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June 2007

June 30

File:Dog can still vote.jpeg
This dog can still vote

"Duncan the dog is still registered to vote, and his owner isn't pleased." Two years after the American dog's owner registered him to vote to illustrate voter fraud, the pooch is still on the voter rolls. No wonder some Democrats still win elections![1]

Democratic's gear up to reinstitute censorship; [2]

Fox News reporter victim of violent assault by Fairness Doctrine activist. [3]

The U.S. Supreme Court rejects the liberal fiction that diversity in government schools can be lawfully achieved by a race-based admissions policy: [4]

The U.S. Polls: Hillary Clinton is the only candidate a majority say they will not vote for. [5]

Critics pan Michael Moore's Sicko. Save yourself eight bucks. [6]

Planned Parenthood in the United States is sued for death of woman. [7]

United States' Congressional Ratings at all-time low but Congress gives itself a Pay Raise anyway. [8]

United States Democratic Party Aims To Kill Abstinence-Only Program Funding - Fox News story [9]

The 'Do-Nothing United States Congress' — Big Salary, Little Work, Free Trips - Fox News reports [10]

United States' Ethics Committee warns Members again on Rules many ignore since the new Congress took office [11]

Conservative Ann Coulter responds to attacks from John Edwards U.S. election campaign; Edwards still trying to detract from negative New York Times publicity. [12][13]

Liberals now want to genetically engineer children to be liberal! Here is a University of Chicago newspaper ad for genetic material: "Liberal political views and athletic ability are pluses."[14] But aren't liberal beliefs the result of nurture, not nature?

Michelle Malkin says What liberal media? Yeah, that liberal media.

A portrait of Jesus on the wall at Slidell City Court will remain up for now, despite objections from the American Civil Liberties Union in this Fox News article. [15]

June 29

Hillary still leads unless Gore gets in. [16] If it's Hillary, it's Nader too [17][18]

Wikipedia editors reported on the death of wrestler Chris Benoit's wife hours before the police found out; now the cops want to know how and why: [19] [20]

File:Chimera sheep.jpg
Future British voters? Rich Pedroncelli / AP

"The British government has proposed legislation the parliament will debate later this year that will allow scientists to create human-animal hybrids," or chimerae. See here.

Rosie's daughter, almost fully-armed.

The anti-gun, anti-2nd Amendment Rosie O'Donnell, who can condemn others for owning guns, thinks it's OK for her daughter to dress up with a bandelero around her: [21]

June 28

Liz Edwards attacks Ann Coulter publicly. [22]

June 27

Gallup Poll puts Congressional Confidence Rating at Historical All-Time Low 14%. [23]

June 26


Incontrovertible proof of liberal bias in the media - MSNBC analysis Journalists dole out cash to politicians (quietly)
The list of Journalists who wrote political checks [24]

Mother Teresa's religious order demands removal of her picture from a Hillary Clinton ad. "Clinton spokesman Phil Singer confirmed that Mother Teresa's order had asked the campaign to remove the image, 'So we did.'"[25] An example of pearl before swine?

US Supreme Court
The U.S. Supreme Court just issued two conservative rulings:

(1) faith-based government programs are upheld and the Court limits future challenges based on the Establishment Clause, [26] and

(2) John McCain's ban on ads before elections is unconstitutional.

The British government just affirmed its ban on mentioning Intelligent Design to students.[27] No one there seems to notice how Britain's decline coincided with its promotion of evolution frauds like the Piltdown Man.

June 25

Right-wing media bias? CIA admits to surveillance of FOX News anchor Brit Hume in the 1970s.[28]

Michelle Malkin wants us to remember the forgotten victims of Planned Parenthood [29]

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File:Christian chastity ring.jpg
Christian chastity ring banned
A British public school bans a Christian chastity ring, and a teenager "who was banned by her school from wearing a 'chastity ring' is taking her case to the High Court today."[30]

Michelle Malkin wants us to remember the forgotten victims of Planned Parenthood [31]

The Washington Times mentions that liberals don't like being called "liberals" - they prefer the term progressive. Liberals adopt name for 'progress'

Our tax dollars at work: a public school track coach has married a 16-year-old girl on the team after taking a special interest in her when she was only 14. Brushing off her parents' complaints, the school principal had declared that "I have seen nothing but a cooperative attitude from the teacher, and to the best of my knowledge, he has not had any contact with Windy ...."[32] The coach only recently resigned.

John Barrasso joins the U.S. Senate to fill a vacancy from Wyoming. He declared, "In the state Senate, in addition to receiving an 'A' rating from the NRA, I have voted for prayer in schools, against gay marriage and have sponsored legislation to protect the sanctity of life." [33]

New York Times says John Edwards created non-profit to fight poverty when the main beneficiary was really himself. [34]

"Sicko" film, liberal conspiracy theorist Michael Moore's latest effort, is too Wacko even for top liberals.[35].
Fox News reviews the
Sicko film here [36]

Michelle Malkin says What liberal media? Yeah, that liberal media.