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Michelle Malkin

Born October 20th, 1970
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Spouse Jesse D. Malkin
Religion Roman Catholic

Michelle Malkin (born October 20, 1970) is an American conservative columnist, best-selling author, blogger and video journalist. Malkin serves as a contributor to the Fox News Channel and other television news outlets.

Early life

She was born in Philadelphia on October 20, 1970,[1] and spent her childhood years in New Jersey.[2]

She attended Holy Spirit High School and Oberlin College.[3]


She frequently writes columns at a number of outlets and blog sites, including Human Events, National Review, Jewish World Review, RealClearPolitics, The Patriot Post, VDare, CNSNews, The New York Post, The Washington Examiner, and FrontPage Magazine.

Blog entrepreneur

Malkin founded her personal blog MichelleMalkin.com in June 2004 and a video blog Hot Air in April 2006.[4] She also founded the Twitter commentary website Twitchy in March 2012. Internet search company PeekYou determined that Malkin had the largest digital footprint on the Internet among political bloggers.[5]


Malkin's website has an entire section on articles against illegal immigrant amnesty.[6] Malkin has stated that she wants the U.S. to clear the legal immigrant backlogs, first, instead of trying to legalize illegals.[7] After the United States built a Mexican border fence on the wrong side, Michelle wrote that she wonders if America can, "do anything right on border security." Her appeal is "Border security now. Not later."[8] In March 2019, Malkin gave a very strong pro-American speech on immigration at CPAC.[9][10]

Malkin highlighted a group of ex-Muslims hoping to change the terms of debate about Islam in Europe.[11]

Malkin argues that Jesse Jackson should be trying to stop black gangs instead of protesting gun shops.[12]


Following is a list of links to regularly covered topics on Malkin's personal web site:

Personal life

While attending Oberlin College, she met her future husband Jesse Malkin. They married in 1993.[13] In 2015 she revealed that one of her daughters Veronica has Tourette syndrome.[14]


  • Invasion: How America Still Welcomes Terrorists, Criminals, and other Foreign Menaces to Our Shores (2002, Regnery)
  • In Defense of Internment: The Case for 'Racial Profiling' in World War II and the War on Terror (2004, Regnery)
  • Unhinged: Exposing Liberals Gone Wild (2005, Regnery)
  • Culture of Corruption (2009, Regnery)
  • Who Built That: Awe-Inspiring Stories of American Tinkerpreneurs (2015, Mercury Ink)


"ISIS chops off heads, incinerates hostages, kills gays, enslaves girls. Obama: Blame the Crusades." (February 5, 2015).

"Thugs are thugs whether they're black rioters, white ecoterrorists, Big Labor goons, or Big Govt bullies. Quit whining & drop the race card." (April 29, 2015).

"We don't need gun control. We need border control and jihad control." (December 6, 2015).

"I identify as an American. A proud, unhyphenated, unapologetic, fully assimilated American. My pronouns are U.S.A." (March 1, 2019).

"Open borders anarchy, multiplied by endless chain migration, amnesty, and cheap labor pipelines, endangers our general welfare and the blessings of liberty. By every clear measure, the war is not on immigrants but on American sovereignty." (March 1, 2019).

"Diversity is not our strength, unity is." (March 1, 2019).

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