Moonraker (film, 1979)

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Directed by Lewis Gilbert
Produced by Albert R. Broccoli
Written by Ian Fleming (original)
Christopher Wood
Starring Roger Moore
Michael Lonsdale
Lois Chiles
Bernard Lee
Desmond Llewelyn
Lois Maxwell
Richard Kiel
Music by John Barry
Cinematography Jean Tournier
Editing by John Glen
Distributed by United Artists
Release date(s) June 26, 1979
Running time 126 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Preceded by The Spy Who Loved Me
Followed by For Your Eyes Only
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Moonraker (1979) is the eleventh film of the James Bond film series and the fourth to star Roger Moore as fictional British secret agent James Bond. The film is a loose adaptation of Ian Fleming's third James Bond novel. The producers had originally planned to produce an adaptation of For Your Eyes Only after The Spy Who Loved Me but following the success of Star Wars in 1977, Moonraker was made before For Your Eyes Only due to its science fiction-esque themes. It is notable for being the last Bond film to feature Bernard Lee in the role of M. Lee died after the release of Moonraker, and so the role of M was left out of the following film For Your Eyes Only out of respect for the actor.


Jaws chases 007 by parachute in Moonraker