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Middle Eastern migrants traveling through Slovenia during the European migrant crisis, a result of open borders

Open borders is the mistaken belief, often politically motivated, that freedom of movement from one country into another is a basic human right. It is a radical notion that national boundaries are unjust and that migrants of any other culture should be embraced. Immigration laws are to be ignored, under this view, while tolerance for foreign customs must be embraced, while integration into a new society is not observed out of respect and compassion for multicultural ethnic groups.

No borders means no country.[1] No country means no identity. No identity means a sovereign nation ceases to exist. Illegal immigration destroys the fabric of society.

Open borders result in more crime. In addition, capital resources are spent on migrants, most of whom have little or no education. Jail populations swell, the health system is burdened, schools struggle to cope, law enforcement and the courts are overwhelmed.

Supporters of open borders

Liberals and globalists support the abolition of borders, along with an eventual one-world government. For example, Hillary Clinton stated in a 2013 speech in Brazil that "my dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders, some time in the future."[2] In American politics, both the Republican and Democrat parties support open borders (while the base of the former opposes open borders, the party establishment supports them). Republicans want access to cheap foreign labor for special interest groups and large donors. This drives wages down or wages remain flat for the rest of the population. Democrats want open borders to expand voter roles and grow government. Creating a larger government increases power for those holding political office and access to more and more tax money.

Both globalist European politicians, including President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker,[3] who stated in 2016 that "borders are the worst invention ever made by politicians,"[4] and American politicians including U.S. Representative Luis Gutierrez[5] and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan,[6] have advocated for globalist immigration policies.

Left-wingers – who also support late-term abortions – frequently misuse and misinterpret the Bible in order to further their political agenda of open borders.[7]

In 2018, Democrats became increasingly pro-open borders, even calling for the abolition of ICE and giving illegals a "right of passage" into the U.S.[8] Ironically, some leftists had no problem funding border barriers in foreign countries even as they opposed a border barrier on the U.S. southern border.[9]

Syrian refugees head to Europe

European migrant crisis during the first six months of 2015
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Migrants to Europe are given books that are packed with tips, maps, phone numbers and advice about getting across Europe. The NGO is WatchTheMed and, they're "Activists from our network distribute the guides for free in Turkey". W2eu's website says, "We welcome all travellers on their difficult trip and wish you all a good journey - because freedom of movement is everybody's right!".[10]

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