Richard Dawkins' public refusal to debate creationists

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The agnostic and evolutionist Richard Dawkins has publicly declared that he will not debate creationists.[1] Yet, Richard Dawkins debated the theist John Lennox who adheres to the position of intelligent design.[2] According to Richard Dawkins, intelligent design is a form of creationism/creation science.[3] Therefore, Richard Dawkins is not consistent and trustworthy concerning his assertion that he will not debate creationists.[4] When Richard Dawkins refused to debate Dr. William Lane Craig one of the ruses Richard Dawkins used was supposedly because Dr. Craig was a creationist and Richard Dawkins claimed he didn't debate creationist.[5] Richard was called on his inconsistency and lack of trustworthiness concerning his excuses for refusing to debate Dr. Craig by the intelligent design advocate Clive Hayden.[6]

In 2010, the prominent atheists who attended the 2010 Global Atheist Convention, which included Richard Dawkins, were challenged to a debate by Creation Ministries International.[7] Richard Dawkins, PZ Myers and other prominent atheists refused to debate the creation scientists at Creation Ministries International.[8] Generally speaking, creation scientists tend to win the creation vs. evolution debates (see: Creation vs. evolution debates).

The refusal of Richard Dawkins and other prominent atheists to debate the staff of Creation Ministries International is not surprising given that there are several instances of Richard Dawkins avoiding strong debate opponents. In addition, creationists maintain that Richard Dawkins did not give a particularly strong showing at the Huxley Memorial Debate. One of the more embarrassing debates (particular the events surrounding the debate) was the case of Richard Dawkins losing a video taped debate to Rabbi Boteach according to the college audience.[9][10] After the debate, Richard Dawkins denied the debate ever took place and Rabbi Boteach provided the video taped evidence that the debate did take place.[11][12] Mr. Dawkins has declined to debate Rabbit Shmuley Boteach another time.[13][14] Incidentally, Paul Humber notes there was a deception that occurred during email correspondence with Mr. Dawkins concerning the tally of vote counts that occurred for the Oxford debate between creation scientists Professor A.E. Wilder-Smith and Professor Edgar Andrews and evolutionists Richard Dawkins and John Maynard Smith (see: Huxley Memorial Debate)[15] Mr. Humber did not indicate whether Mr. Dawkins committed the deception or was merely duped by someone who provided an altered account.[16]

Atheist and evolutionist PZ Myers, (photo obtained from Flickr, see license agreement)

The website True Free Thinker declared concerning the refusal of Richard Dawkins, PZ Myers and other prominent atheists to debate the creation scientists and other staff at Creation Ministries International:

In keeping with his constant attention getting shenanigans and his equally constant absconding from debating apt challengers via a barrage of illogical and excuses, the moniker of cowardly clown fits Richard Dawkins more than ever (see Send in the Clowns – Richard Dawkins Obliges).

Enter Jonathan Sarfati (PhD in chemistry),senior scientist at Creation Ministries International, who recently published the book “The Greatest Hoax on Earth? Refuting Dawkins on Evolution.” Interestingly, Jonathan Sarfati sought to publish the book by the time that the 2010 Global Atheist Convention—billed as “The Rise of Atheism”—of March 12–14 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Center in Australia.

The most intelligent, well informed and vociferous atheists in the world, including Richard Dawkins, Dan Barker, PZ Myers, et al, were challenged to debate while their worldwide choir was gathered in one place and yet, one by one they each found excuses to cower from debate even whilst proclaiming to their adherents the intellectual superiority of atheism.[17]

Richard Dawkins has offered some unjustifiable ruses for not not wanting to debate creationists but the true reason is that he knows he will lose the debates.

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