Mykhailo Doroshenko

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Mykhailo Doroshenko(?–1628) was the Hetman of the registered Ukrainian Kozaks from 1623–28. He was elevated to the rank of Kozak colonel in 1616, and he was active in Petro Konashevych's wars against Muscovy. He personally participated in the Battle of Khotyn in 1621. Just after Doroshenko was elected hetman of the registered Cossacks, he signed the controversial Treaty of Kurukove with the Polish crown in 1625. This led him to conflicts with the Zaporozhian Kozaks who had opposed the treaty. Doroshenko oversaw the establishment of six registered regiments. He died while his armies besieged the city of Kaffa in Crimea, fighting against the Turkish supporters of the Moldavian murza Cantemir.


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