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Punjab is a state of India in the northwestern part of the country, near the border with Pakistan. Sikhism was founded in the Punjab, and the majority of Punjabis are Sikhs. Punjab is a primarily agricultural region in which sugarcane and corn are both extensively cultivated. Cattle and yaks are among the main agricultural animals. Unlike many states in India, Punjab is still relatively untouched by industrial and urban development, and a substantial wild tiger population is still known to exist.

The capital of Punjab is Chandigarh, which was located in the state until 1966, when the state of Haryana was created. As a result of this, Chandigarh became a union territory of India, and was allowed to remain the capital of Punjab, and also of Haryana. The official language of the state is Punjabi.

Religious Affiliation in Punjab

  • Sikhs 63%
  • Hindus 34.5%
  • Muslims 1.2%
  • Christians 1.1%
  • Others <0.5%



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