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Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio
Marco Rubio, Official Portrait, 112th Congress.jpg
Senior U.S. Senator from Florida
From: January 5, 2011 – present
Predecessor George LeMieux
Successor Incumbent (no successor)
Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives
From: November 21, 2006 – November 18, 2008
Predecessor Allan Bense
Successor Ray Sansom
Florida House of Representatives, 111th district
From: January 25, 2000 – November 7, 2008
Predecessor Carlos Valdes
Successor Erik Fresen
Party Republican
Spouse(s) Jeanette Dousdebes
Religion Roman Catholic

Marco Antonio Rubio (born May 28, 1971, Miami, Florida) is the senior United States Senator from Florida. Rubio is previously served as Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives from 2007 through 2009. He won the Florida U.S. Senate seat in the 2010 midterm elections, defeating RINO Charlie Crist in the Republican primary. Rubio is of Cuban descent.

Conservatives helped Rubio win his upset victory for U.S. Senate, but soon after his election Rubio quickly catered to the Establishment instead. He became part of the "Gang of Eight" that promoted phony "immigration reform," at the urging of liberal Democrats. He also quickly became a neocon. He declared that he would not run for reelection, but would run for president instead.

During his tenure in the state legislature (2001-2009), he advocated an overhaul of the Florida tax system that would have eliminated all property taxes in favor of a flat consumption tax. Americans for Tax Reform called him "the most pro-taxpayer legislative leader in the country."[1] Additionally, he is a strong advocate of limited government and private property rights.

On April 13, 2015, Rubio announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination in the 2016 presidential election.[2] Originally supported by the Establishment, Rubio later obtained independent financial backing and stayed in the race longer than the Establishment wanted, which then used Chris Christie to destroy Rubio at the key debate before the New Hampshire primary.

Many prominent neocon Rubio supporters later acquired positions in the Trump administration, and used those positions to sabotage his agenda from within. These people included Nikki Haley and Mike Pompeo. It is unknown what role -- if any -- Rubio himself played in said sabotage, but the fact that said saboteurs all supported him in 2016 cannot be ignored.


Rubio's parents came to the United States in 1956, two and a half years before the communist takeover of Cuba by Fidel Castro.[3] In Florida, his father worked as a bartender, and his mother worked as a waitress. They relocated to Las Vegas in 1979 when Marco was 8 years old, where his father worked as a bartender at Sam's Town, and his mother worked as a housekeeper at the Imperial Palace. Six years later, the Rubio family returned to Miami where Marco's father found work at the Mayfair Hotel.[4]

Rubio earned a bachelor of science degree from the University of Florida and a juris doctor from the University of Miami. He is married to Jeanette Dousdebes, and they have 4 children: Amanda Loren, Daniella, Anthony, and Dominick.


The Miami Herald wholeheartedly endorsed Rubio during the 2010 Senate race:

"At this critical juncture in the nation’s economy, Mr. Rubio offers a welcome dose of fiscal restraint. He has exhibited common sense on Social Security, where he proposes raising the retirement age as a way of keeping the program solvent. Neither Mr. Crist nor Mr. Meek has dared to make take such a clear stand. Mr. Rubio has the potential to be the kind of statesman Floridians can be proud to call a native son -- much like another conservative, former Senator Connie Mack." [5]

Political views

Rubio speaking in an event in Iowa in January 2016.

Rubio supports the Tea Party Movement. He does not believe in Global warming, opposes Gun control and is Pro-life.[6] He withdrew his support from the liberal PIPA entertainment bill after hearing from citizens opposed to it.[7]


Rubio supports the teaching of the young earth theory rather than allowing atheists and liberals to impose censorship in public school.[8]

Foreign Policy

Rubio wants to give more support to Israel to fight Hamas.


Rubio wants to give undocumented immigrants brought as minors a form of temporary legal status, but he stressed then it would not be a pathway to citizenship.[9]


Rubio believes homosexuality is inborn, but wants the states to be able to decide matters on homosexual "rights," including "marriage" and adoption.

Muslims and Islam

Marco Rubio has downplayed the threat to America posed by migrating Muslims and Islamic ideology, and has proposed a new plan for helping Barack Obama resettle Syrian refugees in the United States.[10] During a presidential forum with Fox News host Megyn Kelly, Rubio also condemned a recreational gun range that banned Muslims from their facility, and claimed, "The bottom line is there are millions of patriotic Muslim Americans."[11]


  • Sane people don't believe the government was almost overthrown by a guy wearing a Viking hat and Speedos.[12]

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