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New Mexico Cultural Encyclopedia, Lexicon, and News

New Mexico Cultural Encyclopedia, Lexicon, and News is a website, currently under developement by Heaven Sent Gaming,[1] that focuses on the culture of the U.S. State of New Mexico. The website consists of its obvious three components; an encyclopedia, a lexicon, and news.


The encyclopedia contains peer-reviewed articles discussing broad topics within New Mexico's cultural heritage. The following topics are covered in their encyclopedia; Architecture, Arts, Cuisine, History, Language, Music, Religion, and Symbols.


A lexicon for the encyclopedia and news contains peer-reviewed articles but is focused on smaller topics, covering them in a greater depth. Everything from Southwestern American English, and New Mexico's specific New Mexican English, to the small town of Dixon and restaurant chains such as Blake’s Lotaburger and Teriyaki Chicken Bowl. They also have a full article list.


Their news component covers current events revolving around New Mexico's culture. They cover topics ranging from New Mexico music concerts, to chastising FEMA for their response to the Gold King Mine spill which affected the Navajo Nation in Northwestern New Mexico.[2]


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