his life to serving Christ, and doing it through serving people. It’s inspiring.” [1,986]

Contrast support for "civil rights" to support for the unborn, especially in the Mainstream Media. This on the eve of the 2015 March for Life. [1,987]

Amid his liberal claptrap, "when Obama said he had no campaigns left to run," then "some Republicans sarcastically clapped." [1,988] Rather than accept the humor, Obama responded with his typically self-centered attitude.

The BBC, a Mainstream Media organ, shows its bias in its coverage of Israel and the Jews at the Paris Unity March. [1,989]

Does the Great Flood have a cancer link? A link that might help us set a date for that event? [1,990][1,991][1,992]

"Satellite data show there has been no global warming for 18 years and three months," but the liberal media continue to promote the farce of irregular, and easily manipulable, land and sea thermometers to claim global warming. [1,993]

Atheists are terrorists? Yes but don't fret. Saudi Arabia has designated the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists as well. [1,994]

Judge’s Ruling Against Christian Florist Who Refused to Provide Flowers for Homosexual "Wedding" Could Have Major Ramifications.[1,995]

Mainstream Media values: The Guardian (London) blames Israel for the plight of women under Islam in the Middle East. [1,996]

Wisconsin Ready to be Right-to-Work State. [1,997]

"House passes bill to defund Obama’s immigration orders" by "a 236-191 vote, with 10 Republicans voting against it and two Democrats voting in favor." [1,998]

Texas state Senator Konni Burton is sworn into office wearing Prolife cowboy boots. [1,999] She occupies the seat formerly held by pro-abortion Wendy Davis and her symbolic pink sneakers.

Credit goes to a book "LEAD ... for God's Sake," read by the head coach of the new college football champions, Ohio State. [2,000] Many of the champion players thank God in post-game tweets.

Not yet: the U.S. Supreme Court did not yet "grant cert" in the four same-sex marriage cases on appeal from the Sixth Circuit, but more news on that could come Friday or next Monday. [2,001]

Croatia elects their first female president, conservative Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic. [2,002] "I will work for Croatia, and I won't allow anyone saying that Croatia will not be a prosperous country," the conservative said in celebration.

Conservapedia proven right, again: Overrated Sports Star Peyton Manning fails again in the playoffs, to the surprise and dismay of the liberal media. [2,003] Denver's upset loss, despite its home-field advantage, was not even close.

December 2014 to early January 2015

Reckless endangerment, as a term of legal art, also describes breaches of the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. [2,004]

Congress enrolled in Obamacare as a small business of 50 employees or less. The House and Senate employs over 20,000 government workers. A lawsuit by Judicial Watch exposes their game. [2,005]

What would the Founders say to the leaders of America today? [2,006]

An ex-cop demands on-line: New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio must resign. [2,007]

Russia Bans Transexuals And Those With "Disorders Of Sexual Preference" From Driving.[2,008]

Police are far MORE hesitant to shoot armed black suspects than whites, a university study concludes.[2,009]

Fracking Supporters in New York State Aren’t Giving Up.[2,010]

Liberal Senator Barbara Boxer announces her retirement in 2016, and age is not the reason she is giving up as a senator. [2,011]

As darkness fell across Europe, tens of thousands took to the streets to show their solidarity with those killed by gunmen at the offices of satirical French weekly Charlie Hebdo.[2,012] Meanwhile, a Muslim cleric vindicates our analysis of Islam. [2,013]

Army Chaplain Attacked By Atheists For Discussing His Faith.[2,014]

John Boehner takes revenge.[2,015]

What kind of surrender to Islam did a unit of HarperCollins make when they took the name of Israel off the map? [2,016]

Apathy makes destruction the more likely. That applies especially to a country. [2,017]

Harvard University professors get a nasty taste of their own medicine. And put their Professor values on full display in response. [2,018]

The establishment GOP retains John Boehner for Speaker. Their small victory was costly. It is likely the GOP party will fade into irrelevance . [2,019] If you doubt that, read this call to action: [2,020]

The Republicans who will vote against John Boehner for Speaker of the House.[2,021]

Juveniles Swarm Ohio Movie Theater in a Fight So Massive, 10 Different Police Departments Responded.[2,022] Public school students or homeschoolers?

Dad Calls Sheriff’s Office to Supervise Spanking.[2,023] Daughter had the audacity to tell her father that spanking was illegal!

ObamaCare Just Keeps Getting Better, Right?[2,024]

A bee in the bonnet of leftist environmentalists adversely affects European agriculture.[2,025]

Saudi religious leader: No minimum age for a girl to be allowed to be a bride.[2,026]

Socialized Medicine Doctor: "we should stop trying to cure cancer" it is "best option for an ageing population".[2,027]

Oil prices fall below $50 "as fears of global economic slowdown intensify. Markets believe fall from summer peak of $115 reflects Chinese slowdown, Japanese recession and looming eurozone deflation." [2,028]

A fresh critique of the Mainstream Media. [2,029]

Newsweek's open attack on Christians by a man far outside his expertise.[2,030]

A backdoor approach to Medicaid expansion, as introduced in ObamaCare, is: costly, unsustainable, inflexible, and certainly not free.[2,031]

College football television ratings surpassed the playoff ratings for the politically correct NFL. [2,032] Time for college football, with its outspokenly Christian stars, to replace the Super Bowl and its liberal halftime program?

Barack Hussein Obama Played Golf on Christmas Eve With a Muslim Fundamentalist Who Praised ISIS.[2,033]

Who is benefiting from black liberal privilege?[2,034]

Each U.S. federal regulator destroys an average of how many private sector jobs? How much GNP does each U.S. federal regulator destroy?[2,035]

A creation model of the Ice Age, and an explanation for it. [2,036][2,037][2,038]

"46% of recent college graduates are now working in jobs that don’t require college degrees." [2,039] Many of the good jobs are given by corporations to foreigners on H-1B visas.

Poll: 1 in 8 Germans would join anti-Muslim marches.[2,040] Germany's Cologne Cathedral opposes marchers.[2,041]

Anti-Gun Rahm Emanuel’s Yard Sign Warns Burglars That He Has Armed Secret Service.[2,042]

NFL legend Steve Young publicly insulted Barack Obama when he compared him to Peyton Manning. According to reports, the former NFL quarterback called the president a “dictator".[2,043]

FDA loosens lifetime ban on gay blood donations. Intense pressure by the homosexual lobby forced the FDA to rescind its policy. Gays are still not happy because the FDA imposed restrictions on them to ensure the safety of the blood supply. [2,044]

More on the Homosexual Agenda and foreign law. But why are homosexuals and Islamists working toward the same end? Doesn't one set realize the other set would treat them worse than ever? [2,045]

Liberal double standard, again:"Obamas dine at restaurant with $500K membership fee." [2,046] Don't liberals criticize the gap between rich and poor??

Nine tips for shedding emotional baggage and making 2015 a prosperous New Year: [2,047]

Outspokenly Christian quarterback Marcus Mariota shreds Florida State in the Rose Bowl. [2,048] No other major football program even offered him a scholarship, and he won the Heisman Trophy.

Teachers unions engaged in bizarre boycotts in 2014.[2,049]

Corporations are funding the homosexual activist group Human Rights Campaign (HRC) which is indoctrinating public school children across America.[2,050]

Sweden: Third Mosque Arson in a Week.[2,051]

When business and government work too closely together, liberty and quality both suffer. [2,052]

Mission Ends in Afghanistan, but Sacrifices Are Not Over for U.S. Soldiers [2,053]

2015 begins by debunking the liberal hoax of global warming: "chilliest Rose Parade in more than 60 years." [2,054]

Big Bang Theory actress speaks out against feminism: "I cook for Ryan five nights a week: It makes me feel like a housewife; I love that. I know it sounds old-fashioned, but I like the idea of women taking care of their men." [2,055]

Liberty and tolerance are Christian virtues. Both Scripture and history show this. [2,056]

Minnesota Companies Latest to Score ObamaCare Exemptions.[2,057]

Anti-Second Amendment rights activists argue that the NRA breeds fear among society.[2,058] Liberals fear the NRA because they help defeat liberal candidates!

Fox News Guest Claims Network is Racist, but Can’t Provide a Single Example of Supposed Racism.[2,059]

Did a Muslim airline pilot kill himself and all aboard his aircraft in an act of air jihad? Did the captain of an earlier Malaysian flight do the same? We also remember an Egyptian flight lost over the Atlantic Ocean in 1999. [2,060]

Liberals might prefer global warming, as frigid temperatures cast a spell over New Year's Eve festivities in Las Vegas, where the size of the crowd will be less than the March for Life. [2,061]

John Kerry Twists Scripture: Bible Allegedly Commands America to Protect Muslims from Global Warming.[2,062]

Virginia Governor McAuliffe is Attempting to Radically Diminish Virginians Second Amendment rights.[2,063]

Liberal elitist Barack Obama’s Golf Plans Force Army Captains to Relocate Their Wedding.[2,064]

2014 is the year liberal lies died.[2,065] "Everything liberals say is a lie. No exceptions."

The Nearly Instant Reaction From Bystanders After Texas Officer Kills Gun-Wielding Suspect. [2,066]

Dennis Prager's Top 10 Ways Liberalism Makes America Worse. [2,067]

2014: year in review for creation. [2,068][2,069][2,070]

"Same-Sex Marriage, the Fulcrum the Left Plans to Use to Leverage for Far More." [2,071]

The percentage of college students who are men has decreased from 68% in 1950 to only 43% now. [2,072] Worst College Majors and misuse of Title IX to eliminate male sports have contributed to this problem, which is not good for women.

New National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) Rules Give Unions Access to Workers’ Email and Phone Numbers.[2,073]

Muslims Attack Church In Germany, Screaming Obscenities, Desecrate Nativity Scene.[2,074]

Another thin-skinned atheist: North Korea's leader threatens "serious blows" due to theaters in the United States airing comedy.[2,075]

Too good to play Tim Tebow at QB? After pathetically losing a dozen games without Tebow, the Jets head coach is reportedly already cleaning out his office in anticipation of being fired. [2,076] Tebow would have done better than losing 12 games.

Hamas Building Tunnels in Gaza… Again.[2,077]

The Five Best School Choice Moments of 2014.[2,078]

Will freed Guantanamo detainees resurface on battlefield?[2,079]

New York City police officers turned their backs on Dem Mayor Bill de Blasio, while he spoke at today's funeral. [2,080]

2014 is the year western propaganda came into its own. [2,081]

School Choice Goes to Court: The Year’s Most Important Lawsuits.[2,082] Sore losers after the ballot boxes were counted?

New Tylenol Commercial Features Lesbian "Moms".[2,083]

New Report Ranks Hawaii Among the Worst Places for Business.[2,084] Controlled by Democrats?

An answer to the canards about the Founding Fathers not being Christians. [2,085]

"This last year, the number of Cubans picked up at sea by the U.S. Coast Guard or making it to U.S. shores rose nearly 75 percent, from 2,129 to 3,722." [2,086]

"About 70 percent of the high school graduates who enter our colleges across the state aren’t prepared for college-level work," observes the chancellor for one state university system. [2,087]

100 years ago: the miraculous Christmas Truce between opposing soldiers during World War I, which is honored today in Britain. [2,088]

"Denver shelters cite legal pot in homeless upswing." [2,089]

Lowclass liberal update: Protesters Yell at NYPD at Slain Officer Memorial.[2,090]

A new gun control PSA encourages high school students not merely to "snitch" on their parents but to steal guns out of their homes and turn the guns in to their teachers! Senator Feinstein, call your office! [2,091]

New York City mayor Bill De Blasio Attacks NYPD Officers That Turned Their Backs on Him.[2,092]

The importance of gun owner rights: History forgotten is history repeated.[2,093]

Socialism fails, again: "Why single payer died in Vermont." [2,094]

Rogue Agency Defied Judges in Partisan Probe of Wisconsin Conservatives.[2,095]

What is the real Prime Directive of all Muslims? See here: [2,096]

Aren't feminists in favor of equal rights? A new Missouri bill seeks to require the father's consent before an abortion can be performed. [2,097]

An English Lawmaker Called Adolf Hitler a Socialist. After the Arguing is Done, the Audience is Cheering.[2,098]complete video: [2,099]

Huff Post admits: "Hillary Clinton Support Dips In New Poll." [2,100] It is difficult to see Hillary gaining any support.

One wolf is a lone wolf. Two are a pair. But three or more make a pack of wolves. That applies equally to Muslim terrorism as to wildlife management. [2,101]

How many Senate seats will the Republicans hold in 2016?[2,102]

247 seats: Republicans take their biggest majority in the House in more than 80 years, as the last contested race is called in favor of the GOP. [2,103] Obama has been an incredible boost to the popularity of the Republican Party.

Liberal double standard: the media is fine with how Obama oddly confused name of a lead actor in The Interview with the name of an NFL quarterback, which would have generated endless ridicule had a conservative made that gaffe. [2,104]

John Boehner Must Go campaign begins. "Don't Be Yellow, Dump Boehner Now" was launched by Joseph Farah at WorldNetDaily. After 48 hours, over 250,000 individually addressed letters to every House Republican were ordered. [2,105]

Remember: fear not the one who can destroy the body, but the One Who can save the soul. [2,106]

The folly of college liberal claptrap: "The federal government spends about $150 billion a year on student financial aid for about 13 million students attending more than 6,100 institutions," and one out of every five students will default on their student loans. [2,107]

15,000 March Against "Demise of The West" and Radical Islam as Weekly Protest Grows.[2,108]

Obama Has Been Quietly Issuing Executive Orders by Another Name.[2,109]

Conservapedia proven right, again: doubts grow in Miami that Fidel Castro is alive, because he would not have approved an American-Cuban deal. [2,110]

Liberal education working against you. Punishing the eight year-old blind kid by taking his cane away and replacing it with a pool noodle.[2,111]

Something is disturbingly wrong with the release of Alan Gross from Cuba:[2,112]

"Fidel Castro sits quietly off-stage as history unfolds," deadpans the USA Today headline. [2,113] Quietly, indeed: a very sick Fidel passed away in a Cuban hospital eight years ago, but liberal denial still promotes the communist propaganda.

Liberal Detroit Releases Dozens of Accused Murderers, Rapists, Thieves, Blames "Budget Cuts".[2,114]

About "dead cops", race baiting, and deliberate division of a society. [2,115]

To liberal multimillionaire Russell Brand, an open letter from a banker whose lunch got cold.[2,116]

Is the two-party system merely an illusion to cover collusion between political party establishments? And if so, what can we do about it? [2,117]

"Being Black and Bored Allows for Beating Whites With No Hate Crime"? [2,118] Where is the media outrage for Pat Maheny?

"Ferguson Residents: They Better Rebuild the Businesses Rioters Burned Down or There will be Hell to Pay.'"[2,119]

The Ferguson and New York police cases, and reaction to them, prompt another question: how far do we let people break the law? [2,120]

Hill Republicans not lining up behind Jeb Bush just yet. [2,121] Will any of the nominees for Conservative of the Year 2014 run against Jeb?

Another liberal falsehood debunked: "we've got about 35 years worth of oil left in the whole world. We are going to run out of oil," said Jimmy Carter in 1976 to become president. Reality 38 years later: "Turns out, the world is awash with oil. So much for the dire warnings of just a few years ago that production had peaked and would slowly run out." [2,122]

Avoid the Worst College Majors and you'll do fine: "Community College Programs Can Lead To Big Payoffs — In The Right Fields." [2,123]

Christian Militias Rise to Take the Fight to ISIS.[2,124]

Armed Customer Takes On Armed Robber At Las Vegas Red Lobster restaurant.[2,125]

Gun control in Australia -- which Dems wanted to copy here -- has resulted in a gunman taking 13 unarmed people hostage in a coffee shop. [2,126] No criminal tries that in Texas.
UPDATE: A least two died in a police raid to end the standoff. [2,127]

THE 67 House Republicans who voted against the $1.1 Trillion Omnibus Spending Bill.[2,128]

Ohio Teachers’ Union Dues Boost Big-government Lefty Groups.[2,129]

“Pro-Police Rally” Planned In New York City Because #BlueLivesMatter.[2,130]

Police Taser, pepper spray, handcuff homeschool parents for allegedly having a messy house.[2,131]

Iraqi man purchases Muslim, Christian, Yezidi sex slaves and then reunites them with their family. [2,132]

"Most college students literally have no idea how much they’re paying to go to school," and most underestimate their debt load by a significant amount. [2,133] Time to rethink pursuing those Worst College Majors?

Homosexual Activists Angry About Billboard’s Message About Homosexuality and Genetics. [2,134]

The awesome power of the free market: "Oil Price Falls Below $60 as OPEC 'Powerless' to Stop the Rout." [2,135] Real wealth is in the Bible, not commodities.

Did Plano, Texas pro-homosexual agenda bill pass despite public outcry? [2,136]

Government lawlessness continues: Delays plague Hillary Clinton’s State Department files. [2,137]

Reporter Challenges White House on Intelligence Report: Obama "Can’t Be a Simple, Casual Bystander".[2,138]

RINOs gain support of Dems to pass a $1.1 trillion spending bill, over both conservative and liberal opposition. [2,139] The looting of average Americans by federal politicians continues.

Gambling's devastation: "Atlantic County leads nation in job losses." [2,140]

Obamacare’s Destruction of Primary Care Doctors Continues.[2,141]

Legislation Lets States Cut Ties Between Common Core and Federal Grants.[2,142]

Family of Black Shooting Victim Told Al Sharpton: Keep Your “Circus” Away From His Funeral![2,143]

NYPD is warned of black militant group’s plan to shoot on-duty cops.[2,144]

Remembering Joseph of Nazareth, foster father to a famous Foster Son. [2,145]

PhDs are up at liberal universities, but their job offers are down: "Universities are awarding doctoral degrees at an accelerating pace, despite the fact that the career prospects of those who receive their Ph.D.s appear to be worsening." [2,146]

Jonathan Gruber appears before a committee of Congress. And the Congressmen miss an opportunity to defend the Constitution. [2,147]

Berkeley Protesters Get Violent.[2,148]

Give it up, liberals: "Wishing someone 'Merry Christmas' is now protected by law in Texas public schools." [2,149]

Alabama Christmas Parade Has Largest Attendance In Years Despite Atheist Attacks. [2,150]

Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) confirmed today: Barack Obama did not sign any executive order on immigrant amnesty on November 21. Instead he signed a meaningless statement. How will that affect the court case against his subordinates? [2,151]

Lack of leadership proven again: "Race relations worse under Obama, poll finds." [2,152]

Illegal immigrants are going home in record numbers.[2,153] Obamunism is killing illegal immigrant jobs?

57-43% was the margin by which the Dem incumbent lost in Louisiana on Saturday, as the GOP takes a commanding 54-46 majority in the U.S. Senate. Even left-leaning describes the loss as the "Dems' final insult." [2,154]

Eugenics: Black Aborted Babies Remain High.[2,155]

Landslide conservative victory tonight in Louisiana: Bill Cassidy ousts entrenched Dem U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu by a wide margin. [2,156] It was such a large rout that the election was called within minutes of seeing the early returns.

GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE GUNS: A Powerful New Documentary Is In The Works.[2,157]

Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton increasingly walking away from Obama.[2,158]

"Labor Force Participation Remains at 36-Year Low," but the lamestream media pretend otherwise. [2,159]

"Private Equity Keeps Betting Big On Online Gambling" [2,160], illustrating the moral bankruptcy of crony capitalism.

Police killing of blacks: What are the historical statistics? [2,161]

U.S. military benefits cut right before Christmas.[2,162]

Gov. Scott Walker joined governors and attorneys general in 17 states Wednesday in a lawsuit seeking to block Obama’s executive order on immigration.[2,163]

What is the Federal Reserve? Where did it come from? Is its basis a total fraud? [2,164]

The pastor of Michael Brown has his church burned down.[2,165]

National Debt surpasses $18 Trillion. Obama and the rest of D.C. are bankrupting your kids and grandkids. [2,166]

Veterans Administration to Veterans: If You’re Late Paying Bills, We Will Prohibit You From Ever Owning a Firearm.[2,167]

Another setback for pro-aborts: "The rate of abortions in the U.S. has reached 'historic lows' after dropping by double-digits over the last decade, according to a new government report." [2,168]

Amongst Ferguson agitators are communists.[2,169]

Black Friday -- and its interference with the spirit of Thanksgiving -- has become another secular failure. [2,170] People are apparently getting fed up with the commercialization of religious holidays.

mid-October through November 2014

The Obama administration is importing Russian homosexuals.[2,171]

Rick Perry ramps up his 2016 presidential run. [2,172]

U.S. Prisons Churning Out Thousands Of Radicalized Muslim Inmates.[2,173]

Mr. Ruiz's machismo vs. an armed robber - machismo wins![2,174]

Now the Democrats tell us they had the wrong message and the wrong policies. Where were they six years ago? [2,175]

Give it up, pro-aborts: New pro-life laws are expected to pass after the wave of Republican statehouse victories in the 2014 Midterm Elections. [2,176] Abortion will continue its decline.

"Eight States Where Gas Will Drop Below $2". [2,177]

Congressional Research Service: Yes, Congress Can Defund Obama’s Immigration Action.[2,178]

Barack Obama on immigration: Americans Have No Right To Favor Americans.[2,179] Spoken as a true liberal elitist!

Ben Carson: Race relations worse under Obama.[2,180]

Barack Obama Uses Ferguson Uproar To Demand Changes In Criminal Law.[2,181]

"‘I,’ ‘Me,’ ‘My’ — Obama Uses First Person Singular 91 Times in Speech on Immigration ... on average Obama used the first person singular every 46 words — or every 22 seconds." But "it was no match for the speech he delivered in Austin, Texas, on July 10, when he used the first person singular 199 times." [2,182]

The expensive silliness behind the liberal claptrap of Hillary Clinton's $300,000 speech at UCLA: "She uses a lavalier [microphone] and will both speak from the audience and walk around stage, TED talk style. We need a teleprompter and 2-3 downstage scrolling monitors [for] her to read from." [2,183]

Russia working with the United Nations to protect Christians in the Middle East and North Africa. [2,184] America would have taken the lead if we didn't have a president that cares more about Muslims.

ObamaCare offers firms $3,000 incentive to hire illegals over native-born workers.[2,185]

Homosexual "Dem fundraiser charged with child sex abuse met Obama often, flew on Air Force One." [2,186]

Atlanta Fire Chief Punished For Expressing Christian Beliefs On Sex & Marriage. [2,187]

Obama twisted Scripture last Thursday night. How odd: didn't Satan do that in talking to Jesus Christ? [2,188]

Rep. Peter King: Time for Obama to thank Darren Wilson for doing his job. [2,189] Unfortunately, community disorganizers don't care.

"Ferguson mayor: Delayed National Guard deployment 'deeply concerning.'" [2,190] The Democratic governor of Missouri has been almost as ineffective as the Democratic President.

Obama just charged an additional 2 trillion dollars to the U.S. taxpayer charge card. [2,191]

Homeschooling Parents Pepper-Sprayed and Tasered in Front of Kids. [2,192]

"Mexican authorities accused of persecuting peaceful protesters Eleven demonstrators charged with attempted murder and riot after mass protest in capital over disappearance of 43 students." [2,193]

‘Show Me’ Missouri Shows Up the Media over Ferguson. Conservapedian commentary featured on

BREAKING: The St. Louis County grand jury refused to indict Police Officer Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown. [2,194]

Colorado School Changes Pledge to One Nation Under "Allah".[2,195]

Labor Union Work by Federal Employees on Official Time Costs Taxpayers Millions.[2,196]

Guess who tops the shortlist to replace Chuck Hagel as the Secretary of Defense.[2,197]

Chuck Hagel is forced out as Secretary of Defense. [2,198] Hagel, a decorated Vietnam War veteran, reportedly disagreed with Obama's policies and was asked to resign.

The born again Christian Manny Pacquiao dominates Algieri in his fight and wins by unanimous decision.[2,199] Boxing Champ Pacquiao: A Fighter for the Faith.[2,200]

Just one thing about that executive order de facto President Barack Hussein Obama said he issued last week: where is it?!? [2,201]

The girly man vs. the sheriff: Who will win? [2,202]

Media Silent As Third Oklahoma Muslim STABS Christian.[2,203]

Ex-Deputy National Security Adviser Says President Lied About Islam Being Religion of Peace.[2,204] The data is clear: Islam creates more religious wars than other religions.

USA Today: Americans Rising Up Against Obama Government Is Just Beginning.[2,205]

"Rise of the Rust Belt Republicans," admits

Republicans leave town without a plan to fight Obama.[2,206] Instead of asking, What can I do?, see here for a helpful suggestion. [2,207]

Executive Order Immigration Speech, Obama Speaks for 15 Minutes and refers to Himself 31 Times.[2,208]

Internet Crusader and liberal Al Franken Rakes in BIG BUCKS From Cable Giant.[2,209]

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio sues Obama over immigration changes.[2,210]

FBI arrests 2 men for buying explosives near Ferguson.[2,211]

Should public school pupils be seen but not heard? [2,212]

By 48-38%, Americans disapprove of Obama's executive action on immigration. [2,213]

The American Studies Association (ASA) has been boycotting Israel. Don't they know militant Muslims are against them, too? [2,214]

House Republicans vote to limit EPA policy decisions to public science based on public data. Leftists are upset that usage of secret science may be limited. [2,215][2,216]

"Another Fraud Will Be Perpetrated on American People".[2,217]

Ferguson Race War and What Could Possibly Go Wrong?.[2,218]

Chuck Todd to Newsmax: Six Years Later, We Still Don’t Know Obama.[2,219]

MSNBC's Lawrence O’Donnell: Not A Single Washington Democrat Knows If Obama’s Amnesty Plan Is Legal.[2,220]

Key ObamaCare official used threats, ‘tantrums’ to push website launch despite concerns.[2,221] Liberals continue to use raw emotion instead of reason to get their way.

All the major networks -- ABC, CBS and NBC -- decline to air Obama's speech about immigration on Thursday, and "the White House is exasperated." [2,222]

During the Exodus of Israel, some Israelites actually thought things were better in ancient Egypt! Are some Americans behaving similarly? If so, the pulpit is responsible. [2,223]

"‘Extreme’ Snowstorm Pummels Western New York. A powerful snowstorm has swept across western New York, creating snow drifts as high as houses, trapping people in their homes and forcing hundreds of motorists to abandon their cars on roadways that were quickly buried in the blizzard-like conditions." [2,224]

Does anyone in the Christian community care, about the slaughter of Christians in Muslim lands, and about Muslims using our National Cathedral for a service to observe the anniversary of a declared holy war? [2,225]

Out of control police execute innocent puppy that was walking away from them. [2,226] Gun control advocates: Still trust the police to protect you?

Surprise! "Hopelessly out of touch" Obama says he just heard about Gruber "stupid American voter" videos.[2,227]

John Kerry called ObamaCare architect Gruber "Our guide on a lot of this". [2,228]

Ferguson situation is spiraling out of control and has a brew of: agitators, a strong-arm liberal police state and KKK white supremacists. [2,229][2,230][2,231]

Is this the global warming predicted by liberals: Tuesday night may break the American snowfall record of 76 inches in 24 hours, set back in 1921. [2,232] No problem, being liberal means never admitting being wrong.

BREAKING: The Philae comet lander found definite evidence of organic molecules on Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. This shows, not an otherworldly origin of life, but an earthly origin of comets. [2,233][2,234][2,235]

Liberal style: "Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon Stumbles on Ferguson Responsibility Question," [2,236] and Obama also fails to provide basic leadership.

Disapproval of ObamaCare hits a new record high: 56%. Its approval rating sinks to a record low of only 37%, observes Gallup.

Ohio Moves Closer to Common Core Repeal.[2,237]

Working for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) "is hell right now" as Obama plans amnesty for illegals[2,238]

Desperate Democrats play the race card: Congressional Black Caucus chair say Democrats lost the midterms due to racist southerners.[2,239]

Charles Krauthammer: "If Obama Was A Republican He’d Already Be Impeached." [2,240]

Public notice: the Democratic Party thinks its own base, not just the swing voters, are stupid. And this goes deeper than the inartful remarks of a paid consultant. [2,241]

Obama goes into denial about Grubergate, insisting Professor Gruber was never on staff (in fact, he was a paid consultant who visited the White House about a dozen times). [2,242] How can the Democratic Party possible disavow Gruber? They can't. [2,243]

Perhaps fed up with the pro-homosexual agenda Wikipedia, Russia announces that it will start its own. [2,244]

On evolution and morality – or rather, anti-morality. [2,245][2,246]

Jonathan Gruber created the "Cadillac tax" lie that is Obamacare, and he admits Obama was with him encouraging him to do so. [2,247]

"Charles Krauthammer: ObamaCare Deceit Is The True Voice Of Liberal Arrogance." [2,248]

Is Scott Walker’s plan to drug test welfare recipients constitutional? [2,249] Is it unreasonable to believe that welfare fraud is rampant?

Nancy Pelosi Said She Doesn’t Know Who Jonathan Gruber Is Despite Previously Citing Him By Name. [2,250]

Obama veers left after red wave. [2,251]

Why do the mainstream media give cover to militant Muslims in this country, when those same Muslims would threaten some of their other constituencies? [2,252]

Obamacare and Romneycare were the same. With this difference: "the feds paid for our bill," says Jonathan Gruber. What does that say of Mitt Romney, who had to know about it all the time? [2,253]

The Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber created a comic book on the subject, suggesting that he might think Americans are too stupid even to read a newspaper. [2,254]

Religious holidays’ names stricken from next year’s Montgomery schools calendar. [2,255]

Charles Rangel: Calling Tea Party ‘White Crackers’ Was ‘Endearment’.[2,256]

Another tape surfaces of ObamaCare architect calling American people ‘stupid’.[2,257]

Obama to announce 10-point immigration plan via exec action as early as next week.[2,258]

The Philae spacecraft is on Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. Its batteries won't last unless the controllers can reorient it, but it still took a wonderful photo spread. [2,259]

Evolution's liberal defenders, and how to refute them. [2,260][2,261]

45 minutes without a heartbeat, mom disproves atheistic science by surviving unharmed. She describes the spiritual experience of being physically dead for so long. [2,262]

Losses in Midterms for Candidates Who Supported Islamists.[2,263]

FBI Report Confirms Crime Fell While Gun Purchases Soared in 2013.[2,264]

America's National Cathedral to Host First Muslim Prayer.[2,265]

Christians win big lawsuit against Muslim thugs in Dearborn, Michigan.[2,266]

The latest on the Philae mission to Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko: the lander touched down but might then have bounced away, and is out of contact. [2,267][2,268]

A Constitution Party leader warns: nothing will change until the American people change. [2,269]

Reality check: the Republican Party will not save America even after the historic midterm election. But other grassroots efforts will. [2,270]

"Gallup: Dems plunge to record low," dropping lower than ever before with a favorability rating of only 36%. [2,271] Time to disband the Democrat Party and change its name?

An introduction of a recent film: Evolution's Achilles' Heels. [2,272]

"Brutal cold, heavy snow slam central U.S.," as of only November 11th. [2,273] Notice how liberals refuse to admit that global warming was a hoax.

Ferguson Excuse For Black Power Militants To “Resist Cops.” [2,274]

Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson: "If I Were In Politics, I Would Cut Government In Half."[2,275] Phil would kill more bureaucracies than he shoots ducks.

Watch Indignant Condoleezza Rice Denounce Democrats For Playing Midterms' Race Card. [2,276]

Maryland mother goes to court to opt her kids out of Common Core testing. [2,277]

A Huffington Post columnist says Mia Love, the first black Republican woman to sit in the United States Congress, enjoys white privilege.[2,278]

Ted Cruz/Mike Lee: Obama’s Attorney General Nominee Must Denounce Planned Executive Amnesty.[2,279]

Barack Hussein Obama thought he was an emperor, and still might think so. And the Republican Party was elected, not to "work with" him, but to stop him. [2,280]

Obamacare architect admits to deceiving Americans in order to pass it into law. (video) [2,281][2,282]

9 Bills Republicans Should Pursue Immediately.[2,283]

Obama Rejects January GOP Offer on Immigration Reform.[2,284]

Why Michael Brown ’s Mom Could Be Charged With Felony Armed Robbery.[2,285]

So much for "smart growth." See here why smart growth isn't a smart idea for ordinary people looking for places to live. [2,286]

Prediction by atheistic science is proven wrong, again: Purported "Black Hole Fails to Destroy Mystery Cosmic Cloud." [2,287]

Newt Gingrich on the U.S. Supreme Court agreeing to take on an important ObamaCare case.[2,288]

Charles Krauthammer: "Seething" Obama would welcome impeachment. [2,289] Is he right?

A favorite mantra of liberals is to mention that the Tea Party is dead. Say hello to eleven Tea Party candidates elected in 2014. [2,290]

Give it up, liberals: West Virginia has converted from a Dem state to a Republican one, as Dems lose control of its entire statehouse for the first time since 1931. [2,291] Libs' global warming hoax does have consequences.

Barack Obama comes up a lame duck once again as Forbes declares Vladimir Putin the most powerful person in the world.[2,292]

GOP Must Seize Midterms Momentum.[2,293]

The Democratic Party’s