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March 30

Wikipedia claims more victims: Read here how Brent Bozell and Bernie Goldberg became two more innocent victims of an unapologetic Wikipedia®.

Today's liberal falsehood: "The battle to feed all of humanity is over. In the 1970's and 1980's hundreds of millions of people will starve to death in spite of any crash programs embarked upon now." Population Bomb (1968), written by Paul H. Ehrlich, currently a professor at Stanford University. This falsehood was taught throughout the 1970s to schoolchildren nationwide, despite parental objections.

Election 2008: Democratic economic adviser Alan S. Blinder foreshadows the political strategy of Democrats in 2008 by abandoning his prior support for free trade.

Read how just a few states will decide the 2008 Presidential Election.

March 29

What is the difference between a conservative and a liberal?

Scripps Howard News Service, in a story about Conservapedia, quotes a Conservapedia editor: "The reason Wikipedia has become anti-Christian and anti-American is that it is a mobocracy - rule by an unrestrained mob. There are no real principles to guide it, and so bullies end up dominating it." Conservapedia avoids this defect.

Read Justice Antonin Scalia in a death penalty case: "What a mockery [this] opinion makes of Hamilton's expectation, announcing the Court's conclusion that the meaning of our Constitution has changed over the past 15 years--not, mind you, that this Court's decision 15 years ago was wrong, but that the Constitution has changed."

March 28

"As biases become more prevalent in communally edited encyclopedic websites like and the newly formed, educators are saying it is more important than ever for students to learn to use credible research tools ...." So says the Boston University student newspaper.

March 27

Recall the ValueJet Flight 592 that crashed in the Florida Everglades in 1996. Oxygen generators incorrectly labeled as "empty" were placed in the cargo hold, causing an in-flight fire.

Our best and our brightest are supposedly the product of the most costly educational system in the world. You won't think so after you read this racist vandalism posted from an internet address at one of our elite, liberal colleges, Brown University.

The BU student article about Conservapedia is here.

You probably did not learn about the Great Flood in school, or view Michelangelo's painting of it in art class. 60% of Americans today accept that the Great Flood occurred.

Check out StudyConservapedia!

March 25

Take a look at the first lecture on World History.

Please help improve our entry on Germany.

March 24

Did you know that Darwin believed are were superior to women? Read more here.

Tell us what we missed in our list of liberal beliefs.

Read how the Separation of church and state is not in the U.S. Constitution.

March 23

The American Democratic Party from Conservapedia.

J. Robert Oppenheimer - learn the truth here.

March 22

Here's George Washington from Conservapedia.

Read why everything you learned about the Scopes trial was probably wrong.

March 21

Review the new entry on the controversial Date of the Exodus.

March 20

Read the new Conservapedia entry on the Bible.

Read and discuss fascinating recent additions to the Moon entry - and why its origin baffles scientists at Moon Theories.

Conservapedia has made the "Conserv" skin the default skin. However, if you like the old style it is still available. Just click "my preferences" at the top of the page and switch your skin to "MonoBook." Conservapedia Webmaster

Review and discuss Republican presidential candidates: Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, Mitt Romney, Duncan Hunter, Sam Brownback and Mike Huckabee.

March 19

Newspaper compares Conservapedia to Wikipedia here. Read what Wikipedia conceals at Examples of Bias in Wikipedia and abortion.

In an amazing 118-23 vote, the Texas House agreed Tuesday with a Conservapedia contributor's televised remarks against the HPV vaccine mandate.

Conservapedia discussed on MSNBC at about 10:25 am today (Sunday). Feel free to post the link to the footage.

March 18

Conservapedia had upgraded to the newly released version of MediaWiki! Among the improvements introduced is the ability to see the amount of words changed in specific edits on the "Recent Changes" page. Conservapedia Webmaster 01:18, 18 March 2007 (EDT)

Read what Wikipedia conceals at Examples of Bias in Wikipedia and abortion.

March 16

Listen to NPR's segment on Conservapedia here.

Canada's largest newspaper attacks Conservapedia here. Read our rebuttal.

A Conservapedia contributor helps defeat mandatory vaccination; Merck cancels its million-dollar lobbying effort. See a Conservapedia contributor's televised debate here.

March 14

Conservapedia traffic surpasses Rush Limbaugh's site! See Alexa Traffic Rankings.

March 13

Hear Conservapedian debate Wikipedian on BBC radio here. (Scroll down to 0816 GMT)

March 11

Compare our definitions: conservative, neoconservative and liberal.

March 10

Top Brazilian newspaper touts "Conservadora" here.

Read why Wikipedia is more liberal than the American public: Examples of Bias in Wikipedia.

Learn the injuries to health that Wikipedia conceals about abortion.

March 9

Students taking the Economics class can post questions here. Others can review the lectures here.

March 8

BBC radio broadcast today about Conservapedia causes a stir in England. Here is one response.

March 7

Read excerpts from today's Congressional Quarterly article about Conservapedia.

"Editing Wikipedia is no longer a viable approach," says a Conservapedia contributor in England's Guardian.

Wired News has a story on Conservapedia here.

March 5

The BBC did a radio interview about Conservapedia. Perhaps you can access it here. It is scheduled to air in London at 8 a.m. Friday.

Conservapedia surpasses 1.6 MILLION page views!!! Most-viewed entry: Examples of Bias in Wikipedia.

March 3

Enter questions you have about Economics here.

March 2

The second lecture has been posted for American History. This includes special tips for taking tests.