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McMasterites are a small but significant group of so-called Donald Trump supporters who irrationally and obsessively support his globalist National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster, and try to frame anybody who opposes him, including genuine Trump supporters, as being Anti-Trump. These people are not sincere conservatives. Instead, they seek to use their support of Trump as an excuse to promote their own agendas, which almost always run contrary to Trump's agenda.

McMasterites often resort to leftist tactics to pressure genuine Trump supporters into supporting McMaster and therefore support globalism. They are a new type of RINO, claiming to support Donald Trump but often lying about what he stands for. Some McMasterites are establishment Republicans who think supporting Trump automatically means they have credibility and are always right, despite the fact that the American people voted for Trump, and not for them. They support McMaster because of his neoconservative positions. Others are self-serving political hacks who want to create a cult of personality around Trump, despite the fact that cults of personality are more often than not made for leftist dictators. These people intentionally use the flawed logic that Trump's appointees are conservatives because Trump appointed them, not because of their values or beliefs. And still others are racists and neo-Nazis who identify themselves as "alt-right" and like to call non-racist Trump supporters "alt-lite" or "normies." These people support McMaster because of his anti-Israel positions, and attempt to frame anti-Semitism as a legitimate expression of being America First.

Where can they be found?

McMasterites can be predominantly found on the internet. They are especially common to find in the comments sections on websites such as Conservative Treehouse and Breitbart.

Perhaps the most well-known McMasterite is Sundance, the owner of Conservative Treehouse. On August 3, 2017, Sundance published a smear article targeting Breitbart in general and Joel Pollack in particular. He started off by defending McMaster, stating that Susan Rice, whom McMaster gave access to classified information, only has access to said information that existed prior to Trump's inauguration. He apparently has no problem with the fact that she has access to classified information all. Then, he decided to accuse Breitbart (particularly Joel Pollack) of being "Israel-first" for going after McMaster, because Pollack published a piece detailing McMaster and his anti-Israel history. He's acting as if that was the thing that turned Breitbart against McMaster, which is a lie. Subsequently, following a massive backlash to the article from genuine Trump supporters, he doubled, then tripled down on his defense on McMaster in the comments section of the article. First, he defended McMaster purging the National Security Council of Trump supporters while keeping in Obama holdovers, accusing the purged individuals of being "Israel-firsters" while implying that the Obama holdovers were patriots. Then, he accused the purged individuals of being Cruzites and claimed without proof that Ted Cruz had been conspiring to use them to bring down Trump as revenge for his defeat in the 2016 Republican Presidential primaries.

Lies McMasterites like to peddle

If you see anybody peddling one of the following lies, they may, in fact, be McMasterites:

1) McMaster is a conservative because he is part of Trump's White House staff.

2) McMaster is a conservative because he supports foreign wars, and therefore supports the military.

3) McMaster is "America First" because he is anti-Israel.

4) Anyone who opposes Israel, including those who support Obama, are patriots.

5) Anyone who opposes McMaster is a globalist and/or a Cruzite, regardless of whether or not they support Trump.

6) The fact that there are pro-Israel figures in Trump's staff is solid proof that Ted Cruz is trying to undermine Trump from within.

7) Refusing to call out Islamic terrorism or label the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization is a conservative position.

8) Ezra Cohen-Watnick, one of the pro-Trump NSC staff fired by McMaster, is a globalist because "he is a leaker." (That is a lie. Cohen-Watnick gave classified information that was proof that Barack Obama had been spying on Donald Trump to Congress, and that information was leaked by someone working in Congress.)

9) The fact that Ezra Cohen-Watnick's firing was first reported by Conservative Review is proof that Cohen-Watnick is a Cruzite.

10) Trump supporters are the ideological opposites of Cruz supporters. (That is a lie. That would be liberals. Trump supporters support many of Cruz's publicly stated positions. In fact, many of them had Cruz as their second choice in the primaries).

11) Joel Pollack is anti-McMaster (and therefore an "Israel-first" globalist) because Pollack is Jewish.

12) Pointing out that Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have similar policy positions means that you're a globalist who thinks Trump is a traitor.

13) The Muslim Brotherhood is an ally of anti-globalist conservatives because McMaster supports it.

14) Steve Bannon and Breitbart are globalists because they are anti-McMaster.

15) Susan Rice's continued access to classified information is excusable because she only has access to information that existed prior to Donald Trump's inauguration.