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Sabermetrics is the name given to the systematic, objective analysis of baseball based primarily on statistical evidence. In a sense, it is the scientific method applied to baseball players, teams, and strategy. In general, sabermetric analysis and player evaluation does not rely on traditional measures of player ability, such as batting average or earned run average, but places more emphasis on statistics such as OPS, and WHIP.

Origin of the term

The name "sabermetrics" is derived from the acronym SABR (pronounced like "sabre"), which stands for the Society for American Baseball Research. It was coined by Bill James in the 1970s.

Notable sabermetricians

Perhaps the best-known sabermetrician is Bill James, who coined the term and has made numerous contributions to the field. He currently serves as a consultant to the Boston Red Sox. Other figures within Major League Baseball known as sabermetricians or widely thought to embrace sabermetric thinking are Theo Epstein, the general manager for the Red Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers GM Paul DePodesta, and Oakland Athletics GM Billy Beane.