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A Regulation can be the formulation and issuance by authorized agencies of specific rules or regulations, under governing law, for the conduct and structure of a certain industry or activity.

Courts have affirmed a general authority by government to regulate business, with important limitations on that authority.[1]

In progressive ideology, regulations are for a different purpose. Regulation is used not to achieve a direct desired result as specified by the regulation by itself, but rather regulations form a foundational part of the ideology to achieve Social Control as a means to an end. This social control is rooted in manipulation and hinges on the use of economics as a way to nudge people according to the desires of progressives. Herbert Croly wrote:

The American intellectual interest demands, consequently, a different sort of assertion from the American economic or political interest. Economically and politically the need is for constructive regulation, implying the imposition of certain fruitful limitations upon traditional individual freedom.[2]

Many progressives believe that Socialism is outmoded and belongs in the past wheras Progressivism is the future and can better achieve a total redesign of society that is more seamless to the citizens - even if this redesign reduces freedom - they prefer some reductions in freedom. Regulations are a primary mode of how progressives achieve their purpose.

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