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Mark E Smith is a musician and poet from Salford, near Manchester, England. Born 5 March 1957. He has campaigned against the misrepresentation of religion and deviation from the true path since the mid 1970's. His experimental music band, "The Fall" was named after the novel by Camus. His songs include the following: "Hip Priest" - A put-down of "trendy" Christianity. Somewhat self-mocking since M.E.Smith is known for his dapper appearance. "Oh Brother" - about the power of family to ward off unholy external pressures:

   Oh! little brother
   We are in a mess
   Don't look at me that way
   Don't put me to the test
   When I first saw you
   People said: 
       He scrutinised a little monster;
   And disappeared through red door
   Now everyone is disinformation
   He says:
       Won't you give me one more chance?
       I'm not a communist

"Hex Induction Hour" - Condems the BBC documentary "Holy day" in which a Satanist group were allowed to appear. "Impression of J Temperence" - in praise of the Temperence movement. "Terry Waite Sez[sic]" - scorns the former Anglican Special Envoy for profiteering from telling his story of his years of captivity in the Lebanon.