Reddit atheism contributors on PZ Myers' loss of influence

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Subsequent to the decline of the New Atheism movement, the atheist PZ Myers wrote, "History will not remember me...".[1] In July 2017, Myers renounced the New Atheism movement.[2] Concerning formerly being a new atheist, Myers said in 2019: "...I was naive and stupid".[3] See also: PZ Myers' loss of influence

A contributor to Reddit atheism wrote about PZ Myers' loss of influence:

"it seems to me that his influence has waned. If I ever do hear about him, it's usually unfortunate circumstances. The last time I recall hearing about him was when he apparently accused Michael Shermer of rape. And now it's stories about how much of a dick he has become, especially after his less-than-sensitive handling of Robin Williams' recent suicide."[4]

See also: PZ Myers on the death of Robin Williams

Another contributor to Reddit atheism wrote about PZ Myers' loss of influence:

He did a few debate/talk things, but things really took a turn for the worse with the so called "Elevatorgate", and the banning of Thunderfoot from their blog.

If you go on PZ's blog now and disagree with anything PZ says in the comments, you will be attacked by a pack of rabid hyenas defending every word PZ has ever uttered. Your views will be misrepresented, your quotes taken out of context and they will paint you as being sexist, racist, and whatever else they can think of. I've never encountered a place so hostile to dissenting opinions, which is shocking for an atheist/skeptic blog.[5]