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January 30

Conservapedia surpasses 82,000 page views!!!

Remember to cite your sources. Conservapedia Commandment #2 Reads: Always cite your sources.

Participate in the fascinating debate over whether Benjamin Franklin was a deist. Contribute your own evidence this debate!

January 28

Did you know that the Koran refers to Allah with the plural pronoun "we"? The "we" in Christianity represents the Holy Trinity, but the "we" is unexplained in the Koran.

Read about John McCain, the frontrunner for the Republican nomination for president, and why some conservatives do not trust him.

January 26

Welcome to 30 new users!!!

January 25

Conservapedia surpasses 10,000 in total page edits!!!

Did you know that the process of becoming a Muslim is known as reverting? Click the entry to read why.

January 24

New entries on Monday, January 22nd: 65 (one-day record: 103)

New Term Lists Started Monday, January 22nd: 26

January 21

A new one-day record: 103 new, high-quality entries in Conservapedia on January 18, 2007. CONGRATULATIONS!

January 20

In homeschooling, see the list of Christian homeschoolers who made a difference in world history.

Did President Franklin Delano Roosevelt know beforehand that the Japanese would be attacking Pearl Harbor? Add here to the entry about the Japanese code JN-25.

January 18

A new one-day record: 67 new, high-quality entries in Conservapedia on January 16, 2007. CONGRATULATIONS!

January 12

Read and revise World History Lecture Thirteen, which addresses the 20th century after World War II.

What do we owe to the Greek Empire? Find out here.

Do you know who Mikhail Kalashnikov was? He's on one of the top ten most influential persons in world history.

January 8

Who were the ten most influential persons in the history of the world?

January 7

Can you identify this: + Who were the most influential persons in the history of the world?
Double bond.jpg +
See the explanation at double bond.

January 6

Did you know that the Hebrew account of creation in Genesis implies the existence of the Trinity? See for yourself at Creation.

January 4

Why is a perpetual motion machine impossible to build? Read and participate in this scientific debate at Talk:Perpetual motion machine.