Rand Paul's religious views

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Rand Paul is a Christian who admits that he has difficulty speaking about his faith. In a candid interview with Christianity Today, Senator Paul said that his faith has been framed by his experiences as a physician and his struggle with the inhumanity of man to each other:[1]

I do not and cannot wear my religion on my sleeve. I am a Christian, but not always a good one. I am not completely free of doubts. I struggle to understand man's inhumanity to man. ... I'm not a pacifist, but I do think it unacceptable not to hate war. I don't think Jesus would have killed anyone, or condoned killing, perhaps not even in self-defense.

His denomination is Presbyterian. Well-read, Senator Paul quoted Dostoyevsky for the statement that "I did not arrive at my hosanna through childlike faith, but through a fiery furnace of doubt."


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