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POLITICO or Politico.com is a left-wing political fake news resource owned by Capitol News Company LLC. The website states, 'POLITICO is the first true multiplatform news source for people interested in politics.' It launched a highly visible website January 23, 2007 with over 6 million visitors a month. The print operation has a circulation of 50,000 readers. Politico has an unparalleled coverage of Congress as it publishes Tuesday through Thursday when Congress is in session and exclusively on Tuesdays when Congress is in recess.[1] It is known for closely working with mainstream media companies such as CBS, USAToday, CNN, the L.A. Times and many newspapers, television and radio companies. Politico boasts its audience is the 24 hour news cycle.

Politico's current editor in chief is John F. Harris.

Closely associated with MSNBC, Politico consistently attacks conservative positions and people such as congresswoman Michele Bachmann [2] and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.[3] Politico writes unsourced articles making dubious claims just like tabloids do.[4] Their position has been outed and they are members of the out-of-touch D.C. beltway crowd, a full-fledged member of the lamestream media.

Sarah Palin calls Politico, "puppy-kicking, chain-smoking, porn producers." [5]

Politico has referred to Liz Cheney as 'the daughter of one of the more reviled leaders in GOP history'.[6]

The publication was criticized for its blatant Xenophobia, Russophobia, and racism during the Russia-Ukraine War.[7][8]

2012 Election Cycle

Politico came out in full force for Barack Obama during the 2012 elections. They constantly tried to highlight Mitt Romney's shortcomings while defending and covering for Obama. Politico's tactics later turned thuggish with stories exposing private citizens. Why? Ethics be damned, these private citizens donated to Mitt Romney's campaign.[9]

2016 Election Cycle

Politico retracted a story it ran regarding Ben Carson and West Point.[10][11]


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